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Yamaha July 31, 2013 posted by

Who’s on your fender? 1984 Yamaha RZ350 with signatures


Up for grabs is one really awesome front fender signed by a number of famous racers and suitable for framing on any wall of your house, garage, man cave or hangar. That really cool fender is attached to a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 that unfortunately cannot live up to the promise of the signage up front. All in all it is a neat package, but if you have your hopes set on a museum RZ, best to look elsewhere. The real question is whether or not a sharpie on paint brings any more cash at auction.

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay


We have seen very pristine examples of these classic RZs. This bike looks to be an honest 12k+ mile example, complete with weathered decals, some oxidation, a faded dash and the normal knocks and dings that seem to happen to bikes of this age. The seller notes a top-end rebuild and some interesting changes, but basic components remain intact (including the rare and heavy catalytic converters).


From the seller:
What’s up for bid is what I think is a very unique 1984 Yamaha RZ350 two-stroke street bike, Kenny Roberts Special. They only made these for two model years in the USA, 1984 and 1985.

But what sets this bike apart from the others is I took the from fender with me to the Laguna Seca MotoGP races in 2005, which was Yamaha’s 50th anniversary. Yamaha had on hand many of their most famous factory racers. I waited in line for 2 hours each day to get the following racers to sign this RZ350 front fender.

In no particular order:
1. Giacomo Agostini
2. Eddie Lawson
3. Wayne Rainey
4. Randy Mamola
5. Kel Carruthers
6. Steve Baker
7. Jamie James
8. Rich Oliver
9. Thomas Stevens
10. Doug Henry

The bike itself it very stock with only some upgrades to make it more reliable and to replace failed parts (Yamaha dealer installed):
1. Upgraded main fuse box to use automotive spade type fuses which has increased electrical reliability to perfection
2. New stator from RM Stator of Quebec, Canada
3. Rebuilt (3) calipers and added stainless steel lines coated with black plastic to look stock
4. New power valve and motor
5. New top end when I bought it with only 2k miles on the rebuild
6. Oil injection works perfectly and ONLY use Amsoil synthetic oils
7. Radiator and coolant recently flushed
8. Perfect Corbin seat (comfy)

Rides, handles and stops very well. Only 351 pounds with 50 HP. Gathers a crowd wherever it’s parked. Good conversation piece and very reliable.
Don’t miss out on this beauty…I think it won’t last long.


This auction confuses me a bit. This is not a museum quality bike, despite the fact that is has the rare, original pipes – there are too many non-standard changes and damage for that. This is also not a hot-rodded bike – we have seen nicely tricked out RZs that go for a good price due to sano paintwork, pipes and upgraded gear. The signed front fender is a neat bit, but it would still be neat off the bike. In the end, this is just an average RZ – a very desired and rare bike to be sure – but not a particularly special example of the genre.


This auction is on right now and bidders are slowly waking up. In the time it took to write this article, the bike went from zero bids at the $100 opening ask to over $2,000. The BIN is set at $5,975 – which is a bit high for an RZ in this condition, but not morbidly so. If you get lucky on this auction, perhaps you can snag an extra fender from your local salvage yard and hang the signed beauty on your wall as a conversation piece. Click here to check out the signed RZ350. Good luck!


Who’s on your fender?  1984 Yamaha RZ350 with signatures
Sport Bikes For Sale July 31, 2013 posted by

Diamond In The Rough: 1996 Yamaha TZR125RR Belgarda

bel rightWarm up your wrenchs and wallets, it is project time.  Several RSBFS faithful have suggested we post more,  less than pristine machines and this one fits the bill.  Seeing a TZR 125 Belgarda in the U.S. is a first for me.  The icing on the cake is that this one is a RR Belgarda with the TZ250 like swing arm.  Maybe someone can confirm but I did read that it actually shares a frame with one of the TZR250 models.

1996 Yamaha TZR125RR Belgarda for sale on eBay

bel left

So what is all this Belgarda business?  It is another example of keeping those pesky Italian teens happy back in the 90’s.  The bike was assembled by the Italian Yamaha importer with an extra sprinkle of Italian parts: wheels, brakes and  forks.  Apparenetly the crank case was also Italian made by Moto Minarelli

The story:

