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Sport Bikes For Sale October 24, 2012 posted by

What Could Have Been? Modded 1987 Suzuki RG500

What Could Have Been?  Modded 1987 Suzuki RG500

Is there a piece of paper tucked away in drawer at Suzuki HQ that looks like this bike?  If production had continued on the RG500 past 1987 would we have seen something similar to this?  In my opinion  the RGV250 (VJ22)  front end and bodywork (might be VJ21)  nicely modernize the RG’s silloute.  The braced swing arm gives the back end a more serious look.  Over all I really like what the owner has done with the bike.  It looks updated yet it has kept the overall qualities of the bike.

The engine certainly hasn’t been left alone.

From the seller:

The engine is a 570 cc big bore Stage III posting.  It is completely rebuilt with all new bearings and seals, crankshafts, straight cut primary gears, full nova gear box, a shift support plate, adjustable ignition pick up, standard C.D.I., 31.5 mm offset bored carborators with high flow valves (fitted), and an adjustable exhaust port (timing).  All motor work was completed by Sam Palmer of B.D.K Engineering in Norfolk, United Kingdom.  The exhaust has a hand made set of chambers with carbon silencers, by Mark Dent. He is the best in th business. 

It sure looks and sounds like the engine has worked over correctly.  The owner is claiming a healthy 128HP on pump gas. 

Looks like a pretty clean job on the cutting and chopping out back.  No mention by the seller about a title and if he still has any of the stock parts.

There is your RGV front end.  There are plenty of parts available for this set up if you want to tinker even more.

The mileage wrapped in a little carbon fiber.  Nice touch.

The Mark Dent built chambers.  Everything looks spotless.  The seller says the bike only has 2,000 on it since reassembly.

One of the best looking modded RG500’s around  in my book.  I love the updated lines.

Bidding is quite active and I would imagine with the well done body and engine mods it will fetch a decent price.  Get in on the auction here.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 24, 2012 posted by

Mix And Match: 1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

Mix And Match:  1991 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

I’m ready to take VJ22’s off the endangered species list after the run we have over the past couple of weeks.  Each has had some issues and this one continues that trend but if you are looking for a daily rider this one might interest you.

The “mix and match” is obviously related to the bodywork.  She is wrapped in 91 aftermarket (I assume Chinese)  bodywork and a later model tank.  Compare it to the original OEM paint design and you can spot the obvious differences.  The seller does have the originals though.   

You can’t mistake an RGV250 for anything else with those stacked end cans.  The replica bodywork looks like it leaves a little to be desired in the way it fits.  I have to admit though, I’ve heard a lot of positives comments about the Chinese bodywork , especially when you consider the price.

Here is the info from the seller:


1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ 22

First year of the VJ 22 banana arm / very collectable

Low miles just, 7,132 kilometers / 4,431 miles

This RGV 250 is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. It starts on the first kick and idles perfectly, runs perfect and shifts smoothly through all gears. Clutch operates perfectly and gear case has  just received fresh gear oil.

Bike comes with a tank from a 1992 RGV (as pictured / I liked the color scheme) but I will include the original 1991 color scheme tank that is also in very good condition. See photo

Take notice of the exhaust cans, forks, frame, swing arm and the shock reservoir – they are perfect.     

Both main and pillion seat are in excellent condition. No rips, tears or fading.

Even the tank and shock reservoir labels are in perfect condition

(Written in Japanese of course)

Oil injection intact and operates perfectly

Gauges and controls look and operate perfectly with no signs of wear or fading. 

(a result of its low miles and being stored properly.)

Polished front calipers with new pads (these things look very trick) – Brakes operate so well it makes braking as much fun as accelerating.

Newer Pilots front and rear – great match for these 250 screamers.

Tinted wind screen / matches color scheme.

Body work (although not stock) is perfect. Will include stock bodywork if buyer requires.

Motor is stock with no modifications – 61 hp spec

Carbs cleaned and tuned (stock 34mm Mikuni Slingshots) – power valves cleaned and re pinned.

Everything operates as it should – Lights – blinkers – brakes etc.

You can find these bikes out there for $4,500 – $5,500 but not with low miles and in this condition.

If you are looking for a budget RGV in average condition that you wish to tinker with and add $$ then this RGV is not for you. If you are looking for an above average /excellent condition  , low mileage RGV that is turn key – ridable and collectable then here it is !!

If you have never ridden or owned an RGV – once you do, you will not want a modern sportbike. They are so light weight and nimble….


With a 240KPH speedo and stock 34mm carbs I’m guessing it was an export model RGV.  If it did come from Japan, then it has been modified to export specs, which is a good thing.

As the seller points out, take a close look at the bike and overall you come away with the impression of a clean bike.  The last few VJ22’s we’ve posted had quite a premium built into their asking prices and this one continues that trend as well.  The seller is asking $6,750 BIN to go along with the auction.  Unfortunately that price does not include a title.  The market (yes you RSBFS readers) will ultimiately decide if that price is reasonable.

