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Gilera September 29, 2012 posted by

Gilera Saturno 500 -The Red Mono Exotica (France)

The Gilera Saturno ranks second in my all time favorite single cylinder sport bikes and it ranks number one in the road legal category .-)

This is the third model we have covered this year and the second one spotted in Switzerland. This time French is the language of choice when you’ll get in touch with the seller based in Lausanne. The sample below seems to be in absolute top conditions and very well taken care of.

This featherweight single-seater promises a huge amount of fun with its 45 horsepower at the rear wheel with just 145kg. Add to that the fantastic retro looks, some fine components such as the Brembo Serie Oro front disc caliper, the single high side exhaust and the exquisite red paint color combination and there you have a truly original piece of Italian exotica at its best.

Inspired by the Japanese importer who wanted a smaller capacity sport bike that was easier to import and sell in the local market, Gilera was intrigued and decided to put it into a small and quite limited production. The sample here is from 1990 and it has 11.500 km.

According to the seller (see original text below in French), this bike has never been raced, it has a new timing belt, battery and more importantly it had all bearings and motor seals replaced for a cost of value of $1000. In addition it is fitted with some fine looking accessories such as the Rizoma end bar rear mirrors and the smaller turn light, fitting well with the overall style of the bike (we all hate those huge squared original turn lights typical of bikes registered in those years). And did I mention you get the rear stand included in the price. Well, I guess this is really the last detail you care about. Concerning the price, about $7000, this seems in line with the previous Swiss find even though the condition and maintenance of this model make it even more attractive.

From the seller:

Model très rare, pour collectionneur ou amateur de circuits, expertisée du jour.
Performante (180km/h), grandes qualités routières (légère et facile à piloter), frein Brembo Serie Or, fourche marzocchi
Pneus neufs Bridgestone BT-003 RS Racing Street, courroie de distribution neuve, batterie neuve, roue libre neuve, grande révision effectuée (changement de tous les joints et roulements moteur CHF 1’200), rétroviseurs RIZOMA class retro, petits clignotants, béquille de stand arrière.
Permis A Motocycles d’une puissance maximale de 25 kW et un rapport puissance/poids maximal de 0.16 kW/kg
Bien que homolguée en Suisse en 34 chevaux, elle dispose d’origne 45 chevaux à la roue.

Enough words for this truly original sport bike. If you want to take it to next step here’s the useful link and info (fixed price private ad):

1990 Gilera Saturno 500



Ducati September 29, 2012 posted by

Yellow First Desmo Quattro (Switzerland)

I expect quite some debate around this post here: a Ducati 851 ….in yellow! To be honest, I had never seen one like this before and thought the yellow color was first introduced with the 916 model.

While I am not in a position to verify the condition of this bike available in Switzerland, I was so curious when I saw it that I thought collecting reactions through the blog could be an interesting journey. I even found a video of another yellow model:

The 851 itself is an obvious milestone motorbike for Ducati, representing the first 4 valve (quattro valvole in Italian) Desmo engine. Extremely successful on race tracks (capacity of the 851 SBK model was already 888cc), the 851 is still a superb handling bike with a powerful and torquey engine. Owning a 1993 888 Strada I can recommend one of this early Ducati superbikes to anybody. The styling of the 851/888 bikes is not of everybody’s taste, especially when compared to the stunning 916/996/998 forthcoming models. Nevertheless, the bike is great fun to ride and more comfortable than the latter models.

Then, if exclusivity is what you are after, how about a YELLOW 851.  This sample is on sale for about 4000$ and that’s cheap if the bike is in good condition. The seller mentions that the motorbike is in good mechanical condition and that the belts were changed recently. The bike comes with an aftermarket carbon set of mufflers (not Termi’s though) and the originals are also included. At the rear an Ohlins shock is fitted as described by the seller:

Ich verkaufe hier ein Ducati 851 mit nur 19900 Km,zum aufbereiten.Mechanisch ist in top Zustand,vor ca. 3 Monate habe ich ein Service machen lassen,die Zahnriemmen wurden auch ersetzt.Beleg vorhanden.Hat 2 Auspufftöpfe aus Carbon(originale sind vorhanden)Die Ducati ist mit ein ÖHLLINS Federbein ausgesttatet.Braucht eine neue Batterie.Besichtigung erwünscht.


