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Yamaha October 13, 2012 posted by

2 stroke Delikatessen – Yamaha RD 500 in Austria

At times when almost every motorcycle magazine features an article about the latest electric race bike project, talking about 2 strokes smokey and noisy motors makes me feel alive again 🙂

Here’s quite a rare black and red color scheme of this beautiful v4 smoker found in Austria.

The bike is in fully original condition including the exhaust which features a small dent on the bottom right. Nothing serious and not worth a change as the seller describes:

The bike is both optical (up to a mini dent on right. Switch to lower the exhaust but would easily) in absolute visual and technical Oriinalzustand. The motor is running in original size, perfect. The bike has always taken to avoid damage while being logged on and change indicator. This year the following work was carried out on the bike: carburetor service, all new hoses or replaced, new battery, Power Valve is optimal renewed brakes / brake fluid, almost new tires, etc.

The bike is registered and can be visited at any time by agreement or trial hazards. A defect-free advice to § 57 5/2013 is naturally present. The motorcycle nothing more to be done, simply sign, sit ankicken, and enjoy the pure two-stroke feel.

(translated with Google translate)

With 44000km this glorious GP replica of the 80s is in really good shape. With its peaky power delivery (88hp at 9500 rpm) and unique sound, this bike won’t disappoint you in terms of emotions. The RD 500 is on sale on eBay. It was re-posted after failing to find a buyer last week. It is now on the market with a starting price of 6999 Euro.

In 1984 it was presented at the Paris motor show (courtesy of

and accompanied by the following press article:

At that time it was on sale in Germany for about 12000 Deutschmarks (yes there was no Euro then…). The motor features a V4 configuration with 50 degrees angle between the two banks of cylinders. The YPVS logo on the side of the bike means the bike is fitted with a power valve (Yamaha Power Valve System) at the beginning of the exhausts to optimize the power delivery across the rpm range and in particular at the lower rpms where without the valve the bike wouldn’t run as smoothly due to the non optimal back-pressure waves. Unlike the RZ500 which features an Aluminum frame, the RD uses a slightly heavier steep set up.

A friend of mine in Rome still owns one of these from new and even though half of the time he is replacing the pistons, and actually doesn’t ride it much, he never wanted to part from it…Well I guess that’s what a rare 2 stroke GP replica does to people…

Happy bidding!


Ducati October 12, 2012 posted by

Not Rare At All But Very Nicely Modded: 2003 Ducati 1000 (1080) Supersport

Not Rare At All But Very Nicely Modded: 2003 Ducati 1000 (1080) Supersport

A 1080 Ducati Supersport? Well that is where the “nicely modded” comes in. We all know a Ducati 100SS is not rare by any strectch of the imagination but I think you can argue one with these modifications and in this condition really is. Maybe best of all, I think it captures the essence of what a Ducati should be: simple and elegant. The extra giddy up is just the icing on the cake. By the way, if you are feeling your oats and want to argue I’m wrong, fire away in the comments.

Now that I’ve talked it up, lets get to the list of the goodies:

Fast by Ferracci Engine upgrade. 1080cc @ 9155 miles

PISTON KIT – 98mm 1100DS

CLUTCH – Kit, Light Pull/Lock-up Anti-Chatter

Pankl Titanium connecting Rods

Aluminum Bronze Valve Guides

Heads Ported & Crank Balanced

Lightweight fly wheel

Magnesium covers Valve / Clutch & Alternator.

Carbon Fiber belts Covers

FBF Full Exhaust Carbon

Power commander & FBF Custom Map

Brembo Race Radial Pumps Brake & Clutch

Kevlar Brake & Clutch Lines

50mm Marzocchi Front Fork with Brembo Radial Calipers

Brembo Full Floating brake Rotors

Ohlin’s rear shock

Marchesini Magnesium 5 spoke Wheels

Titanium Bolts throughout entire bike.

Sargent Seat

Custom Paint & Graphics

Built and maintained by Fast By Ferracci.

Detailed records of modifications & maintenance.

Don’t those stickers bring back good memories of booming Ducati’s in U.S. superbike racing in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Some of the items on the list of modifications had to come with a rather large price tag.

If you are thinking what I’m thinking, I agree, this thing looks damn clean. It has a little mileage on it; 16,121 miles. Has there ever been a definitive anwswer if the header wrap is worth while?

The word “sharp” keeps going through my head looking at these pictures. I think the owner has darn good taste. The bke is listed as a classified on Ebay with an offereing price of $12,499. The listing also has the make an offer option if you feel inclined.

