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Honda October 19, 2012 posted by

Split the pair! 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

For Sale: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

Update 10.19.2012: Relisted again for $35k. Maybe he offers a layaway plan for Christmas delivery! Links updated, -dc

From sunny Miami, Florida comes this very rare RC45. You might think that the pictures look familiar, and you would be correct: This seller originally tried to sell off a RC30 and a RC45 together in a single auction (see that post here). The original bundled price started out at $99,999, then dropped down in steps to $69,999. But just because today’s RC45 represents only 50% of the pair, don’t think that the price has dropped by a commensurate amount….

The RC45 was a homologation machine – in that Honda built just enough street bikes of the model lineup to qualify it for Superbike regulations. Much has been written about these legendary steeds (search for RC45 on RSBFS here) and there has been much argument about whether the RC45 is “better” than the RC30. When you look at race wins and success at the track, there is really no contest. But there are those who prefer the more rounded look of the RC30 versus the more modern appeal of the ’45. Either or, I’m not cryin’ if one shows up under my Christmas tree.

From the seller:
Up for sale is A 1994 RC45 #20 OF #50 made….6842 miles, AMERICAN SPEC!!!! these R NOT EURO MODELS!!!!!




When this auction originally launched with both bikes, I was curious about the interest level – after all, these are rare collector bikes. But the sky-high pricing didn’t win any bidders. Now that just the RC45 is on the block, pricing is still an issue. I’m pretty sure Honda did not create the code names of the bikes by setting a price, but this RC45 is a whopping $45,000. Hmmm, with pricing like this, maybe it’s time to sell my R65LS – first $65k takes it!

After seeing the pair of bikes so often on RSBFS, this lonely RC45 is starting to look like Garfunkel without Simon. For more info, check out the auction here. What do you think a minty RC45 (one with nearly 7k on the clocks) should go for? If rent or morgage were not a concern, what might you be willing to pay? Share your thoughts!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 18, 2012 posted by

Good Looking and Clean ’87 GSX-R 750

Location: Laveen, Arizona

Mileage: 12,321

Price: Auction

Up for auction for your buying pleasure is an ’87 Suzuki GSX-R 750. I’ve made no secret of the fact that the GSX-R is pretty much my favorite bike of all time. Everyone who follows this site probably also knows the impact this bike had on the world of sportbikes since its introduction. It really can’t be overstated that this bike changed the game and it’s safe to say that collectibility will always be a factor for these early versions, and the later ones for that matter.

Here’s what the seller has to say on this one-

1987 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 with 12,321 original miles. I’am the 4th owner and I purchased off Ebay 07/2002 with then miles 9,638. The history as I know it. 1st owner was a Service Manager at Suzuki. He put on most of the miles and sold after a few years. 2nd owner had for only a few months. 3rd owner kept for 10 years put on 1400 miles and did the following upgrades. **Kerker White Tip Exhaust  **K&N Stage III intake kit (individual air filters with carb recal kit)  **Factory brand timing advance kit  **Factory brand shift kit (detent spring)  **Barnett Clutch Springs  **Genuine Suzuki Solo Seat Cover ($250 option)  **Original grab bar

All original factory parts are included with sale. Every little bracket, nut, bolt etc. that was ever removed.  The airbox had to be cut to be removed from the frame, but it was only cut on one side, and the removed plastic is still there so it could be pieced back together if you wanted to go to the trouble.  The bike is in very good condition; may the pictures speak for themselves. Starts right up, rides straight, twist the throttle and it flies!!!  Holds Nostalgia, a classic, and sure to climb in value.  This model GSX-R in my opinion is one of the best sport bikes and the model by which all others were made.

