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Sport Bikes For Sale August 31, 2012 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts with Five Factory Miles!

Update 8.31.2012: As the season winds down, the price drops again to $19,800. Links updated. Thanks Mike, -dc

Update 7.23.2012: Last seen in May, this bike is back on eBay with a lower buy-it-now of $22,800. Links updated. -dc

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

Mileage: 5 factory miles

Price: $26,800 BIN

We throw out collector alerts and call bikes museum pieces here at RSBFS on a fairly regular basis. And that’s because we post up some killer bikes. Not everyone agrees with our assessments of course, but that’s part of the fun. Well, here we have a collector/museum piece if there ever was one. The seller describes it as maybe the only brand new Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts left in the world. That may or may not be true, but it’s possible. And that my friends is a big deal.

This looks like the real deal. A bike that was bought by some crazy Kenny Roberts/Yamaha enthusiast and brought home immediately for living room display. There are certainly a few bikes I would like to have done that with (NSR, TZR, RGV, 851, the list goes on) and apparently that’s what happened to this one.

Here’s the sellers words-

1985 Yamaha RZ350 KENNY ROBERTS RZ 350

CARSFROMFLORIDA a unique internet dealer in Florida specializing only in clean, certified Florida driven vehicles is proud to offer to the world this BRAND NEW – NEVER USED 1985 YAMAHA RZ350 KENNY ROBERTS EDITION SPORT BIKE!!!












CARSFROMFLORIDA is just simply proud, to introduce a simply amazing, RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition Sport Bike that is just simply…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Look at the pictures of this pristine machine and you can almost feel the wind at your back! Built to turn and burn, the major components are tucked in and high, allowing the RZ to be leaned over quite far before anything scrapes the asphalt. You have never experienced anything like this ever…we promise.

Presented to the world in an incredible like new condition, with complete books, this highly collectible RZ350 signed Kenny Roberts Sport Bike could also be one of the best performing assets in your portfolio!

And more pics for you to scrutinize-

So now you’ve seen the photos, read the description and contemplated the only 5 factory miles on this bike. A stunning example by all accounts. So let’s talk about the elephant in the room (or post) as it were.

The seller is asking $26,800 for this bike.

That’s a lot of cash for most folks (even rich folks, I think). So is this bike worth it? If it was proven beyond any doubt to be the last brand new RZ350KR on earth would it be worth it?

I don’t know. I’m just bringing you the bike. If you wish to play in this world and have the means, jump over to the auction and make your play.


Honda August 31, 2012 posted by

Nice and Clean ’86 Honda VF1000R

Location: Superior, Wisconsin

Mileage: 11,445

Price: Auction, $4,600 BIN

Race replica bikes, or attempts by people to build them, have been around in some form since the dawn of time. However, the 80’s seemed to bring in the current era of the factory race replica bike and the Honda VF1000R certainly played a role, along with the Ninja, Hurricane and, my favorite, The GSX-R. The VF1000R was also a precursor to one of the greatest bikes ever, the Honda RC30. Honda also only built them for two years, so this bike is rare too. It’s got it all.

Here’s the seller’s take-

Regreatably selling a 1986 Honda VF1000R Interceptor sport motorcycle .  This time-warp machine has barely 11,000 miles from new, and has seen only 3 owners.  I am only selling for two reasons:  I am having increasing trouble with arthritis at a fairly young age (need a cruiser, or at least a standard) and have too many toys crowding our garage.  Sadly, just bought (wasn’t cheap) and shipped from MA to WI (wasn’t cheap) this Spring, so my loss is your gain.  Included in the sale is the original owner’s manual and key.  Please note that like many of these very expensive bikes, it sat unsold for over 3 years, not selling at Parkway Cycles in MA until 1992!

Creating a race replica bike like everyone else was doing at the time didn’t come inexpensively. The VF1000R had state-of-the-art styling and engineering, from its hand-laid fiberglass fairings, twin-headlights, and gear-driven V4 engine.  Add in TRAC anti-dive forks, quick-detach front wheel, air suspension front and rear, and more, and you can see why it retailed for well over $5,000 way back then.  But know one said you could look like Freddy Spencer for cheap!

