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Yamaha December 31, 2014 posted by

Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica

Update 12.31.2014: We first saw this GP replica in July when it failed to get any action with an opening bid of $26k. It’s back on eBay now with a buy-it-now of $24,500. Happy New Year everyone! -dc

This Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica is the rarest of the rare, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Meant to recreate Yamaha’s iconic year 2000 OWK6 racing machine in the classic Marlboro livery, this bike may not be the original article, but is a hugely impressive machine in terms of the enthusiasm and money invested. Powered by a tuned 500cc V4 two-stroke engine and suspended by Yamaha R6 bits, with an authentic replica frame and bodywork, this might be the closest you’ll ever get to riding an actual GP machine.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Front

I am no expert on these bikes, so I’d love to see the peanut gallery weigh in as to the accuracy of this replica. I’ve been next to full-on WSB and Moto GP motorcycles and it’s always interesting to me how they still basically look like motorcycles. Racing cars, especially Formula 1 machines, really look nothing like actual cars, aside from the four round rubber bits. But racing motorcycles? It’s the details that really impress, since they have the same basic silhouette as their road-going counterparts, but chock-full of amazing details.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica for Sale

A replica of the legendary Yamaha YZR500 from year 2000. Based on a chassi handbuilt in aluminium by Mick Costin “Costin motorcycle enginering” Sydney Australia. An exact replica but made to accept the Yamaha RD500LC 2 stroke v4 engine. Also rear sets and suspension linkages comes from Mick. This one has a 1985 1GE engine rebuilt with new bearings, oil seals, clutch, pistons, and it is tuned “TSI mods” done by Orluff racing in sweden. 1 mm overbore. Samco silicon hoses for the modified Yamaha R6 radiator, Jim lomas custom made exhausts in stainless steel with carbon silencers. New Mikuni TM28 flatslide carburettors with new K&N Filters. The bike was run in a dyno bench in may 2014 and has 99 hp on the rear wheel. Forks, triple clamps, swingarm, rims and rear brakes comes from a 2006 Yamaha R6. Rear shock and front fender in carbon comes from a Yamaha TZ250, PVM radial front brake master cylinder, goodridge steel brake hoses to tociko 4 pot calipers. Galfer wave brake discs front and rear, new galfer brake pads, Fuel tank is a heavy modified unit from a VFR400 nc30 with a Pingel dual outlet fuel tap. Fairings are copys in glasfiber made by Motoforza from a 2000 YZR500 painted in Marlboro red. Standard RD 500 tacho and temp gauge, New Regina 520 chain and Afam alu sprockets, Only scrubbed in Michelin power supersport tires, The bike has only been ridden twice since it was built. I have many more pictures taken from building this bike that i will send to seriosly intrested buyer.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Rear

I’m seriously impressed with the dedication and money that went into creating this motorcycle, but I’m not actually sure what you’d do with this thing after you buy it: it’s not the genuine article, so it’s a tough call for collectors, and it’s very, very pricey for a track day or vintage racing junky. On the plus side: you can actually ride it, without worrying you’ll crash a priceless and historic racebike.

Or maybe, if you live in a more permissive state, it can, as the seller mentions, be registered for road use… How hilarious would that be? Suction cup a little projector-beam headlamp and a bicycle taillight, a pair of LED turn signals… I’d read recently that Britain actually has a special “track bike” MOT that allows limited use of track day bikes lacking the usually required road equipment to get to and from the racecourse during daylight hours.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Side Engine

It’s certainly a very nice curiosity, and one I hope finds the right buyer. At $27,000 with the Reserve Not Met, that’s going to be a tall order. Please also note that the bike is currently in Sweden, if you didn’t notice the non-USA license plates on the cars in the background of the photographs. Regardless, there’s very little time left on this auction, so move quickly if you want to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle!


2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side


Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica
Yamaha December 30, 2014 posted by

Exotic Yammie: 1989 FZR750R OW01 in New Zealand

Update 12.30.2014: This OW01 is back on eBay with a buy-it-now of $20k. If you missed it the first time, this is a very reasonable buy! -dc

Because the specs and overall silhouette for the Yamaha FZR750R are misleadingly similar to the regular FZR750 and don’t feature an exotic engine configuration like the Honda’s RC30’s gear-driven V4, it might be easy to overlook the OW01 as simply a warmed-over FZR. But it’s every bit as exotic as its rivals, boasting pure racing guts and high-spec bits throughout.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 L Side

In fact, with only 500 made between 1989 and 1991, it’s fair to say that the OW01 is even more rare and desirable than the RC30, although it was not nearly successful in racing as the Honda.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Frame Plate

