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Sport Bikes For Sale February 4, 2012 posted by

Guess who’s back?

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve hijacked That’s right- dd is back in the saddle for a few days and while Dan da’ Man is in the closet trying to remove the duct tape and rope Mike, Ian, Rem, Andrew, Jared and I are gonna have a little fun. Can you say Charlie Sheen shenanigans? Okay, so maybe hookers and blow wouldn’t be so good, but we’ll keep it focused on the good stuff for sure.


Honda February 4, 2012 posted by

Smile! 1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Smile!  1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Man, this stinks!  I’m stuck here in the Sovietesque RSBFS offices and the boss in away sunning in the tropics.   While he is gone I’m going  to sneak in some more eye candy from the old world.

Whoever runs this shop in the UK has good taste as they are  bringing in some nice and rare NSR’s.   I can’t say I’ve seen a Pentax Edition before and didn’t even know they had sponsored  a Honda race team.  Remember when race teams actually had sponsors?


Is it a 1990 or 1991?  It is listed as a 1990 but several web searches came back with 1991.  Is this another case of Japanese domestic bikes being a year ahead of what they exported?

As is usual with the SP’s you get the dry clutch, magnesium wheels and adjustable suspension.  Honda took a different path than Suzuki when it came to race replicas.  Honda clothed their SP’s in racing colors while all the Suzuki VJ22 Lucky Strikes that we love were just standard models.  I’m seeing 1500 as the number produced in this color scheme.

Some Pentax close ups.


All the stock Honda photo’s show the bike without the “Pentax” stickers.  I’m assuming it came as a sticker kit with the bike.  I know it is just bodywork but like the Cabin and Terra Racing replicas, it would be a nice addition to a collection.

I’m sneaking out of the office early and you can click here  to see the NSR.


Hell, if they are on Youtube I guess everyone has one.


Here is a  shot of the race bike.  Kind of looks like it was an NSR500.




Ducati February 3, 2012 posted by

Ducati In A Box: 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16RR

Ducati In A Box:  2008 Ducati Desmosedici  D16RR

This may be the most visually boring post I’ve ever done but  believe it or not this is not the first Desmosedici in box we’ve seen here on RSBFS.

Yep, more box.  The seller is asking a premium for the pleasure of opening the box with bidding starting at $69,000.  He is basically asking the original MSRP.  I really find it hard to believe he will get much action with pristine Desmosedici’s coming up for sale regularly in the mid 40’s to low 50’s.  15 years from now a boxed one might fetch a premium but I’m not sure about now.

Yeah, still a box.  Are you asleep yet?  This should wake you up.  It’s Rossi’s new ride with the much talked about aluminum frame.



From the auction:

Ducati of North America has told me this bike is the last bike in the crate that hasn’t been warranty registered, Own a  piece of History.


If you like your bikes in cardboard you better click here.





Harley Davidson February 2, 2012 posted by

American Iron in a To Go Box: Crated H-D XR1000

For Sale: 1984 Harley-Davidson XR-1000

Boxes can be tricky things. They seem to ignite the imagination of collectors and cats alike. Take for instance, this particular packing crate. The bidding on this box is currently in RC30 territory. The bike inside is indeed quite rare – a 1984 Harley Davidson XR1000 similar to the one recently written up here. I know I should have learned from the last H-D experience, but RSBFS is all about the rare and collectable and the recent bidding on this box tells me this bike belongs here – even if only in a “freak show at the carnival” type of capacity.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1984 Harley Davidson XR-1000 Motorcycle. This bike was delivered to Thurnalls Harley Davidson in Clarksville Indiana. Due to slow sales at the time, the motorcycle remained at Thurnalls warehouse in its shipping crate. Mr Thurnall passed in 2003, and in 2007 the bike along with other motorcycle related items were purchased by the current owner. When the bike was transferred in 2007 a small C shaped cut was made in the crate so the local sheriff could inspect the VIN number. Other than that, the Motorcycle has been undisturbed in its crate. I was able to take some pictures by inserting my camera through the C shaped hole. We have a clear Ky title in the current owners name showing 3 miles.

I’ll keep this short so I can still show my face around the RSBFS offices: A bike is only new in the box once in its life, and this one is perfect for collectors who value such things. There are a lot more pictures and detail in the auction – which at the time of this writing was up to $21,000. Jump on over and take a look.


Sport Bikes For Sale February 2, 2012 posted by

Yes, another Yamaha RZ350 “King” Kenny Roberts Edition (’85)

Location: Ashville, North Carolina

Mileage: 3,439

Price: Auction, currently $4,200 with a reserve

There seems to be a run of Yamaha RZ350’s lately on RSBFS. Like for instance this one just posted by our fearless leader, Dan. Like the others, this one is a Kenny Roberts edition, a rare two-stroke sportbike brought to the U.S. market. And I’m sure everybody here knows about Kenny Roberts and his stellar career in Grand Prix racing. A true American racing legend. These are cool bikes and it’s great to see clean examples out there for people to take home.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Beautiful low mileage Yamaha RZ 350 with 3,439 original miles. Bike has expansion chambers matched with Tommey mufflers and runs great. The paint and bright work are in excellent condition and the guages are clear and in perfect working order. Bike has on a set of new Dunlop Arrowmax tires. Please note the many detailed photos as this machine is in overall excellent condition and is a blast to drive.

And some more pics-

This looks to be a clean, low-mile example. The seller doesn’t provide a lot of description except to highlight to expansion chambers and  pipes. The rest of the bike appears stock and in good shape. You may want to ask more about the condition and the maintenance history so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Low mileage bikes are great but not running a bike (or car) can have issues of its own.

There are plenty of bids so far and these usually go in the $5k range. So we’ll see where it lands. But if you missed out the other RZ350’s recently posted or this one is near you, negating shipping, or you just like them,  then go check this bike out.




Honda February 1, 2012 posted by

NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

Everybody hates Monday’s so here is a little eye candy of the two wheeled variety provided courtesy of Honda.  Sit back, put of your work off and dream a little of a garage filled with rare NSR’s.  Take your pick of a Terra Racing replica or one decked out in Cabin Racing colors.


I know the Rothmans replicas are the iconic NSR250 but I think these Terra Racing reps are my favorite.  The sellers ad claims 1500 were produced.

Damn, I’m a sucker for those green number plates.  Can there be a more shallow reason to like a bike?

She has around 15,000 miles on her and the seller is asking the equivalent of  $7,800.  It sure would be a nice way to top off a NSR250 collection.

Check out the auction.




Ok NSR men help me out on this one.  Was this an official replica or just paint the had Cabin Racing colors?  The seller claims a production of 2500 in this color scheme.  Doing an internet search for this bike brought up several photos of the Cup Noodle race NSR’s.  I vaguely remember seeing a picture of a street version of that bike.  Did Honda ever produce a Cup Noodle replica?


There’s the reason all RGV250’s don’t have “banana” swing arms.  Honda had the patent on the “Gull Arm” and didn’t appreciated the copy.  Suzuki definitely put more style into it.


Sure looks like a nice example to me.  It only shows 6200 miles, has the original two keys and of course a rattling dry clutch.


This one will set you back roughly $8,600.  Take a look here.





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