He also mentions the km stand at 19900km and the bike needs a new battery. Judging from the pictures the rider’s seat seems a bit odd and the gap from the tank to the rear fairing a little too large…

Anyway, in case you’d like to find out more, please follow the link below:

1992 Ducati 851 in YELLOW


Kawasaki September 27, 2012 posted by

Project Season Is Upon Us: 1992 And 1996 Kawasaki ZX7R’s

Project Season Is Upon Us: 1992 And 1996 Kawasaki ZX7R’s

Call them diamonds in the rough or money pits but no matter the name it is time to make room in the garage for the next winter project.  I thought these two ZX7R’s might be a good excuse to hang out in the garage this winter.



Lets begin with the 1996 ZX7RR.  Although it is newer, I’m not so sure it would be the lighter project of the two.  It has had more mods and someone couldn’t keep their hands off the frame.

From the wording of the auction it doesn’t sound like the seller has owned it for long:

 For sale, due to relocation, is a mint ZX7RR from 1996, number 665 out of 1500. This is no longer a standard bike but its best asset is its perfect mechanical condition. Whoever has set up the flat side carbs has done a top job. This bike revs cleanly up to 12000rpms while the slick close ratio gearbox makes sure no speed is lost. OEM suspension still does a very good job and braking is excellent – the Nissin calipers are as good as race Brembos if kept in a good shape. I was planning to upgrade the front brakes but that would be overkill – although the distinctive sound of full floating dics is nice.

As it is, there is nothing to do: all fluids are fresh and the spark plugs were replaced.
For true spirited riding I would suggest to replace the current Dunlop Qualifiers.

As you can see from the pictures, the upper fairing has a big hole on the right side.Otherwise, the lower fairing and seat are in perfect condition.
The OEM part is still available. Following a crash, I suppose, a previous owner replaced the original subframe with a ZX7R one. For those who have any doubts, look at the VIN number, adjustable swingarm and Nissin calipers. This is the real thing. It is a blast to ride on a racetrack or twisty roads.

Low mileage (13386 kilometers) is typical of race homologation bikes. It was always stored indoors and I’m not sure it has ever seen any rain.By the condition  of the rear shock, engine and exhaust, I don’t think so.

It gets the following aftermarket parts:

– Carbon front mudguard
– Carbon rear fender
– Carbon air ducts
– Gilles adjustable rearsets
– Pazzo brake and clutch levers
– Undertray
– Integrated taillight
– New Shorai lithium battery
– Race fuel cap

Comes with the following OEM parts:

– rearsets
– taillight
– chainguard
– front mudguard
– fuel cap

Will give away:

– Spare Zero gravity windshield
– Clymer manual

Boy I’m not a fan of polished frames.  That fad couldn’t have ended fast enough for me.  I must admit, that brake cable routing is rather unique.


It looks like this isn’t the bikes first go around on RSBFS.  We featured it back in 2009 and it had the hole in the fairing back then.  Will the reserve price be modest enough to make this a worth while restoration?

Monitor the auction here.




The 1992 ZX7R might be the true diamond in the rough.

Again, it sounds like this is someone flipping a bike:

A 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R, or model K2 bike, with less than 8K miles.  This ZX7R has a Carbon Fiber Muzzy Exhaust with ceramic headers, flush mounted blinkers and a tinted windscreen.  It also has brand new Continental Conti-Attack tires front and back. 

This bike was stripped down and finished in Aston Martin Titanium Silver Metallic.  Not sure why the Green was done over, but hey it is what it is, and still a 1992 K model R underneath the paint.
I would call the overall repaint a 7 out of 10.  Not perfect, pretty decent though and looks slick/unique.  Some imperfections and a small nick or scrape here or there, but looks good.  All badges/stickers removed.  Definitely safe to say THIS ZX7R K2 is one of a kind & the only one around, haha.





