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Yamaha May 31, 2014 posted by

Smoking Okie: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Oklahoma


Another day, another good looking RZ500. Life at RSBFS is good. This particular example is not as clean as the RZ500 in Canada posted earlier in the week, but it is still a freaking RZ500, and the fact that it is already titled in the United States makes it pretty freaking cool. Check out all of the pictures provided by the seller. This is truly an indoor/outdoor model as depicted, and shows much of the normal patina that nearly 30 years of use will bring on. The seller indicates that this bike has never been to a car wash (isn’t that a good thing??), but it looks like it could use a few minutes under the hose. Only 8,430 kilometers showing on the odometer – which works out to just over 5,000 miles by my math (the seller is claiming 5,600 miles) – and there is a garage tip over to blame for some of the damage indicated. These bikes are highly sought over and easy to nit-pick on …. but not easy to find. The old adage is to buy the best example you can afford. These bikes are getting more and more expensive, and this example has a BIN of $16k. The bidding is well below that with reserve still in place, so the final days of this auction could get interesting. Good Luck!


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Here is a two owner, 100% stock (except for tires) 5623 original miles (8435 KM’s.) ’85 RZ500. This bike has been a living room display for most all its life. Previous owner store in his business warehouse. It is started, warmed and ridden every two months. Let me state that this bike is dirty! It has never been to a car wash, only wiped down by hand. It has also never seen a wet road in it’s life.

Smoking Okie: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Oklahoma
Yamaha May 30, 2014 posted by

Borderline: Stock 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Canada


RZ500 models from Yamaha are a continual RSBFS fan favorite, and here is an interesting one. Purported to be stock with the usual wear and tear, this one has 20k+ miles, with an engine rebuild fewer than 500 miles ago. The seller doesn’t state how comprehensive the rebuild was (top end only? rings? overbore?), but the bike appears to be in extremely clean condition for the age and mileage. The seller is pretty up front about some of the minor nits, and has a whole bag of exciting NOS spares and more that go along with the sale. The bike looks great and should be interesting to anyone lusting after the big RZ.


1985 Yamaha RZ500 sale on eBay


From the seller:
1985 RZ500. Canadian Model. All original. It’s been well taken care of and maintained over the years. Bike is in excellent condition both running and appearance. One small crack on middle left fairing, (which were brand new NOS). Otherwise very very tidy. 23,400 miles, (37,380 km). This bike has had an engine rebuild 400 miles ago. Recent new front tire, clutch, battery and fuel petcock. 400 trouble free and nostalgic miles. The bike was amazing to ride. Full set of brand new never used stainless JL expansion chambers to go with bike along with many NOS bits worth a lot of money, the most interesting of which is an amazing NOS fuel tank, (imagine how much that cost and how rare it is). Always stored in climate controlled environment, maintained no matter the cost.

Borderline: Stock 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Canada
Honda May 29, 2014 posted by

Featured Listing: Stunning 1985 Honda VF1000R in Kansas City!

Update 6.18.2014: The seller has informed us this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


Today’s Featured Listing is this very well preserved VF1000R. These debuted the gear driven cams on the V4 engine, which would go on to be a signature piece (and sound) through the RC30 and all the way up to through VFR800. While it’s a very big bike by today’s standards, this was a force to be reckoned with in it’s day and still enjoys a loyal following. This example has a scant 8,600 miles and an asking price of $8,000.


We’d like to thank Monty for purchasing a Featured Listing and wish buyers and seller good luck!



from the seller:

I’ve always loved the VF1000R for many reasons and have for years attempted to locate a mostly stock example. I came close about eight or nine years ago but then, just the night before I was to finalize the deal, the seller had a change of heart and decided not to sell. So ever since, I’ve been hunting for the nicest and original motorbike I could find.

As it turns out, I found this beauty from a collector on the east coast and was able to purchase it. He had kept it very nice and was mostly original but needed a few small details resolved. I had the carbs cleaned and adjusted, completely serviced, including flushing the brake and hydraulic systems, replaced intake boots, adjusted and lubed cables, installed a new battery and put fresh tires on it. I also changed out the small, aftermarket turn signals with some nos units I found. I haven’t been able to locate the original mirrors to replace the aftermarket units although the current mirrors function much better than the originals so I’ve left them on.

