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Ducati February 11, 2012 posted by

Italian Hen’s Teeth-’87 Ducati F1 Laguna Seca

Location: Ben Lomond, California

Mileage: 6,200

Price: Auction, currently $13,601

Umm, anyone out there interested in a rare Ducati? We see the F1 on RSBFS on a fairly regular basis. But a Laguna Seca? Not so much.  Fifty total brought to the United States. Hen’s teeth indeed.

The Laguna Seca model is a limited edition of the F1. Ducati did the run of this bike to honor Marco Lucchinelli and his success at Laguna in 1986. The engine had slightly different heads than the F1 and an alloy swing arm with a rear hugger. The Laguna also featured a new front fender and wider Oscam aluminum wheels. You also got a decal on the tank of Marco’s signature.

Here’s some more pics-

Some info from the seller-

Rare F1 Laguna Seca – only 50 imported in to the United States. Excellent condition with a few, typical Ducati, stress cracks in the fiberglass and a minor scuff on the elephant tank decal. 100% completely original down to the tires (hard as a rock). The engine runs fine but the carbs need to be synced and idle adjusted. It is obnoxiously loud with a uniquely Ducati roar. Not much else to say – you know what this bike is if you are looking at it. Clear title. Please ask questions before bidding. 

Like I said above, not a lot of these pop up here on RSBFS. So it’s kind of difficult to say where the market is on one. A Laguna Seca model was posted three years ago here and the seller was asking $18k. I guess that’s where the auction comes in handy. This is clearly a collector bike and the seller lists it as 100% original. Good news for people looking for a bike like this. Although you’ll probably want new tires. The bike has minor cracks and scuffs, hard not to expect considering the age and mileage.

This bike is one of the rare collector bikes that many dream about. If you’ve seen one in your dreams, then make the jump!


Track Bikes For Sale February 10, 2012 posted by

Yamaberg? Husaha? TZ Framed/Husaberg “Supermono” Single Racer

Yamaberg? Husaha?  TZ Framed/Husaberg “Supermono”  Single Racer

Here is a little gem I found while lurking in the USGPRU Forum.  It’s rare because:  well, there isn’t another one on the planet.  We don’t usually post builds but the stars aligned:  the boss is away drinking margaritas, I like small cc bikes and it looks like a nice build.

Yeah, get naked baby.

Here are some specs on the bike:

1991 TZ 250 4DP frame and swing arm
Powder coated black by Powder Tech
1998 4DP forks rebuilt by Lindemann Racing
BN Lindemann Springs for the forks for a 200lb rider (not installed)
BN fork seals (not installed)
Fox Twin clicker (Built for the 4DP)


2006 Husqvarna TE 450 Bought from Fast by Ferracci it was never used so the only time on this motor is the dyno pulls.
Custom radiator built by Fluidyne power sports
Carburetor :
Keihn 41mm with TPS
Power now bell mouth
Power Now Power shot
Vortex Ignition X10 (change maps on the fly)
This bike is electric start and has a new gel cell battery in it
Custom SS with megaphone

Airtech: Honda RS250 A kit bodywork

I know the Husaberg engine is no slouch in the woods but an interesting choice for a singles racer.  With Moto3 going to singles I bet we will see more builds like this crop up.  There are already kits out there where you can convert your 450 motorcross bike to a singles racer.

The seller is asking $5,000 for his creation.  You can see the thread about the sell here.  The seller also has a website with more pictures of the build.



Honda February 10, 2012 posted by

If You Must Smoke- Titled ’89 Honda NSR250 MC18

Location: Lady Lake, Florida

Mileage: 10,606

Price: Auction, $5,000 BIN

Why are these bikes so cool? Is it the paint? The weight? Power? The fact that they sound like ladyfingers going off in a tin can? Maybe the lure of the exotic? It’s hard to say. But cool they are. Whether the NSR like the one above, or an RGV or TZR, the two stroke 250 is just straight awesome.

This particular bike is the NSR250 MC18. With the PGM II intake technology, it was cutting edge back in the day. The bike cranks out about 45hp and weighs a little under the 300 lbs mark.

