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Track Bikes For Sale April 29, 2012 posted by

Spondon Framed 1981 TZ500

Spondon Framed 1981 TZ500

I apologize in advance,  I sat on this one and the auction is nearing its’ end.  This isn’t a museum piece and it isn’t original but that is what I like about it.  It has been modernized a bit and is ready for your local track.  To be truthful this could have been put together with tape and I would have posted it, I’m just a sucker for those snake like chambers that grace the TZ500.  Another benefit of not being a collector type TZ500 is that it is affordable for a much larger range of people.  Maybe it is still overpriced since no one has taken the BIN price.


There they are!  Someone from Georgia (it’s located in Canton, GA) please buy this thing so I can try to bum a lap on it.  I’m truly intrigued by what it would be like to ride a race bred 500cc two stroke.



The seller didn’t include much info:

1981 TZ500  Spondon Chasis  marchisini wheels   JPK motor   titanium pnumatic power valves  New pipes  spare set of pipes as well.     LOTS of spares


Question, questions.  Anyone heard of JPK that did the engine work?  How about the power valves:  titanium and pneumatic?  Someone please explain that mod to little ole me.  Who has a guess what the swing arm was stolen from?


It just simply looks like fun.  The sound of the damn thing might be worth the price.

It ends soon, click away.






Sport Bikes For Sale April 28, 2012 posted by

’88 Suzuki GSX-R Slingshot Edition Up for Grabs

Location: Rockford, Illinois

Mileage: 18,020

Price: Auction, currently $2,500 with a reserve

Sorry, but I had to throw another old GSX-R into the mix. Actually, I’m not sorry. I love these bikes. We’ve had quite a few older GSX-R’s on here lately and I’m glad they’re always coming out of the woodwork. This bike is a Slingshot, a name given to the bike after the Y-shaped air channels leading into the carbs. The engine was revamped to a shorter stroke, something that was thought to bring more revs and therefore, more power. Didn’t really work out that way. But still a cool bike.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Hello and welcome to my auction. Up for sale is my 1988 Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot. This is an excellent example of this classic machine that is sought after by many. This bike is in very nice condition and you won’t find many if any as clean as this one is. This bike is almost all original except for a few minor aftermarket parts. The bike is pictured with the matching O.E.M. solo seat on it but it does come with the original passenger seat set up as well. I have owned quite a few of these 1988 – 1990 GSXR’s and this one is one of the nicest that I have owned. I love these older GSXR’s because of how awesome they look and are to ride. Whenever I pull this bike out I get all kinds of looks and everyone who is not familiar with the year of the bike thinks that is new. Please only bid if you intend on following through with the purchase. Whoever ends up buying this bike is going to be happy that they did. This bike runs awesome and looks awesome as well. I want to thank you for looking and good luck bidding. If you have any questions please e-mail me or call and ask for Bob. The buyer is responsible for any and all shipping charges. There is NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. I reserve the right to end the auction at any time as I will be putting the bike up for sale locally as well.

And some photos-

This bike isn’t a bone stock example but looks to be fairly clean for its age and mileage. Clearly has a Yoshimura exhaust, not uncommon on this or any other GSX-R. Windscreen and turn signals are replaced. The OEM solo seat comes with it, which is a bonus in my book. If you want to ride two up, the original seat is included.

All in all, this looks like a pretty clean ride for someone who wants to maybe start collecting or just have a killer older GSX-R to show off. Whichever one speaks to you, go make a move and place your bid!


Kawasaki April 27, 2012 posted by

Without Pedigree but Ticks All the Boxes: Kawasaki ZXR 400 (Germany)

How about 65 HP for 160 kg ? How about redline at 14.000 rpm. This might not be an exotic V4 (read NC30) but it will deliver just as well.

Small capacity 4 cylinders in-line have always been popular in Japan and especially on race tracks but these models made it  in relatively big numbers to Europe as well. You wonder how a 400cc revved at 14.000 rpm sounds like ?

In terms of performance the 400cc 4-strokes are very much comparable to the 2 cylinder 250cc 2-strokes like the Suzuki RGV 250. The 2-strokes have at their advantage less weight but are penalized by less torque and engine elasticity. I grew up on bikes with 2% oil in the mix and therefore always been a fan of the RGVs but considering reliability, lack  of major mainatanance operations and modern environmental friendliness’ laws the 400cc 4-strokes are a great choice for cheap, fun an yet exotic bikes.

Unlike the bigger sister (the ZXR 750) the clutch on this model is cable operated. Every component though has nothing less than the ones mounted on the bigger capacity and this also explains the relatively original high price tags of the 400cc Japanese machines.  Nevertheless, considering the light weight, the screaming sound and the fact that you can trash them around public roads without finding yourself at insane 3 digit speeds, these bikes are a good choice for the sport riders who enjoy using all 6 gears and riding on twisty mountain roads.

