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Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2013 posted by

Restored and Awesome ’88 GSX-R 750 Slingshot!

Location: San Jose, CA   Mileage: 29,360   Price: Auction

88 GSXR750

88 GSXR750

Oh man, here’s a real beauty up for sale in California. Being a huge GSX-R fan, this bike hits all the right marks. The “Slingshot” was an attempt by Suzuki to get some more power out of the engine by getting it a few more revs. Didn’t really do the trick but was still a killer bike then, just as it is today.

From the seller-

Here’s a chance to get one of the cleanest 88 GSXR’s you will ever find. This bike took three years to complete. Finding the NOS oem body panels took two years of world wide searching as most of the panels aren’t available anymore. All panels excluding the tank and upper are brand new old stock parts. Has factory original windscreen, turn signals and mirrors. The bike started out as a very nice 28K mile original bike. The bike was taken apart, cleaned, detail painted and reassembled with all factory correct hardware and to factory specs. All mechanicals such as brakes, suspension, carbs, etc were gone through. Mods are minimal and kept period correct such as a Fox Shock (rebuilt and has new spring). Yoshimura exhaust system ( media blasted and high heat painted). Factory 36mm carbs are Stage III jetted with new K&N Filters. Bike runs great. Brand new RK 530 chain with new front rear sprockets. Seat and bump pad are mint, look brand new. Brand new rear tire hugger and rear uncut fender. Michelin Pilot Power tires are in great shape. Only ridden 500 miles since restoration complete. Only a few small flaws in entire bike. See pics: One small chip in upper under mirror ( very hard to notice) and scratch in frame by rear set and one tiny chip in paint in front side of tank which can be touched up. That’s about it. This bike shows excellent, ride and enjoy or stash it away as an investment. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m selling this bike for a friend but I helped build it so I know every detail. Will assist buyer with shipping but buyer pays all costs. Pickup preferred.


This GSX-R is described as completely restored to factory specs with NOS bodywork in a three year effort. It certainly looks great. The mileage is considerable but the seller says everything has been gone through and the bike runs well. Photos highlight a few small cosmetic issues. Otherwise, this thing looks like a nice, clean example of one hell of a sportbike.

If you’re looking for a great early GSX-R, or just a great early sportbike, this could be an outstanding opportunity for you. To place your bid, go to the auction!


Ducati May 30, 2013 posted by

RC30 Contender: Ducati 888 SP4 (Italy)

Motorbike magazines of 20 years ago, often compared the Honda RC 30 and the Ducati 888 SP models. At the end, these bikes were the top of sport bikes. They represented the most exotic commercial bikes available and were also the most expensive. Both of them were real race replicas. When put at the test, the Honda didn’t deliver as much power as one would have thought and that’s why you could get plenty of HRC upgrades. Ducati on the other hand, packed really a lot into their Sport Production series. This SP4 is a great example.

888 SP4_1

The bike has 25.000 km and the seller mentions that it was only ridden on the road. It features a couple of extras like the Arrow mufflers and aftermarket mirrors, but I assume all original parts are available and included in the price. In addition the seller also offers a spare SP4 spec engine, with just 8000 km. Let’s get to some figures now:

The Ducati 888 SP4 is on sale for 17.500 EUR

888 SP4_2

This is inline with the cheapest RC30 you might find, but I guess, these won’t be in as beautiful conditions as the seller mentions.

The spare engine is on sale for 6000 EUR

888 SP4_7

That is not cheap…

If you wish to have both, then you’ll get away with 22.000 EUR.

888 SP4_4

I have an 888 myself, even though this is only a Strada.  I can only mention that these bikes still ride very nicely, they are more comfortable then the 916 series and way more exclusive. They are also very reliable. Mine hasn’t a high mileage and I have never had problems with it. More interestingly, from one of my trips in Japan, I collected a magazine dedicated to Ducati (you got the love how Japanese people can be so passionate about Italian bikes). On this magazine, there was an article about this guy who went twice through the speedometer mileage counter, and still loves his 888. Here’s a scan of that:




Well, I guess you need to be able to read Japanese…

I was told that that’s what it says up there, if instead I was fooled and anybody has a different understanding, then please comment… 🙂

Well, obviously both the Honda RC 30 and the Ducati 888 SP are amazing bikes, they have their own objective advantages and disadvantages in addition to whatever might be your personal taste. Best is to have one of each. One thing is for sure, 888s valuations have not yet reached the status of RCs and given the current Ducati misfortunes in both MotoGP and WSBK, the glorious 888 might spring back in the next years…

888 SP4_3


Ducati 888 SP 4 in Italy


Sport Bikes For Sale May 30, 2013 posted by

Last of the Line: 1998 Suzuki GSX-R1100

East Coast, US – 6,490mi – $4,995 BIN


There is no doubt that the GSXR-1100 is not a bike for the timid riders. With gobs of power and a lot of weight to pull around, these bikes could instill fear in the hearts of many on the street. How does 156hp and nearly 500lbs sound? Sounds like it is clear why they aren’t touted as the best handling bike of their generation. But I also understand why it was the choice weapon for those with one goal in mind; Speed.


