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Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale

1994 Honda RS125 L Side

While it’s a hard pill to swallow for newly-minted track-day heroes with visions of tire-spinning corner exits, the best way to learn to be fast is by building good habits in an environment where every single pony counts. Hitting the track on a GSX-R1000 will allow a newer rider to lap at some mind-bending speeds, but you can be pretty lazy on a bike that powerful and still feel like you’re going fast. Then a rider who really knows what they’re doing sails past you on a 600…

So it may be a blow to the ego, but riders who want to learn how to go fast should start small. How small? How about Honda RS125 small?

1994 Honda RS125 R Side

Racing a 125 is about managing momentum and making the most of what very little horsepower is available. Shepherding that power is an endless game of charts and graphs, gearing and air density to maximize power in the garage, and a constant battle with the wind on track, minimizing air-resistance to maximize efficiency and speed.

Then there’s the pack of other riders to contend with, all battling for the same space on track, drafting you for that extra bit of speed.

Although a rider’s physical size does make a difference, don’t think that if you’re not built with jockey-like proportions, you can’t ride a 125. Bigger guys do need to be very careful with weight placement: with bikes weighing in at 160lbs dry, many bigger racers will outweigh the machines they’re riding. But this has a nice side benefit, as 125’s tend to do less damage to themselves when they crash, skimming along the ground instead of digging in and tumbling, shedding bits as they go…

1994 Honda RS125 Dash

The RS125 was introduced in 1988 and went through several iterations during its life. It was a pure racing motorcycle available to professionals, amateurs, and privateers, an over-the-counter race bike. 125’s are generally considered a “gateway drug,” a stepping-stone to bigger bikes: learn to be fast on these, then move up to 250’s and so on. Many World Champion Moto GP riders got their start on one of these little two-strokes, including Loris Capirossi and Dani Pedrosa, who each won the 125 World Championship on a 125 Honda.

Compared to the Yamaha TZ125, the Honda is generally thought of as being more user-friendly, better set up right out of the box. But while Honda’s 125 may be great for entry-level racers, don’t mistake “user-friendly” for “low-maintenance”: these are two-stroke GP bikes, pure racers, and pistons get replaced every 300 miles. Other parts last longer, but these bikes require more care and feeding than a modern four-stroke.

1994 Honda RS125 Carb Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Honda RS125 for Sale

Very nice, clean and original Honda RS125 factory race bike. I bought this in the late 90’s in Japan from the original owner/rider.  It was run at the famous Suzuka circuit track(see tech inspection stickers in photos)  just a few times before being garaged and has not been raced since.  I have fired it up a few times over the years and drove it around my industrial complex to keep it in running order but mostly it has sat on a shelf in my office as a display/conversation piece.  It is very rare to find one of these in clean unmolested condition.  Most race bikes for sale have been abused, crashed or pieced together with a patchwork of different parts and not suitable for a collection or track day event.  The Honda RS125’s dominated the competition during this period winning 5 World Championship Titles from 1990-1996.  This bike has very minor scratches, a few track rock chips on the lower fairing and a 3″ crack on the right side of the windscreen (see pictures),but shows incredibly well for a race bike of this age.  Unless you find one of these new in the crate, this may be your best opportunity to pick one of these up in this condition.   Race bikes don’t have titles in California but will be sold with a bill of sale.

Buyer to pickup in Torrance, CA or I may be able to deliver to a local freight company (I will not crate or box due to fragility of fairing)

1994 Honda RS125 Cockpit

From the description, this is currently more of a display piece and is in very nice physical condition for a bike that was meant to be used hard, and it shouldn’t take much work to get it back into fighting shape. Bidding on this is active but is currently only up to $2,500 and the reserve has not been met, but you’d better move quickly if you’re interested: there are just a few hours left on this auction!

If you’re an acolyte at the Temple of Lean, handy with a wrench, and want to experience the thrill of a genuine race bike that won’t kill you if you look at it funny, this would be a great place to start.


