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Posts published in February 2012

California Beauty: 1990 HONDA RC30

Mike 4

For Sale: 1990 HONDA RC30 VFR750R

Collectors rejoice! Another example of one of – if not THE – most coveted motorcycles on the pages of RSBFS has just hit the open market. For those with the wherewithall (i.e. large piles of cash) to make something like this happen, read on! For the rest of us, read on and drool with great jealousy! We seem to be in a season of glut for these fabulous machines lately, but I don’t anticipte hearing any complaints! So without further ado and without the usual banter, behold the gilded chariot:

From the seller:
For sale is my RC30, Please look at the pictures and you will see this bike is in extremely Good condition, the tank, rear seat cowling, upper fairing and front fender have not one Ding or dent, the bottom fairing has a couple blister bubbles from the heat of the engine, those Of you that know RC30’s know this is an issue with every RC ever made, other than that it runs Perfect, I recently had Jim Grainger clean and tune my carbs in Los Angeles. About 3 months ago. Oil was changed with Mobil 1 synthetic, new tires with maybe 100 miles on them, this bike was stored with the fairing off and stored indoors, the bike wrapped indoors in warm southern California climate.

No paint fading or wear anywhere. I have the tool kit, manual, 2 sets of fork seals (jic) 2 extra fairing screws, original bike brochure, braided front brake lines (never installed) 3 Rc pictures, clock, rc30 collectors pin, magazine, 2 keys, Rothmans racing decals, (never applied) 1 rear new wheel washer . 1 new oil filter and 1 set of agv leather gloves barely used.

If you buy the bike with the buy it now you will get the arai rx7 Freddie Spencer helmet and agv riding jacket size 42, the helmet is $700 alone and has removable interior cushions for washing, and the helmet is close to perfect as the Bike is also. All with only 1025 miles. P.s I have the original rear tire also.

Nice to know that RC30s tend to fall into the hands of fanatical collectors. I’m not sure how much value the original rear tire adds to the package, but I’m sure there is someone out there that wouldn’t consider this a complete deal until all the original parts were together. At least somebody enjoyed 1,025 miles on this homologation special before the collector vibe kicked in. Still, there is no doubt that this is a presentable machine.

Presented in Riverside, California (doesn’t Malcolm Smith have a dealership down in that area?), this RC30 is being offered with an opening bid of $23,000. That will just get the party started. The real noise doesn’t start to happen until you reach the $33k BIN number. Asking prices for these gorgeous machines has gone as stratospheric as their tachometer numbers! Your chance to buy into the big leagues is now: click the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


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Another Clean FZR 1000-This one is up North

Rem 3

Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Mileage: 17,646 (28,400 kilometers)

Price: Auction, $2,000 starting bid with a reserve

We’ve seen a run of early FZR’s here on RSBFS as of late. And that’s cool by me. I’ve only had the opportunity to ride one early FZR (owned by a buddy of mine) back in the day, and that one was a 600. But I loved it. The bike in my garage at the time was a Hurricane 600 and the FZR was a much more track oriented bike. While the CBR was more comfortable, the FZR had an edge that we all liked. And it looked cool as hell too.

What we have here is a clean early FZR 1000, a serious liter bike that put the fear of God into many of us back then. Still a good looking bike by today’s standards and with 145 ponies, the FZR1000 will continue to offer plenty of thrills.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

This bike is one of the nicest FZR’s around. I’m the second owner. Never been down. All original except for aftermarket brake hoses. New fork seals. 28,400kms. A must see for any FZR enthusiast. Will include 2 Joe Rocket helmets and 2 piece Joe Rocket leathers. Only reason for selling is I’m buyng a Harley. This bike is very clean and I took close ups of the few flaws.There are one chip almost at the identical spot on each side of the rear side fairings, the scratches on the tank area is a sticker and can be replaced easy, there is one crack from shipping when I bought the bike in the upper fairing. Bike runs great! I have owned it for 2 years and have put less than 3000kms on it. I bought it off the original owner. Bike is a Canadian bike and was purchased in Quebec. May be able to deliver within reason.

