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Suzuki October 31, 2013 posted by

No Smokes For You: 1991 Suzuki RGV250 Team Suzuki

team suzuki rgv

Remember Schwantz showing up at various GP’s with “Lucky Strike” missing from his bike and leathers?  Suzuki did too and hooked Australia (yes, it is still there) up with 50 of these examples back in 91.  I had no idea these were the real deal until a collector here in the U.S. got his hands one.  Yeah, it is just some stickers but still a hell of a bike to top off a RGV collection.   

It’s been ridden with 51,000 KM’s and the one close up show a decent amount of corrosion.  Would that stop me from buying it?  Hell no!  The seller is asking $7,000 AUS.

Here is the listing on Gumtree.


No Smokes For You:  1991 Suzuki RGV250 Team Suzuki
Suzuki October 30, 2013 posted by

Handpicked: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 (Switzerland)

This 1991 Gixxer is one of the last air-oil cooled 1100 produced (the very last was the 1992 edition). It has covered just above 44.000 km.


These bigger capacity Suzukis are very reliable and given the conditions in which it is presented, you will be able to cover at least as much extra mileage without issues.


The black-grey and blue colour combination isn’t my favourite but the bike is stock (apart form the smaller turn indicators) and it comes with the original solo seat.


If you are looking a for an air cooled 1100 model, at a price of about 2800 $, this could be a good autumn’s pick. As a reminder, here’s a few numbers that come with the beloved GSX-R of the early 90s (yap these bikes were pretty powerful then…):

Overall Length: 2 090 mm (82.3 in)
Overall Width: 755 mm (29.7 in)
Overall Height: 1 150 mm (45.3 in)
Wheelbase: 1 465 mm (57.7 in)
Weight: 226 kg (497 lbs)
Engine type: Air/oil-cooled 1127 cc inline-four, DOHC, 16 valves. 145 hp/ 10,000 rpm, 11,6 kg-m/ 9,000 rpm.


1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Switzerland



Handpicked: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 (Switzerland)
Buell October 29, 2013 posted by

What could have been: 2009 Buell 1125R


Forget all of those tempermental Italian twins: Here is a “made in the USA” model that worked nearly as well (American made except for ancillary components and engine, of course). Unfortunately The Motor Company didn’t have great interest in sport bikes – nor did the majority of their customers. Erik Buell’s magnificent creations languished on the showroom floor – yet showed real potential. What could have been with a little investment….

2009 Buell 1125R for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Wrapped Exhaust – Full Race headers and exhaust by free spirits with Custom ECU from EBR
Custom rear race spring
K&N air filter
1/4 turn throttle
rear fender eliminator
mirror block off plates
CRG Foldaway mirror
CRG shorty levers


I caught this one late – so auction ends in a day or so. Starting bid is sitting at $6,000 and there have been no takers as of yet. We don’t see too many 1125R models around, so these are legitimately rare. Click the link to get into the action. Check it out and let us know what you think. American Superbike or also-ran? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.



What could have been:  2009 Buell 1125R
Honda October 29, 2013 posted by

Honda RC 45 Bonsai = Honda NC35 (Germany)

The successor of the NC30 was sold only in Japan. Hence this model, found in Germany, was imported from there. The seller, in the first picture below, mentions that the garage has become too small now and he needs to move on, one of his sport bikes. The good thing is, he didn’t fit a “super bike lenker” (as they are called over here) on the RVF400R:


Honda NC35 with 23000 km in Germany

The small capacity RVF shares the same V4 engine configuration with the 750cc RC45. Given the pistons on the NC are almost half the size, this motor won’t have much power at low rpm, but it will scream even more than the RC when pushed hard. These Honda engines are very reliable and, provided they are well maintained, they actually “want” to be ridden hard.


If you are a sporty type of rider, the one that at any occasion will look for the fastest line through a corner,…always…and will use the gearbox, not only to keep the optimum rpm, but also because you you have a sort of sexual pleasure when shifting down while blipping the throttle, then there is hardly anything better than a NC series.


I don’t know about you, but the speed limit enforcements over here, do put a certain pressure on me and I enjoy more and more pushing hard a 500cc Staurno or an RD350 than a big and very fast 888. The NC35 is perhaps a little less beautiful then its NC30 predecessor, but it comes with a 17″ rear rim which is a good thing, as you will have much more choice when looking for fresh rubber. And you will need fresh rubber fairly often. Despite the mere 50+ HP, the NC series are fantastic handling bikes. You will need to change tyres because you will consume the front one fairly fast if you will ride the little RVF as it is meant to be.


Here a few more words from the seller (translated with Google):

I offer the RVF only because the first image is right!!
The bike is an absolute piece of cake the little RC45 A technical Highligt and simply a great bike the hell makes spas.
there were just € 2,200 invested in workshop ausschlieslisch for maintenance and repairs not care! 24000km incl the inspection.
It is a motorcycle that is driven and has traces of course use
Look at them, absolutely suitable as an investment because they only had one previous owner and was the first in Japan to let times in 2001.
Japanese papers are available as a copy.
In the German letter is a previous owner, the bike has gone five years, after which we came.
If you buy you get even mounted a new set of EBC brake discs and new pads front because the top are no longer 100%.
Shipping within Germany without islands free of charge.

Private sale without warranty and return policy.