1994 Honda RS125 L Side Front No Fairing



Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale
Honda November 29, 2014 posted by

1990 Honda NSR250R with Repsol Livery

Update 11.29.14: We last posted this NSR in July of 2013. The eBay listing now includes more photos that clearly show Tyga bodywork, but also a Florida plate. Buy-it-now is set at $5k. Links updated. -dc

I never get tired of seeing a clean NSR250 for sale, and you shouldn’t either. It’s hard to get tired of a lightweight, race oriented packaged couple with a two-stroke engine that’s got to be perfect for some neck wringing. This NSR come to us again from the land of two-strokes; Canada. It also appears to have been registered in Florida at some point and the owner says it has a U.S. title.


From the seller:

For sale is a 1990 Honda NSR 250 with less that 3000km (1800miles) from new.

The bike is in ABSOLUTELY perfect condition. On a scale of 1-10 I would say its a 9+.

The bike was never raced and still has the Florida license plate and it comes with

American Title and Canadian ownership.

One should first note that the body work isn’t OEM. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. It looks damn close to the OEM body work of later NSR’s. Nobody in their right mind should pick anything over Repsol livery given the choice. It is a shame that there aren’t more photo angles with better lighting. The last NSR250 we saw was located in the States and sold for close to $5k. This one starts at $5k and isn’t in the US. I would advise to do your due diligence when it comes to title/registration requirements in your area. Check out the auction here and place your bid today.


1990 Honda NSR250R with Repsol Livery
Ducati November 28, 2014 posted by

Overachieving Little Brother: Nearly New 2005 Ducati 749R

2005 Ducati 749R L Side

So here’s a bold statement: if the Ducati 916 had never existed, the 999, along with its little brother the 749, would be considered a masterpiece.

It’s a superlative machine in almost every way, and was possessed the typical Ducati virtues: a thumping v-twin with a wide powerband, stable handling, and glorious noise. But it had the added benefit of almost humane ergonomics by Italian sportbike standards, a definite improvement over the 916. But it was the style, not function that caused problems and, although I do think that Pierre Terblanche’s design lacks some sex appeal: it’s maybe a bit too modern, to ruthlessly un- 916. But it is a very interesting design and striking, with lots of cool details to appreciate.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this Ducati 749R is just another of the never-ending list of “special editions” that featured suspension bling, race-rep colors, festooned with carbon doodads.

2005 Ducati 749R R Front

But the 749R is not simply a lower-spec machine with some bling-y Öhlins suspension bits and a carbon-fiber mudguard thrown at it, and a couple extra horses freed up by a $3,000 Termignoni titanium exhaust. Designed to homologate the bike for racing, the R featured heavily revised engine internals: bore was increased, and stroke decreased to keep displacement legal and allow for a higher rev ceiling. Cases received the lightweight treatment as well: the cam covers are magnesium (clearly visible in the photos) of the bike and the belt covers are, of course, carbon-fiber. It all added up to a claimed 121hp.

A long-overdue slipper clutch kept the twin’s engine braking in line, a vital addition for a powerful twin designed to see track time and there were radial brakes up front to slow it all down. The fuel tank was specific to this model, and had an increased capacity.

The headstock is adjustable for rake and the ergonomics feature a surprising amount of adjustability as well, with seat moving fore and aft. Footpegs actually had less adjustability than lower-spec bikes: the mounts on the R were designed to allow additional clearance for bigger exhaust tubing.

2005 Ducati 749R L Fairing

From the original eBay listing: 2005 Ducati 749R for Sale

2005 Ducati 749R homologation special!

Super rare and hard to find in this condition. Acquired from a significant collection last year and fully serviced with new fluids and a battery this race-based motorcycle would make a superb addition to someone’s collection. It has been kept in a climate controlled private automobile gallery and is available for viewing by appointment.

Less than 200 miles!

2005 Ducati 749R Dash

While 749 Dark and “S” versions were made in large enough numbers that they will likely never be exceptionally collectable, the “R” models are rare, with serious performance upgrades that were more than skin deep, designed to make the bike more capable on-track. It’s just a shame this one is probably destined to never turn a wheel in anger. There’s plenty of time left on this auction if you’re looking to see how Black Friday deals shape up before throwing your hat into the ring, and with the Buy It Now set at $16,000 there are no takers as yet. That’s a pretty steep price, but with under 200 miles on the clock, the bike is basically brand-new, ready to be mothballed for the day these finally start to appreciate in value.


