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Sport Bikes For Sale February 22, 2012 posted by

Nice Early Liter Bike- ’87 Yamaha FZR1000

Location: Valencia, California

Mileage: 40,454

Price: Auction, currently $3,050

Oh, the memories of seeing a clean sportbike from the 80’s. The late 80’s and early 90’s were my formative years when it comes to motorcycles. My first bike was an ’88 Hurricane 600 and I worshipped all sportbikes at the time. And it was then as it is now, the liter bike was the king. GSX-R 1100’s, FZR, Ninja and Hurricane (CBR) 1000’s were amazing bikes that someday many of us hoped to own, if they didn’t scare us too much.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this example-

1987 Yamaha FZR 1000. The first year of the 1000. Don’t let the miles fool you this bike is extremely clean. It runs, shifts and stops perfectly. It is bone stock except for a washable air filter and a 49 state ignition box. I bought this bike from a local dealer who bought it back from the original owner. It comes with a factory service manual and a little log book from the orig owner. Since owning it I have put new tires on it, chain and sprockets,  steering head bearings, fork seals, battery, front brake pads, valve clearance insp and oil change. The bike has never been dropped in any way the only flaws are the small scratch on the red decal on the tail section, missing screen fastener and slightly spotted/scratched original wind screen. It also has a brand new fuel tank from Australia because the orig rusted in the corners, if you have owned an FZR you will know what I am talking about. Current CA reg and clean pink in my name. 

If you have any questions or need specific photos just ask.

I will not crate the bike but I will meet with shipper for pick up. Cash payment in person preferred. Will take check or money order but I keep the bike until it clears.

And some more photos-

As the seller mentions, ’87 was the first year of the FZR1000 and this looks to be a clean example. The seller also mentions the mileage right off the bat, and if the bike has been maintained, then you should have more riding time down the road on this beauty. The bike looks good cosmetically and the seller highlights some small issues, including a ding as shown in the photos. Overall, pretty amazing considering the age of the bike. The gas tank has been replaced, something that has to happen if there’s rust. For pure collectors, that may be an issue, but I think this bike is more about having a cool liter bike from the beginning of the sportbike era.

Who knows what the reserve is on the bike, but I would imagine something like this would be around the $4k mark or a little higher. All in all, a cool early liter bike for possibly not a ton of cash. If it speaks to you, check out the auction!



Bimota February 22, 2012 posted by

Round 2: More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale

Update 2.18.2012: The seller has notified me that both V Due’s are now sold, and the RC45 and RC30 are pending sale.

Update 2.23.2012: The seller has notified me that the 888 is no longer available. The R7 is still available and we should be receiving new pictures soon. There may also be an opportunity to obtain an OW-01 from this same collection and I will add details when I receive them. -dc

Long time fans of RSBFS recall the first time the Seattle seller came forward to let a few go from his amazing collection. We were honored to be the exclusive site offering viewers the opportunity to obtain these bikes and were able to connect several readers with his bikes. We are proud to make that opportunity available again as he’s contacted me to let us know that he’s considering thinning the herd even more and is pulling the following bikes from storage to get them ready for sale. Get your drool buckets ready…

Honda RC30 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Honda RC45 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Yamaha R7 For Sale

TWO Bimota V Due 500 For Sale - Both now SOLD

For now consider this post a teaser, but serious parties can contact me directly as we’ll be acting as proxy in the release of the seller’s email address.

As more information and pictures are made available, I will be updating and bumping this post to keep us all up to date.

In the meantime, I’m going start filling out the forms for a 2nd mortgage…


Round 2:  More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale
MV Agusta February 21, 2012 posted by

A Little Spring In Mid February: 2005 MV Agusta F4 Tamburini

A Little Spring In Mid February:  2005 MV Agusta F4 Tamburini

The February dull drums have set in.  The grass is dead, the sky is gray and there isn’t a whole lot of two wheeled eye candy out there.  Last week was the first week where I didn’t find a single bike worth talking about.  Let’s hope this 2005 F4 Tamburini is a sign of things to come.   You know how the story goes;  if a Tamburini doesn’t see it shawdow……

I have a feeling you guys know the drill by now on the special MV models.  They load them up with all the goodies, wrap them in carbon fiber and only make a few hundred.  Oh yeah, there was the monster price tag as well.