As mentioned, sale includes the original manual, key, plus a 1985 microfishe set, along with some service records.  The tool kit is still in the box along the right panel.  The condition of the bike is awesome, overall, but does reflect  a few minor flaws, as may be expected for any vehicle this old.  Pictures will show the following: damage to the LH mirror mount area, from a partial tip-over, a crack in the rear taillight cover, a scratch on/near the RH oil level cover, and some touch ups to the front fender.  However, from 5 feet away, it still looks fantastic, styled like n othing else, you could shave using the tank for a mirror, tires are correct type Dunlops with only 600 miles, I changed oil/filter using Bel-Ray semi-synthetic.  Starts at the touch of the button, idles perfectly, carbs were done last year, sounds of the twin exhaust V4 and gear drive cams is unique.  Shifts perfect, brakes should be bled, runs nice and fast, you hit about 3 grand and you’re gone!  Turns heads everywhere and has been a show stopper at bike nights.

A must have for any serious Honda collector, bike is sold “as-is” “where-is”, no warranty implied/offered.  I will assist with shipping, but it is the buyers’ responsibility.  Location is just outside Duluth, MN , 150 north of Mpls-St. Paul, or Eau Claire, WI.

And photos-

This bike looks clean for its age and the seller highlights some of the  minor cosmetic issues. The mileage is low for a 26 year old machine and hopefully the bike has been maintained well over the years. The current owner says it starts and runs no problem, with recent carb work having been done. It also comes with the original manual, rare indeed, and some microfiche, interesting if you can find a machine to view them on.

I have to think that in the history of the sportbike and the world of collectables, the VF1000R will always be a major player. Taking that into consideration, I think the price on this bike is pretty reasonable. It’s certainly worth a look for all you collectors or Honda fans out there. If that fits you, go check the auction out!


Aprilia August 30, 2012 posted by

RS On Roids: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

RS On Roids:  1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike


While RS250 Cup Bikes aren’t all that hard to find, finding one that is a wolf in sheeps clothing is a bit unique.  Among some other nice touches, this RS has had a 300cc kit installed.  From what I’m seeing on the internets it looks like people are quite fond of the conversion kits.  Owners claim to see an 8-10 HP gain over the 250cc version.  Most came with some head inserts for more tuning fun.  More than one company made the kits but most seem to be from Stand Stephens out of the UK.  I can’t confirm that is what is on this bike.


Here are some of the other extras on her:

Dymag Magnesium Rims
Brake Tech Rotors
Race Tech Springs
Woodcraft Rear Sets
Penske Shock
Brembo 19×20 front brake master cylinder
Quick shifter (Two, actually.  One for standard and one for GP shift.)
Jim Lomas Stainless pipes


Everybody likes some spares for a track bike.



The Penske shock hiding in there.  I’m noticing a catch bottle wedged in there as well. 


There is no way of suger coating it; the owner is asking an extremely steep $8,000 BIN.  Now the good news; he is open to offers.  Lately I’ve seen average non-titled Cup Bikes selling for less than $4,000.  This bike is not in that category with the 300cc kit, wheels, pipes and shock.  The problem is  that in the $8,000 price range he  faces competition from older Honda RS250’s and TZ250’s for track toys.  Toss an offer out there and hopefully both parties can come away happy.


The listing.

Sport Bikes For Sale August 29, 2012 posted by

Vintage! 1978 Yamaha TZ250 GP bike

For Sale: 1978 Yamaha TZ250 racer

Our seller from Rimini, Italy is at it again – this time auctioning off this beautiful D spec TZ250. From the seller’s comments in the advert, it would appear that this bike (as well as the others we have posted from this seller) are coming out of a museum of some sort. All I can say is that these have all been beautiful machines.

The TZ250 was a privateer’s dream. Offered by Yamaha to aspiring racers, these bikes ran alongside factory riders astride somewhat similar machinery. The factory boys would always get the latest trick parts (not to mention factory support and boatloads of spares), but the privateer had the same basic equipment and platform. From there, many a professional racer was born.

