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Bimota November 30, 2012 posted by

2007 Bimota Delirio

Here’s another guest post from Marty. Enjoy! -dc

Bimota’s seem to pop up on RSBFS on a fairly regular basis, ranging from the SB6 to the occasional DB1 or DBY. But this Bimota is a model I personally had never heard about and so I decided to do a bit of digging.

Bimota states that in 2007 the Delirio was the most practical and lowest priced Bimota. (if you can call $30,000 a low price). At first glance it seems like a bit of a mismatch between price and product. The bike is powered by a 90 horsepower air-cooled Ducati V-Twin engine, has a trellis frame a la Monster and the classic Laverda 650 series, and conventional forks and shock. So on the surface the price tag of 15k USD looks pretty outrageous, especially when you can get a Ducati Monster for $10,500. But prices are right in line with KBB values, and you are getting a bike which the seller lists as one of only 250 in the US, having only 600 original miles.

2007 Bimota Delirio For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

2007 BIMOTA DB6 DELIRIO. RARE MODEL, ONE OF ONLY 250 IN U.S. Grey/red, 1000 cc ducati desmo v-twin. 600 Original miles. Rarely used, perfect condition. Good tires, New battery, all maintenance up to date and completed by Local Ducati dealer. Very distinct sound from aftermarket ZARD carbon fibre exhaust cans. Brakes by BREMBO. Front 30mm forks from Marzocci. Rear suspension by Extremetech engineering. This bike is for the conisseur of fine italian bikes. You will be the only one riding a BIMOTA at your local bike rally or show.

This bike draws crowds and attention and will keep the owner busy answering questions and making new friends. More distinct than a DUCATI MONSTER or STREETFIGHTER. This bike is handmade in Rimini, Italy by ONE CRAFTSMAN in a workshop-not a production line type factory. Bimota only produce 500-1000 bikes per year. The angular shape of all the components make these bikes some of the most beautiful pieces of art on the road.

Anyone who can shed more light on these, maybe post to the comment section?


BMW November 30, 2012 posted by

Out With The Old: 2011 PEGRAM RACING BMW S1000R X 2

Who needs a Superbike for next season?  Need a spare as well?  Pegram racing is getting rid of the old to make way for the new.  Both of their 2011 BMW S1000R’s, still with the Foremost “F” displayed, are on Ebay for the taking.  Asking price is $40,000 a copy or you can take you chance on the auction.  There is no doubt Superbikes here in the U.S. have lost some of their luster but take a look at the pictures and parts list and I think you’ll agree it is still quite drool worthy.  For the competitive racer I’d assume this would still be a solid package even for the upcoming season. 


Here is what you want to know:

Pegram Racing’s AMA Spec motor was most powerful on the grid after the NJ Motorsports Park round of any AMA Superbike on the same AMA dyno!

STM clutch

BMW AMA spec cams billet

Pegram Racing spec ported heads

Ohlins gas charged fork kit

Ohlins TTX shock

Flat linkage

Kyle swing arm pivots

OZ Magnesium wheels

Speigler brake lines

Brembo SB rotors

Kyle full titanium exhaust

HP rear sets and quick shifter

Quick change axle blocks

Febur oversize Radiator and oil cooler

HP kit ECU with Factory BMW TC mapping developed by Pegram Racing

Vortex case guards

Vortex sprockets

DID chain

Vortex clip-ons

Motion Pro throttle

Catalyst Composite bodywork painted as in photos and graphic-wrapped

Zero gravity windscreen

Attack adjustable triple clamps

Brembo billet 2 piston rear caliper

Brembo monoblock front calipers

Brembo billet 19×18 remote adjustable master cylinder with folding lever

Aim data acquisition with all channels needed to race, including suspension, lean angle , traction control use,and brake pressure

Billet gas cap


How fast could you screw up the settings  on this?  Give me an afternoon and a screwdriver!

How about this for a fix:

If you purchase the bike, included you be able to come to one of our winter tests and ride the bike and get dialed in by our mechanics on the bike.


Do they have names?  Looks like you can change the steering head angle with inserts.


Is there anything in this photo that isn’t adjustable? 



 Check out the auction here.



Nothing earth shattering here but a few tidbits about the bike.





Ducati November 29, 2012 posted by

Ultimate Ducati? 1991 Ducati 851/888 Corsa Raymond Roche Replica (AKA 851 Superbike Racing 91)

You know it is exotic when the engine size doesn’t match what the badge on the fairing says.  Ducati meant it when they called this the Raymond Roche Replica;  it was built for racing.  No SP with lights here.

