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Gilera September 30, 2013 posted by

Red Mono Saturno 500, Almost New (Germany)

The Gilera Saturno 500 is a niche small motorbike with fantastic handling, looks and sound. This Red Mono doesn’t have much punch, but it’s a great bike for anyone who wants to learn how to ride into corners fast.

Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero with just 60 km in Germany


Nothing is happening below about 6000 rpm. My recommended riding style is this:

1) go through the gears until you hit 4th or 5th (top gear for this model)
2) pin the throttle and try to keep momentum as much as possible
3) limit the use of brakes and gearbox
4) lean it, lean it, lean it…

Provided you have fresh rubber fitted, the Saturno is a very sharp and light-handling true sport bike. The more corners are in your way, the more fun it will be. The front brake is from a Ducati 851. The single wide disc is very powerful.


The seating position is such, that you lie on the bike horizontally with your head naturally tucked within the tall and ample front windscreen. The sound coming from the 2 in 1 Lanfranconi exhaust is classic single cylinder low frequency booming.


It also makes a decent level of noise in stock condition, so no need to look for any aftermarket pipes. At a starting price of 8500 EUR, it reflects the rarity of the bike itself and the very low mileage of just 60km.


The bike is basically new, even though a few scratches are visible on the exhaust manifolds and some corrosion on the rear sprocket and chain. On the other hand, I have never seen such clean rims on other Saturnos. The red paint of these, tend to fade quite easily when exposed to sun.



Here is what the seller says:

Hello I am selling the bike for a friend of her husband
it is a collector’s item, a Piaggio Gilera Saturno, it has never been approved
The letter has no entry on the odometer are 61 kilometers so a real collector’s item
The exhibition of the letter was held on 21.04.1989.
The vehicle can be inspected by appointment Tel 0172-8637784
Please also write or call with any questions.
I reserve the right to terminate the Offer at a prior sale.
The zip code for a collection of the vehicle is 91487

There is a private sale without warranty – Warranty and Returns




Make sure to replace the timing belt before going for the first spin.

Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero with just 60 km in Germany


Red Mono Saturno 500, Almost New (Germany)
Kawasaki September 29, 2013 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland

As the riding season comes to end this side of the equator, the first signs of what might be a great buying period, appear. Readers of RSBFS will love this one, hopefully, just as much as I do. This 1991 absolutely pristine ZXR 750 is a real gem. How often do you come across this model, in these conditions ?

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


This single owner bike, doesn’t only have less than 20.000 km, but is in full stock conditions, doesn’t have a scratch nor any damage to its beautiful colors. It looks absolutely new. ZXRs have been very popular in the 90s, but often were misused. The 1991 model in particular, was my absolute dream bike when I didn’t have enough money to afford a sport bike. For this basic reason, the ZXR will always turn me on, even more than other, more exotic and special models.


In 1992, I turned 18 and bought my first motorcycle, a very used (I think it had 8 previous owners) but yet brilliant, Yamaha TT 350. Yes, this was no sport bike, but I still loved it. At the same time, I dreamed about the Kawa 750. A local shop in Rome was selling a RR version, that the shop owner himself, previously raced for a few months. This race replica, had the red stripes instead of the blue ones (in addition to a single seat and a few mechanical differences :-)).


Its colors, the double headlights, the air ducts through the fairing and airbox, the high revving engine characteristics and obviously, its dynamic performance, made this bike the best sport bike I had ever seen. And so, about 20 years later, every time I come across a ZXR, my heart speeds up. About a year ago I even bought one on an impulse without having even seen it live. It turned out not to be a good sample and so a few months later I sold it. The ZXR is a bike that wants to be ridden hard, and when you do so, it is a pretty fast, even at today’s standards. Very stable and precise, it has a beautiful gearbox featuring pretty close ratios even in its single R form, a srt of slipper clutch (at a time shen most us didn’t have a clue of what that meant), a great sound, especially when you keep it above 9000 rpm where the engine smiles at you, and again, some of the best looks ever seen on a sport bike. Has there ever been a more beautiful, aggressive and exciting Kawasaki after the ’91 ZXR ?