Because while it might look like a fairly standard FZR, everything about the OW01 is “bespoke”: castings of magnesium, internals of titanium, bore x stroke not shared with any other production Yamaha, flat-slide carbs to fed fuel, and even the frame, while looking stock, was made from higher-quality aluminum. The bike featured Yamaha’s signature five-valve heads and midrange-fattening EXUP valve that gave the motor a surprisingly street-friendly drivability, assuming you kept in mind that the flat-slide carbs couldn’t just be whacked open at low revs…

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Rear Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01

The OW01 was Yamaha’s answer to the Honda VFR750R RC30 and is much rarer and exotic. When launched for 1989 in the UK the OW01 cost a staggering £12,700, more than twice as much as an FZR1000, with the optional race kit adding £2,415 to the price. Just 197 made their way to the UK, and only 88 were road registered, many of which went straight into collections. By way of comparison, the Honda RC30 cost £8,499 but its race kit was considerably more extensive and expensive. (Yamaha included much more race-orientated trickery as standard, hence the difference). To put all that into perspective, the 2014 list price of a Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike is just £12,399 .

We bought this example in Tokyo and it is frame #648. It is in excellent condition and has travelled just 4,700 miles or 7,600 kilometers. The OW01 is super collectible, we have another example on display in our Auckland showroom which has travelled just 2,800 kilometers. The OW01 is better than stocks or money in the bank we think.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Tank

The 119hp output seems pretty lukewarm by today’s standards, but this was state-of-the-art in 1989, a barely-tamed animal for the road that existed only to enable Yamaha’s World Superbike racing efforts, although the EXUP valve did make it reasonably usable on the street. Just keep in mind: like most homologation specials, these require much more maintenance to keep them running than the everyday FZR on which it was based.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Dash

It is designed for the track, although tragically, most have ended up in living rooms. They didn’t have the winning record of Honda’s RC30, but sheer rarity and exotic specifications make this a blue-chip collectable of the first order. Bidding is up to $15,000 US with just one day to go. Keep in mind that this bike is in New Zealand if you’re looking to bid!


1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 Shock

Exotic Yammie: 1989 FZR750R OW01 in New Zealand
Ducati December 30, 2014 posted by

Nearly New Month Continues: 1996 Ducati 900SS/CR with 1300 Miles!

1996 Ducati 900SS for sale

Today’s collector ready Ducati is this 900 Supersport with a mere 1,325 miles. While most seek out the better spec’d SP version, anyone stocking their barn with like new originals should take note. While cosmetics look nearly perfect, the most recent owner also has thoroughly reconditioned this bike so it should be ready to ride. Opening bid is $5k reserve not met. It will be interesting to see what this mint yet lower specification model will bring.


1996 Ducati 900SS/CR for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You are bidding on a virtually new

1996 Ducati 900SS-CR

1,325 Original Miles!

(note: had to be creative to get an old low mileage bike into California, so mileage on title is greater. please contact me with any questions)

This was an East Coast barn find, which although had only 714 miles when I acquired it, had been sitting for 17 years.

The usual story with aged fluids, so, I had to go through the entire bike.

Over 10k invested (documented) which is pretty silly when you think about it for a CR, but this bike had sentimental value so I saw it through. I am meticulous about the condition of my bikes, so my loss if definitely your gain. It’s now ready to ride. Needs nothing!

Many parts were replaced to make it near perfect, and here are just a few of the more important ones:

Pirelli Diablo Roso ll Tires

Spiegler Braded Brake Lines

OEM Brembo Clutch Master Cylinder

OEM Brembo Clutch Slave

Nichols Billet Crankcase Breather

RK Gold Chain (520)

Renthal Front & Rear Sprockets

OEM Tomaselli Clip-Ons

OEM Levers

OEM Mirrors

OEM Dash Pod & Foam

K&N Air Filter

OEM Carbs

OEM Fuel Pump

OEM Internal Gas Filters (inline & teabag)

OEM Brembo Rear Brake Master Cylinder

OEM Brembo Rear Disc

OEM Brembo Rear Brake Pads

OEM Rear Shock

OEM Speedo Drive at Front Wheel

Gel Cell Battery

Also lots of aged misc. rubber parts were replaced.

Recent service by SBK Corse with new belts, valve adjustment, plugs, tank flush (no rust), Motul synthetic oil, and Dot 5.1 brake fluid. SBK took initial delivery of the bike, so they can also verify the mileage when it entered the state.

Clear title, and current registration in California.