The Bad: I believe at one point the bike was tipped over. Former seller did not disclose. The back right blinker has some scuff marks. And the original exhaust has some scuff marks and a small dent. Looks as if it was a “tip over” not a low speed crash. Both are on the right side. Original exhaust was replaced with the Kerker. I recieved the bike with immaculate paint and body,other than the blinker, which you don’t notice because it is in the inside. Also, 9 times out of 10, starts up on the first try.  Otherwise, it may take a couple more tries. I can send/text blinker and exhaust if requested.

I will include a powder coated bike stand and the description listing of this bike that I have a copy of prior to my purchase in 2002. I will not end the auction early. The reserve is fair, so don’t ask!!  “Bid to Win”

Will drop off to a reputable shipper here in the Phoenix Area Only and or walk to the end of my driveway.  Sold “As Is” Shipping for Motorcycle, Bike Stand, and Original Parts are the Responsibility of Buyer/Winner

Thank You- 

And pics-

This bike isn’t a dead mint piece you’ll find in the Smithsonian, but it’s still pretty clean and the original parts are included. You’ll see an aftermarket Kerker exhaust, intake kit, shift kit and a sweet factory solo seat (bonus). The seller does highlight some cosmetic issues and modifications, but nothing that’s too extreme considering the bike’s age. Mileage isn’t all that bad either. Paint looks pretty good. All in all, a good example.

Don’t know where the reserve is but I would put this bike at about the $5k mark. Maybe a little less. But I tell you now: Get one while you can. Prices on these will only go up. To make a play, go place your bid!


MV Agusta October 18, 2012 posted by

Rare Vintage: 1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport America

For Sale: 1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport America

This bike goes a bit further back than most we post here on RSBFS – but what a beauty it is! Constructed in some of the final days of the Meccanica Verghera Agusta (MV was to win their final Grand Prix only a year later), the 750 Sport embodied everything the company came to know about performance. Today this bike is known more for appearance and price than performance, but in its day it was a genuine hot rod.

From the seller:
This nicely preserved MV Agusta 750 Sport originally came from Germany; where it had been taken to an MV dealer to be converted to ‘America’ specification. It was brought over to Canada and sold to acclaimed Canadian film director David Cronenberg (the endorsed Ontario Registration is still in his name). It changed hands briefly and was acquired by the current owner; who embarked on a minor cosmetic restoration that brought the machine to the state you see in now. Note that the tail light and left hand switchgear were not hooked-up during the restoration.

The MV has been on display in a climate-controlled environment during its current ownership and has a commanding presence.

This auction is in the rarified air above $20k. Not many bidders venture into that territory, but this is one of those bikes that can command the highest dollars from a collector. An old school classic from when the family of Count Agusta still ran the works, these are highly sought after and very rare.

For your chance to check out this very special bike, click the link and jump over to the auction. While not a two stroke or a RC/OW homologation special is this something that might get you to jump into the action? Let us know your thoughts!


Laverda October 17, 2012 posted by

A Tasty Bit of Orange: 1999 Laverda 750S Formula

Note: This is a guest post from one of regular readers and spotters, Marty. Enjoy! -dc

The final generation Laverdas, especially the 750 formulas, don’t seem to become available in the USA very often. Laverda discontinued operations in 2000 due to financial difficulties and Aprilia/Piaggo decided to shut down the brand. These bikes were true Italians (no Japanese engines for them!) Personally I am a bit biased towards these bikes even though they had a somewhat iffy reputation for reliability when they were for sale, mostly due to early generation crank issues and some weak battery cables. Top notch components (Brembo’s, Marchasini’s and Termignoni’s all standard), a Nico Baker designed frame and a cool black and orange color scheme were all wrapped together to produce bikes that challenged the Ducatis of the era for both performance and sexiness.

From the seller:

Like rare bikes? They’re even better when they handle like this one:

1999 Laverda Formula 750S. The last, and most desirable version of the Laverda sportbikes. This example has just 8,057 km (5,006 miles). Speedo has both km and mi and these were official imports (no problems with title issues).

