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Moto Martin January 8, 2015 posted by

The French Connection: 1980 Moto Martin Suzuki 1100


In the world of rare and cool bikes, it is often the smaller, boutique builders that garner attention. Building bikes by hand, these smaller bespoke shops have the ability to construct something that cannot be easily mass produced. Between that and the smaller workforce, numbers produced will always be fewer; and in the law of supply and demand, fewer examples generally equates to higher value. Smaller builders can rise to the same fame as big manufacturers as well: Bimota, Mondial, Harris and Spondon are but a few. The Swiss lay claim to Fritz Egli, the Dutch have Nico Bakker. And the French? The French have long-time builder Georges Martin, founder of Moto Martin.

1980 Moto Martin Suzuki 1100 for sale on eBay


Like most frame designers, Georges Martin produces kits to house 3rd party engines and suspensions. Generally speaking, frame kits are intended to replace the major skeleton and bodywork of a donor motorcycle – but often the stock components are just a jumping-off point. The draw of this type of production is that you can basically outfit a frame kit with whatever you want, making most of these types of builds very unique. It also makes them very hard to value. This particular example is located in Holland and is looking for a new home. The current bid is up to $10k USD, so there are definitely people interested!


From the seller:
Original Moto Martin chassis,with Suzuki 1100 engine.
Bike comes with Dutch title.
Everything is in perfect condition, no scratches or dents.


We don’t see a lot of Moto Martin bikes – in fact, this is the first one ever posted on RSBFS. We have posted a number of Harris, Spondon, Bakker and Egli examples as these unique creations are always interesting, but it is a first for Moto Martin. I understand that Georges either learned under the tutelage of Fritz Egli or borrowed concepts of his frame designs – which explains the similarities. I would wish for more and better pictures, as this is a great looking machine. If there are any experts out there on this French artisan, please join us in the comments!


The French Connection: 1980 Moto Martin Suzuki 1100
Yamaha January 7, 2015 posted by

Big Crayola Fizzer: 1994 Yamaha FZR1000


Back in the mid 1990’s Yamaha was producing some truly excellent bikes, including the FZR600, legendary 750cc OW01 and FZR1000.   However, during the 1990’s Yamaha also made some rather “curious” design decisions regarding the graphics packages on their 90’s bikes, such as the “love-it-or-loath-it” FZR600 Vance and Hines edition and this FZR1000.

NOTE:  According to the seller, the “black metallic” graphics package on this FZR1000 was mostly sold outside of the U.S. white the more familiar white/red  color scheme was sold in the states.

This 1994 FZR 1000 may have had graphics that seem to have been based on the freakazoid cartoon but the underlying bikes were still engineered by the folks at Yamaha..  The 1994 FZR1000 motor produced 145 HP when new with a top speed of 174 mph/280 kph which was a match for the class leading ZX11.  It wasn’t a featherweight (it weighed 471 pounds/214.0 kg) but it was blazing fast, comfortable and had excellent stopping power due to twin front discs.


1994 FZR1000 in 90’s colors for sale on ebay

This particular FZR1000 looks to be in absolute pristine shape.  I am not seeing any evidence of the bike being down/road rash on either the lower fairings or the exhaust canister and the seller states that all parts are stock/OEM.

fz joinedThe seller actually includes quite a lot of information on his ebay posting (although I would have like some pics of the other side of the bike).  There is also a youtube video of what appears to be the same bike .   The seller has indicated he bought the bike from the person who posted the video but has put less than 200 miles on it over the course of ownership

Here is a summary of what the seller has to say regarding condition and ownership history:

  • Adult owned, well maintained.
  • Tires in great condition.
  • Fluids changed seasonally, no leaks, last season the mechanic did a scheduled radiator flush with new fluid. 
  • Heated winter storage for all of its life.
  • New battery 09/01/12
  • Previously maintained by certified motorcycle mechanic who is passionate about making the bike run true and correct .
  • Approximately 14,700 miles on it…….less then 1000 miles per year.


So whats this big FZR worth?   Well as the seller correctly wrote in their ebay auction, you have to ask yourself how many of these you think are out there in an unmolested/original and unrestored condition.  Mileage isn’t unreasonable given this bike is now 20+ years old (damn I’m getting old) but the youtube video does seem to include a rattle that would need to be checked out if not already resolved.   KBB lists a retail of about 3000 USD which seems to match up to recent ebay sales history.  Current bid is 1200 and reserve hasn’t been met.