2005 Ducati 749R Front and Rear

Overachieving Little Brother: Nearly New 2005 Ducati 749R
Bimota November 27, 2014 posted by

The Origin of Species: Bimota SB2 for Sale Down Under

Bimota SB2 R Front

Sometimes, looking at older sportbikes, it’s hard for those raised on GSX-R1000’s and R1’s to understand what all the fuss is about. I mean, on paper, the Bimota SB2 is pretty unimpressive: 430lbs, 743cc’s making 75hp, and a 130mph top speed. But at the time, this bike was at the bleeding-edge of sports motorcycle design, combining the best ideas of the day in terms of aerodynamics, frame, and suspension design.

Bimota SB2 L Side

Although they’ve been in-and-out of bankruptcy for decades, Bimota is still the first name in exotic Italian motorcycles, and recent products reflect a less-focused diversity that includes something for everyone. And by “everyone,” of course I mean “rich people.”

The name “Bimota” is derived from the names of the three company founders: Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini, who actually started their company to work on heating and air-conditioning systems. In 1973, they built their first motorcycle, designing a light, stiff frame around a Honda 750 four-cylinder to create the HB1 in 1973.

BImota SB2 R Side

With only one, notorious exception, Bimota used engines from established manufacturers in their bikes, although they generally improved power somewhat with revised exhausts and tuning, and the alpha-numeric names of the bike will give you a clue as to what powerplant is hiding within: “H” for Honda, “D” for Ducati, “Y” for Yamaha, “K” for Kawasaki, “B” for BMW, and “S” for Suzuki. Obviously. So the SB2 was the second Bimota powered by a Suzuki engine.

If you’re used to the Transformers-style angularity of current Bimotas, the swoopy curves of SB2 might be a bit of a shock. But Bimota built its reputation for innovation and cutting edge design with machines like this. Powered by Suzuki’s reliable GS750 engine and 5-speed transmission, the SB2’s beauty wasn’t in the powertrain, but in the exotic suspension and frame. Check out that swingarm pivot, designed to keep chain tension constant throughout suspension travel.

Bimota SB2 R Rear Naked

The SB2 was almost impossibly advanced for the time and featured a host of race-inspired details: the aluminum and fiberglass one-piece tank and tail-section is held on by simple rubber quick-release straps: disconnect the fuel line, unplug an electrical connector, and it’s off, allowing access to the engine and revealing more of the gorgeous trellis frame and monoshock rear suspension.

Bimota SB2 Rear Suspension

From the original eBay listing: Bimota SB2 for Sale

This motorcycle has been fully restored including an engine re-build. The re-build was completed by an experienced Suzuki trained mechanic. The engine was found to have a Yoshimura 850cc kit in it with high lift cams and larger valves with double valve springs. A previous owner may have lightly ported the intakes. The pistons, gearbox and clutch indicated an easy life but extensive carbon deposits pointed to a lot of slow use. New rings and bearings where needed were used.

The engine idles smoothly and runs quietly. The exhaust is a bit restrictive but will not cause registration problems. The front suspension may be soft for some heavy riders.

The rear de-carbon shock was rebuilt by SOS Sydney and the chassis, bodywork  and wheels were stripped and re-painted. The seat was done to original specs in NZ. The engine cases were stripped of paint and painstakingly cleaned before re-painting. The dash is NOS but a later one from the original which is available. An oil cooler and braided lines come with the bike but are not fitted.

Bimota SB2 R Rear

Interestingly, the listing does not mention the bike’s year of manufacture, although they were only made between 1977 and 1979. Reports vary as to how many were actually made, but supposedly no more than 140 SB2’s were built, making this extremely rare and very exotic. Parts to keep the nearly stock Suzuki GS750 engine and transmission should be very easy to come by, and plenty of hop-up parts exist for anyone looking to make a fast bike even faster.

There are six days left on the auction, with no bidders at the AU$20,000 starting bid. These are some of the most collectible and desirable Bimotas ever built, and I’d expect plenty of folks are waiting in the wings to bid on this one.


Bimota SB2 R Front Close

The Origin of Species: Bimota SB2 for Sale Down Under
Ducati November 26, 2014 posted by

A shot at the title: 1985 Ducati 750 F1


It always starts the same way. Sitting at my desk doing research in the ultra-plush offices of I find a cool bike that I just know that our readers would love. Then I get the nagging suspicion that I have seen the bike before. Quickly jump into the archives and… there it is. So if you are a regular reader of RSBFS – and you have a decent memory – you will remember having seen this bike last year. But even then this is a story worth re-telling. Because how many 30 year old, sub 500 mile “never been titled” iconic motorcycles are you expecting to find in your lifetime?