Nearly New Month Continues:  1996 Ducati 900SS/CR with 1300 Miles!
Kawasaki December 29, 2014 posted by

Double Rams: 2001 Kawasaki ZX7R


2001 Kawasaki ZX7R on Craigslist

One thing you have to say about the Kawasaki ZX7R- its got a distinctive look.  When it was launched reviewers took a look at the front fairing and stated things like “looks like it has the mumps”..”did it get its wisdom teeth out?”…and one of my all time favorites “front looks like it was designed by Russ Meyer”.  It was certainly different than other narrow fairing bikes of the same era such as the the R1 and Ducati 996.  But once you get past the wide fairing with its double ram air scoops, there is a really good bike waiting for you to experience.


Even when it was brand new in 2001, the ZX7R was a bit of a holdover from earlier times when the 750cc class was a market leader.  Kawasaki wanted to keep pace with Suzuki and their GSX-R750 so a series of regular tweaks were done over the years to keep the ZX7 on the same level as the GSXR750. But in 2001 most of the focus on development was going into larger displacement bikes that weighed little more than previous generation 750cc bikes, bikes like the Yamaha R1 and Kawasaki’s own ZX9.   Consider this-  the ZX7R weighed 203kgs but the200c larger ZX9-R was only 215Kgs, the GS-XR750 was 179Kgs and the Yamaha R1 was 177kgs.  Given a Kilogram =2.2 pounds its easy to see why the ZX7R wasn’t the bike most track fans picked.

So why was the ZX7R still even still for sale? Well the ZX7R was still a good bike with a stonking fast engine and was cheaper than the ZX9. Also it was more refined on regular roads than the hyperlightened ZX9, in part due to its extra weight which gave the bike a lot of stability in fast corners.  Even with the heavier weight the ZX7 had excellent braking due to a pair of six piston Tokico calipers mounted up front.  And oh by the way, the bike made noises that its big brother couldn’t come close to making, an airbox snarl that sounded like the bike would rip your face off.

Another rumored reason that the ZX7R was still for sale in 2001 was that some within Kawasaki were loath to abandon the 750cc lineup, given that this was the link to the companies most recent success in the high end Motogp/WSB racing.

As the folks at Carole Nash wrote,

“We’ll look back at the ZX7R as one of the last great rocker’s bikes, a hooligan.  Comfort? Forget it. Fuel economy? Hopeless, you have to rev it to enjoy that 13,000rpm engine, which then glugs petrol at 35mpg. Pillion friendly? Only in a way that a member of the Spanish Inquisition would recognise… The ZX7R is a relic, but still glorious, anti-social fun. Something your mother wouldn’t like and sometimes, being out of fashion is the only way to go.”


This particular ZX7R has only 7236 miles and has been recently refreshed, including fresh rubber.  Here is what the seller has to say

  • 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R ~ $4200
  • Mint Ninja ZX-7 with only 7236 miles.
  • New Bridgestone BT-016 Pro’s front and rear.
  • Head to toe service just completed with Repsol synthetics.
  • D&D slip-on,
  • Flush mounts, intergated tail light,
  • New Gel battery, New rear EBC brake pads, Carbs rebuilt and all fluids flushed.
  • A few scratches on stickers but overall outstanding condition


So what’s this ZX7R worth? Well its not completely OEM but the changes are small, mostly turn signals/indicators and some aftermarket exhausts. Major fluids have been done and the bike comes with fresh rubber. Asking price is about 1000 above KBB retail but is well below what the ZX7 we listed on RSBFS sold earlier this month (and that one wasn’t an R version). Perhaps this 2001 green machine might look nice parked near your christmas tree.


Double Rams:  2001 Kawasaki ZX7R
Ducati December 29, 2014 posted by

Practical Exotic: 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore for Sale

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore L Front

Bimota could be thought of as an Italian alternative to Harris, Metisse, or Egli, companies that took the refined engines and transmissions from established industry giants, and then provided frames and new bodywork to create desirable exotics you could service at a local dealer… Although at this point, only Bimota is still building complete motorcycles.