Click this for one good looking Duc.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 11, 2012 posted by

Get One While You Can- Titled ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Atascadero, California

Mileage: 15,574

Price: Auction

The Yamaha RZ500 is a popular bike around the RSBFS corporate offices. And really, what’s not to like? A 500cc V-4 two stroke GP replica bike that never found it’s way to the U.S. in any official capacity. A tragedy for sure. But every once in a while one pops up for sale, and may even come with a title. And as it’s been said on RSBFS before, the two stroke is gone forever people. If you want one, best act now before they all end up in a collection, having made the final transformation into pure unobtanium.

The seller doesn’t offer a whole lot of information in the description-

I am selling my 1985 RZ 500. This bike has been well cared for and runs ok. Has some new parts installed i.e. wind screen, cranks and new reeds. Clear title and California registered. No time to ride anymore, bike just sits. Selling bike as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Good luck bidding.

And some more photos-

The seller says the bike runs okay and has had some new parts added. The seller also states the bike is being sold ‘as is’. So you’ll want to get as much information as possible about how the bike runs and what it may need. It’s a 27 year old bike and a two stroke at that. It looks clean in the photos but no sense in getting into something if you don’t have the means to get back out. These bikes sell for a pretty penny with clean examples going for $10k and beyond. You may be able to get this one for considerably less. It may not be perfect, but man, there just aren’t that many out there.

So, here you go. A two stroke 500. Clearly a collectible bike that speaks to an era gone by. A holy grail for many who lived and enjoyed the GP racing world when two strokes ruled the earth. If this bike speaks to you, then make a play before it’s too late.


Suzuki October 10, 2012 posted by

14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment: 1990 GSXR400R (GK76)

14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment:  1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)

Update 10.10.2012: This 400 was originally listed on August 1st on Craigslist but is back but on eBay this time, and is now offered at $5500 from $7000. Links updated. -dc

While doing my weekly parts search for my own GSXR400R I came across this beauty in New York.  While the little 400’s aren’t nearly as popular as two stroke 250’s they sure are more rare.  I can say, since getting mine running,  they actually provide somewhat of the experience of riding a 250 two stroke;  I did say “somewhat”.   The darn things rev to 14,000 rpm and really aren’t happy until you are over 10,000rpm.  They provide a pretty nice sound for a little bike as well.

This bike appears to be just about completely stock.  All I’m noticing is the Yoshimura slip on.  Looks like the brake lines are even OEM.  The seller states the mileage at 9,000KM so it hasn’t run a lot since 1990.

My only advice, not matter how nice the bike is, is to overhaul the carbs.  Each carb has multiple rubber O rings that age and don’t particularly like the ethanol in our gas and will give you headaches if they go bad.  Save yourself the frustration and do it right off that bat.  A decent amount of parts for the bike can be found in the U.S. and some engine parts are shared with the Bandit 400.

Ah, the price.  The seller is asking a steep $7,000.  Generally I haven’t seen GSXR400R’s pulling this kind of money.  Maybe for an SP in great condition but the standard GK76’s seem to fetch less than $5,000.  Maybe there is some room to negotiate because this is a nice example with low miles and a title.

By the way, anyone out there wanting to sell a set of SP carbs? Bueller?

Sport Bikes For Sale October 10, 2012 posted by

Morehead’s Ride: 1974 Yamaha TZ750A

For Sale: 1974 Yamaha TZ750A

Race bikes are in these days, as there is nothing quite like the fury and brutality of a historic and vintage guided missile. This TZ750 is a great example of the breed, complete with minor, yet significant history. These bikes are increasingly difficult to find in such pristine condition, although we have posted a few on RSBFS over the last few years.

Unlike felt-tipped pens applied to street bikes, ownership by a famous racer certainly improves the offering when it comes to used race bikes. In this case, the seller claims this was originally Steve Morehead’s bike, and was ridden during practice sessions at Daytona and Talledega. While the “Findlay Flyer” is not particularly well known for his roadracing exploits, he was king of the privateers when it came to dirt track riding, posting 23 AMA National wins in his long and storied career.

From the seller:

1974 Yamaha TZ750A: Engine & Frame Number 409 – 000245.
HISTORY: The Yamaha was originally owned by Steve Morehead, the well known Ohio rider. It was raced in 1974 at Talledega and Daytona (practice only) and then acquired by Scot Erickson who also rode it in 1974 at Ontario Motor Speedway, California. In 1975 Scot rode it at Laguna Seca and in lesser races at later dates. He sold the bike to me in 1989 and it has been recently restored.