The Formula was a limited edition model of the 750S, and came stock with adjustable billet rearsets, lighter Marchesini wheels, upgraded cams, exhaust with CF cans, CF fender, Brembo Gold Line calipers and full floating rotors, and nifty fully adjustable Paioli suspenson front and rear. Of course, it maintained the jewel-like aluminum frame.

The bike handles beautifully. I can only imagine how a new set of sticky Supercorsas would enhance the package. This bike has open Termignoni cans and fueling is absolutely spot-on. I love my Ducati’s, but they definitely aren’t as clean at low revs as this Laverda. The bike puts out 92hp in stock trim, not sure how much the open Termi’s add. The original stock CF exhaust is safely in a box and is included with the sale. Owner’s manual and original tool kit are included as well.

These bikes sit (too) close to vertical on their side stands, and this one did tip over in the showroom. There are a couple minor marks (pictured). The close ups with flash exaggerate them. I have not tried having them buffed out and the full left side shots are much more representative of the bike’s excellent condition. Other than that, the bike looks as stunning as it rides and it gets as much attention at the Sunday morning breakfast stop as my 996R or NSR250.

This particular example is a 1999 750 formula, which has the final generation water cooled engine. It’s being offered on eBay and unlike some of the other discontinued Italians such as Cagiva or Mondial, parts are still available and there is a strong community of owners willing to share information via the yahoo zanelist group.


Laverda October 17, 2012 posted by

Rare Survivor: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000

For Sale: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000

Just check out this wonderful survivor from a slightly less hyperactive era. Sure, it is no cutting edge, no excuses sportbike. Rather, this was designed when cubic inches were important, and when build quality and solid construction trumped the “disposable” era of mass produced plastic. This is a bike that was built for the ages, and you could hang on to this one for the next 20 years and it will still show very well.

This is not the more-often seen RGS model, but rather the very rare RGA variant. The seller has included a lot of information, and thus I will let him tell the story.

From the seller:

For those (many) of you unfamiliar with the marque, here’s a simple analogy: if you think of Ducati as the Ferrari of the motorcycle world, then think of Laverda as Lamborghini. Also like Lamborghini, Laverda’s roots are in the manufacturing of farm equipment. Laverda is best known for their robust, powerful twin- and triple-cylinder motorcycles of the late 60’s and 70’s, where they competed directly against other Italian manufacturers like Ducati and Moto Guzzi.

What we have here is a very original and unmolested motorcycle; with exception of the tires, nearly everything you see here is exactly as it rolled off the showroom floor. The RGA is a rare variant of the much more common (well, in Laverda terms anyway) RGS model line: the best educated estimate I have found is that there were only around 30-40 of these ever produced. Sold new by Southern California Laverda dealer Europoean Cycle Specialties in Garden Grove, CA, the bike has spent it’s entire life in the Orange County area under the care of two fanatical owners, with the first having the bike from new until 2004. All paint and trim is completely original and untouched everywhere, and the bike retains all it’s original engine and frame parts, airbox, body panels, tool tray, and seat.

From the seller:
Only two modifications from stock were performed by the original owner: the mufflers are free-flowing stainless replicas, and the original, US government-mandated 85-mph speedometer was replaced by a 150-mph unit (the odometers are separate items in these instrument clusters, so original mileage is unaffected.) The original mufflers and speedometer are included as part of this sale. Also included with the bike are the original owner’s manual and tool kit.

Having spent the last several years in my living room, the bike has just undergone a thorough servicing to make it completely ready for the road, including the cleaning and refreshing the entire fuel system, carburetor tuning using a 4-gas analyzer, valve clearance and all chain adjustments, rebuilt brake and clutch systems, rebuilt forks, new rear shocks, (originals also come with the bike) tires, tubes, and battery. Everything on this bike works as intended, and you could ride it anywhere tomorrow. A good friend who is a long-time Laverda owner took this bike for a test ride and pronounced it “the best running triple I have ever ridden.” Production date on the frame tag is 10/83. In the Laverda world, bikes are typically referenced by their engine number, which in the era of 17-digit VIN’s has nothing to do with the frame number. This one’s engine number is 2486. Engine and frame are original and matching just as they left the Breganze factory.