1985 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Never Titled – Comes with its Certificate of Origin (from Ducati) – Mileage – 570 Kilometers = 353 Miles. If you are looking for a jewel to add to your collection, (#499) is a time warp and one of the best! This is a 29 year old motorcycle with 353 miles.

The original purchaser bought the bike from Sunnyvale Imports in Santa Monica, California. The first time his mother saw the motorcycle, she made her son promise he would never ride it again. Somehow convincing, the motorcycle was pushed to the rear of ‘her’ garage. It did not to see the light of day again until 2006 when I found it, still with gas in its aluminum tank. Since owning I have not tried to start and its turn signals have been removed due to the plastic drying.

The 750F1A was Taglioni’s last design and (593) were produced. Few came to the United States and this is most likely the only one in the United States never titled and comes with the (From Ducati) Manufactures Certificate of Origin. If you want one of the best collectible and still reasonably priced Ducati’s (compared to new models), you’re looking at it.


The last time we laid eyes on F1A #499 it was packaged in a trifecta deal with a 600cc TT2 (itself seen multiple times on the pages of RSBFS) and a 996R – bidding started at $50k, and reserve was never met. Now this F1 is back, and is still looking for that next museum parking place (let’s face it; this will never fall into the hands of someone who will ride it). With a BIN approaching $25k the value in this bike is steeped in the story and the certificate of origin. Getting a title would knock out the story, and a good percentage of the appreciation. Roll it into the house next to the billiards table and try to keep guests from using the tank as a drink coaster. Damn shame, but the reality (although someday someone will have to explain how an “untitled – never had a title” motorcycle has plates). Can I rail on the “nobody ever rode this bike” mentality and at the same time question why it looks like it had some out-of-doors time? Why does the MSO list the model year as 1987? Perhaps I am being too cynical for my own good. As always we recommend you do your homework; it can be a tri-colored jungle out there. Good Luck!


A shot at the title: 1985 Ducati 750 F1
Ducati November 25, 2014 posted by

Fa-la-la-la FILA: 2004 999R FILA


Over the last 20 years Ducati seems to have focused on a 3-segment strategy for their bikes;  a tiny top segment of unobtanium level technical masterpieces such as the SuperMono or Desmosedeci, a big general segment of standard level bikes such as the Monster for the masses and in the middle, a segment comprised of limited edition bikes that are produced in small numbers and combine the standard bike with some of the unobtainum technology.   The limited edition bikes can range between mere paint schemes such as the Senna 749 to close to race replica “R” bikes with big technical differences between them and the standard bike.


2004 Ducati 999R FILA edition for sale on ebay

Here we have a 2004 999R FILA edition.  The FILA edition 999R was produced by Ducati in 2004 to celebrate its 200th win in the World Superbike Championship and was a limited edition production run of 200 special versions of the Ducati 999R in the official 2003 FILA livery. For anyone not familiar with the 999R, it had some big changes over the standard 999S, including full carbon fibre body work, lightweight engine internals, different injectors, a lighter crank and a bigger bore all which added up to about  another 40HP. The 999R also had lighter front and rear subframes, and Ohlins front and rear suspension.


Now I know a  lot of people (myself included) didn’t particularly like the 999 look when it came out.  Compared to the 916/996 predecessor it looked disjointed with full bodywork at the front and almost none at the rear.  Also, some said it was a case of overbranding and to be honest, Ducati has been known to make some odd branding/limited edition production decisions (such as this scooter). However, over the last ten years the 999R FILA edition seems to have won over most people. Comments on the Ducati forum and overheard at bike nights seem to confirm that most people think the FILA bodywork makes the 999R look great, although more than a few comments have been made against the two different wheel colors.