ORIGINALITY: Matching numbers are stamped on the engine and frame. Both the left and right cylinder barrels have “347cc 40900” cast on the rear. See early style piston with rearward inlet slots in picture 16. The wheel rims are stamped “Daido Japan 30 B 2.15 x 18 409F” & “Daido Japan 30 C 3.000 x 18 409R”. Tires are Goodyear Motorcycle Road Racer 3.25-18 & 3.50-18.

The Yamaha was restored carefully following the TZ750 Parts List for authenticity and is original except for the following:

1) The rear of the frame has been modified for a “Laid Down” shock absorber installation. The footrest and rear brake lever mounts have been modified to suit. The shock absorbers are replacement Marzocchi 1 (N.2Kg/ The swing arm is unchanged.

2) The rear brake caliper mounting arm has been modified, as shown in picture 19.

3) Exhaust Pipes 1 & 2 and also 3 & 4 are each attached with small welded plates. See picture 13.

4) The fuel tank has been modified for “Quick Fill” and the installed petcock has (2) spigots.

5) The chain guard and rear fender are missing.

CONDITION: The Fairing, Fuel Tank, Seat, Front Fender, Frame and the black attaching parts have been professionally painted to the highest standard.

The seat was recently upholstered.

The Front and Rear Brake Master Cylinders have been serviced with new Cup & Master Cylinder Kits.

The right side rear wheel rim has a small crack and both tires are in poor condition.

The left side shock absorber spring has some scuff marks as shown in the last picture.


1) The mileage is unknown and the listed mileage is an approximation.

2) The cylinder bores were lubricated during storage.

3) I have never had the engine running.

4) Engine compression, gear selection and clutch operation are normal.

5) Engine coolant and hydraulic brake fluid are not installed.

6) A few “non-Yamaha” metric fasteners have been used.

7) The fasteners have not been correctly torqued and are not wire locked.

8) The Yamaha does not have a Title.

9) The Yamaha has been stored in temperature controlled conditions.

10) Please do not ask for a BUY IT NOW price. The Yamaha will run the duration of the auction.

This TZ750 really looks great in the pictures, and should do well at auction. Be warned that nicely restored vintage racers with some history do not come cheap; this bike is no exception. Bidding is just under the $20k mark with light action and reserve still in place. If past TZ750s in this condition are any indication, we should see a marked increase in price in the few days this auction has left. To check out all of the pictures and info, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Ducati October 8, 2012 posted by

Autograph Hounds: 2007 Ducati 999S Team USA Edition

For Sale: 2007 Ducati 999S Team USA Edition

Sorry for the short trigger time on this one, RSBFS fans. There is not much time to go on this interesting piece of Ducati history. Sure, the Parts Unlimited “Team USA” livery looks good, and the 999s is no slouch in the motorsports department – but what makes this one interesting is that the tail section is signed by both Ben Bostrom and Neil Hodgson. If you are into signatures, this one is connected to some pretty good looking memorabilia.

From the seller:
2007 Ducati 999S “Team USA” Special Edition in excellent condition with only 2440 miles! This was the very last 999 model Superbike produced by Ducati and was a Special Edition commemorating the 2006 Ducati AMA Superbike race team, in “S” model trim with lots of extras! Probably one of the best race-replica paint schemes ever produced by Ducati, this bike is STUNNING to look at! The tail section is hand-signed by Ducati AMA Superbike team riders Neil Hodgson and Ben Bostrom. Nicely accessorized with Leo Vince full race exhaust system with remapped ECU, SpeedyMoto billet clutch cover, billet adjustable rearsets, and Pazzo billet adjustable levers. This is not only a great bike to ride, it’s a great bike to OWN as there was a very limited production run of these machines, it has already reached “Collector” status in the minds of many!

With super low miles and what looks to be in fantastic condition, this 999s is waiting for a new home. Currently priced at $12,495, it again forces me to wonder aloud at the monetary value a famous person with a sharpie can add to the sale of a bike. History shows that some scribbles do not often a premium price make, yet this is a very cool opportunity all the same.

For your chance to check this one out, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a great looking bike with some neat history. Sorry we caught this one late – so be sure and move quickly!