Up for auction is a TZR125RR 4DL Belgarda With much regret, I am putting my TZR up for sale. I originally purchased this bike from a friend with the intention of building a YZR Rainey replica. Needless to say, I have not made much progress on the project and need to sell it. Bike starts, runs and rides fine. I have kept it in running condition and have rode it up and down the street a few times. The original body work was damaged and I have received a new upper fairing, and both side fairing. They fit the bike, I have only just mocked them up so they are not properly installed. The headlight needs to have some work done on the mounting as well as one of the mounts is missing. Tail section, seat and tank are all original. I have recently replace the battery, and both tires. What is pictured is what is included, windscreen and 2nd mirror are missing. This is the special Italian version of the TZR he 4DL version was assembled by Belgarda in Italy from imported Japanese parts and made use of Italian components. Brembo brake system and rims, Marzocchi upside down forks and the crankcase manufactured by Moto Minarelli. The 4DLs can be identified by the code 3MB00 embossed on the cylinder block and 4DL at the start of the serial numbers on the crankcase and frames. The 4DL came in two versions. Series 1 featured a storage flap which would open out horizontally and a sidelight above the headlight. The Series 2, the storage compartment is access by removal of the pillion seat and the sidelight is absent. This is a project / track bike, there is no title. It was brought into the country from a military purchase and I have the original military certificate of title but not a actual state issued title.

bel arm

From this shot you might think it was a TZR250.

bel disc

Some of those Italian parts.

bel rear

I have to be honest, I’d be all over this bike.  It’s rough but not a basket case and being a 125,  engine rebuild costs won’t be out of this world.  Once done you’d have a bike with a pretty nice ring a ding wow factor.

Here is the auction.


Diamond In The Rough:  1996 Yamaha TZR125RR Belgarda
Moto Guzzi July 30, 2013 posted by

Coppa With Extras: 2004 Moto Guzzi Coppa Italia

coppa right

Talk about Deja vu. I had an email two days ago asking if a Coppa Italia we posted back in 2011 was still for sale. Of course I replied that I doubted it was and sure enough, here one is for sale and it could very well be the same bike as the mileage is similar and both are in California.

2004 Moto Guzzi Coppa Italia for sale on eBay

coppa right rear

The information:

Reportedly, only 29 2004 Coppa Italias were imported into the U.S.

Only a few came with the Titanium exhaust and track ECU. Apparently, they were a $2000 option.

This Coppa Italia is in excellent condition. I can’t find a scratch or ding in the paint or carbon fiber. The paint and bodywork are in like-new condition. It runs as good as it looks.

The Titanium mufflers have small indentations where the rear footpegs can make contact. The left muffler has a very small rock ding. These are shown in the photos.

The full 6000 mile service was done. An oil pan sloppage plate was installed at that time.

A new Odyssey AGM battery was installed in July, 2011.

Michelin Pilot Powers are in excellent condition.

Photos show Napolean bar-end mirrors. I will also include the original mirrors.

I can’t imagine any collector or enthusiast being disappointed with this example of a rare Coppa Italia!!

I have a clear title in my name. California registration is paid through 6/10/2014.

coppa muffler
coppa muffler 2
I’m still a sucker of a good looking traditional muffler. Who needs some short stubby thing with 20 angles on it?

coppa front

Its going home with someone as the reserve has been met. Place a bid here.


Coppa With Extras:  2004 Moto Guzzi Coppa Italia
Honda July 30, 2013 posted by

Seeing double? 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

Forget seeing double. I do think I am seeing triple. I AM seeing triple, and I have not even started drinking yet. If a Honda CX650T factory turbo is not rare enough, how about having a collection of THREE of them?! Wow. I love my CX650T, but one of these bad boys is enough for me! The good news here is that the owner of this Turbo trifecta is going to let one of the bikes go to a new home. If you are interested in these historical oddities, its time to perk up.

1983 Honda CX650 Turbo for sale on eBay


A one year only bike, the Honda CX650T is the only factory turbo to enjoy the benefits of a previous generation model. Widely accepted as a major step forward from the revolutionary CX500T, the 1983 650 model was a better bike all the way around. With plenty of power, plastic and weight (these are porky machines, to put it politely), the CX650T is a good looking bike that always draws a crowd.


From the seller:
A very rare and nice example of Honda’s best Turbo motorcycle from my collection with only 23,000 miles. Always garaged and never abused, and kept factory stock.


Factory Turbos are niche bikes at best. A curiosity for many, these are legitimately rare machines – and prices are starting to (slowly) reflect the exclusivity. This bike has more miles than most Turbos we see, but by no means is this a deal killer. These models have a tendency to eat stators at the 15-20k mark, turning the electricals into a total loss system, so if you are on the hunt be sure and check out the charging system. Replacement involves pulling the motor, so factor that fix into your planning.


Interest is high in this particular bike. The current bid is up to $6,325, and there are still a few days left to go. The price is in the ballpark for a well-kept example, and this appears to be a “ready to ride” auction for a collectable that you will enjoy riding. I think I want this bike just so I can look at the man cave that all these toys are stored in! Click here to jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Seeing double?  1983 Honda CX650 Turbo
Honda July 30, 2013 posted by

Destination Holland: 1985 Honda NS400R


Forget about tulips, wooden shoes, cheese, or anything else you think you know about Holland. Ignore the tourist trades and go straight for the good stuff: this nearly new 1985 Honda NS400R.