From the seller-

The second version of the MC18 PGM II. Also known as the R5K model. This model uses a key and not the “chip”.  This model went on sale February 10, 1989 in Japan. Color; Terra Blue and White.  10,606 miles (17,070 Km).  Well maintained Honda 250cc sport bike that is a blast to ride because of its smaller physical size, very light weight, and high revving engine.  Japan-market model not imported into the U.S.  Does have a clear Florida title.   95% stock (changes: new windscreen in smoke color and 2 flag stickers on either side of headlight – some pictures show an orange windscreen that was replaced).  Bike is part of a museum collection.  Bike was “put away” 5 years ago by a certified Honda mechanic with 40 years in the business – Correct fluids drained, tank and exhaust system fogged with oil, all joints and cables lubed, etc. (note; there is no battery in this bike but it is easy to get one).  All you need to do is put in a battery, gas up, check auto-oiler, and fire it up to go.  There are very few small nicks on the paint.  However, the front cowl is cracked as did all 250s from this era did.  This CAN BE REPAIRED if you feel the need, but it does not affect performance or drivability.  All in all, a beautiful bike that is really fun to ride.

And the pics-

Now this bike ain’t perfect. The seller points out the crack in the front cowl, replaced windscreen, some extra stickers. It also needs a battery. But overall, if as described, you should be able to be up in riding in a short time. The seller is asking $5k to buy it now. Many of the later version of these go for much more (say an SP) and some for less. The seller seems to be starting at a reasonable spot. And it has a clear Florida title.

So if you have always wanted to own one, this could be that one. To make up your mind, go check out the auction!


Aprilia February 8, 2012 posted by

Life Before The RSV4: Aprilia Factory RSV1000R

Life Before The RSV4:  Aprilia Factory RSV1000R

There is Aprilia before the RSV4 and Aprilia after the RSV4.  In my opinion it is that dramatic a change if you are seriously into sport bikes.  The RSV4 simply reset the bar of what a modern sport bike can be.  Considering that, I’d find it hard to believe this bike would find its’ way back to serious racing.  For the 99 percent of us that dabble in racing or tip toe around the track on track days;  well,  I’d think this bike would be a dream come true.

I want to meet the guy that turns his nose up at the chance to own a former AMA spec super bike, ridden by Chaz Davies.  This is actually the second time around for this bike as it was part of the lot KWS was selling directly a few months ago.  It is now up for auction and wrapped in stealthy preseason bodywork.  You better set your budget now as someone is already asking about shipping the bike to Cambodia!  You have to love the reach of the web.


The list of goodies:

I’d be curious what has been done internally with the KWS engine build.  Any factory Aprilia unobtanium hiding in there?


Who’s up on their Ohlins specs?  Are these still top shelf items?


The tank Kevlar and 7.5lbs lighter than stock.  Nice!


What would you pay for a piece of race history or to be the guy that wads up a factory bike at a track day?  I’m going to take a pass on trying to put a number on this one.

Happy bidding here.

OntheThrottle posted a hour and a half season review of KWS’s race season with the bikes:




Ducati February 7, 2012 posted by

2003 Ducati 999 R up for grabs!

For Sale: 2003 Ducati 999 R

Let’s get right down to it. Seems folks either love the looks of a Tamburini designed machine (916/996/998), or they like the angular looks of Terblanche (999). Regardless of your style preference, the Ducati 999 was a considerable step forward on the performance scale. The ergos became more reasonable than those of the Tamburini torture rack era, and the bike was quicker at the racetrack than its predecessor. We don’t see a lot of 999R models here on RSBFS; here is a link to the last one we’ve posted.

If you can get past the stacked headlight arrangement, the 999 is a very interesting machine. And this, being the coveted “R” model, includes all the bells and whistles you would expect in a top-line Ducati offering. Whatever is covered on this bike is covered in carbon fiber – even the upper and lower fairings. And because carbon looks so cool, the logos and nomenclature on the fairing are actually just areas of no paint – so the carbon shows through. Lightweight, stylist and artsy all at the same time!

This bike has turned a few more miles than most rare Ducatis – but is still in a very reasonable range given the year. With only 4,733 miles on the digital odometer, here is a bike that has been well-loved and lightly used, which is the perfect condition for a collectable rider. There have been a few bolt-on mods to the bike, with the most significant being the exhaust. There is nothing quite like a desmoquattro Duc playing out a tune at full song, and I’ll bet these Termi pipes sound awesome!