Here is info on the Roche Replicas (from

Factory built at the end of 1990 as a close copy of Raymond Roche’s 1990 World ‘Superbike’ championship winning bike.

Ridden to Victory by Doug Polen in the 1991 and 1992 championships.

Produced in two batches of 25, 50 in total, all identical.

The front mudguard, fairing under the swingarm and the upswept exhausts were the result of post season wind tunnel testing on Roche’s 1990 bike.

No ignition key, starter motor, side stand, cooling fan, speedometer or road gear of any kind.   Frame and swingarm different to the road SP.
Weber-Morelli ECU housed in the nose cone, and not under the seat, as on the SP.
Higher compression ratio than the SP.
Each of the two 50 mm throttle bodies had a second injector added.
Ported head with higher-lift, longer-duration cams.
Intake and exhaust valves 2 mm larger than SP.

Carbon Air intakes, Airbox, Fuel tank, paper thin fairings, seat unit, front/rear mudguards and exhaust heat shield.
Black areas on the lower part of the fairings are unpainted Carbon Fibre and are not painted black like the SP.

Racing battery.

Magnesium Marvic wheels with Michelin radial slick tyres as standard.

Billet Brembo brakes, Competition radial levers

I saw on another discussion group, a  claim that 10 were imported to the United States with a $50,000 price tag.

Like a true race bike, the electronics are upfront and not nestled in the subframe.  Yes, they did come with a tail light but no bulb was intalled or wiring for that matter.

Having said that, check out the story on this bike:

This particular bike was imported and purchased brand new through Pro-Italia by a well known actor who actually used it as a road bike. I believe this bike was never raced. The original owner got a clear street title for the bike and that will be included with the sale of the bike. The bike was very well known in Southern California in the early 90s as being a Factory Superbike ridden on the road. The bike has a tail light wired with a banjo bolt with a brake light pressure switch. This can be easily removed to return the bike to original form. I have the original sales receipt as well as an extensive list of very detailed service receipts from Pro Italia and Ferracci as well as a long list of spare parts and hard to acquire Corsa bits. This bike can be used as an over the top road bike, the ultimate track day bike or as part of a pristine collection. The bike has a presence all it’s own. It has a raw factory look and feel… Carbon, Magnesium, Titanium and billet. It reminds me of a Ferrari F40 on two wheels. This is not a road bike made into a race bike. This is the real deal. Hand made in Bologna, Italy with passion and pride. The bike has only been serviced by the best certified Ducati technicians. I will gladly connect the buyer with a certified Ducati Dealer who can confirm this bike’s authenticity and pedigree prior to buyer transferring funds AFTER initial $ 1000 deposit has been made. The bike has always been kept inside the previous owner’s office or my living room. If you are having trouble finding specific information about this rare Ducati email me and I can point you in the right direction.

I don’t know if we’ve had a more interesting bike on RSBFS.

Oh yeah, there are some serious spares:

Spares Crate:
I have a very extensive spares kit still in the original Cagiva/Ducati bags that comes with the bike. This is the kit that originally came with the bike as well as the huge list of Corsa parts that the original owner was able to acquire through his connections with Ducati Corse and NCR. I will attempt to list everything although I am sure I will skip something. Feel free to contact me if there is something specific that you are have questions about…
Complete Poggipolini Titanium bolt kit still in the original bag ( rare! )
FG Special Parts paddock stand
2 sets of brand new complete Termignoni Corsa exhaust
Complete set of Corsa mapped ECU EPROMs
Spare piston jugs
6 different ratio Renthal sprockets
Spare clutch/brake levers
Spare foot pegs/rearsets
Spare Corsa pistons
Spare fuel injectors
Spare ignition wires
Spare stainless lines
Spare gastkets and seals
Spare pulleys and flywheel
Spare valves
Spare heads
Spare Ohlins rebuild kit
Spare stainless velocity intakes
Spare clutch cover
Spare filters
Spare handlebars
Spare Carbon heat shield
Spare clutch plates
Spare Champion Racing spark plugs
Spare fuel pump
Tons of small bits, clips, seals, connectors, etc. too much to list

Lets hear your opinions, what Ducati would you consider more exotic or desirable?  I think I’d put the Supermono in that category.  How about one of the 916 specials?

 Engineering art in my opinion.