Anyone like the silver more than Kawasaki racing green/blue?  I didn’t think so.  Owners out there;  if you get the over whelming urge to paint your bike;  buy a second set of bodywork.   If you are lucky enough to own a limited production bike save every darn thing, down to the fasteners, you change.  You will be glad you did when you decide to sell.


To bad we can’t see it with the bodywork off because it looks like it might be quite stock mechanically.  Who’s done a ZX7R restore lately?  Is sourcing parts becoming a problem?


There is some interest in the auction but the reserve has yet to be met.  What’s it worth as a project bike?

Click it for the auction.





Honda September 27, 2012 posted by

First Year FireBlade in the Most Desirable Colors: 1993 Honda CBR900RR

10.12.2012: The seller has alerted us that this bike is still available. Links updated and his email is:

Our latest feature listing is another fine Honda CBR900RR. A first year, dual round light, red and blue on white. If you’re still reading, you’re one of us and know that these bikes are very special in the history of the modern sportbike. A bike that still provides an exhilarating ride, especially in these early iterations.

The seller is clearly an enthusiast as well and here is what he has to say about this bike:

I believe I am the third owner of this bike. Because of the minimal amount of rust and flaws, I believe its safe to say she’s been garaged or stored indoors her whole life. A few beauty marks here and there, but overall she has aged very well for a 20yr old bike. Clean enough to store in my bedroom (and I do).

I wanted one of these so bad, and looked at several locally before deciding on this one. It had to be the 93′ and it had to be the White/Red/Blue. Eventually I found one and basically bought it sight unseen, drove for 16 hours overnight to get it and was back the next morning just in time for work.

Once or twice a month I keep it displayed outside my shop. Its amazing how much attention she gets. Of the 12 bikes I’ve owned, no other bike has received more attention than this one. One of our shop friends even gave me a set of track plastics he used when he raced CBR900RR’s in CCS (included with the sale). (As much of a track junky as I am, I could never get myself to put my 900 on the track).

I currently work in sales in a motorcycle dealership based in Woodbridge, VA. The first thing I did after purchasing her was have my techs look it over, change what needed to be changed and have her prepped for the road. They installed some new sparkplugs, fluids, BT-016 Bridgestone tires, steering head bearings. The chain and sprockets were installed just before my purchase (stock gearing).

The bike came with aftermarket front turn signals. I had some stock turn signals left over from my RC51 and installed them. I haven’t wired them in yet, but this can be done with a simple connector available at most motorcycle shops. At this point, the only thing this bike could really use are some new brake lines and front brake disks. There’s a warp in one of the disks which causes a pulse under hard breaking.

The previous owners installed a full Two-Brother’s racing exhaust and had a certified Honda shop redo the jetting. The bike fuels beautifully and accelerates smoothly. The previous owners also eliminated the rear fender and relocated the rear signals inside the fairing slots. (Although I prefer stock on stock, I do have to admit it looks really cool at night).

The biggest visual flaws include some minor scuffs, nicks, or hairline fractures in some of the fairings. The left engine casing has some marks from a tip over, along with the left mirror. All of these can’t be seen unless you’re looking for them.

I am in no hurry to sell and still ride the bike once or twice a month (weather permitting). I would consider a trade for another RC51 (a bike I wouldn’t feel bad tracking).

I think we can all appreciate how honest that description is and can understand what we can be expected upon delivery. Here is a video of the bike less than a month ago, two up no less, going through the paces on a nice road:

The seller is asking a mere $4500 for this mount. The mileage is reasonable at a tad over 20k, and even though there is some cracking at the mounting points for the fairings, and some additional wear items to take care of, this is an honest example. I’m quite tempted myself to snap this up but being that it’s the missus’ birthday weekend I’m trying to behave…

Contact the seller via his Washington DC Craigslist post.


Honda September 26, 2012 posted by

Own a Legend – Original ’93 Honda CBR900RR

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Mileage: 32,000

Price: Auction, $2,950 BIN

The CBR900RR is a legendary sportbike. Outside of the GSX-R 750, you could argue that it’s the most important sportbike of the last 30 years. Much like the GSX-R, the 900RR changed the face of sportbikes instantly. Every other company was caught with their pants down.There is pre-CBR900RR and then everything after. Size and weight of a 600 and power of a liter bike. Nobody was even in the same universe.