The auction is ongoing here.


Honda October 23, 2012 posted by

Remembering the good old (noisy & smokey) days – Honda RS 250R in Germany

Do you like your bike lightweight for extreme late braking? Not enough power on your street legal Suzuki RGV or Aprilia RS 250? Well, if you want to be among the quickest guys on your Sunday’s track day, this might be for you: 1995 Honda RS 250R – 2 stroke GP bike:

With such a bike you better be a fast rider…

The bike looks pretty new. The motor was rebuilt and the paint is fresh. It also comes with two rear wheel rims, Ohlins rear suspension, Brembo calipers etc…

Whether you are a racer and already familiar with these type of featherweight rockets or want to know how it feels to ride a proper racing bike, this looks like a good opportunity. A few words from the seller (translated with Google translate):

Honda RS 250 racer.

(Production Racer)

Year 95-96

Engine was overhauled by Sepp Schlögl new

(New crankshaft, new pistons, etc.)

Painting it is new

Rear rim is attending

Motorcycle is in 82299 Türkenfeld

For questions, 0151 16662528

The bike is on sale on eBay in Germany. The current bid is 8500 Eur and the buy-it-now is set just below 11k Euro.

Here’s how such machine might sound like in its right environment… the track:

Good luck with the bidding: Honda RS 250R racing bike


Aprilia October 23, 2012 posted by

October Mega Mailbag! [RC8, RS250, RZ350, VFR400R Rothmans, ZX7R, ZX7, 89 CBR600, VFR400]

Hey guys! It’s been a while to say the least since we last published a post with your submissions. My apologies if your listing has expired or we didn’t get to reply in time — there’s just been too much to do every weekend since forever!

Thanks as always for your emails and thank you for reading!


First up Chris shoot us his 2009 KTM RC8 that has a couple days left on eBay. Buy-it-now is $11k.

Here’s a great looking 1995 Kawasaki ZX-7 for just $4000 in Indiana on eBay.

Brit has emailed to let us know his Aprilia RS250 is available in Nashville for $6500 and with tags.

Peter has emailed us this very yellow Kenny Roberts tribute bike for sale on eBay. Very well written description. Good luck with the sale!

Adam sends us this stunning and original VFR400R Rothmans that has been in storage for 20 years. Check it out on Boston Craigslist for $13995.

John has email us his 2002 Kawasaki ZX7R that is available in Austin for $5400 with just 3500 miles. Good luck with the sale!

Peter spotted this very original looking 1989 Honda CBR600 on for $3k.

Chris forwarded us this spot in Canada for a 1992 Honda VFR400 for just $4200.

MV Agusta October 22, 2012 posted by

2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna #173 of 300

We’re big fans of the F4 Senna and this looks like another solid example. While this one has been ridden a bit with 6k miles and comes with a couple small scuffs, they are minor. Especially when you consider the buy-it-now is only $11,500. Most of the living room examples we’ve posted previously have had asking prices of over $15k. Check it out here!


From the seller:

002 F4 Senna #173 of 300 produced.

I am the second owner of this bike and have owned it for the last eight years. It is in perfect running condition and comes with the collectible equipment including bike cover, grip protectors, two extras sprockets, two MV oil filters, the maint/owner manuals, red bike stand, and a battery tender.

Material Condition-
-The bike has always been garaged, never wrecked or laid down, or abused. It has been lightly ridden and has a three small rock dings on the right side shown in the picture. They can easily be repaired if you want a perfect specimen.
-The Carbon fiber still looks brand new
-The tires have very little wear (less than 500 miles)
-Recent service/oil change(less than 100 miles)
-All stock -no modifications
-Everything is functioning, everything works as it should.
-Located in Pensacola, Florida

Sport Bikes For Sale October 22, 2012 posted by

Another Clean, Original GSX-R 1100!

Location: Houston, Texas

Mileage: 22,540

Price: Auction

I always keep an eye out for any early GSX-R’s that pop up for sale. There’s been some solid choices out there lately and here we have another one. This bike isn’t dead mint but it is original and in pretty good shape. Finding one of these that hasn’t been heavily modded or just plain dumped is pretty tough. Nobody thought about the future of these bikes when they came out. They just road the hell out of them. Some with more success than others.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this bike-

Here’s a chance that you hardly run across anymore. A completely bone stock, unaltered Suzuki GSX-R 1100. You don’t see these very often and when you do, you better get it before it’s to late. I have a stock 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that’s black and grey in color. This is a very hard color to find. Much more difficult than the blue and whites that you see. This bike has only 22,540 miles on the clock. The fairings are in amazing condition with no scratches or road rash of any kind. No rust in the gas tank.

Just had a complete service done on the bike which includes… A new maintenance free battery, oil and filter change, new plugs and plug caps, new air filter, changed clutch and brake fluids, carb clean, chain lube and adjustment, new front and rear tires, new stater relay. 