A few words from the seller:

Hallo zusammen

da meine frau die lust am motorrad fahren verloren hat möchten wir ihr kleines schätzchen verkaufen die maschiene steht jetzt schon seit 16 monaten in der garage es ist eine zxr 400 sie ist offen und hat 65 Ps giftig ohne ende dreht bis 14000/Umin. sie wird noch sauber gemacht und sie bekommt noch hinten nen neuen reifen batterie haben wir heute neu gekauft tüv wird anfang nächste woche auch noch gemacht sofern der reifen diese woche noch kommt also eine super maschiene für den start der sasion sie hat gerademal 16.500 km original gelaufen es ist KEIN austauschmotor die maschiene wurde immer gewartet in einer fachwerkstatt meine frau ist die 2te besitzerin vorher wurde die maschiene auch von einer frau gefahren also keine verheitzte kiste immoment haben wir den laser sport endtopf verbaut damit hört sich die maschiene richtig gut an der originale für den tüv ist natürlich auch mit dabei die maschiene bekommt nächste woche noch neuen tüv wie gesagt reifen kommt auch noch neu und einmal durchchecken sie können sich die maschiene gerne anschauen kommen nach terminabsprache und wir lassen sie auch gerne probelaufen achso erstzulassung ist 26.03.1998

bei fragen schreibt uns einfach an

da privarkauf leider keinerlei garantie oder rücknahme meinerseits auch wird nicht mehr gehandelt vor ort ein gebot ist bindend und verpflichtet zur abnahme

maschiene sollte innerhalb von 7 tagen bei uns abgeholt und bar bezahlt werden

Am 25.04.12 hat der Verkäufer die folgenden Angaben hinzugefügt:

so beim reinigen der maschiene sind uns noch 2-3 kleinigkeiten aufgefallen zu sehen auf bild 6 und 10 bild 6 ist die verkleidung vom stoßdämpfer behälter eingerissen und auf bild 10 ist die frontmaske ca 2 cm eingerissen würde nichtmal auffallen wir schreibens aber hier rein leider ist mir heute beim zusammensuchen der teile der originale endtopf vom regal runter gefallen hat einen leichten ditscher abbekommen beeinträchtigt nicht die funktion ist ehh nur für den tüv auf den bildern ist der laser endtopf zu sehen den haben wir nach erhalt der plakette immer rauf gebaut wie nun zu sehen ist steht die maschiene trotz der 2 kleinigkeiten super da bei fragen einfach anschreiben


He describes the bike as being his wife’s machine. The bikes has 16500 original km on the clock and had 2 previous owners. The model is form 1998 and will delivered washed up, with new tires and with a new test certificate from TUV. On the original post below, the seller mentioned a couple of scratches visible on pictures 6 and 10. The silencer fitted to the bike is from Laser while the original one is partially damaged due to a drop of the muffler itself.

Other than the silencer and the black windscreen (by the way, I don’t understand why every Kawa owner needs to change the original screen onto a black one), the bike is in original trim. This ZXR 400 is available in southern Germany.

Happy bidding: ZXR 400 aus Deutschland


Sport Bikes For Sale April 27, 2012 posted by

Get One While You Can – Original, First Year GSX-R 1100

Location: Visalia, California

Mileage: 42,000

Price: Auction, currently $3,850

Update 4.26.2012: Previoulsy posted on March 1, this bike sold for $4500 but is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

So everybody knows that I’m particularly fond of the Suzuki GSX-R. And we really haven’t had an early one in a while here on RSBFS. Well, here’s one. 1986 is the first year of the 1100, a bike that took things up a notch or five when it came out a year after Suzuki shocked the motorcycling world with the GSX-R 750. The 1100 was the same chassis, but with a bigger air and oil cooled 137hp monster of a motor. And a bulletproof motor at that. This bike is legendary.

The pics are a little fuzzy but here they are-

And from the seller-

here we have a 1986 suzuki gsxr 1100 rare british color scheme it has the 530 chain conversion with brand new chain and sprockets, the tank is dent free completely and is in near perfect shape other than some clear coat peeling on the stripe portion. the other panels are in good shape not perfect but not poor a nice example of a 26 year old bike. it has brand new bt45 bridgestone tires and new rear brake pads. the rear grab rail comes with the bike not pictured on it. the bike has not been down at all other than the left lower fairing has a silver dollar size rash where it bubbles out to cover the crank shaft. it has 180 psi compression in every cylinder. all stock bike please call larry with questions. other than me this is a one owner bike included with the bike is the original sales contract. fresh tune up as well plugs, oil carb and valve adj

The seller mentions the minor mods to the bike and some small cosmetic issues. Photos show a pretty clean and original bike and while the mileage is up there the engines in these, as mentioned above, are pretty bulletproof. Many a GSX-R 1100 motor went into many a drag bike. So if the bike has been maintained, you should have something you can ride as you like for quite some time. Who knows where the price goes on this one, but I would suspect between $5k and $6k. We’ll see.