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Tank

The most successful bikes in Bimota’s sometimes spotty history have been the result of their ongoing collaboration with Ducati. The DB4 that followed the DB2 and DB3 Mantra was powered by a dead stock 904cc air/oil cooled engine and 6-speed transmission, but replaced Ducati’s trellis frame made from tubular steel with one made from oval-section aluminum. Bodywork was much simpler and more elegant than the controversial Pierre Terblanche restyle of the 900SS that donated its powertrain, although the available paint schemes were pretty loud…

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore R Side Detail

The philosophy behind the DB4 is basically “keep it simple, stupid,” with light weight, aggressive geometry, quality suspension, and a flexible, entertaining engine wrapped up in distinctive bodywork. It’s not the fastest thing on the road, but the complete package allows skilled riders to revel in the quality components and exploit what limited power there is. And anyway, didn’t anyone ever tell you: it’s more fun to ride a slow motorcycle fast than it is to ride a fast motorcycle slow…

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore for Sale

800 Miles! Very Rare 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore w/Factory Race Kit
This motorcycle is a very nice and very original 2000 Bimota DB4 with factory Tri-Colore paint scheme –
my favorite model and paint scheme that Bimota has ever made. It is equipped with the rare Factory
Race Kit which includes Keihin FCR Carbs (no choke), a special Bimota gas tank to clear the carbs, Corse
titanium exhaust, and an Ohlins rear shock. The bike is from my personal collection and is one of 3 I own.

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Exhaust

The single exhaust can on this bike is a definite improvement over the “shotgun” style original paired units. I actually have a set of Keihin FCR 41 carburetors on my Ducati Monster and they really do transform the bike’s character, although the lack of a choke does make starts on cold mornings a bit of a pain… I believe some people also fit FCR 39’s and the seller doesn’t indicate which are fitted to this bike. I am also a little curious about the “special Bimota gas tank” since the Keihin carbs are quite a bit more compact than the original 38mm Mikuni items and take up less space when installed. Anyone have any experience with this? Did the “race kit” actually include a different tank as well?

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Tail

The “Buy It Now” is pretty steep at $20,000 although the ridiculously low miles may go some way to justifying that price… Someone please rescue this wonderfully rideable motorcycle and put some miles on it already!


2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore R Side

Ducati December 28, 2014 posted by

Something Special: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike R Side Front

1987 saw the introduction of a new four-valve, water-cooled L-twin engine in Ducati’s new 851. While the air/oil cooled two-valve motor was and continues to be a motor with impressive tuning potential and durability, it had hit its performance limit in racing, and something new was needed to compete against the four-cylinder bikes from Japan. The liquid-cooled twin was based generally on the air/oil cooled motors: the clutch covers are even interchangeable. But the new engine could rev higher and breathe better, and this meant that Ducati could once again compete on the world stage. Displacing, strangely enough, 851cc’s and producing nearly 100hp in roadgoing trim, the bike challenged the high-winding fury of the fours with a thundering midrange, while the narrow engine allowed for slipperier aerodynamics.

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike R Side Rear

Some bikes look great, no matter what paint scheme, like Ducati’s 916: in nearly any color or race-rep scheme, it always looks terrific. Some are best as roadbikes, like the Triumph Daytona 675: the missing headlights on track bodywork give the bike a sort of blank look to replace the smirking catlike face of the stock machine. Other bikes look much cooler in track bodywork: I really dislike the design of recent GSX-R’s in roadbike trim, but somehow that bulging fairing center that replaces the headlight on an aftermarket fairing gives the bike an aggressive, shark-like aspect.

With slab-sided bodywork and rectangular headlight, I always feel like the 851 just looks dated as a road bike. As a race bike though, it looks brutal and purposeful and this example is much, much more than just some battered privateer 851 racer…

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike L Side Stripped

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale

Fresh from over 20 years of ownership by Mario Calonaci is this Ducati 851 works SBK 1990 prototype. He was a works Ducati mechanic for Giancarlo Falappa, season 1990, 1991, 1992 (and later in SuperSport with Gia.Ca. Moto Ducati 748 with Casoli) but his experience is impressive! He was partner of Segoni and was the mechanic for all his bikes through all the Endurance competitions in the 70’s, then 2 years in Formula One, etc… Unbelievable…

The bike is amazing even if conditions are a little scruffy (stored since 1991, untouched!) as from every detail you see it is a real prototype- hand built!

It has many AMAZING details…such as the casting of the engine cases is marked 1987!!! Please note that production of 851 started in 1988, these are proper early prototype cases (you see also from other details).