The starting price of 7499 EUR will have our readers in the UK raise their eyebrows, and some might even fall of a chair…The thing is, that finding a NC in Europe’s mainland is really hard as the grey importers that flooded England in the early nineties simply didn’t exist elsewhere.   What is also pretty difficult these days, is finding a good quality NC that didn’t have 25 previous owners, was ridden in the rain most of time and hit a few times the gravel on the unlucky odd track day.

Honda NC35 with 23000 km in Germany



Honda RC 45 Bonsai = Honda NC35 (Germany)
MV Agusta October 29, 2013 posted by

Tamburific! 2005 MV Agusta F4-Tamburini


When it comes to MV Augusta, the specialty models all fall into one of two categories: expensive and more expensive. This particular example is named after the legendary designer Massimo Tamburini – of Bimota, Ducati and the resurrection of MV Agusta fame. Based on the 1000 S model and containing the first MV Agusta production version of the Torque Shift System – which modifie intake length via movable trumpets and thereby modifying the engine torque curve – and all carbon fiber bodywork, the Tamburini edition was limited to a mere 300 units.


From the seller:
This limited edition 2005 MV Agusta F4 Tamburini has 971 miles and is in show room Condition. It has been stored in a heated basement with the cover on with a trickle charge and fuel stabilizer.



This auction is nearly over – so if you have been lusting after a MV-A Tamburini model and have the cash to prove it (the auction opening ask sits at $30K), now is your chance. Take note that the seller will return the bike to stock bodywork prior to delivery – not all photos apply. Click the link to check out the photos and details on this one. The F4 model is considered one of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world. Check this one out and let us know what you think!


Tamburific!  2005 MV Agusta F4-Tamburini
Honda October 28, 2013 posted by

Money Pit? Headache? Great Deal? 1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 Project

Normally we wouldn’t bother with a non running bike with a single picture but not every project bike is a VFR750R,  now is it?

You know what they are and how much they sell for so lets get the story:

Bike is complete. Was disassembled by Honda mechanic to repair spun bearing. The tech was unfamiliar with this model and the bike was pulled from the shop. It has been stored inside and has only 1400 miles on it. As any motorcycle enthusiast knows this is an extremely rare find. Please note the vin#. This bike is #35 in production. Never raced. Need to be reassembled by proper technician. All parts for repair and assembly included, minus marcesinni wheel, it has stock wheels on it now.

Get out that calculator, talk to your friends in the know and make that decision: money pit or great deal?
It’s got a $17,500 BIN and a best offer option.

The listing is right here.


Money Pit? Headache? Great Deal?  1990 Honda VFR750R RC30 Project
Kawasaki October 28, 2013 posted by

Flood Gates Are Open: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica

kz right
And you guys thought we listed a lot of Bimota’s. It has been a dream Fall for buyers in the market for KZ1000R ELR’s. This one is another beauty with less than 3,000 miles and looking like it just came out of the showroom.

kz close
It apparently is still riding on the original tires as well. Make sure your life insurance is paid up.

kz enginekz engine 2

The story on it:

983 Kawasaki ELR KZ1000R in mint original condition with 2623 original miles. Rare bike.

Original Paint Throughout, never been down. No rust and runs well. No Mods, all factory. A very well kept collector bike..
All original stickers appear to be present. Original tires still in good shape. Added on engine protector at dealer.
ll markers on throttle and Clutch side are mint, never been touched.Tank is mint with a tiny fingernail indention that can be pulled out without any harm to paint, just haven’t done it because it is only noticeable if pointed out. Original seat, Original black carbs, Original gold wheels, Original Kerker & Everything works!… Clear Blue Title.
kz tankkz dashThere’s your view if you pick it up.  I think that would go nicely with a ZXR750R in the garage.
Flood Gates Are Open:  1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica
Honda October 27, 2013 posted by

Ride it like Mick: Ex Mick Doohan 1993 Honda Fireblade


At auction today is a CBR900 Fireblade road bike with Repsol livery. The key to this machine is that was purportedly owned by GP Legend Michael “Mick” Doohan. Currently third in the standings when it comes to outright world titles in the top series class (behind Agostini and Rossi), Mick remains a popular figure and a hero to his home country of Australia. Adding some validity to the claims of this being an ex-Doohan road bike is the fact that this bike does in fact reside in Australia.

1993 Honda Fireblade ex Mick Doohan for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Ex Mick Doohan 1993 Repsol Honda Fireblade Road bike.

It is painted in the colours of his Repsol race bike.

It is believed to have been given to Mick Doohan by Honda in approximately 1993.

The Bike was Complianced in Mick Doohans name in October 1993 and I have the original “Permit” document. The bike was registered and ridden , but has been stored unregistered for the last few years.

The bike is rideable and in very good original condition. Suit museum or collector.


It is not clear how long Mick owned this particular example. The auction does show it to have 15,000 miles on the clock, so clearly it has been ridden. Beyond that there is not a lot of information beyond a permit with Mick’s name on it and some grainy photos. Still, it could be a piece of history for a collector – for a price. The *starting* bid for this 1993 Honda CBR900RR with custom paint and a famous owner is: $25,000 USD – with reserve in place (!). Worth it? It might be to somebody. Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!



Ride it like Mick:  Ex Mick Doohan 1993 Honda Fireblade

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