1985 Honda NS400R for sale on eBay


Built as a commemoration to Freddie Spencer and his GP title(s), the NS400R is a V3 two stroke that was intended to replicate a street going GP bike as closely as possible. While not as powerful as the RZ500 and RG500 competition from Yamaha and Suzuki, the NS400R was very small and agile, more closely resembling a 250cc bike. A blast to ride and as rare as they come, most of these have seen some reasonable miles and a fair share of abuse. This particular bike is a major exception. Check out the details from the seller below.


From the seller:
For sale this new Dutch Honda NS400R V3 2 stroke Freddie Spencer GP replica in a original condition as it 27 years ago left from the factory, the bike is new bought by a collector and has only 4700 km (2937 miles) gone, everything is original and new to this motorcycle , there is not even a scratch on it. The engine runs excellent.

If you had no money in 1985, driving license, you were too young or not even born yet, then this is your chance to buy a new Honda NS400R.


You might want to be sitting down for this next bit. Smokers and strokers from the 1980s are rapidly ascending into expensive classics. This one is no different. Given the apparent original condition from the photographs and the low miles on the bike, this is an example at the upper end of the quality scale. The price also reflects that: your starting bid opens at $11,000 (with no takers as of the time of this writing). If you are on the European continent you have some transport options not available to US buyers (i.e. pick it up yourself and ride it home). Still, this is a great looking bike that is worth a look for you Honda fans. Check it out here!


Destination Holland:  1985 Honda NS400R
Sport Bikes For Sale July 29, 2013 posted by

Modded And Updated: 1986 GSX-R 750 Limited

le right front I must admit, it was hard to come back to the RSBFS offices (even though they are as plush as they come) after two weeks of vacation in Montana.  Do we have any readers in Montana?  Well, ennough about my glamourous lifestyle; lets get to bikes.  This LE poppped up on Ebay several months ago and then disappeared just as fast.  Well it’s back for another go and it is an interesting one.  Lets call it a LE Evo.

1986 GSX-R 750 Limited for sale on eBay

le side

If Suzuki had a brain in their head they would produce this exact bike (yes, Suzuki I’m available for consultant work).  I have no doubt in my mind they would sell evey single one of them.  Take the classic, light weight GSX-R 750 of 1986, keep the dry clutch (mandatory) and put some updated suspension, wheels and brakes on the thing.  Finish it off in either this color scheme or that pretty yellow and blue HB Suzuki scheme.  Now sit back and enjoy the profits.  In my opinion, people rarely get it right when they start modifying bikes but I’m liking what the seller has done.

le front

The details:

For sale is a very rare 1986 GSXR 750R limtied edition. This is a Canadian model which I purchased about 5 years ago. It has a clear title in my name. Although the bike is almost 30 years old it still looks and runs great. I drive it regularly, time permitting. Unlike some collectors, I actually enjoy riding my bikes, as opposed to using them as garage art. Full Spectrum racing in Orlando Florida helped with refreshing the top end and tuning the motor. Randy Voth is amazing with these old GSXR’s and the only one I have ever let work on the bike. Each cylinder now has 180+ lbs of compression. The bike is currently running a set of new 1100 carbs and dyno’d at 107hp at the rear wheel, on a very conservative dyno. The yosh pipe sounds amazing. In addtion, the bike has a NOS gsxr gas tank which I purchased (no longer available from Suzuki), new coils, Wilber adjustable rear shock, 1995 GSXR 5.5 by 17 rear wheel powdercoated blue, fabrication work by Wyn Belorusky to include swingarm bracing, custom rearsets, rear brake hanger, 2004 GSXR750 complete front end with forks, clipons, brake calipers, master cylinder, rotors, braided lines, and 3.5 by 17 front wheel powdercoated blue. The bike has a carbon fiber front fender to complete the conversion. New clear Zero Gravity windscreen, billet aluminum left and right engine side covers and sprocket cover, period correct yoshimura pipe ceramic coated, new chain and sprockets, Yosh carb heat shield, and ohlins steering dampner. The bodywork is in very good condition for the age. All bodywork is original Suzuki. The lower is a NOS item I purchased (big $). The bike has been to deals gap and made the homepage cover of killboy. It always draws a croud.

Overall its a very nice bike which I have built to ride and enjoy. I have and will include in the auction the aluminum chain guard, rearsets with OEM heel guards, OEM front end, OEM side covers, and factory original limted 18″ wheels which came with the bike when I bought it. I’ll also throw in a pit bull rear stand! The bike has a brand new battery, and fresh Castrol synthetic oil/filter less than one month ago. Please feel free to ask questions. Buyer to arrange and pay for shipping if required. I will do what I can on my end as needed.

le arm

As described, the barced swing arm.  Damn nice job, looks OEM.

le dampnerle exhaustle close

Someone obviously loved their Limited.

le forks

If only you had those back in 86!

le left front

As a rider it seems to have the best of both world: exclusivity and modern updates.  Ah, but what would you pay?  Would you price it close to the stock examples we’ve seen lately in the $10,000 to $12,000 range? 