This sample is such a special find. I mean, it even has its original rear solo fairing, a true rarity in its own. The seller will also give you the rear passenger seat, a tinted windscreen and a brand new exhaust. The bike just had a technical inspection in August 2013, it has new tyres and brake pads. At a price of about 4400 $, this true rare sport bike for the conditions, is one of the best buy that readers of this site might come across, and one  that truly embarks the spirit of us who write here and you, who like to read us.


Looking at the cars in the background of the garage, the sense of quality that the pictures of the ZXR already portrait is confirmed even further. Again, when is the last time you have seen a ZXR like this ? Also the price is in  my opinion spot -on and absolutely fair. This gem, deserves a true enthusiast new owner and I truly hope, that whoever will buy this, desires it as much as I do, and will treasure every moment of owning such a great sample today.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland
Sport Bikes For Sale September 28, 2013 posted by

Californication: One owner 1984 Yamaha RZ500 with CA title!


It is not often you come across a one owner bike pushing 30 years of age. That is loyalty my friends. And it is equally rare to come across a wonderful gray-market two stroke like an RZ500 with clean CA title.

1984 Yamaha RZ500 in California for sale on eBay


This bike is ticking all of the right boxes. It is a great model to own. This bike has been in the same hands for longer than some readers have been alive, much less riding. And it appears to be very, very sano. Clean bikes show well. Bikes that show well generally sell well. And interest in this auction is proving that point. The seller has provide a ton of detail and some great pictures.


From the seller:
This is the one you’ve been waiting for, a bike with a very unique history. I have been the sole owner for the last 29 years so there are no unknowns here. Here it is:

The cylinders have bee bored, honed and fitted with new pistons and rings. Brand new Carbon Tech carbon fiber reed valves installed. All fuel and coolant hoses,fuel filter and fuel cock assembly replaced. Lots of stainless steel hardware. Front forks rebuilt by Racetech, rear shock new by Penske with a one of a kind aerospace manufactured expansion chamber bracket. New MetalGear brake discs with sintered brake pads and Probrake lines, front and rear. New front brake master cylinder. Brand new drive chain. All body parts in perfect condition without cracks or tabs missing. OEM Headlight membrane and all rubber grommets replaced. . Body and faring are custom painted to match original design with ultra smooth clear coat applied as well. Many of them new. Brand new OEM Seat, Blinkers, Mirrors, Tail light, and Wind Screen. New OEM left and right handlebar switch clusters, grips and levers. New super lightweight Shorai lithium battery. New factory tool kit. Both wheels were professionally widened over stock with all new bearings and seals. Front to 3.5″ wide and rear to 4.5″ to accept newer generation tires for outstanding cornering. Tires are brand new Bridgestone Battlax with basically zero miles on them. Front is a 130/70ZR 16 and the rear is a 160/60ZR 18. No cost or craftsmanship was spared in process. Best of all this bike runs and handles fantastic with all the right improvements to make it superior to the original. Last but not least, this bike has a current California title that can be yours. This is not easy to get.

Also in the deal all OEM one set of gold colored wheels ,brake discs and one rear fender uncut. This bike is really ready for another twenty plus years!


How about a video of the bike in question? All you need to do is ask, my friends!

This auction has only a short amount of time left. The bike is based in California, and the current bid is only up to $9,400 with reserve still in place. We have seen good examples of this model in the $12-15k range, so this one might need a few more bumps before that reserve comes off. Check it all out here. Good luck!


Californication: One owner 1984 Yamaha RZ500 with CA title!
Bimota September 27, 2013 posted by

Loud Bikes! Bimota DB1 and Ducati TT1 Replica Track Bikes

Our friends at are unloading these two track ready beauties. Check them out!


1986 Bimota DB1 for sale

Details: 1986 Bimota DB1 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

92 honest-to-goodness rear wheel horsepower in a perfectly set-up package that weighs less than 300 pounds. Arguably the fastest DB1 in North America and likely the only one set-up for serious track day work.

The machine started out as a pretty tired and far removed from stock DB1 that was brought over from Europe by the previous owner and as such, it made an excellent candidate for a full-on hot-rod. The bike was completely stripped-down and I started on the process of renewing all the rolling chassis components and rebuilding the motor over a period of 22 months. The end result is an absolute riot on the race track – really sharp handling as would be expected with a platform as short as the DB1, but with excellent stability. With 93hp and 63ftlbs of torque, the little bike goes like a scalded cat. Given that the Montjuich cams are being used, I would have expected a more peaky delivery, but the Meyers Performance 790 kit beefed-up the bottom end significantly. As you can see by the dyno chart in the pics, peak torque is at 6,500rpm and there’s usable stuff as low as 5,500.