I would guess that this one is going to appeal to one of two types; either someone who had one previously and want to relive days gone by or someone who wants the base bike and is willing to incur the expense of a bodywork swap to the more appealing red/white look.


Big Crayola Fizzer:  1994 Yamaha FZR1000
Honda January 6, 2015 posted by

HRC Showcase: 1986 Honda Interceptor VFR750F AMA Superbike


Back in March of 2014 RSBFS posted a HRC kitted RC30 race bike. This VFR-F is now up for grabs (you will note the aforementioned RC30 in some of the pics). Sporting a pretty complete set of HRC racing parts (rods, valves, cams, rockers, pistons, cases, sump, suspensions, brakes, etc) this bike is a snapshot in time. Unobtanium bits made out of magnesium (the “magic” lightweight material of the day) show the efforts Honda went to when it came to ensuring the Interceptor could conquer all comers at the track. Ever the engineering juggernaut, HRC pieces are the pinnacle of factory racing goodies, making this a rare and very interesting VFR indeed.


1986 Honda VFR750F HRC for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This motorcycle was bought new in the winter of 1985, never street-registered and has been a race bike since it was new. Upon availability, the original owner, Dr. Dave Kieffer ordered the first of 3 HRC “Power-Up” kits from Honda Racing Corporation through Honda’s race department in Gardena, CA. Dr. Kieffer’s former Honda Factory mechanics; Ray Farrow and Dennis Zickrick built and maintained from new. This bike retired from racing in 1990 and was properly stored in a climate-controlled shop for the next 22 years. Over the course of time, Dr Kieffer received many “factory team only” parts including many NW6 parts.

The current owner purchased this bike and extensive spares from Dr. Kieffer in September of 2012. Over the winter of 2012-13, International Motorbikes of Hickory, NC carefully inspected and refurbished the entire machine. First shaken down test was at Road Atlanta in April of 2013. The bike was practiced, but not raced in AHRMA races at Road America and Barber in 2013. The bike starts easily and is ready-to-race.


Bidders are lining up for this one. With several days to go, this auction is heading towards the $25k mark – and probably beyond. That is a bit of cash for a track only machine, but not off the charts for a bike with this kind of rare hardware on board. The seller even has a spares package for sale separately. Is this a museum piece or a rider? Check it out here and let us know your thoughts. Good Luck!!


HRC Showcase: 1986 Honda Interceptor VFR750F AMA Superbike
Sport Bikes For Sale January 4, 2015 posted by

Feature Listing Winter Sale, Now Until February 28th


Happy 2015 RSBFS Fans! As we all look forward to a return of favorable weather in just a few months, we’d like to say thank you for your continued support by offering half priced Featured Listings for the next two months at $29.99/mo. Featured Listings are currently the only way of ensuring your bike will appear on the site as we retool our classifieds area.

We reserve Featured Listings for bikes we would put on our own wish lists and know that our readership would as well. Very good to great examples, that are mostly original or have historical significance, from the past 30 years of modern classic sportbikes is what we want to showcase to the loyal collectors, restoration specialists, enthusiasts, and dreamers that visit this site every day. Check out the most popular bikes on RSBFS in the 2014 Year in Review.

Your bike will be promoted on this website with a post on the homepage and a custom graphic that appears on every page of the site, our email list, our 53k Facebook fans, and Twitter. In the 30 days your ad will be promoted, literally hundreds of thousands of readers and fans will see your listing from all over the world.

If you think your bike qualifies, email us directly to get your custom listing started today!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to what will come to market in 2015!


Feature Listing Winter Sale, Now Until February 28th
Aprilia January 4, 2015 posted by

Practical Exotic: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R

2004 Aprilia Tuono R Side Front

The Aprilia Tuono is bike with a style only an engineer or a racer could love, someone who truly appreciates what something does, rather than how it looks. I’d like to call it “form-following-function,” but Aprilia always manages to include plenty of random styling bits that seem to do neither, so I won’t. But it looks wicked, in the same way a medieval warrior on a heavy metal album cover done up in impractical spiked armor looks wicked: we know it ain’t practical, but the design is a sort of short-hand for “bad ass”.