Want to put your hot little hands here?  The bidding is set to start at $55,000.

Here is the auction.


Ultimate Ducati?  1991 Ducati 851/888 Corsa Raymond Roche Replica (AKA 851 Superbike Racing 91)
Ducati November 29, 2012 posted by

Tri-colored survivor: 1985 Ducati 750 F1a

Update 11.29.2012: We first posted this F1a in early August of this year and it failed to meet reserve just shy of $10k. Back on eBay with 4 days to go, the bidding is up to $8400 with reserve not met. Links updated. -dc

This Ducati 750 F1 “a” model is a pretty rare bike. It is not rare because of some limited edition number plate riveted to the headstock. No, this Ducati gained exclusivity the old fashioned way – they just didn’t sell a whole lot of them. Fast forward 27 years and what was an interesting (albeit lowest of the F1 pecking order) bike back then becomes something a little bit more special.

We have posted several F1 models on RSBFS over the years – in varying condition. This particular bike looks to be a solid example. It is neither ratty and worn out, but nor is it overly restored to be made “like new.” I would certainly call it clean! It has pretty decent mileage on the clocks – 35000km according to the auction – which shows exactly what this bike is all about: riding.

From the seller:
here is a nice clean example of a early f1 a. bike has covered 35000km as indicated on avon tires installed. these bikes are becoming more desirable and very collectable,prices continue to rise on nice examples. dellorto carbs,brembo brakes. a nice example of a low production model bike.

The seller is right about the value. These three color wonders seem to be making more green than white or red. Values are on the rise, and bikes in top condition are snapped up quickly. As always, so much will hinge on the reserve for this particular bike. We have seen F1s in the $10-12k range in the past, but this looks more like it is headed for the $15k+ seats.

Striking good looks, relatively low production numbers, age and condition – these all determine future values. And this F1 appears to have a pretty bright future. Best part of all is that you can ride it and enjoy it today; these are still serviceable machines with a good supply of parts and mechanic knowledge. For your opportunity to be the next curator of this great looking F1, click the link and jump over to the auction. Let’s see how high she goes!


Honda November 28, 2012 posted by

UK Beauties: Kawasaki KR1-S, Honda Segale 900 And Spondon Yamaha 200

I got the yawns searching for interesting bikes in the U.S. today so I jumped the pond and the sellers on eBay UK did not disappoint.

We see way to few of these beauties on RSBFS.  I still consider the KR1’s, especially the “S” or ubber rare “R” the rarest of the Japanese 250’s.  This one has had a semi restoration but apparently is still wearing original bodywork with original paint.  The damn things aren’t slow either and seem to have a cult following.

I like what I don’t see;  corrosion.  The mind wanders and tries to imagine what a 1996 KR1 would have looked like.  Would it have resembled the X-09 in any way?  Scroll down halfway down the page and have some tissue handy.

Asking price is a hefty but in my humble opinion worth it at 4200 GBP.  It would dress up any Kawi collection.

Click it.

Does this thing not have a Mad Max element to it?  The Australian with no gas kind, not the Italian with plenty.  I’m asking for your comments on this one as I’d love to know more about these bikes.  As far as I can tell, they are kind of an Italian version of Harris or Spondon.  I have no idea as to what series the bikes were run in.  This seller has quite a few high end former race bikes for sale if you are looking to lighten your wallet.

Best heel guard I’ve ever seen.  RSC was the first incarnation of HRC; correct?

Simply nasty!  You might not be invited back to your local track day after letting everyone enjoy that symphony.

Asking price is 12,900 GBP and you can see more pictures here.

Lastly, this Spondon framed 200cc Yamaha caught my eye.  Apparently it was purpose built for an Irish 200cc class back in the day.  The bike has since been restored and is now looking for a new home.  The bike is officially listed by the seller as a Spondon/Fahron.  Who can fill me in on the Fahron?

I love all the different takes on frames back in the two stroke glory days.  I don’t know if it a sleeved down 250 or 125 on roids.

If you are looking to dip your toe into the vintage race bike world, this may be a modest way to test the waters.  The starting bid is 2,5000 GBP.

Check out the auction.


Yamaha November 28, 2012 posted by

1983 Yamaha RZ 350 in California

For Sale: 1983 Yamaha RZ 350

Golden State residents rejoice! Here is a legal smoker available to you with no hassles from The Man, no fake paperwork and no frame swapped VIN numbers necessary. The Yamaha RZ350 was the last meaningful two stroke brought into the U.S. by a major manufacturer and registered as a street bike in all 50 states.