Here’s the seller’s info-

1993 Honda CBR 900 RR. Great color scheme. clean original bike. ridden daily. Never wrecked. Good condition. Has a Corbin seat, includes original documents. See pics. one small crack in right side fairing about 3 inches long. ( has been glued). This bike has normal wear for a 20 yr old bike.  Needs nothing but a rider.

Own a piece of history. This is my favorite bike of all time but I need money for a new house.

payment due in 7 days.

Buyer responsible for pick up or delivery. 

And photos-

This bike is advertised as original and the seller highlights a small fairing crack that has been glued. It’s also described as never been down and includes a Corbin seat, which I’m guessing is an upgrade. Because the bike does have miles on it I think you would want to get  as much maintenance history as possible. The bike also comes with original documents, which is a real bonus in my opinion.

Bottom line is this. For $2,950 or maybe less, you can own a true game changer in the sportbike world. The CBR900RR influenced  everything that came after it. And I would say still has an impact today. To take this one home, make the jump!


MV Agusta September 25, 2012 posted by

It’s Good To Be Blue: 2003 MV Agusta F4S

It’s Good To Be Blue:  2003 MV Agusta F4S

Update 10.1.2012: SOLD!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being blue when it  comes to this F4S.  Calm yourself just for a moment as I know you are probably kneeling,  thanking a higher power for the opportunity to finally purchase an F4S with the  “Viper Kit”.  This is what I would call a very classy reproduction of that stunning Tamburini designed kit.  Frowning?  You shouldn’t be, as the Viper Kit  was strictly a cosmetic kit and only 50 were produced.  You know what comes next with MV Agusta and limited numbers; a very limited price.  The only one I could find for sale was listed for 46,000 GBP.  I think you will pleasantly surprised as to what is offered here.

The best four stroke butt in the business!

Let us tempt you with a few specs:

 Arrow –Ti Headers& Mid-pipes with Ferracci/Silmoto CF Mufflers

Power Commander                              (Ferracci-installed)

Rizoma-Bar End Weights & Grips

Blue Alcantara-(suede) Seat Cover          (Factory accy)

3M-Protective Fairing Film

Dunlop-17” Sportmax 209’s

Integrated LED Tail Lights

Carbon Fiber-Factory accessories

Front Fender  /  Rear ‘Hugger’ Fender      (Factory accy)

Air Intakes  /  Radiator Deflector             (Factory accy)

Ignition Guard  /  Dash Bezel                  (Factory accy)

Foot Peg Guards  /  Chain Guards (2)      (Factory accy)

Exhaust Shields  /  Fairing Covers (4)      (Factory accy)

License Plate Holder                              (Ferraci accy)

Tools and Extra Parts for Bike:

Factory Stand for single swingarm (color matched to bike)

Chain Adjustment Spanner  /  55mm Axle Socket (1/2” drive)

Triple Clamp Multi-Pin Wrench  5 extra Key/ Blanks

Ferracci-Riser Clip-ons (not installed)

Have the Original-steel Exhaust pipes

Matching Alpine Leathers (Blue/White-1pc)

Think it has been ridden much?  It hasn’t; the  clocks read 6024 miles.  You probably guessed the next part; garage kept and never seen a drop of rain.  The bike has only seen the inside of Fast By Ferraci for service, with no exceptions.


In my humble opinion the blue/silver just transforms the bike.  MV’s have sexy lines but the silver/red does get a bit stale over time.



I don’t generally consider MV owners has horsepower  chasers but if you are curious the seller states it pumps out 145HP  at 12,600RPM with the Power Commander.



This proud owner has done the work for you, you just need to write the check and enjoy.  In the grand scheme of things the check doesn’t have to be all that big.  The seller is asking $11,000 to rider away with her.


The bike is located in New Jersey.