2004 Aprilia Tuono L Side Front

The Tuono is exactly the type of naked bike journalists and riders keep asking for, but Japanese manufacturers never seem to be able to deliver: a headbanging sportbike stripped of its fairing, with more humane ergonomics for street riding. The Tuono followed Triumph’s recipe for success, matching an uncompromisingly sporty frame and quality suspension to a just slightly retuned and regeared powertrain to create a comfortable streetbike that can get a wiggle on when twisty roads beckon.

In Aprilia’s case, the beating heart of the frisky beast was their liquid-cooled 998cc Rotax engine that featured a pair of balance shafts to cancel out the vibration the 60° v-twin might generate. It’s generally considered to be extremely reliable and very strong, if slightly less refined than comparable machines from Ducati.

2004 Aprilia Tuono Radiator

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R for Sale

I bought this Italian bike at this same time of year in 2010 to add to my stable of bikes (9 at the time).  I wanted to round out my riding skills and learn to road race so a couple times a year I would put a set of clip-on bars on this bike and head to the track.  Over the past four years I have done about a dozen track days – six of those days while being a student in Jason Pridmore’s STAR School.  Most everybody at the track knows what it is and yet is surprised just how much drive it has coming out of a corner, provided that you’re not spinning the rear tire.  Having said that, I learned that if I am to get more serious, continue to do track days and hone my road racing skills I best do it on a bike that won’t make me cry if I lay it down.  This bike is just too beautiful to go through that and have to rebuild it after an incident.  

This is an incredibly flexible motorcycle.  It can a beast, a bike perfectly suited for hooligan behavior.  It can also sport tour quite comfortably, I took it on a three day Baja trip last year and it ran beautifully.  The engine is very smooth and reliable.  The brakes stop with a vengeance.  These Italian Aprilia’s have been dubbed “…the best Japanese bike to come out of Europe…” because of their Honda-like reliability and usability.

I changed out the original plastics for carbon fiber because (A) I love how it looks and (B) the carbon components are more readily available and less expensive than OEM Aprilia parts.  I included a photo of how the bike looks with the original plastics.  ALL of the original plastics are included in the auction – faring, front fender, coil covers, rear faring, fender, passenger seat pillion and factory belly pan.

I swapped out the original plastic gas tank for a metal black one (goes with the carbon fiber).  Stock tank is included.

2004 Aprilia Tuono Front

Some minor flaws, cracks and scuffs aside, this bike should offer a TON of bang-for-the-buck, with just a bit of Italian funk thrown into the bargain. It looks clean and well cared-for, with some minor scars and wounds earned in 20,000 road and track miles. That GPR exhaust ain’t the prettiest choice, but neither is the bike, and it does look pretty cool, and is definitely visually slimmer and a whole lot lighter than the original part.

2004 Aprilia Tuono L Side Rear

The Tuono has long been the darling of motorcycle journalists, although they haven’t exactly sold like hotcakes… Maybe something to do with the fact that Aprilias don’t get snapped up by weekend warriors and collectors the way Ducatis do. Or maybe their styling is an acquired taste. Whatever the reason, Aprilias represent an amazing value on the used-bike market, combining Italian charisma with excellent reliability to create the perfect low-cost exotic.


2004 Aprilia Tuono R Side

Practical Exotic: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R
Cagiva January 4, 2015 posted by

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!

Update 1.4.2015: The seller has alerted us that this bike is back on the market. There have been some updates since our first post in June 2014 and all new pictures as well. Links updated. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

Hey, speaking of British bike magazines, here’s one you’re probably not too familiar with unless you read those publications. Suzuki’s V-twin was intended to compete with Ducati, but the bikes they stuffed it into never really seemed to be able to cut the mustard. The TL1000S was brawn over brains, with a dangerous reputation and a compromised rear suspension, and the TL1000R wasn’t quite right either, a bit too fat, maybe too soft, maybe not twin-y enough?

But they sound amazing, and both make pretty cool road tools, if you want the sound of a twin without the headaches of Desmodromic valves and $120/hr labor charges. And other manufacturers clearly agreed, since it ended up powering Bimota’s SB8 and Cagiva’s V-Raptors.