And the photos-

The seller highlights some minor cosmetic issues with the bike in the photos. The bike appears to be all stock except for the mentioned brake lines. Mileage seems fairly reasonable for the age. If it has been well maintained, then you should get many more miles of riding out of this beauty. All in all a pretty solid example. And the red, white and blue paint is a classic for the FZR.

So here’s another opportunity for all the FZR lovers out there. If that means you, then make the jump!


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February Merchandise Sale: Two Shirts for $19.95!

Mike 1

Update: Take advantage of this great deal before February is over!

February is often derided for many things. It is both too short AND too cold. It also contains Valentine’s Day – the bane of existence for the non-shopper amongst us. Fear not, intrepid RSBFS fan. We are here to help!

To celebrate February, Valentine’s day, short months and cold weather, RSBFS Merchandise is offering a 2 for 1 T shirt special all month long. Pick up one classic black RSBFS T shirt and one white RSBFS T shirt in this package deal for only $19.95 plus shipping. The shirts can be any size you choose (as long as it is Med – XL), so you can order one for youself and one for your Valentine. This offer is good until the end of the month or until we run out of shirts! Visit the RSBFS Merchandise store to order!

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Mailbag: Reader Rides and Sightings

Dan 5

The mailbag is bursting at the seams this week and with it are lots of readers rides and choice spots from around the world. Without further ado:

Tom has been cruising for finds and spotted these lovely homologoation specials and very rare birds. Thanks Tom!

A brand new Honda NR750 for just 105k GBP

Or how about a brand new RC45 for 39k GBP

Or a zero mile Mondial Piega for 17500 GBP. I’d never even heard of this one but there’s a nice writeup with the listing.

Ducati F1 750 Monjuich for 17k GBP

1992 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited for 28k GBP

{I’m going to need a cold shower now after that batch!}

Several folks emailed to alert us to this very rare Honda CBR900RR Fireblade TT100 Evolution, also in the UK, for 16500 GBP with 886 miles. Thanks guys!

Let’s keep the rare bits rolling with this Yamaha FZR750R OW01 forwarded on by Jeff. This one is for sale in Ohio with 12k miles for just $17500.

Robert emailed us his original owner 1993 Honda CBR900RR that’s now available for $6k with 20k miles. Great looking ride, good luck with the sale!

Spotted in our own RSBFS Classifieds is a 1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Color. Has been in storage for some time with just 400 miles, asking $29k.

Jay just got this Ducati 916 in on trade with lots of upgrades and carbon bits.

Dan alerted us to two of his Suzuki’s last week and this week he’s got an SB6 for us priced at $9999 with under 9k miles. Refreshing to see one that’s been enjoyed a little bit!

Finally, Brian spotted this amazingly clean 1984 Honda Interceptor 500 with just 2k miles for $3900. Nice to sprinkle in something that anyone could afford!

Have a great week everyone and if you have a bike for sale or spot something of interest, shoot us an email!


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Clean, Low Mile ’96 Yamaha FZR600

Rem 2

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Mileage: 6,400

Price: Auction, $4,500 OBO

So we just featured a first year FZR1000 on RSBFS and now we have this ’96 FZR600. Not even close to a first year for the FZR600, and boy isn’t the paint something. And some of you might even say it shouldn’t be considered a rare sportbike. But I’m writing it up anyway. Cause I think it’s super clean and it only has 6400 miles on it. Argue if you will, but I think this bike rules.

Here’s some more pictures that will either inspire or repel you-

Not a lot from the seller-

1996 YAMAHA FZR600, 6400 original miles. Comes with custom Vance / Hines Exhaust pipe and new tires. Plastics are a rare red, white and blue color scheme. Mags are near perfect. Bike runs like a top! Collectors dream, drivers dream. Call Joe. $4500 OBO

So this looks like a super clean, low mile example of a 90’s FZR600. The only mod appears to be the Vance and Hines exhaust, and the rest looks to be in great shape. So you’re looking at a cool bike, on the bubble for the collector world, that I guarantee will turn heads on the paint alone. Seller is asking $4,500 OBO. Not too bad for this machine in my estimation.