From the seller:


Like all of the bikes offered by this seller, the wording is terse and the pictures are few. What pictures we have show a nicely restored TZ250D. and something I sure wouldn’t mind taking out on my next track day. Hmmmm…. how long does it take to ship from Italy to the US? To see all the details on this one, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is one nice TZ!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 29, 2012 posted by

In a New York Minute: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

From the seller:
99% of these bikes are a mess… if you want a good one with some extras, this may be your bike.

These words from the seller regarding this ONE OWNER bike really do say it all. Located in NY, this looks to be an honest RZ500 find with a title for that state.

Here is a bike that has been fawned over since birth by the same guy. Here is an advert that reads of not wanting to sell. Here is a bike and spares that would make grown men weep. THIS is exactly the sort of bike that RSBFS loves to post. The seller knows the bike, and is happy to explain what has been done to it as well as point out the flaws. There are tons of pictures, and lots of detail. This is eBay shopping heaven!

This RZ500 is not stock. Who cares?! I don’t think that I would ever have the restraint NOT to want to change something on a smoker. Let’s face it – as delivered from the factory, these bikes had great potential, as well as a lot of EPA and other regulatory baggage. Uncork those pipes, let ‘er breathe, and hold on as the tach sweeps through the range. That is what these legacy two strokes are all about.

From the seller:
1985 1/2 Yamaha RZ500RN (1GE)

I am the original owner of this bike, I bought it in January 1986 when I was 26 yrs. old. I have all the manuals (owners, setup, and service) and documentation, sales brochure, magazine articles, un-opened 1/12th scale Tamiya model, original bill of sale, and clean New York title in my name.

This bike has been part of my life since 1986 and I have always had strong emotional attachment to it (This was my first new bike). It has always been kept indoors in a temperature controlled environment.

Being a professional motorcycle mechanic for most of my adult life, I decided when mileage reached 23,000 kms, to give it a top end freshening with genuine Yamaha 0.25mm pistons and rings, and anything else that needed attention…. Worn YPVS linkage parts…. Bearings, gaskets Etc…. all genuine Yamaha.

New fork seals and fresh oil
New front brake rotors (old ones are included here)
Remove steering head and grease bearings. (tapered bearings are standard)
New chain and sprockets
(there are a few extra front and rear sprockets included here – for gearing changes if so desired.)

There were a few extra non-stock things that I decided to do at the time which included:

Jolly Moto race pipes – High temp black powder coat – I liked the original look
(Original immaculate condition pipes are included with bike)
All tuning for the pipes is done by me, and the carbs have my jet kit installed.
(I will include the original carb needles with the bike)

Mill heads .040” (1mm)

Replaced metric KM speedometer with UK spec RD500LC MPH speedometer.

Ohlins rear shock – (Original is also included)

I also did some of the Yamaha race manual modifications (also included with bike) which include:

Slot stator housing and advance timing 5 degrees

Remove split gears from crank gears
(Originals are included with bike)

This was all done back in the winter of 2001….. the mileage shown is what has accumulated since then…. The whole bike was gone through with a fine toothed comb… anything that was worn or ugly was replaced. I have a lot of spare parts that I have accumulated over the years including spare body panels as well as mechanical parts and wear items – Please see photos.

The seat cowl has a plastic weld repair on the left side and a crack that needs to be repaired on the right – see photos.

Also, there is another crack by one of the tail cover screws – see photo.

There are fresh (April 2012) Avon radials on the stock rims.

The minimum price that I will accept is the opening bid – there is no reserve.

The seller has pointed out the good and the bad. It is my duty to point out the UGLY. Prices are rising on these oil breathing monsters, and this one is right up at the pointy end of the scale. The seller is looking for a STARTING bid of $22,500. There is no reserve on this auction, but looking at that starting price, there really is. Is this a $20k+ bike to you? Check out all of the pictures and details here, and then check back and let us know. A one owner bike with some pretty thorough knowledge of the state of the machine PLUS a boatload of spares…… I would consider that for at least a New York minute…..


Sport Bikes For Sale August 28, 2012 posted by

Another Rare Smoker: 1990 Yamaha TZ-R 250

For Sale: 1990 Yamaha TZ-R 250

Here is another rare one that was pointed out to us by RSBFS reader and superfan Martin. We need to get this guy on our payroll as his tastes are just like ours!