This ’98 model we have for sale here represents the last of the line for the GSX-R1100 model line. With it’s inception in ’86, the 1100 model line has seen a handful of iterations, all that bring something unique to the table. The bike up for sale here looks about as clean as you could hope for with all original fairings, signals, and pipes.

From the seller:

This two owner Adult owned GSXR is the cleanest 90’s machine we have seen in a long long time. The Bike is all original in its stock trim.

The Bike shows as it did new. The mileage is low with just over 6400 miles on the odometer. This bike has never seen any bad weather and its current owner bought it just for his collection and has not ridden it more than 100 miles total.


First I would want to figure out where this bike is located, as all the ad says is “East coast”. Second, I would also like a little more description from this seller. Sure it looks like a clean bike, but it’s always good to do your research. We have seen these late model 1100’s go kind of all over depending on condition and miles with higher mileage clean ones pushing about $3k. I have also seen similar mileage and condition ones asking for close to $8k. I would say the price of this one is right about in where it should be at $5k. You can see the auction here and pick this beauty up today!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2013 posted by

No Reserve Kids! 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP Lucky Strike

ls right

Interesting, very interesting.  Yes, it is the real deal. Yes, it has a title and Yes,  it is going home with someone (unless the auction is pulled).  Other than that, there isn’t any real info on the bike.  From the sound of the sellers info it kind of sounds like a flip type sale.

ls left

Too bad the pictures aren’t more clear.  It looks complete and in great shape.  The pictures show a missing passenger seat and a different gear oil cap.  It looks like it even has the OEM rubber brake lines still on it.  Warning sticker on the tank shows it is original paint.

ls rear

I’m not sure about the Florida plates but the seller claims it has a Montana title (it is located in MT as well).  Mileage is said to be at 5,000.  Stop reading and buy the darn thing.

Click it, fast.


Bimota May 29, 2013 posted by

The Most Classic Bimota: YB6 (Switzerland)

Produced in less than 1000 samples including EXUP models), the Yamaha FZR 1000 motored YB6 was among the most sold models from the Rimini based firm (the other most sold were the YB9 and the YB11 series). The YB6 built its image on the success on the race circuits in what was the ancestor of World Superbike. This was also a highly innovative motorcycle in terms of the technology it featured throughout. 22 years down the line, it is also still very beautiful to look at. Younger generations won’t know the brand of Bimota, but surely they will notice the amazing frame of this bike and if they look closely, they will also notice the highest of standards in build quality.

Bimota YB6_1

Each Bimota is in fact, a hand built motorbike featuring a lot of “special” parts. The asking price close to 10.000 $ isn’t the cheapest you can find for this model, but that is still well worth for a motorbike with so much intrinsic value on top of its historical significance. The seller will also give you the original maintenance book, period brochures and magazines. I am sure that the potential buyer of a Bimota will sure appreciate.

Bimota YB6_2

In its white and red colors, this is also among the most beautiful Bimotas. With just 25.000 km on the clock, this YB6 is in great conditions. The FZR engine is very reliable so nothing to worry there. The YB6 also features carbs as opposed to later models with fuel injection.

Bimota YB6_3

Bimota was among the first companies to experiment with fuel injection. That meant that some bikes had a few early days issues and it is not un-common for some Bimota owners to dump the fuel injection and revert to reliable mechanical fueling given by the traditional Mikunis.

Bimota YB6_4

This is # 428 out if 546 produced before the introduction of the EXUP model. These bikes can only become more and more desirable in the future. If interested, click on the link below.

Bimota YB6_5

1991 Bimota YB6 in Switzerland


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2013 posted by

Summer Project? 1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

New Lebanon, OH – 32,250mi – $4,052 No Reserve


It’s no wonder that the Yamaha RZ500 is one of the most searched for bikes in the RSBFS archives. These things are awesome and that V4 two stroke engine sings a song like no other. Eddie Lawson was able to find success on the Yamaha back in the mid 80’s, here is your chance to see what at the hype was about.


This bike presents an interesting opportunity for anyone looking to take on a project this summer. The bike will need some care and a few items to make it a solid runner, but for the most part, everything is there. One thing that is there is a clean title. You should know that that is one of the hardest things to come by. Other than that, you will need some fairings, air boxes, and mirrors among some garage time to get this in good shape.

From the seller:

I am selling my 1985 Yamaha RZ500 (or RD500LC as it is known outside of the U.S.). It has a clear Ohio title, in my name. It does not have any liens against it. I have had it nine years. I have not rode it, nor started it. It is in good condition, with the usual wear and minor scratches expected from a 28 year old motorcycle. I do not have the mirrors or the right side mid-panel of bodywork. It has 52,013 km, or approximately 32,250 miles on it. It is missing each airbox for the carburetors. There is a small dent in the gas tank, as noted in the pictures. The pictures are part of the description. I reserve the right to end this auction early in the event of a local sale. There is corrosion around the front master cylinder. It appears to be stock and unmodified. The bodywork does not have the proper fasteners.