There you have it. Feel free to blast away. But if you like 90’s sportbikes and have the means, go place your bid!


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Bad Knees= No Reserve Auction: Custom 1985 Yamaha RZ500

Ian 7

Bad Knees= No Reserve Auction:  Custom 1985 Yamaha RZ500

You hate to hear about anyone having serious medical problems but when it comes to road going two strokes for sale you have to look into any opportunity to purchase..  This seller has had the misfortune of having six knee surgeries in the past ten years so the cramped RZ has to go.

I’m sure you have already determined this isn’t a collector type RZ500.  This owner has built an RZ500 to his liking and that includes a lot of items off different bikes.  They include a VFR750 rear end, a FZR600 front end and a CBR600 shock.  We sure seem to see a lot more custom RZ’s than RG’s.  I remember seeing some modded RG’s at the Gamma Gathering but overall it seems like the Yamaha’s get more attention in the custom modification department.

An interesting use of ram air ducts.

Here is the info on it:

 Custom rz 500, many mods.
VFR750 rear end
fzr600 front end
cbr600 shock
Mikuni flat slides
ported reed cages
Jolly moto pipes, ceramic coated
Dyna coils
fiberglass bodywork
new topend supplied by Bill Wilson with NO time on. Has not been put in gear since rebuild.
Braided brake lines and lots more I am likely forgetting.

I have owned the bike for 13 years and can no longer ride it. I have had 6 knee surgeries in the last 10 years, 5 of them on my left (ACL reconstructions) I am also 6’4″ which compounds matters.

I don’t know a lot about shipping to the States but I think the bike being over 25 years old streamlines the process? Do your homework. I am about 2 hours north of the Sumas border crossing. I would prefer pick up but will work with you if you want it shipped, but you will have to do the legwork.

Looks a tad unfinished from the rear but an ass shot of a two stroke never looks bad.  If you were curious, the bike is located just northeast of Vancouver BC.  An easy drive for any RSBFS readers in the northwest.


The bike has been up for auction now for almost 3 days with no action.  Is the $7,000 starting bid too high for a modified RZ500?  Sometimes bike’s like this are hard to sell because everyone has their own tastes on how they would modify a bike.


Click for the auction and bring it stateside.



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WSB Connection: 1981 DCM (Dave Camier Motorcycles) Honda 500

Ian 2

WSB Connection: 1981 DCM (Dave Camier Motorcycles) Honda 500

If you are Leon Camier, I guess you were bound to end up in motorcycle racing when your dad was building race bikes before you were even born. For the motorsports challenged, Leon Camier is a former BSB champion, alum of the Aprilia WSB team and current member of the Crescent Suzuki WSB team.

Your truly had never heard of DCM before seeing this bike on Ebay UK so all this info is borrowed from those in the know on the internets and mostly from this excellent post on the SR500 Forum.  Check it out, it is jam packed with photos of a build.

DCM’s were produced from the late seventies until the early eighties.  They produced the chassis and wrapped them around either a Yamaha or Honda single engine.  Early bikes featured a Yamaha like Monoshock system and later bikes got a more modern rising rate linkage system.  Basically a hand built singles racer to order.  The seller does  mention that some street versions were produced as well.



Don’t frown, the seller says overseas buyers are welcome.

DCM (Dave Camier Motorcycles) Honda XR500 single cylinder race bike, CRMC registered (Post classic 500cc air-cooled)

A rare opportunity to buy one of Leon Camier’s dad’s creations!