Sport Bikes For Sale September 24, 2012 posted by

Modded But Cool ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Mileage: 27,500

Price: Auction

The two stroke 500 is gone forever. Once the staple of Grand Prix racing, and available to the general public, these bikes will never come back. They are an amazing combination of barely controllable power and, by design, light weight. The sportbike equivalent of a monkey with a handgun. So if you have ever wanted to experience what they have to offer, better start planning your moves soon. They aren’t gonna make any more.

From the seller-

You are bidding on a stunning 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with only 27500 Km’s (17300 Miles), it is in excellent condition and as you can see it has been updated with  Marlboro Yamaha TZR 250 fairings and an Airtech tail piece, these are standard TZR fairing that have been fitted with custom brackets so if you ever need to replace one it is just a matter or taking off the old and screwing on the new, I have disabled the auto lube as I prefer to pre mix the oil myself but all of the standard auto lube components are still on the bike so reconnecting it is fast and easy,  the bike has been fitted with custom air filters and with longer bottom suspension arms to raise the back of the bike up by 1” to give it a more modern look, (the original arms will be included).

No expense has been spared on the up keep and maintenance of this RZ500 and it starts and runs great, it has no oil, coolant, brake fluid or fuel leaks of any kind, the RZ has fairly new Bridgestone BT45 tires and as you can see from the pictures many of the parts have been powder coated, the wheels are flat black and all of the other parts have been powder coated satin black

The good

Very reliable.

All of the electrical system works perfectly (lights, signals, power valves, charging etc, etc etc).

Amazing condition for year.

Lots of recently powder coated part (including wheels).

Pink slip in hand and current CA tags.

Original matching numbers engine and frame.

Many new parts, Dyna coils, fairings, wheel bearings, cables, etc, etc, etc, etc.

The bad

Disabled auto lube (the auto lube works great, I just don’t trust it on such an expensive bike).

The clear coat on the front forks has seen better days (good for it’s age but not perfect).

Could use some minor paint touch-up here and there, brake calipers, very small scratches on frame, that sort of thing.


Please be aware before bidding that this is a 27 year old classic two stroke motorcycle and although it is very reliable, it is essentially a very expensive weekend toy, it requires time, money and lots of love to keep it running at it’s best, yes it could be used every day but that’s not really what it’s all about.


The seller highlights the change in the fairings to the bike and says that it can be put back to stock without issue. This may be important to you folks out there who want a fully stock bike. The seller also states that “no expense has been spared” in maintaining the bike. That should be good news to any potential buyer. The seller also says the auto lube has been disabled and many parts have been powder coated.

The RZ500 is a popular bike here on RSBFS. This bike has some changes that you may or may not like. But it sounds like it has been very well cared for. And as I said above, Yamaha ain’t gonna make any more. So if you have the desire and the cash, you may want to give this one a look.


Aprilia September 23, 2012 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike For Sale in Bend, Oregon

A fellow Ducati club member is listing his Cup bike for sale. Update 2 9.23.2012: Back on eBay after being previously shown in July. Links, description, location, and pictures updated. -dc

His description:

I am selling my Aprilia RS250 track bike to a new home. An extremely nice specimen of a very rare breed in the USA this bike is set to make someone very happy. The last of the 2 stroke bikes seen in America this little gem delivers about 65-70hp from the 250cc V-Twin engine. This is an ultralightweight bike that can be raced with very little effort. Easy on parts and very easy on tires this bike will deliver fun for years. The bike has 3250km on the clock and is in pristine condition. Upgrades include the following.

Full Arrow exhaust system with silencers
Sharkskins bodywork
Tyga carbon front fender
Woodcraft rearsets with pedals
Vortex clip-ons
Reworked suspension
On / Off switch (No key required)

The paint is in great condition and the bike looks superb. There are a couple of scrapes on the underside of the fairing from cornering. I can send more detailed pictures on request. The bike has been run on VP110 leaded with Motorex oil since I have owned it. The oil injection is still on and operating perfectly. The bike is Oregon titled but not registered. I have a ton of spares that I will sell separately that will make this a complete race day package.

The bike is in Bend Oregon.

What an excellent track day package, especially with all the optional spares. If you’ve been wanting to scratch the 2 stroke itch with something that’s track ready instead of living room ready, this may be the one for you.

Good luck with the sale Scott!


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