I ride the bike to current VJMC club meets and area bike shows where it always draws much attention for the superb condition and paint quality, which appears to be original. The only defect I can find are the two small cracks on the plastic seal cowl but are very small most people don’t see them. It has all of the original decals in place as well. Its a dream to ride and everything works as they should. It has only 8,628 miles believed to be original and appear consistent with the excellent condition of the bike.

Featured Listing:  Stunning 1985 Honda VF1000R in Kansas City!
Kawasaki May 29, 2014 posted by

2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine MotoGP Racebike Ridden by Colin Edwards

2013 Kawasaki Colin Edwards MotoGP

Here’s a unique opportunity to purchase a MotoGP bike ridden by Colin Edwards just last year. While obviously destined for a collection, I can’t help but fantasize what it would be like to show up at your track day with this! With 345lbs and 245hp on tap, you’d have to ride it at least once right? This listing on eBay UK is actual an advertisement for the Historics at Brooklands auction coming up on June 7th. The ad states the £62,000 ($103,620) price listed with the ad is to be used as a guide.


2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine for sale on eBay UK


an excerpt from the seller’s listing:

he NGM Forward Racing Team 2013 FTR MotoGP machines As used by Colin Edwards and Claudio Corti throughout the 2013 season

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one or both of the Forward FTR MotoGP machines with one having been ridden by two times World Superbike Champion, Colin Edwards and the other ridden by the 2008 Superbike runner up, Claudio Corti.

Both machines are offered with their Kawasaki ZX-10R engines tuned by Kawasaki’s French based tuning company partner, Akira. With the power output and dry weight of only 157kg and 245+ bhp of available power, these machines are capable of speeds in excess of 325 kph. An FTR MGP13 aluminium tri-spar chassis provides the framework with Öhlines suspension, Brembo brakes and an Akrapovic exhaust system mated to the Kawasaki power plants.

“FTR technical support post sale will include a test run of the machine with a grand prix technician to ensure the customer is fully briefed with the workings of the machinery and also two VIP paddock passes for the British round of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship at Silverstone on August 29-31 and hospitality with the NGM Forward Racing Team.”


2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine MotoGP Racebike Ridden by Colin Edwards
MV Agusta May 27, 2014 posted by

Peter Fonda’s MV Agusta F4CC #21 available in California

2006 MV Agusta F4CC for sale

The ultimate iteration of the F4 at the time, the F4CC was created to be a rolling piece of motorcycle artwork (it even says so on the decals). The CC stands for the father of this machine, Claudio Castiglioni, when he was managing director at MV Agusta. “I decided to put my name to this bike as I originally dreamed of it for myself” is how he described his vision. While it’s roots can be traced to the F4R, it is completely retooled with custom, hand made parts from the racing division including a massaged motor, carbon fiber bodywork, and beautifully made pegs, levers, other fixtures. With a MSRP when new of $120k, this one has an opening bid of $65k with no takers as of this writing. Hat tip to Daren for the spot!


2006 MV Agusta F4CC for sale on eBay


from the seller:

2006 MV Agusta F4 CC miles. Number 21 of 100 built. This one was purchased and ridden by iconic American actor and motorcyclist Peter Fonda. 2202 miles with presentation book, certificate of authenticity, rear stand, cover, standard and Corse exhaust. New these motorcycles carried a price of $120,000. Created by Claudio Castiglione as a response to the 1500 production run Ducati D16RR, no expense was spared in materials or craftsmanship. Details like using titanium for screens in the fairing openings abound.

Includes the Limited Edition MV Agusta F4-CC Laureato Chronograph by Girard Perregaux #21 of 100. Estimated value of time piece alone is $18,000

Though he’s known to motorcyclists for riding a Harley chopper in “Easy Rider” and in the process making millions of guys want to buy bikes and ride across America, Peter has always been a European motorcycle fan having owned several MVs and BMWs over the years.

His CC was purchased from Pro Italia Motors with the assistance of the distributor of MV in America Larry and Eraldo Ferraci. This particular bike, #21, was featured at the Art of the Motorcycle Show at Quail Lodge in 2006 and ridden by Peter, Phil Read, Giacomo Agostini, and other notable riders on a trip from Los Angeles to Monterey.

Peter shares this about his love of MV motorcycles and the company.