The bike runs amazing and shifts just fine with no issues with the transmission or clutch. I have owned several GSX-R’s in the past growing up and this one is just as good as i remember the last 15 i’ve had.

Bike has new original factory grips and throttle tube, new rubber foot pegs, as i tried to retain as much of the factory look as possible.

The only small issues with the bike are… The gas tank has 2 dents on the front right side above the end of the Suzuki sticker and on small dent on the rear of the tank close to the seat. Nothing major and easily can be fixed by a professional. I checked with Suzuki and the stickers can be still be purchased if needed. Also some acid leaked onto the swingarm because as we all know, these older bike had batteries that would over flow acid and leak down the drain tube. Again nothing major and can be refinished and look new again. I have include pictures of the tank and swingarm area.

The only thing the bike will need to be 100% original is the rear fender hunger and factory rear fender and turn signals which i have seen on ebay for around $100.

The bike has had two owners, i purchased the bike back in 2000 and it had approx 16k miles on it. I have several bikes and always wanted another GSX-R 1100, so it wasn’t used much. I hope i haven’t forgot anything.


Please feel free to ask any questions. $500 deposit required within 24 hrs after action has ended and full payment within 3 days. I reserve the right to end the auction at anytime as it’s listed locally. 

And pics for you-

As I mentioned above, this bike isn’t a mint example. But it is a mostly original bike and it looks to be fairly clean. The most significant concerns would be the cosmetic issues, specifically the dents and creases in the tank. The seller says this is easily repairable, and that may be true, but it will mean more work on the bike. The seller also mentions some acid leak on the swingarm and non-original rear turn signals and rear fender. Again, these would be a concern if you want the bike 100% stock, which frankly, is what I would want. So these are things to consider.

The seller has a reserve and I would expect this bike to go around the $4 mark. They ain’t making any more of these, so if it’s been on your dream list, you’ll have to pull the trigger sometime. If this is your time, go place your bid!


Yamaha October 21, 2012 posted by

RSBFS Fan Favorite: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts

We always see a huge response on the RZ350’s and here is the latest on eBay for you to consider. This one is located in Florida and the current bid hasn’t reached reserve at $4301, though a buy-it-now is shown at $5500. This bike doesn’t have any major blemishes I can see in the pictures and the owner describes the bike as near show quality with nearly 12k miles. Place your bid here!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 20, 2012 posted by

Living room artwork: 1981 Yamaha TZ500H

For Sale: 1981 Yamaha TZ500H

You are reading RSBFS today because you like to ride. But how many of you have actually parked a bike indoors for the sole purpose of artwork? I must say I have done so in the past because having a beloved bike out in the adjoining garage was just too far away – but eventually gave up when it became too big a pain when I wanted to go riding. This bike, however, makes no excuses. Airplane afficianados have their “hangar queens,” and this is the motorcycle equivalent – a living room queen.

Cheaper than a Picaso or Van Gogh, I would say that this beautiful TZ500H makes the room. But look at me talking about this as a static piece of artwork. This is also a mighty 500cc race bike, one of the last of the customer “privateer” bikes offered by the manufacturers, and as such represents the pinnacle of racing machinery for it’s day. You can forgive me for thinking of these as mere furniture, however, as we see the last TZ500 posted on RSFBS suffered the same interior designer fate.

From the seller:
Might be the only New 1981 TZ500H in the world.
This bike was a sister bike that was never used. Some of the parts kit were used and most all were returned. I can only see that the jet kit is not there. To the best of my knowlage the parts kit is 98% there. I do have e-mails about the origine of the bike. I inspected the bike and removed #1 head and looked to see if everything had been drained before it left Japan (nice and dry). The hydralics were not so lucky and everything had to be r-built. The system is filled and and should be changed each year now.

All the original copper safety wire is there. The carbs had the blue fuel seal plugs when I got the bike. I have purchassed the 2 aloy fuel T`s and installed the fuel lines. The bike has never been started after it left Japan. The parts kit is very extinsive and I will not sell them without the bike. The bikes did not come with a fairing, but I have the fairing and windscreen..All the paint work has been done. Bike comes with factory stand, Manual and parts list.

Sold with Bill of Sale only.

I would love to see & hear this bike being ridden in anger. From the sounds of the text, this has not been run, and may not even be in fully riding order; some sorting will likely be needed if your intention is to ride. Still, that is not a bad proposition for a bike that looks as clean as this one, or one that has as many spares. It might be sacriledge, but I think this offering could be improved upon with some two stroke oil schmutz – for while I love a clean bike, I prefer a ridden one. That being said, the seller has an impressive collection and they all appear to be house trained!

This bike is having a second go around at auction. The first one ended with a high bid of $25k with the reserve not being met. This time around the bike has a starting bid of $30k with no takers as of yet. If you are looking for that next great acquisition and cannot decide between the classic oil painting or the modern sculpture, take a look at this one – it is both! Click here to jump over to the auction. Good luck!


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