Very rare front brake calipers like only the 1990 works (the 1989 were same shape but more gold)-magnesium Marchesini wheels-only works 1989/1990 magnesium yokes made by Marchesini forged (this one marked 20) the following ones were production made by Ohlins-MagnetiMarelli/Weber elettronics with Raychem (f1 silver cables) wiring with position of the CPU on the back, from 1991 they were in front close to the dashboard-all bottom of engine cases machinered for lightning reasons (!!!)-engine cases casting 1987 as only the first racing serie bikes had-amazing unique prototype swingarm!-rear metal subframe, only 1989/1990 works, from 1991 was alluminium-alluminium Termignoni silencers, from 1991 works were carbonfibre- 1989 works clutch -handstamped VIN (with also the homologation code, SBK rules!) as only the first Racing had, later ones were different stamping-as you can see the heads inside are machinered and unused-spring on the rear brake master cylinder as i the works 1989

1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike Brake Detail

There are plenty of other quality photos at the original listing, and are well worth a look. The listing also includes a letter from previous owner Mario Calonaci that describes a bit of the bike’s history. The starting bid is $27,500 so you’re looking at a hefty chunk of change for an 851, although even bone-stock examples are steadily increasing in value. This is a very cool machine, although it will probably need a bit of [expensive] love before it’s ready to terrorize your local race track, as it’s been sitting for a while. So buy it and leave it as-is to display it, or get it ready to go as well as it shows and expect to answer a whole lot of questions when you arrive at the track.


1989 Ducati 851 Race Bike L Side

Something Special: 1989 Ducati 851 Factory Superbike Prototype for Sale
Buell December 27, 2014 posted by

Blue & White Buell: Buell XB12R in Washington


2009 Buell XB12 for sale on ebay

Here is a Buell XB12 with only 3 miles on the odometer.  Now I know some regular readers of RSBFS aren’t big fans of the Buell lineup, with the usual complaint being along the lines that they were just a disguised Harley Davidson and aren’t really that rare.  But consider this- the Buell lineup was one of the first to use a frame that puts fuel in the frame spars and oil in the swingarm.   Also the traditional hub-mounted rotor gave way to a perimeter-mounted unit and another defining feature (a trend Buell started) was the “mass centralized muffler” that exited under the bike.

Its also important to note that for the XB12 the motor wasn’t actually a Harley Davidson product.  Instead, it was for the first time a purpose-built bike specific for the brand.  The XB12 was reported to produced 103 HP at 6,800 RPM and 84 LB-FT at 6,000 RPM and be  good for mid 11’s in the quarter mile.

buell riders left

All in all, the Bike had some pretty serious tech, a lot of which can be seen as evolution into Erik Buells new EBR bikes.  Reviewers were generally positive about the bike;  consider the following from motorcycle daily:

There are pros and cons to a Buell XB: adequately muffled, they sound great, and on the road, they’re a nice experience — the torquey motor pulls sweetly and provides adequate thrust for real-world riding. The true stars of the show are the chassis and the brakes. They’re both user friendly and provide good feedback. Heck, the seat is even comfortable enough for long rides if you can figure out how to fit luggage.

This particular Buell is the 1st gen with the Non-HD motor and incorporates all the other bits of Buell tech that the company was known for introducing.  Plus it only has 3 miles on the odometer according to the seller


So whats this XB12 worth?  Well Buells in general haven’t started to catch the attention of collectors and it will never be a piece of unobtainium.   Then again this bike only has 3 miles on the odometer – I guess anyone who buys this bike will have to make a decision on whether they want to just tuck it away and hope it goes up in value or actually ride it and enjoy it…decisions, decisions.


Blue & White Buell:  Buell XB12R in Washington
Yamaha December 26, 2014 posted by

One for Under The Tree: 1988 Yamaha YSR50

yamaha ysr50 for sale

Well if Santa didn’t deliver any toys from your wish list, perhaps this little YSR50 will do. The seller notes that it was used in photography studio for 20 years as a prop. While it shows some storage wear, it is in largely fantastic shape with just a few scuffs here and there.

Happy Holidays from all of us at RSBFS!


1988 Yamaha YSR50 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1988 Yamaha YSR 50

1,980 Miles On Odometer

AMAZING SHAPE FOR ANY AGE ~ She has lived Indoors in a photo studio the past 20 years.

UNMOLESTED TIME CAPSULE, Best I can tell, All original except wind screen.


I will list them in the next few days.

(Windscreen was changed, I have original in fair condition and it isn’t cool like this one)

Small scrape on tank ~ PDR is possible (see photo)
Probably knocked over (or something hit it) at some point prior to my ownership.
Does not look like it was done at speed or anything…

Small paint scrape from a rogue start (see picture by kick start on engine cover. it’s a small 1/2 circle on the silver paint.)
A few vinyl nicks in the red vinyl. (if you’re that much of a perfectionist, you can paint or replace it)

Runs and shifts great.

Replaced battery, filled her up and she runs great.

Only drove it a few miles in the neighborhood. NO PLATES 😉

Title is Free and Clear.

One for Under The Tree:  1988 Yamaha YSR50

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