A beautiful bike, an knowledgeable seller, and some fantastic hi-res photos really tell the whole story around this bike. Bidding has also told an interesting story; interest has been very high, and the current bid is up to $7,500 with reserve still in place. The BIN on this one is set at a pretty reasonable $10k – there is a lot of rare motorcycle here for that number. I suspect we will see this auction go the distance.

For more info and to check out the action, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 16, 2012 posted by

Low Mile Limited, Limited Time Remains: 1986 GSXR750 Limited

Low Mile Limited, Limited Time Remains:  1986 GSXR750 Limited

The RSBFS management team is going to be on my butt for letting this one sit: or will they?  This one started as a six day auction and as of this writing; not a single bid has been placed with two days remaining.  What gives?  Is the bikes not all it is cracked up to be or is the $10,000 starting bid too lofty?

The details from the seller:

This very rare 1986 GSX-R 750 is in excellent condition. Super low 1863 miles, you probably won’t find one with lower miles! I am the original owner. It has always been garaged and kept clean but has not been started for a few years. The paint job is original and still looks fantastic. It has a few nicks and some minor scratches to the paint, but no damages otherwise.

My amateur eye spots mis-colored wheels and the air box missing.  A friend of mine who is a Limited owner thought the carbs might look like Canadian versions.  I want to say I remember a RSBFS reader stating the Canadian bikes had different tanks as well.  I do not remember what that difference is.  Did this bike start its’ life in America Lite?

Having pointed that stuff out, it has less modifications than most Limited’s I’ve seen.

Maybe it is just the pictures but it just seems a little dull for only having 1863 miles on it.  The pod filters seem like an odd modification for a bike with low miles.

Although the starting bid is high we have seen very nice examples of 1986 Limited sell in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.

Check out the auction here.


Ducati October 15, 2012 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e #0357 For Sale in Florida

Like most of the MH900e’s we’ve posted on this site, this is another very low miles example that is like new. This one has just 140 miles and as you can see in the pictures, it’s very well preserved indeed. See it on eBay now.


Ducati October 14, 2012 posted by

Featured: 851/955 Ducati Superbike racer!

For Sale: 851/955 Ducati Superbike racer!

Unlike some pristine offerings that have been modified to appear like a race bike (such as this Ducati 1080 Supersport), what we have here today is the REAL DEAL – an honest racebike. Don’t let the battle scarred exterior scare you away; at the track these are the bikes that the competition fear. The shiny bikes are for show. This is an experienced warrior with serious “go” potential – and the creds to back it up.

From the seller:
955 Superbike engine built by Fast by Ferracci
– Large Valves
– “G” Cams
– Titanium connecting rods
– Lightened and balanced crank
– Corse close ratio gear box

From the seller:
– Marvic 3 Spoke Magnesium Wheels

– Ohlins rear shock

– “LE” Front forks

– Carbon Fenders

– Brembo Cast Iron Front Rotors

– Previously owned and raced by Greg Koup

This is the kind of bike that really speaks to me. Ducati built the 851 to go racing, and previous owners have continued to modernize and enhance the basic package with some of the best knowledge and modifications avaiable. I can’t even imagine how quickly this one spins up with the lightened crank and Ti rods. If you are looking for a track bike with great handling, massive torque and that fantastic Ducati booming sound, you’d better jump on this one quickly!

The seller has this 851/955 listed at just $5,750. That is not a lot of money for a bike with these kinds of mods (have you rung up Eraldo Ferracci lately and asked him what it would cost to build you a desmoquattro motor?), and replacement skins are easy to find if you prefer the show AND go. Contact DucPond Motorsports directly for this one via EMAIL or phone: 540-667-3498


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