1986 Ducati TT1 Replica for sale

Details: 1986 Ducati TT1 Replica for sale on eBay

from the seller:

With 88 rear wheel horsepower in a sub-300lb package, this example is arguably the quickest and best handling old-school 750cc TT1 in North America.

I built this TT1 using period components as a relatively faithful replica of the TT1s that ran in the AMA BOTT GP class back in the day. The only deviation being the modern (90s) calipers and pumps, ignition coils and the non standard crankcase breather box in the seat. However, it differs from most TT1 replicas in that it was built to be a fast and reliable track bike. Over the years I’ve found that the only TT1 frame that seems to work well with modern 17” wheels & slicks is the final series Verlicchi large diameter, thin wall. Back in the day, Reno Leoni had DM Frames make a copy of the Verlicchi and DM has since modified the jig to allow for the use of a big block motor. The DM version was checked digitally last year against the Verlicchi and they are geometrically identical, however the DM is 12mm longer between the upper cross brace and the steering head. I countered this somewhat with the offset on my triple clamps, but the small difference in trail gives the DM a bit more stability with a very small decrease in agility.

Loud Bikes!  Bimota DB1 and Ducati TT1 Replica Track Bikes
Sport Bikes For Sale September 27, 2013 posted by

Parts Bin: Suzuki BSB GSXR K7-8 Goodies

We haven’t had an installment of the Parts Bin in quite some time.  I guess everyone has been hording the factory take offs.  This seller in the U.K. has some interesting bits from Crescent Suzuki that he claims are from Tom Sykes BSB GSX-R.

Here is the list of goodies:

Ex crescent Race Frame with Carbon frame covers, SES alloy Subframe(fits standard race seatunit)= £650 Pickup (Possibly post but will be expensive I would think?)

Factory Yoshimura Kit system with Twin Carbon Cans and twin hangers = £670 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK.(80% Mint)

Fabtech Kit Polished swingarm Inc Billet linkages,spindle and adjusters, caliper hanger = £1050 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK(3 Small dents on RH, Which are hidden behind The silencer)

Tom Sykes full bsb rizla carbon/Kevlar bodykit and seat unit, Mudguard = £650 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK.

Rare Factory Suzuki Kit swingarm(Ex cresent,tom sykes)in black, inc Stunning gold caliper hanger,adjusters the spindle and a Beautiful Billet Linkage and mount setup. = £800 Delivered.

frameToo bad the picture was taken from the top.  Me need’s close up’s of factory/kit parts.

arm rearAre they the real deal?

linkage rearThe linkage has that “factory” look.

arm 2Not from Hamamatsu? This is the Fabtech arm the seller has.  I’m not sure if they fabricate the entire unit or build on what Suzuki started. Looks like he is asking more for this than the factory/kit unit he has.

bodytailUse it or hang it in the garage.

Click here for the listing on Ebay UK.


Parts Bin:  Suzuki BSB GSXR K7-8 Goodies
Honda September 26, 2013 posted by

RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)

Here we have two Rc30s. The most special one is a true rarity, as it is a new bike! I love the ad saying “New… is new ! no pictures needed…”

Honda RC30 new in Switzerland

This rare example is obviously looking for a collector. What’s the asking price ? It is 40.000 CHF = just short of 44.000 $

As we don’t come across a new VFR750R very often, I reckon the asking price is aligned to the current market. If you are a collector this might the right one for you !

Form the same seller, comes a very usable and equally sexy low mileage RC30 kitted with a full Termignoni system (a rarity on its own) and a rear 17″ wheel:

Honda RC30 with 16900 km in Switzerland


Both the original larger diameter wheel and the Honda exhaust system are included in the price. With just 16900 km, the asking price is set at 23.000 CHF = about 25000 $. I have been watching this second model for a few weeks since the middle of the summer. The price seems to go a bit up and down. I believe I have seen this varying between 19.000 CHF and 21.000 CHF but now for some reason, it went up to 23.000 CHF. I guess I should have bought it earlier…The thing is that here in Switzerland, there are about 6-7 RC30s on sale and the prices seem to have increased somewhat as the biking season comes to an end. This clearly goes against the natural trend of lower prices in winter. I always recommend to look for a bike in winter, as the offer is usually high and prices are more negotiable. I guess this doesn’t really apply to RC30s and their potential customers. Winter is on our doorstep here, in the morning I ride through thick fog, cleaning my visor from the condensation with the dirty gloves every 300m…