From the seller:
The bike was bought brand new in 2004 from Marin Ducati which is now Hatar motors. The original owner road the bike approx 2,000 miles and then installed 57mm Termignoni Exhaust and the updated ecu. The exhaust was installed at the dealer, almost $5k. He road it another 1900 miles and decided to sell it.

The current and second owner, installed:
– shorty, brake and clutch levers
– master alloy covers
– replaced windscreen with tinted shield
– replaced handle bars with the woodcraft one inch up and adjustable bars for better riding position for the street
– a few carbon pieces were added at the same time timing belt covers heal gaurds exhaust shield – also the clutch center was replaced with a billet alloy one with open carbon cover
– also a billet fuel cap assembly for easy access for refueling (no key needed)
– also have a brand new set of dunlop q2s that go with the bike that have never been mounted purchased two months ago

The bike is in amazing condition.

Note: This is the ‘R’ model so all of the body work is carbon fiber the original owner paid $34,000 for the bike new and then put the $5,000 in exhaust, plus all the goodies the current owner installed.

Ducati R models are always coveted examples of the breed. Bristling with the latest technology of the day, sporting the best suspension and braking systems offered (in this case, Ohlins and Brembo respectively), and pumping out the most horsepower in the model lineup, R bikes were never cheap. In this case, the 999R retailed for over $30,000 USD! Fortunately, used models like this one are available for more reasaonably-sized piles of cash.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is only up to $8,850 with moderate bidding. There does not appear to be a reserve in place, meaning that this red rocketship is going home to a new (and lucky) owner in a few days. For your chance to check out the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Honda February 6, 2012 posted by

Early and Rare- ’84 Honda VF1000R Euro Model

Location: Daleville, Virginia

Mileage: 18,665

Price: Auction, $9,000 BIN

The Honda VF1000R is a well known bike on RSBFS. Built in the era when sport bikes were really coming into their own, the VF1000R brought something new to the game as a bridge in the Interceptor and eventual VFR/RC30 line. All of these bikes are pieces of the puzzle for Honda’s sportbike development. The VF1000R was only brought to the U.S. for two years (’85,’86), making the number of these around in clean condition low and somewhat hard to find.

There’s not a lot of pics, but here they are-

And the rundown from the seller-

1984 Honda VF1000R has 18,665 original miles and this bike is very clean. Other than a dink or two that any white glove inspector could find, the bike is very nice and rare. It has the seat cowl all original parts and pipes (dual). I have kept this bike in my garage and have just purchased a new one and need to unload this one though its breaking my heart. If you are a fan of the Freddy Spencer models this bike should catch your eye. The valves were checked a week before this posting and I went ahead and had the carbs completely overhauled. when I say this bike is rare what I mean is I have not been able to find another one like it on the internet that is even running nor in this great of shape. The bike has never been layed down or abused I purchased it from a friend who took the same care on it as I. Most of you 40 somethings out there probably remember this bike when you were in high school and it was the stuff back then, I still like it today and think as I hope you do that it has way more class than what we are seeing out there today. 

Beyond the description, the seller also states that the bike is a Euro version (hence it being an ’84 and the dual headlights) and that all the paperwork about its importation into the U.S. is there. The bike looks clean in the photos, although they are a little low quality. Mileage isn’t bad and the seller describes recent maintenance and says the bike runs well.

The seller has it listed at BIN for $9k, which is on the high side. These, in clean condition, go from $5k to $8k. However, you may be able to get the bike for less if the seller is willing to move a little on the price or maybe you’ll pay up for the Euro model. Up to you.

So there you go. If this bike is for you, go forth and place your bid!


MV Agusta February 6, 2012 posted by

2002 MV Agusta F4 Senna 750 #172 of 300

Update 2.6.2012: Back on eBay, now with a $14,500 buy-it-now. Links updated. -dd

Already featured on our site is this other Senna 750, #175. It has just 1800 miles and has a very reasonable $16500 asking price. The bike featured in this post is #172 and it has only 350 miles!