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for sale on eBay

2003 Cagiva VRaptor L Side Crop

The V-Raptor was pretty wild-looking and designed by Miguel Galluzzi of Ducati Monster fame, although I think the design is trying a bit too hard. Period reviews suggest that packaging for this powerplant continued to be an issue and comfort was severely compromised for style, but Ducati Monster owners should be familiar with that. But the bike was striking and provided Italian style and booming noise without the pain of 6000 mile valve-checks. Yes, unless you do them yourself, those are every bit as annoying as you’d imagine.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000

Missing Left Side Panel (Plastic, can order Carbon Fiber Replacements for About $100)- Bent Right Side Exhaust (Due to Slow Fall in Muddy Puddle)- Missing Right Side Chain Tension Adjuster (Easy to Fix with Bolt/Washers from Home Depot)- Will Need New Chain, Sprocket Set, Valve Adjustment, & Front Tire within Next 2k-5k Miles Jet Black Paint with Metallic Clear Coat (Professionally Done), Seat Re-Upholstered to Black Carbon Fiber, Dual Zorstec Exhaust Pipes

Look, I hate to once again be the resident Cheap Weird Bike Guy, and this bike has all the hallmarks of being ridden hard, lightly crashed, and put away wet. But it’s a Cagiva V-Raptor! You can take it to a Suzuki dealer and get it worked on!

2003 Cagiva VRaptor Title

To be honest, I had no idea these were ever available in the US and is registered in CA, a notoriously strict place relatively intolerant of DMV shenanigans. Maybe a quick email to the seller to ask the bike’s provenance? He does include a photo of the title, which is nice. And a list of things that have been done or need to be done suggest that at least the seller is representing the bike fairly.

The photos aren’t great, and the bike needs a bit of work to make it presentable, but might be worth it for the great, grunty motor and all the very confused looks you’ll get at local bike nights.


2003 Cagiva VRaptor R Side AMERIKUH

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!
Ducati January 3, 2015 posted by

Unobtainum^2: 1996 Ducati 888 BSB racer in the UK

Earlier this week RSBFS poster Tad D gave us a nice bit of unobtanium with a Ducati 851 Superbike prototype for sale in the states. Now here is something perhaps even more rare, a Ducati 888 previously used in British SuperBike.

ducati bsb 41

1996 Ducati 888 Former BSB racer on ebay uk

There have been numerous previous posts here on RSBFS regarding the 851/88 series (851 and 888 postings on RSBFS).   Rather than rehash the info regarding the development history of these bikes within this post, lets just suffice to say that the Ducati 888 was the bike that brought Ducati back from the brink, reclaimed their racing heritage and was the foundation of a lot of Ducati’s future success.  Even though it came before the legendary 916, the 851/888 remains iconic to Superbike fans and collectors worldwide.

This particular 888 is listed as a former British Super Bike/BSB racer.   The seller indicates that this bike has been rider by the famous Alan Cathcart as well as professional riders including Mike Edwards (Macau GP winner and British Supersport champion) and Tom Knight ( Manx Senior GP winner and BSB Superbike Racer).    Carbon fiber and race equipment seems to be in abundance on this lovely bike, including a very rare and expensive pair of 60mm Weber throttle bodies.

ducati bsb 43

ducati bsb 44

Here is an excerpt of the ebay listing info-

  • Last raced in the British Superbike championship in 1996. Tom Knight scored top 10 results in BSB during 1996 on this bike.
  • I bought the bike off Tom in 2004. I then gave the bike to one of the UK’s top Ducati race specialists, “ Baines Racing”, who are based at the Silverstone race circuit. Baines Racing completely rebuilt the bike from the ground up.
  • Competed in a handful for Forgotten Era Superbike races. It was a winner and was always in the trophies.
  • After racing career, the bike returned back to Baines Racing for an engine rebuild and specification upgrade and now has a full on G Spec motor, including trick rods pistons,etc. The engine is ready to go racing on again although it has been dry stored in my living room for a few years and would need new timing belts fitting as a sensible precaution.
  • The wheels with the bike are a mix of Marchesini and Brembo. There are wets on wheels to go with the bike.
  • I also have spare fairing panels and a spare seat. I also have a spare petrol tank.
  • I will include a pair of 60mm Weber throttle bodies with the bike. These would make for a significant upgrade. They cost a whopping £12,500.00 back in 1996. They are incredibly rare, but i feel that they should go with the bike as they could be incredibly valuable to the new owner.

ducati bsb 42

Due to the rarity of an 888 coming up for sale + documented ownership/rider history and service history/equipment/spares included with this bike, the sellers asking price of 25,000 GBP/39,000 USD seems a bit high but not totally unreasonable.  It would certainly look great parked next to the 851 prototype we listed just recently.