Honda October 5, 2012 posted by

Silver Surfer: 1984 Honda NS250R MC-11

For Sale: 1984 Honda NS250R MC-11

Update 10.5.2012: Originally posted last November, this bike is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

For such a rare bike, this is the second 80s vintage NS250R in this color scheme to be posted on RSBFS in a few months (see Doug’s excellent post on a similar bike HERE). Designed in an era where rounder, more bulbous shapes were utilized, this NS250R was the hottest small-bore bike we couldn’t get in the US of A. Nearly 30 years on, how does it stack up?

With full fairings and a windscreen to encourage tucking in (with only 45 bhp on tap, a tidy aerodynamic profile is encouraged), the NS250R pre-dates the more famous and collectable NSR250R series bikes by a few years. Still, the engineering might of Honda bleeds through and through: Aluminum perimeter frame, aluminum swing arm, Astralight wheels front and rear (17″ and 18″ respectively), TRAC front fork, triple disc brakes and the ATAC system (Honda Automatic Torque Amplification Chamber), which modified the volume of the exhaust chamber to boost low end torque. And of course there is the kickstand fairing; slightly more than a gimmick, and probably the best known feature of the bike.

From the seller:
Super rare, first year production MC-11 in great running condition and in surprisingly good shape. This bike has a unique history of previous owners which includes Hall of fame formula 1 racer Mike Baldwin, award winning stunt-woman Christine Ann Baur, and Superbike champ Thad Wolff before I acquired it for my collection. I assume the bike was used for street riding as it is street legal and not set up for racing, all gauges and lights work good as does the charging system, gauges and handlebar switches in excellent condition with no fading. It is missing one front turn signal which I have not replaced. I bought an after-market set but did not install them as they are not perfect matches to originals, they go with bike as does a new set of fork seals.

This bike appears to be in original condition with only 7,324 miles on it. The speedometer reads in kilometers (11,789 km) and there is extensive writing all over in Japanese, this bike was shipped here from Japan many years ago and was not sold in the U.S.

Bike fires right up and shifts great through all 6 gears with no clutch slippage at all. The gearbox is a close ratio 6 speed and the top speed is rated at 121 MPH which is unbelievable for a 250 cc street bike, it is so fast I believe it will really do it.

Over all this bike is in very good condition and appears to run fantastic, I have only put about 30 to 40 miles on it in the two years I have owned it, it always fires right up.

Bike has a California license plate and was last registered in 1997 and comes with a bill of sale as the Pink Slip was lost.

I am selling this bike because I am drastically reducing my collection and this bike is just too rare to put miles on it, it belongs in a collectors living room or museum.

While I don’t enjoy staring any flame wars, I do bristle when sellers indicate that something should be in a museum rather than being ridden. This particular bike, patterned after the 250cc GP bike that brought Freddie Spencer 2 titles in the same year (both 250 and 500), really deserves to get out and ridden. Unfortunately, a close look at the pictures indicates somebody did just that – and poorly. The right side looks like it’s been rashed, and the HRC sticker on the right side tail looks suspiciously different (larger) than stock. Is it covering something? Careful buyers will want to ask some questions.

On the plus side, this is a very rare motorcycle that will not likely fetch huge dollars – making it an affordable collector. The last one we posted sold for a mere $3,100, which is low bucks for a mini-GP smoker these days. For more information and your chance to bid on this silver rocket from the 80s, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Honda October 5, 2012 posted by

Hey! Another Good Looking ’93 CBR900RR

Location: Dickinson, North Dakota

Mileage: 22,750

Price: $4,749 BIN

I guess when it rains, it pours. Here we have yet another clean CBR900RR for sale. There’s been of run of these of late on RSBFS, so if you’ve been shopping, you’re in luck. Of course if you have been shopping, then you know what these bikes are all about. A legendary ride that changed the approach to sportbikes after it’s release, the CBR900RR remains relevant today. If you were to build a collection of the most important bikes ever, it would be incomplete without the 900RR.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Classic 1993 CBR900RR in excellent condition.  Early build date, low VIN number.  22k original miles (I have added a few miles since these pictures were taken).  I am the third owner of the bike; second owner owned the bike from 1994 to 2012, so for all practical purposes it was a one owner bike until I purchased it a few months ago.  Interestingly, second owner, a local anesthesiologist, rode the bike from North Dakota to California and back regularly while he attended medical school on the West coast.  Being a little older these days, he now owns a Harley that he rides locally with his wife, and hence the usual story – the CBR wasn’t getting used anymore and so I bought it when it came up for sale.  Bike was originally purchased in California so it is a CA model.  The bike is not, however, cold-blooded, and carbs are in very good tune.