Most reading this know that the original 750 F4 was designed by Tamburini and sported a motor designed in association with Ferrari utilizing radial valves. While no one can argue with the styling, the motor fell short of benchmarks set during the period by the GSX-R750. Wikipedia notes that the Senna adds the 136 hp (101 kW) engine of the Evo 02 but with a higher redline of 13900 rpm, and top speed estimated at 175 mph (282 km/h) @ 12750 rpm . The Senna also had some suspension upgrades and some carbon fiber bodywork.

2002 MV Agusta F4 Senna 750 #172 for sale on eBay

quote from seller’s listing:

In celebration of the release of the new film Senna, we have up for auction an immaculate 2002 MV Agusta F4 Senna 750 #172 of 300. This motorcycle is in showroom condition with only 350 miles!

Take one Claudio Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta and close personal friend of Ayrton Senna (regarded by many as the finest Formula 1 driver of the modern era), add noted designer Massimo Tamburini to the mix (you might remember him as the guy that created the Ducati 916), stir in a Ferrari designed in-line four cylinder engine, wrap it up in carbon fiber bodywork and perch the whole package on stunning composite alloy wheels. This, my friends, is the numbered and rare MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition.

When the Senna Edition was released in 2002, it retailed for $24,995. All 300 bikes were sold with the proceeds going directly to the Instituto Ayrton Senna – a charity benefitting Brazillian children – set up after the racer’s death. Sharp looks with performance and handling to match, the MV F4 continues to be a desirable motorcycle. These limited edition models only enhance the value of the bike.

This bike has the Arrow Race Exhaust installed and power commander with custom mapping.

NOTE; this motorcycle is not California legal so California buyers will need to make alternative arrangements for registration.

The bolded section above was lifted from the entry noted above that Mike wrote on #175. Imitation (or basic copy and paste) is the sincerest form of flattery I suppose 🙂

Currently bidding is stalled at just shy of $12k with 2 days to go as of Sunday afternoon. Surely this and #175 are worth more than that. The only other examples I could find online were priced north of $15k, including this one Doug posted in January of 2010 for $16900. Good luck to both sellers!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 5, 2012 posted by

Unmolested Original: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Condition: All original

Mileage: 4,300 miles

Price: $7,000

The Yamaha RZ350 is one of the most popular bikes on our site, and it is simple to see why: The last of the legal two strokes, the RZ350 makes all the right noises while really looking the part; the livery evokes memories of King Kenny Roberts, right down to his signature on the fairing. With the YPVS valve in the exhaust port, the RZ350 was the most tractable two stroke of the day, and performance was on par with the current crop of 550cc fours.

The RZ was a two year only bike in the U.S., and Yamaha did not move many units. Fast forward nearly 30 years and the RZ has become more desirable and more rare – especially in this kind of condition. It is not often that we find a completely stock RZ350, right down to the original exhaust (with the innovative catalytic converters). This bike is so stock that it still has all of the original reflectors hanging off of it!

With very low miles (4,300), this bike has travelled approximately 150 miles for each year it has been on the road. This is what really makes this an interesting collectable: it has few enough miles to be nearly new, yet enough miles to encourage the occasional ride. With the value of these machines on a continual rise, this is an investment that you can enjoy for years to come.

From the seller:
On a 1-10 scale this bike is an 8.5. I am the second owner and have had it since it had 500 miles on it. The bike has never been wrecked or dropped to my knowledge and the engine and transmission have never been into, it runs and rides great. The bike is mostly all original and even still has the catalytic converters on it. The bike has been maintained by me and the local Yamaha dealer. There has been some minor touch up done to the paint. 1 smaller than a dime spot on the right side of the tank (very small spot and then tank was recleared). A couple of small touch ups on the bars, brake fluid reservoir and on right side engine cover. I am a very meticulous person and have kept this bike in near perfect condition. I am asking $7000.00 for this bike. I have more pictures on request.

With an emerging collectable such as this, prices are still relatively sane. The seller has shared good detail about the machine, and is willing to share more with interested parties. Here is a chance to own an all original RZ for a fair market price. Given that nearly all the RZs we see have had some modifications, this particular bike is a pretty incredible find. To add this rocket to your collection, contact the seller directly at


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