The seller has seemingly transcribed the TZ-R 250 Wikipedia entry into his advert, so settle in and let the words of many people typing into an open source online encyclopedia lull you to enlightenment.

From the seller:
The Yamaha TZR250 is motorcycle manufactured and produced by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha between 1986 and 1996.

Yamaha produced road going 2-stroke motorcycle, loosely based on the TZ250 Yamaha racing bike. Parallel-twin, reverse cylinder and finally V-twin variants were produced. It evolved as a natural replacement for the popular RD 250/350 LC series of the 1980’s. It has Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) which raises and lowers the exhaust port depending on the rpm of the engine, the YPVS servo motor starts to open at about 6,000rpm. In standard form 50bhp is claimed at 10,000rpm. Although mid 40’s is more realistic, and will not rev much above 9,500rpm in standard trim owing to the restrictive standard exhausts and ignition boxes

Still raced in the Yamaha Past Masters race series with the British racing club – BMCRC. Racing engines currently claiming circa 56bhp @ 11,000rpm. Racing pre-mix fuel ratios typically 1:30. Standard exhausts are difficult to improve on in terms of power and torque, but they are very heavy and impede ground clearance. Jolly Moto exhausts are popular replacements as they are lighter, produce similar performance, and allow better ground clearance.

In 1987 Mat Oxley was the first person to lap the Isle of Man TT course at over 100mph, riding this model. An F3 racing kit was produced for a few years which included ignition boxes, carbs and exhaust pipes, helping increase maximum revs, power and torque.

Production started in June 1986. At a cost of around $6,000 new on release it was seen as an expensive bike for a 250 cc, but given that places such as Japan and Australia had 250 licencing laws in place one can imagine the stir that something that could hassle 750’s on a track caused. 2MA variant being the UK variant and the 1KT model being the domestic Japanese variant. Variations between these two models being minimal, i.e. wording on the brake master cylinder in English or Japanese. Lighting arrangements were also different, to comply with UK type approval regulations, particularly the indicators were mounted on stalks rather than faired into the bodywork.

Then came the reverse cylinder version 3MA, then the V-twins 3XV. The variants followed the configuration of motor of the racing TZ250 of the time. Manufacture of TZR250s stopped in 1996.

This TZ-R looks pretty good from the pictures. As all of these were imported, there is usually a pretty large number of people who put their hands on the bike before you did, and part of the fun is to understand and work through prior modifications. Mileage is listed as 24,000 KM and change (call it 15,000 miles for stateside usage), and there is no info as to how fresh that top end may be. The picture shows a CA plate with current tags, so there may indeed be some magic in this bike!

The current auction price is just over $4k in pretty moderate bidding, but still a ways off of the BIN number of $8,700. As far as quarter liter smokers go, this TZ-R is rarer than most, and looks pretty good. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Thanks for pointing ths one out, Martin!


Bimota August 27, 2012 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8R For Sale in Seattle

Update 8.27.2012: Sorry I nearly missed this one, but she’s about to close on eBay in about 2 hours. Buy-it-now down to $10k from $12k when originally listed in June. Links updated, -dc

I know, I know. It’s another Bimota and we post ALOT of these. We post so many SB8R’s that Ian has dubbed them “the Honda Civic of Bimota’s“. But this one caught my eye in particular for two reasons:

– It has remarkably high miles for a Bimota, over 3k in fact! Joking aside, it is practically new, just broken in by most people’s standards.
– It did sit for a bit before Red Label Moto acquired it, but has since had a lot of catch up maintenance and thoughtful OEM upgrades. It’s a ready to ride bike, not a display queen.

Kia does a good job of describing what is for sale and I’ve included the listing text below. At $12k buy-it-now, it’s about right where we’ve estimated solid SB8R’s are worth in previous listings.

And for all the folks who whine about another Bimota being listed, there are ALOT of us out there who would love to have one in the stable. It’s a freaking Bimota man!