“I had been aware of MV Agusta’s 37 World Championships for a long time, so, when I found out they were back in the game, I bought an F4 1000, immediately. I loved that bike and rode it all around the coast and savanna of tropical Queensland, Australia. When I had wrapped the film I was shooting, down under, I auctioned the bike to support the neo-natal wing of the children’s hospital in Melbourne and ordered a new one to be shipped to my ranch in Montana. Eventually, I brought the bike down to Los Angeles. However, as soon as I rode the F4 CC from LA to Half Moon Bay, near San Francisco, I knew I had to have that bike. The F4 CC was the finest motorcycle I had ever ridden, and I was able to buy that same bike. I met Claudio Castiglioni in Stressa, Italy, in 2009, and saw where the bikes were built. I met Giacomo Agostini (the number one champion rider in the world until the mid 2000’s) who had also ridden that same bike. What a fantastic dance card on my CC!”

Peter Fonda’s MV Agusta F4CC #21 available in California
Honda May 27, 2014 posted by

Just add parts: 1981 Honda CB 1100 R

Update 5.27.2014: Last seen in October of last year, this CB1100R has been given a $2k (CAD) price drop. Links updated. -dc


Generally speaking, RSBFS doesn’t publish works in progress or bikes missing major pieces. Occasionally, we break that rule when we find something worth finishing. This CB1100R is one such bike. With 40,233 miles on the clock, it is not a museum queen. This is a bike that has been ridden, like it should. As a result, there is some wear and tear and some worn bits that you might need to address. Given that this is a rare bike, it may well be worth the effort.


From the seller:

Super rare in North America and pretty rare elsewhere also, one of only approx 1050 ever built and the rarest of all the CB1100R’s Homologation bikes
Engine and frame numbers suggest that it is a mid production bike and are close enough to believe original
purchased in France and imported to Canada (not currently registered) but with all required documentation (original French registration in my name, official Canadian import papers in my name)
Its not perfect but there are some of us want to ride not polish and this one fits the bill


From the seller:

The good bits
mostly original with genuine mileage just over 40K miles 64K in kms
paint although not perfect looks pretty good
The RB shares more parts with the CB range than the later models
and if you want perfection I have a contact who can provide all the parts to restore to showroom condition
and it runs great


From the seller:

The not so good bits
a lack of silencers well it did have some but they were from a cb900 and rotten but the downpipes are original!!!
the fairing has been doctored (unfortunately!) it is original and the finish is excellent but the only conclusion I can come up with regarding the headlight is that it was damaged and replaced but as an original was not available a substitute was made
this and the rest of the paintwork was completed by a Honda dealership in France the decals are not lacquered in which is good news as they are not well applied
there is a flat spot on the starter motor, (I just installed new brushes so it may improve)
and the rear master cylinder is seized
there is some damage to the cylinders in an attempt to remove them broken fin and pry damage
and the paint on the frame and motor could do with refinishing
will need a full service


This bike is located across the border in Canada, and the current bid is still under $3k USD. The auction is being run in Canadian currency, however the exchange rate is nearly 1:1 between the US and Canada reducing the potential monetary confusion. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, eh?


Just add parts: 1981 Honda CB 1100 R
Honda May 26, 2014 posted by

Red, White, and Blue: 1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in New York

1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 for sale

Here’s a great looking NC30 that is a welcomed breathe of fresh air from all the two smokers we’ve been seeing on the market this spring. This one has clearly been loved by it’s current owner as evidenced by his 2+ page description of the bike. It comes with OEM and spare bodywork, thoughtful upgrades like the VFR800 rear wheel and modified CDI, and is overall mostly stock. -dc

1989 Honda VFR400R for sale on eBay



from the seller:

Complete set of unrestored Tri Color Honda OEM body work and Original Gas Tank with all home market stickers and warning labels in place.
-Complete MotoStar ABS Tri Color Honda replica body work – OEM gas tank with professional restoration of OEM colors and stickers maybe negotiated separately, but not included with the bike.

-Upgraded CDI and de-restriction (raises rev and MPH limit)
-Ethos Half System Rear Race kit pipes combined with Front OEM header – popular upgrade / race setup in Japan at the time. Produces a smooth mid-range power delivery.
-Tyga SS exhaust can with OEM hanger (OEM passenger foot pegs in place)
-OEM forks with Rick Oliver upgraded spring kit for weight range of 180-200 pound rider – OEM springs included
-Newly Powder coated white OEM front wheel and 17” Rick Oliver rear wheel conversion – VFR750F 5 spoke rear rim with fully modified Rick Oliver Center Hub/Suspension linkage / rocker included.