I love the F4’s body style but I think they might have gone to the well one too many times.  I think I’m used to it and some of these limited editions don’t seem that eye catching.  Having said that, I think these bikes show their true appeal in person where you can see the quality of the build.

Why do I think whore house and not high performance motorcycle when I see these seats?

You can’t turn your nose up at the quality components you find on these MV’s.  I’m surprised to see the Nissin brakes.  I thought all MV’s had Brembo’s.


Of course you get all the documents to prove you are one of the lucky 300 bastards that own one of these beauties.  We will have to see where the reserve leads us.  I’ve seen a few listed in the mid 30’s but I don’t know if they have been selling.

Check that red seat out here.


Bimota February 19, 2012 posted by

February Mailbag Catchup!

Hey guys, sorry for all the unanswered emails this month. I was away on vacation and messed up the forwarding of reader emails. Below are all the picks sent our way that are still active. If I missed one or you have a new spot, feel free to email us as always:

Thanks for all the forwards guys!


1991 Bimota Tuatara on eBay $6500 – This one wouldn’t usually make the cut but so many people emailed me with ‘comments’ I thought I’d lead off with this one for fun!

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R for sale on eBay $4205 BIN 1 day remaining — Sorry I lost the email for this spot, but for $4500 this looks like a nice survivor with just 9k miles. Thanks for the forward!

1990 Honda RC30 on Seattle Craigslist $38000We’ve listed this one previously and the price hasn’t changed. But it sure is good looking!

1997 Suzuki GSX-R1100 on Hartford Craigslist $4500 — Dan C. emailed me this one and commented, “This may be the nicest stock last generation bike around.” I think he’s right and you guys know I’m a sucker for survivors that aren’t necessarily rare but impossible to find.

Dan also has this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 Skoal Bandit Replica $8000. Great looking bike!

Desmosedici RR on Monterrey Craigslist $50000 — Hugh emailed me this one as a favor to his friend. Good luck with the sale!

2 Bimota HB4 Moto2 Prepped Racebikes in Italy — Nicola writes, “I own Motorcycle Racing Team in Italy that run in 2011 Italian Championship as official Bimota Racing Team (more info on We finished championship in third position!! We are now selling the bikes we used last year in MOTO2, particularly we have two BIMOTA HB4 ready to run. Bimota built up just 4 pieces of this prototype. We are seeking for someone interested.” Congratulations and good luck this year!

Bimota DB4 $8500 — John has emailed us to let us know he’s letting go of his bike. Make sure to click through as he has lots of pictures to share. Good luck with the sale!

1997 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport on KC Craigslist $3500
— Richard emailed us to let us know he has to let his bike go too. Good luck with the sale!

Ahmad’s TZR250 is still on Craigslist, but he’s dropped the price a bit to $3900. We previously listed this bike when spotted by SmokinJoe in January.

1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750 on Ontario Kijiji for $4500 — Chris spotted this one and aside from the windscreen this looks like it could be a great deal!

Sport Bikes For Sale February 19, 2012 posted by

1984 Yamaha RZ350 with Just 1391 Miles!

Update 2.18.2012: Back on eBay due to dead beat bidder… Links updated. -dc

Update 2.3.2012: Originally listed in October 2011, this RZ350 is back on the market and now on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Our latest feature listing is for this incredible time capsule Yamaha RZ350 showing just 1391 miles! The RZ350 is one of the most popular bikes on our site and this one looks like a great opportunity.