The bike does have some pretty high miles, so if you are going to take on this project you might want to do some more research on the price of parts. We do see a fair amount of parts for these bikes pop up on eBay, so that could be a good start. The other hiccup is that you will have to travel to Ohio to pick it up. We tend to see good clean RZ’s go for around $12k-$15k. I would put this bike in its condition in about the $6k range. If you’re up for the challenge, check out the auction here and place your bid!


Suzuki May 29, 2013 posted by

Don’t Waste Your Money ! Buy This Suzuki 1988 GSX-R 750 (Switzerland)

If anybody out there reading RSBFS is anywhere near Switzerland, then this is a highly recommended purchase. If you will buy this one, please drop me a note and pass by to let me have a short spin with it, as a thank you note. Are you about to invest some of your cash in a new exhaust or any other accessory for your machine ? Well, don’t do that. Instead buy this Gixxer.

1989 GSXR 750_1

With 29000 km on the clock, this ’88 (GR77B) Swiss model is worth every single penny of the asking price. At  just 2200 CHF, the equivalent of about 1800 € or  2300 $ this could be your buy of the year.

1989 GSXR 750_3

The Suzuki is completely original and it comes with its period seat cover.

1989 GSXR 750_4

 You are right, that squared light is awful, but that’s what the Swiss law demanded at the time. It won’t be hard to source the round double headlights on the net. With this little mod, you will have in your garage a true jewel. Call it a modern classic, call it a lucky find, a survivor…I call this: SMART MONEY. I swear that when I saw this I hesitated a little. It is only because I don’t have space left in my garage that I will not buy this myself. From what we can judge from these pictures, the bike seems in top conditions. You don’t come across many GSX-R like this. These models are very reliable and beautiful to look at, especially in their Suzuki white and blue colours.

1989 GSXR 750_2

 Also known as flat nose, the ’89 and ’90 models, were the last to feature the less aerodynamic front fairing but also the last to be still fairly light. It also comes with a very recent (April 2013) MFK stamp. This, certificates that the bike is ok following a thorough test from the authorities. For bikes of this age, the MFK is required every 2 years. Having a recent one, is not only a guarantee that the bike is in good order but also that the 750cc was regularly driven, which us always good. If you are close enough, go ahead with this, you will not regret it, trust me! This GSX-R is a lot of a motorbike for a little money…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Switzerland 


Suzuki May 29, 2013 posted by

The Fastest Colours: White and Blue Suzuki RGV 250 (UK)

When it comes to Suzuki motorbikes, the classic white and blue color scheme is and will always be the fastest color for me. Also, this 1992 RGV is the classic Gamma that I wish I had in the garage. I prefer the single sided twin mufflers and the more squared lines of the the early RGVs. But taste is personal. With 11 previous owners, this bike has changed a few hands. Nevertheless it looks still good, at least judging from what we can see on these pictures. Reported mileage is just above 20.000 miles.


This Gamma has fairings with SP colours but it is actually a standard RGV as the lady latest owner mentions here:

For sale is my RGV which I am reluctantly letting go after four years of ownership. In that time it has done 1000 dry miles. In between time it has been stored in the garage only to come out for a few summer runs and the annual trip to the Suzuki dealer for it’s MOT.  As a lady owner it has been ridden cautiously and carefully and it has never let me down. It is in good condition for its age, the panels are original and every thing is standard with the exception of braided brake hoses and a new rear shock (see photos pics 8&9), the latter was fitted within the last 100 miles. The paint scheme is based on an SP model (which this bike is not!) and was in this livery when I bought it.  It starts very easily, there are no rattles from the engine, the bike pulls well, it is also light with very easy steering. I didn’t know much about this model or 2-strokes before I bought it but it always seems to attract a crowd! Cash on collection is the preferred method of payment, cheque would be required to clear before collection.


Suzuki RGV 250 Gamma are very light full-on sport bikes. When riding it, you shouldn’t be shy in using the full rpm range and once you are at speed, try to keep a smooth riding. Breaking will be very effective on such a light tool, and you will need to use as much as possible the 6 gear box to keep you going. But then, that’s where the fun is. It’s all about involvement and commitment. It won’t be a smooth ride like on a CBR 600, but it will be an exiting one.


Not for commuters, instead this bike is best suited to young riders who get their kicks from speed and what a better school than a RGV ? It will also make the experienced rider very happy, if he is looking for a track bike or if he is looking for this first V version of the RG 250 and wants to ride it from time to time on weekends for the pure pleasure of having one of the most popular and and best made 2 strokes ever.

The starting bid is just below 3000 pounds. Expect this to rise very modestly.

Suzuki RGV 250 Gamma For Sale on eBay in the United Kingdom


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