So another early GSX-R 1100 up for grabs. They ain’t gonna make any more of these, so if you’ve been looking, it might be time to pull the trigger. To start the squeeze on that trigger, make the jump!


Honda April 27, 2012 posted by

Classic Interceptor: 1986 Honda VFR750 For Sale!

Location: Antigo,Wisconsin

Miles: 7,447

Price: Starting at $3,000 with Reserve

What a difference one letter can make. If you add an “R” to the end of this bike, it would be transformed into one of the most collectible bikes on the planet. But comparing this VFR to that one would be down right pointless. However, if you compare this early year, second generation Interceptor to the previous model, the improvements are obvious.

The VFR750 has all the right movements in the important categories when comparing it to the previous generation. Weight was shaved by nearly 50lbs with the help of an aluminum twin-spar frame. Displacement was up 50cc and power shot up another 25hp with aid from a lightened engine internals while working out the kinks of the V4 with gear driven cams. Hey, they even gave it an extra cog in the gear box. 750cc V4 with an aluminum frame, draped in red/white/blue fairings with a Honda gold wing on the tank… Oh the foreshadowing.

The VFR750 up for grabs here looks to be in very good condition, especially for a 26-year-old bike that was never designed to be a collector or living room piece. Honda needed to show the world that this bike was a force to be reckoned with as well as having durability. The seller provides detailed photos of the imperfections with the bike and even includes the original owner’s manual.

From the seller:

Owned and maintained by a former motorcycle mechanic for more than a couple decades. THIS BIKE HAS NEVER BEEN DOWN! RARE totally stock VFR750 with original windshield & exhaust not replaced with aftermarket shield & mufflers like normally done. In the video engine sound is flawless. Carbs cleaned & ready to ride. Tank paint has a few paint chips but no dents! Fuel tank seat area does NOT have all the usual scratches found on these bikes. Decals at the rear of bike have a few belmishes. Comes with Owners Manual is in plastic pouch excellent condition under seat. Chain guard is not on bike in images but comes with bike.

With only 7,477 miles on the odometer, this VFR750 is a survivor. It isn’t perfect, but some deep cleaning on it would go a long ways. And if it was in fact owned and maintained by a former bike mechanic for a couple decades, then it should be in solid condition. But do your research in regards to this if you are a serious buyer. The opening bid is for $3k with a reserve in place. I can’t imagine the reserve being much higher than that, but only bidding will reveal it. This is sure a great bike for an Honda collector, and if I owned the later homologated cousins of this machine, it would be a nice example to sit next to them. Or you could just buy it and enjoy riding it, as it’s not a museum piece. Take a look at the auction here and make it yours!


Ducati April 26, 2012 posted by

Less is more: 2001 748 R in Germany

Here is a red Ducati 748 R with 28000 km.

It is a 2001 model with the first versions of the the fairing with large cut outs behind the radiator. This was the first R model following the SPS version. Ducati used to call their special versions with SP or SPS  standing for Sport Production but then went for a more international R code.

My favorite version comes in yellow but I don’t want to initiate a huge discussion on this or do I ????

Anyway, faster colors apart, the 748 R is one of the best Ducati packages ever made. It has the finest components like:

  1. Ohlins front fork
  2. Ohlins rear suspension
  3. Oshlins steering damper
  4. Termignoni silencers included in the package (titanium 50mm on this one)
  5. Light weight magnesium wheels from Marchesini (they look like the standard 5 spoke wheels as mounted on a normal 2001 748, but if you look closely you’ll find the shape of the spokes is slightly different,  and if you put them on the scale you’ll find they are very different).
  6. Carbon front mudguard
  7. Carbon side panels
  8. Ventilated racing style discs (look at the groove along the vertical section of the disc to distinguish from standard discs)
  9. A distinguishing number plate reminding you of owning a limited series model

By far one of best handling motorbikes ever, this is a favorite track tool. Add a carbon air intake box and you’ll have one of the best sounding Ducati ever. This is also because the 748 smaller motor revs higher than the big brother’s 996 resulting into a higher twin cylinder pitch…mmmhhh…

I personally owned one of these (in yellow, best color, did I mention that ?) during my life in the UK. I regret having sold it and looking at the price tag of this sample I’d hit myself…

I rode it to Cadwell Park (check this out on youtube and look for the BSB British Superbike riders jumping with both wheels at the mountain !) , Anglesey, Donnington Park, Rockingham and Mallory Park…man I miss those times…

On my bike I fitted a slipper clucth and race fairings. With less torque than the bigger brother but similar maximum power (105 Hp on R model), lower weight and better brakes, you’ll find yourself quicker than the average 996 rider. The bike is extremely neutral in its handling performance, very stable and razor sharp.

