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Kawasaki November 30, 2013 posted by

6800 Mile Kawasaki GPZ900R Available in Chicago

1984 Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja 900 For Sale

It took a lot of effort not to title this one Danger Zone or Top Gun but now that it's out of my system, this has to be one of the cleanest Ninja 900's I've seen in a long time. The seller includes dozens of high quality, close up photos for inspection as well as a very detailed description at the auction listing. Bidding has been steady and is currently showing $5k reserve not met.


1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900 for sale on eBay


excerpt from the seller:

The condition of this machine is highly original and un-restored. The frame and engine numbers are factory correct and original. It is the 900 cc engine. The gearbox is also original to the machine. This Kawasaki is completely original, has never been apart, and has never been modified or wrecked. I believe I am the third owner from new. It is a fantastic original 28 year old machine that deserves to be ridden and preserved.

This machine has been in my collection for some time, is started on a regular basis, and ridden about 200 miles per year. When I purchased the bike, it had been owned by another collector and ridden occasionally. At the start of every riding season, I do a sympathetic re-commission of it by checking all of the major engine, transmission, and braking components for wear and safety. The gas tank was cleaned when I purchased it, and the carburetors were inspected, cleaned, and re-installed and the air filter checked. All fluids are changed, and both front and rear brakes were checked, as new brakes were installed a few seasons ago.




6800 Mile Kawasaki GPZ900R Available in Chicago
Sport Bikes For Sale November 29, 2013 posted by

First a Haga replica, now a Bol D’or: 2007 Aprilia RSV 1000

Frequent contributor Marty/dallaslavowner spotted this Aprilia Bol D'Or on ebay and wrote the following:


The bol d'or may be the same mechanically as the standard RSV but it is definitely more eye catching than the standard black RSV of the era. Last one seen on RSBFS was back in April and at the time, Ian wrote "I've seen them listed from $12,000 (practically no miles) to $8,500 (a few thousand)." So even though price is above IKBB it seems to be inline given the fact that its one of only 300 produced with this commemorative color scheme. Plus the seller indicates he will listen to offers so perhaps its time to add this one to someones garage...


2007 Aprilia RSV1000 for sale on eBay

First a Haga replica, now a Bol D’or:  2007 Aprilia RSV 1000
Aprilia November 27, 2013 posted by

Haggle for a Haga Part II: 2003 Aprilia RSV1000r Haga Replica #138

Update 11.27.2013: Previously seen this past April, this Haga rep is back on eBay. Auction ends on Thanksgiving though, so get it before Black Friday! Links updated. -dc


As is often the case, no sooner do we find a rare machine that is generally difficult to come by, another comes right along behind it. This feast or famine deal would be amusing if it were not quite so predictable. Of course the upside is that we all get to see another example of a great bike. In this case, you are looking at the doppelganger of the Haga Replica #105 we posted earlier this week.

2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Haga for sale on eBay


This Aprilia, in addition to the Haga Playstation livery and limited number status, includes BST carbon wheels. The stockers are also included in the auction, so as to preserve the value of the complete package. There is some apparent damage to the exhaust can on the the right side, but with only 500 claimed miles I can't imagine much is wrong with this machine.


From the seller:

Has BST carbon fiber rims mounted est.value 8,000.00 with micheline pilot power rubber. Some extras not many. Have stock rims and tires, never used. all included in price


Whereas the earlier Haga we posted was a BIN affair asking $15,000 OBO, this particular bike is being auctioned off. The opening ask is a reasonable $10,000, with reserve in place. How much do BST wheels add to this deal? Is the lower mileage that enticing? If you've been wondering what a Haga Replica is worth these days, click the link and jump over to the auction. We'll all find out together!


Haggle for a Haga Part II: 2003 Aprilia RSV1000r Haga Replica #138
Honda November 26, 2013 posted by

One Heck Of A Story: 1970 Tony Foale Honda CB750

foale rightfoale left

If you've thought you went to the ends of the Earth to source a part, you need to read the sellers' story about this bike. It is an interesting read backed up with good visuals.

foale fork

The story involves this odd looking front end.  The story starts here.

Enjoy some pictures.

foale frontfaole tankfoale arm
There hasn't been much action on the auction yet with just a couple of days remaining.

Click here for the auction and story.


One Heck Of A Story:  1970 Tony Foale Honda CB750
Honda November 23, 2013 posted by

One Owner 1986 Honda VF1000R with just 7500 Miles!

1986 Honda VF1000R for sale

And the hits keep coming! Today a one owner VF1000R in Texas that has reportedly never seen inclement weather, never had a wrenched turned on it, and until recently never had any replacement parts fitted. Needless to say it will need some reconditioning before it will be safe to ride, but even looking through those horrible photos you can tell it's incredibly clean. Bidding is brisk and already passed reserve at $6300.


1986 Honda VF1000R for sale on eBay

from the seller:

This bike is part of an estate sale. Bought new in 1986 the owner was an older gentleman that would not ride it for long. It has been stored in a climate controlled building for many years. With only 7611 miles it is like new. Never dropped, touched up anywhere or had a wrench on it (except for the first battery replacement last week). The tires as like new and all engine components sparkle like new. The bike should probably have the fuel system serviced prior to starting. We have NOT touched this bike with a wrench. I do believe that should be the second owner's privilege.

As you can see in the pictures this is truely a remarkable find for the right collector. This bike has NEVER been exposed to weather and has a clear one owner Texas title.

One Owner 1986 Honda VF1000R with just 7500 Miles!
Honda November 22, 2013 posted by

2 Owner 1986 Honda NS400R with just 6500 Miles!

1986 Honda NSR400R for sale

These post headlines have been writing themselves this week right? And once again the pictures speak for themselves revealing a really well looked after two stroker. This one still has it's break-in sticker on the rev counter! And I always seem to forget that these are 3 cylinder machines. 9 days to go on this one.


1986 Honda NSR400R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I have up for auction my"" Extremely Rare"" 1986 Honda Ns400R - 90 degree 70 hp V-3 cylinder Liquid cooled Two stroke . I am the 2nd Owner of this motorcycle. It now has a Clear Virginia Title in my name ! For those who don't know the Ns400R was never available for the U.S. market making them extremely rare !! And when available they usually don't have a Valid Title . This Title is Clean , Clear and ready too go ! My Ns400R is in near Pristine condition !! almost museum quality. with 10,508 kilometers { approx. } 6,529 miles Starts , Runs and Rides flawlessly ! All electronics function perfectly. Everything on this motorcycle is original !! From windshield to Tires ( could use a new set of tires ) Also with the bike I have the Original service manual & parts Microfiche Look closely at the identification number on the bike it's # 33 My Location is Gloucester Virginia



2 Owner 1986 Honda NS400R with just 6500 Miles!


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