From the seller:

This is my 1984 RZ350, This is probably the cleanest RZ350 you will ever see unless you can find one still in the crate. The bike only has 1391 original miles on it, the bike is pristine, 100% flawless and is bone stock with exception of the DG chambers and jet kit and K&N filter in the original air box. The bike has never seen rain, nor has it ever been dropped. i usually put one mile a month on it just to keep all the seals wet and put new gas in it every three months or so. i just retired and am moving to medellin colombia and cannot take the bike with me due to strict importation laws in colombia. the bike is located in alachua florida, the bike can be picked up here or will help your shipper load the bike for you. price 6900.00 dollars

What can be said that we haven’t said before about these great 2 stroke machines?! Here are some excerpts from previous previously listed RZ350’s on our site:

  • Yamaha Power Valve Systems worked as well as any back in the day and if memory serves me correctly the little RZ sported about 45hp. I know 45 ponies doesn’t do much for today’s sport bike rider, but you couple that with less than adequate 18? bologna rind tires and you’ve got a lot to handle.
  • […]with roughly 52 ponies of two-stroke power and weighing in at 370lbs, I suspect it’s a blast.
  • These little bikes are lightweight, offer nimble handling, have decent power, and make all the right noises. Unleash your inner hooligan and cover your tracks with a fog bank of blue smoke!
  • As described in previous RSBFS posts, RZ350s are fun little strokers that are getting harder to find.
  • [a great] opportunity to grab that elusive 2-stroke that you might have missed in the showroom back in the 80’s. Although these bikes are not as rare as some of the hand-built Italian hardware we occasionally see on RSBFS, finding a good example of a survivor is difficult.

You get the idea — there is a reason these are so desirable and collectable!

Good luck to the seller though I doubt it will be difficult to move an example this perfect!


Honda February 17, 2012 posted by

400cc Long Weekend! Honda NC30 & Yamaha FZR400

Welcome to the long weekend – RSBFS style! Since long weekends are all about projects, here are a pair of 400cc collectables in need of a little loving. While not the pristine fare that normally graces our pages, these two micro rockets deserve a good home if only to remind us that bigger is not always better!

For Sale: 1996 Honda NC30 VFR400R

Here is what we usually find in the 400cc class – a rare and undeniably cool bike, but one that has passed through a few hands and received its unfair share of modifications. While most of these mods will improve handling or performance, the hit on collectability cannot be denied. Still, the NC30 is one of the most popular bikes RSBFS readers hunt for, so flaws and all here is another one to drool over.

From the seller:

bike is dusty /dirty from storage, could use a good clening, but is in nice condition, ready to rip..

I have a Black CA. plated 93 HONDA NC30 VFR400R, approx 8,500 miles, Extremely rare trick bike which is a identical smaller copy of the famous RC30. This bike will out handle any new production bike and is famous for its reliability and bullet proof engine, this bike is trick, it looks like a 2005 or newer bike!

Note… no front turn signals included, rear turn signals and intregrated into the tail light assembly mirrors are not mounted, but a new pair of mirrors are included, we were running a CRG billet bar end mirror, which is no longer on the bike. includes stock gas cap- gas cap and ignition keys are the same.. Tyga endurace upper and lower with single headlight on the left, Tyga RCV211 tail and rear sub frame new 520 gold chain and renthal sprockets, HRC IGNITION UNIT, Ethoes race exhaust with freshly repacked/rebuilt can( fiber glass high temp mat, stainless steel screen around the core, and stainless steel wool, which cost over $100.00 in materials, a better than factory repack which should last forever, factory jet kit, SP2 calipers and billet adapters, TYGA TRICK REAR SETS, RVF400 17″ REAR WHEEL, steel braided front lines, new sintered ft pads, new pilot powers TIRES 120/160 CT2 APPROX 400 MILES, aftermarket Sachs shock, revalved ft forks, billet blue rear wheel collar, recent tune up, NEW SPARK plugs, oil change/FILTER, valve adjustment, All fluids replaced 7-1-11, Fresh clutch plates, steels and frictions…

*******The only bad- windshield is cracked.***
CA plated, current tags
oem body is been sold off years ago,
Extras included- the oem 2nd headlight and OEM rear subframe, stock black front calipers, new rear rotor(not installed), also two rear stands one a trick chrome LP stand, the other a stout home made unit, Very nice stock type fairing kits are available on ebay for $500.00 shipped with custom paint jobs..

tires 160/60/17, ft takes a 120/70/17 tire,

stock derestricted this bike puts out 60hp, with the pipe and jet kit I am guessing around 63-65 hp, Its a strong runner and surprisingly quick for a 400cc bike! you wont find another bike on the road like this! this is the only one like it! a real head turner! incredible sounding bike, 16 valve V4 400cc, it sounds nothing like the inline four, more like a inline 4 and 2 stroke combined sound.