With just enough power to be seriously fast while never risking high-sides (unless you look or it…) this is for me one of the ultimate track day bikes. Add to this that values of these models will only increase when in good conditions like this one and the only thing might stop you from putting an offer on eBay should be the distance to Germany. The previous owner bought the bike in 2011 and spent   1550 Euros in comprehensive service.

Number 728.

Here’s the eBay listing: Red Ducati 748 R 2001 model

Yours with 7000 Euro or less .-)

Good luck with the bidding !


Sport Bikes For Sale April 26, 2012 posted by

Original Owner Survivor: 1993 GSX-R750 For Sale

Location: Lumberton, North Carolina

Miles: 9,650

Price: Currently $2,225 with No Reserve

The term “Rare” in regards to sport bikes can signify low-production and finely crafted bikes that were originally sold for a higher price than the norm. Or it can mean classic and collectible bikes that are decades old. All of which are completely reasonable. A mass produced bike with no special upgrades shouldn’t sound rare. The GSX-R series is a mass produced working-man’s sport bike which could be ridden and enjoyed. Add 20 years to a bike bought in the early 90’s with an attainable price tag, throw in a lot of fairing that can see tons of wear and damage, subtract any sense of ‘collectability’ when originally purchased, and consider the fact that people who owned/desired these back in the day now have some disposable income, and you have the recipe for a “rare” and collectible bike.

The GSX-R750 was redesigned for 1993 and fit nicely between the newly introduced 600 and 1100 models of its time. The bike up for grabs here is up for sale by its original owner and has fewer than 10k miles on the odometer. It appears to be in stock condition physically, sporting a stock exhaust, wind screen, and even comes with an era-correct matching helmet. Though, I would recommend keeping the lid a display piece and not using it.

From the seller:

1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750

VIN: JS1GR7BA7P2103508

Less than 9,700 miles

Adult owned

Never raced

Always garaged

75% tread left on Dunlop D207F Sportmax tires

Looks and runs like new

Almost perfect paint

Never laid down

Full service performed within last 200 miles including: all fluids (oil & filter, brake, fork oil, coolant), spark plugs, air filter, valves adjusted, chain adjusted and lubed.

Everything works perfectly

Water cooled

Matching helmet included

Includes original owner’s manual

All receipts and service records available

If you have been looking for an early 90’s GSXR750 with awesomely 90’s graphics, then look no further. This bike looks like it has been maintained well and kept in good condition. You also get the peace of mind of knowing its entire history via the 1-owner status. The price seems very reasonable as well, and with no reserve on the auction, this one will sell. Take a look at the auction and decide if you want to own this survivor!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 26, 2012 posted by

Clean, Original ’87 Yamaha FZ 700…Yes, 700!

Location: Goshen, Indiana

Mileage: 32,169

Price: $3,700 BIN

So I even did a double take when I saw this bike. FZ 700? Huh? I’m familiar with the Yamaha line up and the 700 didn’t ring any bells. Seven fifty? No problem. Or say the 1000, 600 and 400? Sure. I thought the seller may have made a mistake. Well, no matter how much we know, there’s always more to learn.

So why the 700 cc’s? Well, apparently back in 1987, the government had a tariff on bikes over 700 cc’s. This made them more expensive, so how do you solve that? Go with 697cc’s instead. That gives you this, the FZ 700. The tariff would be lifted the following year and the displacement was bumped to the more common 750. So ’87 was the only year of the 700 in the U.S.

Here’s the seller’s information-

FOR SALE is a 1987 Yamaha FZ700 5-Valve Genesis bike. I am the second owner of this vehicle and have not even put 100 miles on it. The bike is immaculately clean and ORIGINAL!!! She has just over 30,000 miles on her but has never been dropped, crashed, or abused. It is 100% stock with all the OEM parts and equipment. Asking $3700 OBO (all offers are considered). Must see bike in person to really appreciate!! Email for questions or details. Thanks!! 

NOTE* Buyer is responsible for pick up within 7 days of an accepting offer. The bike will be sold AS-IS with NO express or implied warranty. 

And photos-

The bike is advertised as original and it sure looks that way. For it’s age it also looks to be in clean shape. The seller show some scratches that don’t look too severe. The bike has lots of miles so you’ll want to get a good idea of the service history and make sure it runs well. Otherwise, this thing looks solid.

So if you like Yamaha’s and want one that only existed for one model year, this is your bike. Sure, it’s got the smaller engine, but it should still be fun and a cool piece of sportbike evolution in the U.S. See what you think and make the jump!



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