Powered by a 350cc parallel twin, the RZ was initially launched in bumble bee yellow/black colors with King Kenny Roberts signature on the fairing. This red/white model was also available – and by 1984 it also gained Kenny’s signature on the plastics.

From the seller:
Excellent Condition, All Stock, Runs Great, Title is Clear, Registered in California, Pics upon request Buyer to take care of all transportation. Cash only

There is not a lot to go on from what the seller has written, and there are only a few pictures availble. The bike is listed as an ’83, but the US only saw these as ’84 and ’85 models. Technically speaking, the bike is not all stock, as this one has expansion chambers in place of the stock, catalytic converter-equipped pipes (which reportedly weighed a ton). This is not a bad mod to make on these bikes, but it IS a modification. Beware if you are looking for an all original, perfectly stock example. Additionally – and maybe it is just me – but the livery on the fairing appears to be from one of the later model years.

Bidding is going on right now, with the opening ask set at $3,199 (with reserve in place), The BIN is set at $4,399, which is not out of line for a nice RZ, depending upon mods and condition. With only 11k miles on the clock, this could work out to be a good deal. For all the info and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. If anyone checks it out in person, please share your observation in the comments. Good Luck!


Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale November 27, 2012 posted by

Cyber Week: Works Kayaba Shock For Suzuki RGV500/YZR500

We’re doing Cyber Week a little differently this year by looking for uber rare parts and memorabilia. For day 2 we continue with our obsession with works parts! -dc

Is it the real deal?  Hell, I don’t know but if it is, what a nice way to finish off a GP replica project.  The seller states these were standard issue on the XR79 RGV500’s.  That is Schwantz  in his prime, 1992.  He also claims they were fitted to YZR500’s.  I always thought Yamaha’s were fitted with Ohlins though.  It looks like the real deal with the magnesium remote reservoir but the seller states the spring is an Ohlins item.

Asking price is 795 GBP.

Here she is.


Honda November 27, 2012 posted by

Feature Listing: 1995 Honda RVF400 NC35 with Extensive Upgrades

Update 3.1.2014: Seller has pulled the bike from the market and has started a restoration. -dc

Kurt has been a long time reader of RSBFS and shared that his bike came from this website originally. Now after some serious modifications that had to be very expensive and difficult to source, he’s putting the bike back on our site.

We don’t see many RVF400’s on the site but for those who are new to the model we have previously written, “Obviously the RVF400 is bound to draw direct comparisons to its bigger and more sought after brother, the RFV750R. Both bikes share the same graphics and get their power from the V4 engine configuration. But the little RVF (NC35) deserves its own place in the spotlight. It makes 60hp and weighs only 360lbs. Add in its adjustable inverted forks, Nissin four piston calipers, and more conventional 17 inch wheels and you can see why the RVF400 has the ability to be quite capable in the category of performance.”

As you’ll read below, this NC35 goes far beyond what it was originally known for in enthusiast circles and is ready for serious track day duty — or with it’s California registration, the street! Good luck with the sale Kurt,


From the seller:

I know I have more and will be included in the sale. This has been a labor of love over the last 4 years or so. These bikes sell as grey market units in the 5k range. This bike was titled LEGALLY in California of all places and you may never find a titled bike like this let alone a PACKAGE of this caliber again.

$9500 OBO

Pitbull rear stand
HRC radiators
Endurance race harness (single headlight, brake and running rear light, manual fan switch)
HRC air box tray
HRC modded carbs
Carbon Fiber air intake tubes (Tyga)
HRC carb kit (plus spares)
HRC oki endurance CDI and de-restriction (raises rev and MPH limit)
HRC flywheel
HRC header and mid pipes
Tyga Maggot exhaust can with Carbon fiber hanger
SP2 front end swap (done the right way with proper rake angle)
SP2 forks modded for weight range of 180-200 pound rider
Ohlins shock with remote adjust (no one has these for this bike…Very rare compared to the rarity of everything else)
Powder coated rear wheel (black) to match SP2 front wheel
Race body work (free team panda racing decals)
Endurance street bodywork (Joey Dunlop replica, stickers are clear coated) single headlight
Spare carb set up
Aftermarket adjustable rear sets
Multiple windscreens
Multiple rear sprockets (Vortex and Renthal)

Just shoot me questions/offers through the team website

Bike is located in Minneapolis MN.


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