*******sold as is******** in nice condition
this bike is ready to go , professionally tuned, no carb issues. battery tender pigtail installed, tender not included, engine fires right up.. engine on these should be choked until operating temp is reached, then its ready to go. no flat spots in the power band, fully adjustable suspension, this bike is bad ass… hate to see it leave..

This bike is available now, and has a BIN price of $4,500. This is not the first time we have seen this bike on eBay, but the good news is that the price is coming down with subsequent auctions. It is always hard to pull modification dollars out of a collectable bike; stock will always bring the highest price for the most part. This bike is priced a little high for the condition, but if you are intersted it wouldn’t hurt to contact the seller. Click the link to jump over and see!

For Sale: 1988 FZR 400

This is yet another variation on the 400cc theme. Instead of a hot-rodded streetbike, this particular example is a track day hero. If you are looking for that perfect balance between weight and performance for the track, this might be the right way to go for you. The FZR400 is well known and loved as a tracker, and this particular one might be priced right for the task!

From the seller:
Good running hard to find Race bike. Fully serviced and carbs just rebuilt. Aftermarket parts include: Front Fairing, sides and Tank cover are Brand new old stock Fiberglass. Motor Side covers are aftermarket extra thick for racing (have rash), Steering Damper, Fox aftermarket rear shock with air adjust, Aftermarket Bars, Forks have been worked over internally with adjustable tops, Modified High-exit pipe. Steel front brake lines. Carbs are fully jetted. Bike is wired throughout for track use. Unfortunately the rear seat is AWOL. Tires are in great shape. Operational Tach and aftermarket coolant display.. The harness is complete and uncut. Bike could be put back on the road if desired.

This particular bike is being offered for a BIN of $3,000 OBO. This is very realistic money for a great track bike, and also a fair price for something worth restoring. You don’t need to be reminded that it will cost many times the purchase price of the bike to bring it back to perfect, stock condition, but it is at least priced well for what it is. For more info and details on this little Fizzer, click the link and jump over to the auction.

Good luck to buyers and sellers and enjoy the weekend!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 14, 2012 posted by

Mini Grand Prix Madness-Titled ’89 Yamaha TZR250 3MA

Location: Sutton, West Virginia

Mileage: 13,083

Price: Auction, currently $4,150

Another killer 250 two stroke. I love it when these pop up. RSBFS featured a good looking NSR250 MC18 a few days back and now we have this – an ’89 TZR250 3MA with the rare and awesome parallel twin, not a V. Still a 50 hp bike, but this set up has the cool exhaust out the tail, similar to the GP bikes of the era. Cool, cool and cool.

Here’s the information from the seller-

I have a rare reverse cylinder Yamaha TZR250 3MA with clear title for sale. This bike is completely stock in very nice original condition and runs great. The bike has no issues and is ready to ride. Stock, unmolested two stroke bikes are difficult to find, especially in such exceptional condition. 

The frame is nice, clean and straight as are the wheels and rotors, no evidence of crash damage on this bike.  The bike is not museum quality but very nice.

Feel free to call me for any additional information or photos.  I live in central West Virginia and have the bike for sale locally, so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

And photos for your viewing pleasure-

The seller is up front saying this is no museum piece. And that appears to be the case. It does have some mileage on it and appears to have the wear you would expect on a bike this age. The seller also states that the bike is completely stock and that is rare in any bike this age, but a two stroke is especially rare here in the U.S. The seller also lists a clear title.

So if you want something you can ride and something that is uber cool, you may be in luck here. Make up your mind then check the auction out!



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