-Original OEM unrestored 18” rear rim/tire and linkage parts included

-OEM rear Suspension
-COERCE` Race Rear Sets- Japanese made and an expensive `top of the range` item– these were on the bike when I bought it and there are no OEM front pegs with the bike.

-Hel Steel Braided brake lines in Blue – OEM brake lines included.
-Adjustable Shorty Billet Brake and Clutch Levers – OEM Levers included

-Brand new Sintered Racing Brake Pads installed – OEM pads included

– Brand New Dunlop Q2 tires – 17”

-OEM Directionals (blue housings) on OEM body work – Aftermarket black OEM Pattern style Included.

Original OEM passenger Pegs and Mounting brackets included.

-Original OEM rider and passenger seats in perfect condition – NO rips or excessive wear or fading.

-Fuel Tap rebuild kit and full replacement of all fuel lines with Rick Oliver OEM replacement parts.

– All Gaskets replaced 5/10/2014 along with a new battery and oil change.

-HiFlo air filter installed – OEM included. OEM Airbox is unmodified.

-Original OEM gas Cap key matched to Original Ignition included.

One OEM Key and one aftermarket Honda blank included.

-OEM Mirrors installed – Replica Originals included.

– Speedo reads in KM – NOT MPH! Converter overlay included.
-Multiple windscreens – Extra MotoStar Windscreen included – OEM windscreen installed on OEM body work with all original warning stickers in place.


Red, White, and Blue:  1989 Honda VFR400R NC30 available in New York
BMW May 23, 2014 posted by

The Frame Game: 78 BMW R100RS with Krauser frame and 4-valve heads


What you are looking at is a 1978 BMW R100RS – but that is not what is key. The big deal here surrounds the Krauser parts. For those of you not in the know, Krauser is a Bimota-like company creating products exclusive to BMW. Think frames, think bodywork, think performance parts, and think expensive (and rare) pieces of history. Provided as kits, Krauser worked to transform sedate BMWs into fire breathing sport bikes with gorgeous perimeter frames, four-valve heads, and more. This particular bike sports not only rare Krauser pieces, but additional custom details as well.


1978 Krauser BMW R100RS for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Offered for sale is a custom, one of a kind, MKM (Michael Krauser Motorcycles) framed BMW. Built from a 1978 R100RS.
Oregon title in my name, last plated in California.
Bikes with this frame are currently featured in Motorcycle Classics magazine, March/April 2014, but mine is unfaired and has many more high performance parts.
It is basically a race bike with a license plate. It is not currently rideable.

I purchased the motorcycle from the builder himself in early 2000. It was featured in an article in a motorcycle magazine in August 1988.
I will include a copy with the bike. The previous owner (builder) stated in the magazine feature about the bike that he would “Forget about cost, forget all the limitations, make anything I wanted. The wheels and 13 inch brakes with four piston calipers are from Performance Machine. The engine has a lot of special pieces; it’s1108 cc with Krauser 4 valve heads and a lot of head work; 12:1 Venolia pistons: a custom built handmade aluminum flywheel; a cast magnesium oil pan made in Germany, along with other magnesium parts, all the goodies. It took about a year and a half and 20 grand to complete.” (in 1980s dollars)

When I bought it, the previous owner/builder told me that it has had the crankshaft turned and balanced, has a new high performance cam, rods had been balanced, and that the extra heads, transmission, rear end and shaft drive are all OK.
I have not had it running or done any work on it and therefore am unable to furnish much first hand information about it’s mechanical condition. I am unable to provide mileage amount, as bike is not equipped with an odometer.


This particular example is a work in progress, apparently. While the original builder spared no expense in the build, this bike has apparently never run for the current owner. The bike has an Oregon title and California plate, but no speedo or odometer. The bike has wonderful cast magnesium case pieces and PM components, but appears to be missing intake and exhaust pieces. So it looks as if this bike was partially parted out at some point. Additionally, the bodywork appears to be incomplete – although with kit-built specials this is hard to determine. Certainly the bodywork is far from the MKM 1000 level, so it is difficult to determine what spec this bike strives to be.


There are a lot of parts on this particular bike – and the parts are worth much more than the “R100RS” whole. Bidders will likely be interested in the frame and heads first, followed by other components. There is a lot here with which to build a classic “kit” bike. Got the Krauser bug? You’re probably not alone. Check it out here and then leave a comment and let us know what you think!


The Frame Game: 78 BMW R100RS with Krauser frame and 4-valve heads

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