Bike is very, very clean, especially considering its age.  Look at the pictures – it was obviously never left out in the weather.  Runs great, motor pulls extremely hard, no leaks, doesn’t use oil.  Rides and shifts as it should.  Clutch is firm and engages exactly like it should.  Everything feels tight and right.  Tires have plenty of tread and are not showing any signs of age. 

There are a few flaws as might be expected on a sportbike of this age.  Previous owner told me that bike went down at low speed right after he purchased it in ’94, cracking and scuffing one side of the fairing.  Whatever plastics were damaged were replaced immediately with OEM pieces wearing the proper OEM graphics.  All plastic is excellent shape with no cracks anywhere.  The only remaining evidence of this spill from long ago is some gouges on the metal throttle cable guides near the throttle grip; you can see them if you look closely at the picture showing a side shot of the instruments and inner fairing.  There is also a small dent on the bottom of the tank near the frame spar on the same side as the throttle guide.  There is also a little gouge on the frame right below the dent on the tank.  See pictures for a good view.  Inside of tank, however, is clean as a whistle with no rust whatsoever and appears as new.  There are also some scuffs on the muffler, but no dents or impressions evident.  The flaws as mentioned are in the interest of full disclosure, so that there are no disappointments for the new owner, but again they are hard to notice and the bike is otherwise excellent throughout.

The only variances from stock I can see are carbon fiber heel guards, and the rear fender was trimmed to bottom of license plate area.  For the purists out there, these could fairly easily be returned to stock with intact OEM pieces.  Additionally, I believe the front fender was painted black, whereas the stock 900RR front fenders were silver.  It looks to have been professionally painted, however (very nice paint), and even though it isn’t strictly the OEM color, I now prefer the look to the silver front fender.

Other than those rarely appearing, mint, museum quality CBR900RRs, you will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner, better running 900RR.  Needs nothing mechanically, ready to ride or collect.  This bike would be ideal if you already have a pristine, low mileage 900RR that you don’t want to add a lot of miles or additional wear to.  Again, this bike is extremely nice, with only a few barely noticeable flaws.    And when was the last time you saw one for sale that has recently had a full, comprehensive service with the documentation to back it up?

Right after I bought the bike, I had the following work performed at a Honda dealer I trust.  Total cost:  $1054.55.

·        New Fork Seals

·        New Front Brake pads

·        Carbs Synched (They were also cleaned last year, along with new spark plugs, confirmed by dealer’s computerized service history)

·        Brake Fluid Replaced, Brakes Bled

·        Oil & Filter Changed – Synthetic (According to previous owner, he used synthetic oil from day one of his ownership)

·        Clutch Cable Lubed

·        Cooling system inspected – Good

·        Chain & Sprockets inspected – Good

·        Several Fairing Fasteners that had gone AWOL replaced with OEM items

So why am I selling?  I probably wouldn’t be if there were anything other than straight roads where I live, but unfortunately, there aren’t, and to get anywhere where there are some curvy roads on this bike would be a little too much for my 48 year old body.  So let’s just say I had my little ‘fling’ with the bike, but now it’s time to move it along.

Sale will include recent service receipt, original owners manual, factory service manual and intact factory toolkit.  I also have an excellent condition Corbin seat for the bike that I will throw in for an extra $50.  I will also include the vinyl tank bra that came with the bike if you want it.  I installed clear bra material on the rear and sides of tank after I bought the bike which I think looks much better than a vinyl bra.  The foam ‘grip puppies’ as shown in the photos are not included with the bike and will be removed once bike sells.  Reserve is set at not much more than the total of what I paid for the bike ($2500) and the service noted above ($1055).  As long as selling price is a few hundred above that, I can live with it.  You do the math.

I will assist your shipper with pick-up however I can.  If you have a less than 10 feedback score, you must contact me before bidding or risk having your bid cancelled.  Your winning high bid is a contract, so please, do not bid in this auction if you don’t have the intent or means to purchase this motorcycle.

And photos-

This bike looks to have a good maintenance record with the seller detailing what has been done recently, with a photo of the receipt in the auction. The issues are mainly small cosmetic ones and the bike was apparently dropped a long time ago but the damaged fairing was replaced with OEM parts. The bike looks stock and the mileage is not too bad. If it’s in good shape there should be plenty more miles to ride.

The seller says the reserve might not be too much more than what it was bought for and the recent maintenance. So maybe $4k takes her home? Just a guess, but these bikes are cool and legendary. If you’re a Honda guy or girl or a sportbike guy or girl (which you are cause you’re reading this) then this has to be on your list. If so, go check this auction!


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