Click here for the auction.


Modded And Updated: 1986 GSX-R 750 Limited
Aprilia July 29, 2013 posted by

Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)

Many of us love the two strokes. There are still plenty of them on the market, despite the main OEMs having ditched their development due to emission regulations, etc. Rumors are that Yamaha wants to bring them back. Please, please, please…do so. In the meantime, “the aficionados” need to search the internet to grab the likes of a Yamaha RD 350, or a mighty Kawasaki H1. If you want your smoker, not only to be fast in a straight line, then you better opt for the smaller 250s. Here the choice is among Suzuki’s RGV, Kawasaki KR1 and what probably is the best of the lot, the Aprilia RS 250.


This features the best frame and dynamics of the group and a few World GP titles behind its shoulders. The sample found in France seems to be well maintained as the seller describes:

Hello. I am selling my Aprilia RS 250 which was first registered on 24/09/1999. It is in perfect condition. She just had (less than 100 kms driven since) a review in a specialist 2 strokes in Pontoise, carburetor adjustment, replacement liquid cooling, spark plugs ….. It displays 11,710 kms. Note that I do not want to exchange. I am at your disposal if you want more information. Cordially.


This 1999 low mileage model available on eBay in France, has received very little attention so far. Remember, most of Europe is on holiday these days! With just a few days left you might be ahead of a “deux temps” summer bargain.



Aprilia RS 250 in France


Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)
Honda July 29, 2013 posted by

1999 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 in Florida

1999 Honda NSR250 SE For Sale

Good morning, care for smoke? Today we have what is being sold as one of the last NSR250s made with 1999 being the last year of production. And with a Florida title! This one has been ridden albeit it just 9k miles. It comes with both the standard and HRC ignition cards. It does have a few issues that the seller has described and photographed well, but still looks very sharp to these eyes. He states that he bought it 8 years ago for over $10k so that could be a clue as to where the reserve is set. Currently no bids with an opening of $4k.


1999 Honda NSR250 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

The MC28 2-stroke motorcycle was the apex and final edition of the storied 250cc twin cylinder line – production ended in May 1999. THIS WAS ONE OF THE LAST NSR250s EVER MADE. The SE model with the dry clutch and it’s fully adjustable cartridge type front suspension, rear adjustable damper, Pro-Arm single-sided rear swingarm, and the only Honda to utilize the PGMIV ignition “Smart Card” – the ultimate tool in engine management. This ignition/key for starting this bike is done by electronic “card”. This bike comes with the standard SE Card -PLUS- a limited edition HRC Card, each card has its own ignition characteristics – affecting performance/acceleration. Color; Ross white and violet with yellow accents.

VALID FLORIDA TITLE ! Approximately 9,000 miles (speedo is in kilometers) mileage is approximate because I keep riding it.

This motorcycle is driven weekly and performs wonderfully. Great acceleration, smooth shifting, fantastic breaks, and at its best in tight corners. This bike runs flawlessly. It is a true blast to ride and the bike is in great condition.

I paid $10,000+ for this bike in 2005. Note, this is NOT QUITE a museum bike (SEE PICTURES) but a very well maintained, unique motorcycle, with valid title, and not available in the U.S. market. Full disclosure about this bike;

1) It has a custom, single side, two silencer, chrome exhaust system. One of the pipes developed a crack and I had it welded 3 years/2,000+ miles ago. No leaks in that time and no additional cracking. Because it is a custom exhaust I had to widen the belly pan by 1 inch. There are 2 metal brackets that hold the belly pan on the bottom – cannot be seen unless you get under the bike.

2) There are no rear turn signals because the custom exhaust would contact one side signal. The front turn signals DO work. OEM exhaust system and turn signals are available and cost approximately $2,000 from multiple sources in Japan or England.

3) The wire that leads from the auto-oiler to the ignition system, that tells you when the oil is low, is broken (but can be repaired I’m told). Thus the “oil warning” light is always on. However, this does NOT affect the speedo operation or the drivability. A full auto-oiler reservoir = 2 tanks of gas. All you need is to remember to put two-stroke oil in every other tank of gas.

4) The radiator overflow tank has developed a crack and does not hold fluid. No fluid has ever overflowed from the radiator into this tank in 8 years while riding in FL. Has never impacted the operation of the bike. You can get another from Japan or England.

5) The bike has a few, very small nicks in the paint/stickers but looks great (see pictures).


1999 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 in Florida

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