Dave Camier built frames initially for TZ Yamaha’s (these were mostly under the JCM name) before the untimely death of his partner meant the company name became DCM.
Single cylinder racing was popular at the time (as it continues to be today), which led him to manufacture frames for big Honda and Yamaha singles, for road use as well as racing, the chassis number of this one is DCMV481, making it the 4th chassis he manufactured in 1981
Powder coated frame (made from T45 tubing)
Astralite wheels, 
TZ 35mm forks & yokes, 
Early three-rib Lockheed calipers on genuine Spondon hangers,
Spondon floating front disc, 
Scitsu rev counter, 
Tomaselli throttle,
De-Carbon rear shock, 
DID gold 520 race chain, 
Lectron 40mm flat slide carburettor
steering damper, 
Cosworth piston
gas flowed head etc


If you likey, here is an article from back in the day on DCM.



When things were a lot more simple.  The bike is listed as a classified ad with an asking price of roughly $4,700 (2,295 British Pounds).

Inquire by clicking here.



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Featured Listing: 2001 Bimota DB4 for sale!

Mike 2

For Sale: 2001 Bimota DB4 (only $8650!)

RSBFS superfan John is offering up his stunning Bimota DB4 with just over 5,000 miles on the clock, and believe me folks this is something worth looking at! Just have a gander:

Following in the footsteps of the legendary DB1, DB4 was an unabashed sport bike powered by an air cooled Ducati 900cc vee twin. This bike was a return to Bimota’s roots, as the previous effort – the DB3 Mantra – was more of a standard/cruiser oddity than a dedicated canyon carver. Bimota skillfully selected the best artistic bits from the Mantra (like the oval shaped trellis frame), and built a true successor to the DB2. The results are a ~364 lbs package with great Ducati torque – although lowish HP numbers (a stock Ducati 900SS mill churns out around 80 HP). But with light weight and fantastic suspension and braking componentry under you (Paoli forks, Ohlins rear shock and Brembo on both ends), few bikes are as easy to ride fast down a curvy piece of road.

The DB4 offers terrific performance without some of the compromises of earlier Bimotas. The seat hight is low enough for most riders, and the seating position is pretty reasonable. Check out the multi-piece fairing which allows for easier access to internals; when maintenance is due, any Ducati shop can swap the belts and run the valves. This is an exotic that you can live with.

From the seller:
I’ve decided to part with my beautiful Bimota db4. Since I broke my wrist in September of 2010, and the two subsequent surgeries, I just can’t get comfortable in the sport-bike crouch. It is in excellent condition with just over 5k miles, the tires still have plenty of tread depth, I have the original tool kit, and I have just replaced the battery. It needs absolutely nothing. The fit and finish on the bike is flawless, and the paint work is beautifully done.

This bike is fitted with the factory race kit which consists of a pair of 39mm flat slide Keihin carbs, the FBF pipe (some came fitted with a Corse pipe), a different air box, and a new fuel cell to allow fitment of the new carbs. Performance is said to be greatly improved over stock. The tank and seat monocoque is one piece and is held in place quite securely with three 7 x 1.0 screws. The rear fender and mudguard are both carbon fiber, as is the FBF exhaust canister.

The instruments are contained in a carbon fiber faced bracket. Along with the requisite speedo and tach, there is an oil temperature gauge, low oil pressure light, and low fuel warning light. The top clamp is machined billet. Both master cylinders are Brembo. And the mirrors are actually useful, a first for me on a modern sport-bike. Brembo calipers and rotors up front work superbly. Excellent feel and very powerful, the best combination of braking I’ve ever felt on a motorcycle. Forged magnesium Marchesini wheels front and rear, beautifully done and the simple design makes them easy to keep clean.

The bike is an absolute joy to ride, very small, light, and nimble. Might not be a good fit for a taller rider, but for me at 5’8″ it’s a perfect fit. The relaxed cadence of the motor at speed, and the ease of handling belie the quickness at which you are traversing the roadway. This is a very easy motorcycle on which to keep a fast pace in the twisties.

This bike is available for sale directly from the owner. The asking price is a very market friendly $8650 – certainly a bargain for a low mileage, collection-worthy bike such as this. You can see his website HERE for more information, or email him at



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