So what is this 999R Fila worth?  Well it only has 6050 miles,  it doesn’t appear to have been modified, and its #80 of 200. The asking price of almost 15k seems to be inline with previous listings on RSBFS and KBB, although KBB seems less reliable for limited edition bikes.  So if a 999R is one your list for father Christmas and you are on the west coast of the USA, this might be a good opportunity.  Guess it depends on how naughty you have been… 🙂


Fa-la-la-la FILA:   2004 999R FILA
Suzuki November 24, 2014 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma available in Nova Scotia

1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale

With all the activity surrounding the recent Skoal/Lance Gamma RG500, we almost missed this offering in Canada. Though thin on details, it does note an engine rebuild within the last 300 miles and some mechanical reconditioning. While more investigation is required, it has met reserve with one bid for $14,500. Happy hunting,


1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

All original 1986 Suzuki RG500. Very rare and exceptional condition. Bodywork is all original, as is tank. Other than bodywork, frame and swingarm, all parts were stripped and rebuilt. Engine rebuilt. Runs and rides like it did in 1986. Selling to move on to Superbike racing. Canadian bike. 30000 Km (18000 miles).


1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma available in Nova Scotia
Aprilia November 23, 2014 posted by

Not Quite Stock: 2000 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

2000 Aprilia RS250 R Side

Aprilia’s RS250 is well known to regular readers, and this particular bike, while not completely original, looks like it’s in great shape and has relatively low miles on it. The RS250 was a lightweight machine with an aluminum frame, distinctive banana-shaped aluminum swingarm that allowed the bulging expansion chambers to tuck in for good ground-clearance, and basically the same brake set up as the much-heavier Ducati 916… Powered by a heavily-modified two-stroke v-twin from Suzuki’s RGV250 that generated 60hp and required commitment to use effectively, the bike rewarded riding skill with sublime handling that is, for most riders, as close as they’ll ever get to a true Moto GP experience, especially in a road-legal package…

2000 Aprilia RS250 R Side Front

Coming in at the very-tail end of the two-stroke sportbike era, road-legality of these does vary a bit by year and state. This particular example looks like it was originally a track-only bike, or had the standard fairing replaced with one intended for a trackbike. In the above picture, you can see the headlight tucked into the fairing. Very low-profile, but perhaps a bit too non-stock for the readers of this site…

2000 Aprilia RS250 R Side Rearset Detail

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

2000 Aprilia RS250 street legal bike, recently serviced, runs beautiful and has the look to match with very low miles, this bike is LIKE NEW. This very rare Italian bike has new JNL racing pipes, new marchesini magnesium rims, a big beautiful tank without any scraps or dents, gorgeous seat… lots of beautiful aluminum and carbon fiber fairings. Never been laid down, this bike looks even better than the pictures! Bike has been garaged it’s life, and is still of course being garaged as you see in the photos.

As many motorcycle enthusiasts know, Aprilia is famous for winning 14 out of the 16 world championship races in 2003. No longer in production, this bike is admirable to look at with shiny, smooth fairings, the twin spar combo of aluminum, magnesium alloy frame and a swinging arm of the same material keep the bike solid but lighter than comparable bikes (can this bike even be compared?), and as anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to ride one will tell you, its a dream drive! Sophisticated digital instrument panel and a chronometer that can remember up to 40 lap times will make this bike the envy of your friends!

2004 was the last production date for the Aprilia. This 2000 Aprilia model has a clear title and we can even arrange delivery within the west coast for $1.00 per mile. This is one of the most beautiful and rarest racing bikes we’ve be able to offer in our over 10 years of selling rare and vintage motorcycles and motorcycle parts on ebay.

There’s plenty of time left on this auction and, at $2,100 the reserve is unsurprisingly not yet met. The seller mentions that this is street-legal, but the bodywork suggests that it may not have started out that way, so do a bit of homework if you live in draconian California and plan to register it for road use. While I do like the deceptively track-only look, I’m not sure that offset, blue-lensed headlight tucked into the fairing on the right side will be to everyone’s taste. Luckily, that can be changed, although it would obviously be easier to go track-0nly, since sourcing an original headlight/fairing combo could be expensive… Those additional decals should probably go as well, but that is fairly easy to do.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Rear

While the Marchesini wheels do look to be wider than stock, that may just be the pics. Probably a question for the seller, since wider wheels and tires could make the RS250’s famously nimble handling less so, and the extra rubber probably isn’t necessary, considering the power on tap. They look pretty good and might be lighter than stock, but this bike is really about form following function.


2000 Aprilia RS250 L Side Front

Not Quite Stock: 2000 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

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