Unobtainum^2:  1996 Ducati 888 BSB racer in the UK
Honda January 2, 2015 posted by

All the Toys: Honda NSR250

Honda NSR250 R Side

Here’s one from Craigslist in South Carolina, a Honda NSR250. The NSR250 was a roadgoing two-stroke v-twin sportbike that’s been largely forgotten here in the Land of “Bigger is Better,” where two-strokes have long since vanished from the road. But among those in-the-know, they’re much sought-after by collectors and fans of the two-stroke Moto GP era, and riders looking for a light, fast track day machine that stresses finesse over brute power.

Honda NSR250 R Side Front

250’s are often associated with the derogatory “learner bike” epithet, but it’s obvious at a glance that this is no commuter or toy: triple disc brakes, aluminum frame, and single-sided swingarm scream “high-performance” and the six-speed cassette gearbox obviously offers no real benefit for a street bike… The NSR’s little 249cc v-twin featured about 45bhp stock, but can be tuned to make as much as 60 without breaking a sweat, and that makes for a potent package in a bike that weighed in under 300lbs dry.

Honda NSR250 L Side Rear

In addition, this example features a host of tasty, high-spec upgrades to the bike’s components, swapping in lighter, or higher-performing items to increase racetrack prowess, although it still has road-legal lights and signals. It looks to be in great shape, but there’s a bit of a fly in the ointment… From the original Craigslist posting: Honda NSR250 for Sale

Honda NSR250 titled and street legal in SC. Bike is in very nice condition, but it is not 100% original so I am pricing accordingly at $8500 obo with SE wheels and stock credit card PGM, or $10.5k obo for SP wheels and PGM with stock and HRC credit cards w/ other HRC upgrades:

1) Titled in SC as a 2008 ASVE NSR250 w/ an assigned VIN# different from the original. That means the bike was reassembled in 2008, and I could not use Honda’s name. This has nothing to do with salvage, so everything is perfect with the paperwork, and both VIN’s show on the bike and coincide in the DOT computers in TX and SC. I originally titled it in TX in 2008, and then moved to SC in 2010, and titled it in SC in 2014.
2) Frame is not original 1995 SP since original frame was altered by first US owner in Washington State, therefore I have a different frame that does not have the ’95 SP series VIN #, but I suspect it was a ’94 or ’95 frame.
3) I sold the original SP forks and it now has SE forks on it. They look great and were rebuilt recently.
4) I do not run oil injection and I do not have the parts, but they are available on ebay cheap.
5) 1995 SP Dry Clutch Motor is fully rebuilt with less than 50 miles on it. It is awesome, pulling small power wheelies in partially restricted mode/stock carbs in 1st and 2nd gear. Wiring is stock and not spliced yet.
6) JHA aftermarket pipes with Tyga silencers
7) HRC airbox with Hi-Flo reeds, stock carbs, and Uni-filters
8) HRC single core radiator, hose, lower head conversion, and overflow system with no thermostat – continuous flow and works great
9) Penske Rear Shock that was rebuilt/sprung by Thermosman
10) Very nice 1995 SP bodywork with an excellent OEM spare upper fairing
11) 1995 SP Tank was repainted with original OEM decals and then cleared over – looks very good.

Honda NSR250 Dash

The list goes on, and includes modifications and updates. Those modifications destroy the originality a bit, but it uses appropriate, high-quality parts that should improve performance and look very trick… Unfortunately, the price seems a bit on the high side, considering those title issues that the seller mentions. Whether or not this will present a problem for you will depend on where you live and your intended use: many state DMV’s have relatively lax rules, but the iffy status could cause problems if you try to register it in someplace like California or New York… So, caveat emptor.

Of course, if you buy this as a track bike, a role for which it should be ideally suited, you can sidestep that whole problem.

Honda NSR250 L Side Front

So: a great-looking rider, not a collector. A really, really nice “bitsa” as the Brits say. If your local DMV doesn’t object to the funky title, this will be the perfect tool to terrorize your local back roads. If they do object, sell the lights and street bodywork on eBay, fit some lightweight panels, and have yourself a grand old time passing much bigger machines on the brakes and in the corners at your local race track.


Honda NSR250 L Side

All the Toys: Honda NSR250

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