From the seller’s listing:

This bike was purchased new from Ducati Bellevue on 3/2/2002. The 1st and only owner was a local Seattle aerospace engineer who rarely rode the bike. It was never ridden in the rain, never left outdoors overnight, never around a racetrack nor has it ever been tipped over and/or damaged in any way.

With one exception, the 1st owner made no modifications to this machine. His one mod was having a custom fuel trimmer or potentiometer made to work with the existing wiring harness. When my store acquired the bike from owner #1, it had not been ridden with any regularity for a few years and needed some attention. In the last couple weeks I have done the following:

~New Michelin Power Pure 2CT tires.

~New braided steel clutch and rear brake lines. Used but perfect condition braided steel front brake lines. Inexplicably, these bikes came with rubber hydraulic hoses.

~New EBC brake pads front and rear. The metallic versions in the front.

~New engine oil and filter.

~New spark plugs. NGK CR9EK.

~I sourced an out-of-production Evoluzione SB8R fuel trimmer from a Bimota enthusiast in Colorado. He had this and the official Bimota trimmer for sale. This unit is more precisely calibrated with nearly infinite settings between 0 and 999. The Bimota trimmer has 8 positions total. Also, this unit has a way-cool analog digital display that shows where your fuel mixture is set. And a more trick looking gold anodized mounting bracket. Yes I modded the ignition lock cylinder mounting spacers when I installed the trimmer so the steering lock still works. This trimmer is essential so the bike can run the way it was designed. Without it, the bike is so lean it is nearly unrideable. Also, one can now mod the exhaust and set the mixture to match. The custom trimmer from 10 years ago went in the round file.

~I was unhappy with the stock, quiet, restrictive, oe Arrow pipes. The only aftermarket option I could find was advertised as the last new Moto Corse full system remaining on Planet Earth for $7500. I took a pass. Instead, I had one of the best local fabricators I know take apart the stock system and “re-core” it. The result is outstanding in that it essentially replicates full racing pipes with much better performance and sound. The pipes did end up a couple inches shorter than stock, however they are much lighter after being modified. All in all a fantastic mod in my opinion.

~I modded the oe footpegs to replicate the footpegs as they would have been delivered on a European market SB8R. The bikes sold in the US were required to have folding footpegs, which, in my opinion, ruined the look of the otherwise exquisitely made oe foot controls. So I had them machined and carefully modded to delete the folding gizmos. Now they are solid pegs and look/perform just like the European versions.

~New Shorai lightweight lithium replacement battery. Trust me, the fact that this bike has a new battery of any type is a huge plus. If you doubt me you have never replaced the battery on an SB8R.

~New vacuum line that goes from the airbox to a vacuum switching valve.

~Cleaned/serviced air filter foam element.

~The stock headlight control (left-side switchgear) has an extra metal tab inside so you can’t turn off the headlights. I took the switch apart and removed that bit of US Bureaucracy, so now the lights can be switched on and off.

This Bimota is ready to go in every way. With the fuel trimmer in place, it can be ridden around almost like a normal bike. I say “almost” since we are still talking about what is really a street legal racing machine. Even with the engine fueling the way it should, the thing is still a handful.

Includes both factory keys, leather Bimota key fob, owner’s booklet, wiring diagram, display stand, stock footpeg folding thingies, toolkit, helmet lock (?) and the stock rubber hydraulic hoses if you want them.

Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale August 27, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: Suzuki RGV250SP VJ22 Dry Clutch

Parts Bin:  Suzuki  RGV250SP  VJ22  Dry Clutch


I doubt there is a single RGV250 owner out there that would not like to add a little rattle to his ride.  A VJ22 SP dry clutch is currently lingering on Ebay without a single bid.  Of course it is overseas (Greece to be exact) but the price and shipping seemed reasonable enough to my secluded and secured compound.  Prices have steadily risen for these clutches as the years have rolled by so I would not hold out hope for bargain finds.  Remember this will work for you Aprilia RS250 owners as well.



The seller says he also has the SP forks, SAPC and straight plug heads available.  That would give you a head start on turning your standard RGV into an SP.  It might be worth asking if he as the gearbox and shock and just finish the job.


Here is the auction.




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