On the other hand I am sure that soon a bunch of exciting rare sport bikes will come to the surface at interesting prices, I guess this simply doesn’t apply to models so much sought after like the Honda RC30 and RC45…



RC30 Madness: Choose One (Switzerland)
Yamaha September 25, 2013 posted by

Sacrificed For A Sink: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

rz right

We’ve all been there, the motorcycle is the first thing she thinks needs to be sold when there is a project that needs funding.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal in reality and bite the bullet like this seller.

rz left

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

The depressing story:

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

you are bidding on a 1985 yamaha rz500. it is somewhat rare in the U.S. it is a 500cc v4 two stroke. if you are looking at this ad, you already know this. i am selling my pride and joy because the wife wants a new kitchen and doesn’t want to take out a loan. if you are married you understand. i bought this bike in 1986 from a midwestern dealer who had brought it into the country and had it on display it the dealership window. it had 300 km on it when i bought it and it now has aprox 8800 km. it spends the winter(oct-may) in my den. i have done a few upgrades over the years. i grafted on a complete R1 brake system with adapter by nigil kimber. i installed jim lomas titanium/carbon exhaust with an ivans jet kit, a race tail with custom subframe and of course a custom paint job(i always like the JPS paint scheme). it has new bt14 tires in the correct 16/18 tire sizes. all removed parts are included plus some spares i accumilated over the years( see pictures). please do not ask to buy individual parts. it has a clean florida title. the only configuration change is the bike now has an LSL superbike bar kit(i’m old). if the winning bidder wants it returned to clipons, i will do this , no problem. i really don’t want to sell this as i know i will never be able to replace it but swmbo is REALLY in charge. as this is a 28 year old motorcycle, there is no warrenty implied or otherwise. shipping is on the winning bidder. vehicle will not be released untill funds clear my bank. you will not be disappointed. happy bidding

rz close

A closer look at the custom paint.  She’s got a 17 digit VIN with 52X in it.  I believe that would make it an Australian model originally.

rs right rear

With only a few days remaining on the auction, the price is hovering around $7,500.  It’s going to have go higher than that to make the Mrs. happy roaming the isles of Home Depot.

Check out the auction here.


Sacrificed For A Sink:  1985 Yamaha RZ500
Suzuki September 23, 2013 posted by

Wounded Wolf: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition

rg left

This Walter Wolf RG500 (or is it?) is rare on several levels. Usually these things are babied and protected more than the Hope Diamond but not this one. In fact, it isn’t even a runner. So you can look at it in two ways; you are either turned off instantly by this abused RG or you  are excited as heck to finally find a fixer upper Walter Wolf.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

rg clusterrg key

I know you sure as heck can’t find those keys anymore.

Lets see what the seller has to say and then we’ll do some detective work:

Read this auction carefully! 1985 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Edition. The engine does not turn over. The left rear cylinder looks to have had some water in it. The upper and lower fairings have cracks. Overall the bike is not in that bad of condition. Bike has 9646 KM = 5787 Miles. With a little work, this could be a very nice bike. We don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns. Buyer to arrange the shipping. Local pick up is ok.

rg left

At first glance I was going to guess this was probably a standard RG500 painted up.  With the Walter Wolf gauges and key I’ll guess it is the real deal.  But is it a 500?  It has a 11 digit VIN so I’ll say Japanese market bike.  Looking at the Gamma Owners Bible (that isn’t a joke, there really is a book called that) the bodywork, that is actually Walter Wolf,  seems to match up with an 86 RG400 Walter Wolf.   It should have a red seat and wheels to be authentic though.   So chime in RG experts, am I in the ballpark?

rg bodywork

The Japanese domestic RG500’s would have “500” where you see “Walter Wolf Racing” at the bottom of the lower.

rg mirror

Some of the fairing damage the seller described.

If it is really a 400 and in this condition I would imagine the value drops wayyyyyy off.  Parts are rare and expensive as it is and then on top of everything you have the neutered 400.

Click here for the auction.


Wounded Wolf:  1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition

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