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Sport Bikes For Sale December 31, 2011 posted by

Smaller Sword: 1983 Suzuki 750 Katana

For Sale: 1983 Suzuki GSX / Katana 750
Update 9.16.2011: Back on eBay!
Update 01.02.2012: Not everyone’s cup of tea but we like it, and it’s back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Named after the famed Samurai sword, the Suzuki Katana was cutting edge in terms of style and performance. While most folks flocked to the Katana 1000 and the later 1100, there was another, smaller Katana cut from the same cloth: the 750.

The 750 was never as popular as its bigger brother, and thus fewer bikes were made. Obvious differences – besides engine capacity – included the color palette. While the original Katana 1000 was silver/black and the ’82 was silver/blue, the 750 was available in this striking silver/red color combination. This particular bike includes the very rare (and very period correct) Lockhart lowers. While not stock, they certainly enhanced the look of the bike, and are very hard to come by today.

From the seller:
This will be an incredible find for some lucky person. I bought this bike from the original owner back in 2002 after looking for this bike for about 5 years previous. It is the last bike out of my 80’s superbike collection.

This is a completely original 83 Katana 750 with an original aftermarket Lockhart lower. This bike is incredible and runs fantastic. It turns heads and is going to be in the International Motorcycle Show “Classic Bikes Display” on the east coast in 2012. (If the new owner wants to display it). These bikes (1100,1000,750 Katana) were only sold for one year in the US and the 750 was the rarest of the three.

The bike has been very well maintained, Tires and chain have low miles on them. Clean gas tank. Battery Tender included

Although not as desirable in the showrooms, I would expect this “baby” Katana to pull its own weight and then some in the collector market. Given the scarcity of these smaller models, coupled with the rabid marketplace interest in early Katanas, this should be a fun one to watch.

The current auction price is only just above $2k, and the reserve has not yet been met. Anything below $4k would be an utter bargain on this bike, and I expect it to bring much more upon auction close. Bidding has been relatively brisk, so there is definite interest in this machine. Check it out, and let us know what you think. Click here to jump over to the auction. Good luck, and be sure and let us know if you win!


Kawasaki December 30, 2011 posted by

Ninja Power! 1986 Kawasaki GPZ1000R For Sale

Location: Near Wilmington, NC

Miles: 17,286

Price: Currently $3,000 with No Reserve

Nothing screams 80’s sport bikes like a Ninja. When the GPZ900R bust onto the scene, it was the first bike to dawn the Ninja name and quickly became a benchmark of its time. Next up was the 1000R. It came with more power, but also a couple more pounds to pull around. Though the 900R was seen by riders as more manageable in the corners, the 1000R would outrun it on the straights.

The 1000R up for grabs here has higher mile with over 17k, however it does appear to well cared for and owned by a classic Ninja enthusiast. It is not completely stock with its Corbin seat and its Vance&Hines exhaust. But the seat does look the part and you can be sure the exhaust is going to add some ponies. The seller does mention some repair done to the tank, so take not of that if you are contemplating buying this bike.

More from the seller:

” Okay enough of my love for the bike, by the way the Magazine will go with her when she sales.This is a great mostly original 1000R ( after market pipe, Corbin Gun fighter seat) The body is in good shape but it does show its age here and there from road use. Never dropped to my knowledge, there is ruff spot on the right rear of the tank where the former owner had a ding repaired, the tank does not leak or show any signs that it has.. The pictures should speak more than the bike than I can, I am honest on here, and my feedback reflects that. The Corbin Gun Fighter seat is color matched to the bike and will hold you secure in the seat under hard acceleration!! If you are looking for a great low mileage no issues ready to ride super Ninja this is the one! It even has new rubber with almost no miles log on them. There are boxes of extra parts that will come with the bike, body panels, head light, engine parts, so on, nice to have on hand as finding replacements can be hard some times.. and I will have no need of them after she is gone.

There is more description about the 1000R in general and why the seller is selling it in the link to the auction

If you think I could go a whole post about a GPZ Ninja from the 80’s without making a reference to Top Gun, you would be greatly mistaken. This is your ticket to the Danger Zone and you can star in your own sequel with this bike. (Top Gun 2: The Revenge of Goose… No? Okay, you pick the title then). All jokes aside, this bike looks clean and well cared for. It will even come with the Motorcyclist it was featured it. As far as the price is concerned, it’s tough to tell since I haven’t seen one of the 1000R’s pop up here before. The auction is active with a couple bidders and No Reserve in site. Check it out here and decide for yourself!


Honda December 29, 2011 posted by

New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

Is your new years resolution to add more toys to the garage? Or maybe you need to sneak one in before the new year. Here is your opportunity to get it done: a really sharp looking 1988 CBR400RR.

Maybe not as sexy as a VFR400 but the CBR wasn’t neglected technology wise: gear driven valve train, 14,500 red line and a braced swing arm are among the goodies. The owner claims the engine whine is a thing of beauty. Here is a good read on the CBR with some technical details if you aren’t up to speed on the RR. is another good source of info and has a good forum.

Remember the Hurricanes? The little CBR is titled and darn near stock. The owner says braided brake lines and a Works rear shock are the only changes. I am pretty sure the windscreen is an aftermarket item as well. The shock is probably a nice upgrade as the original would not have been set up for our fat asses. Now she does have some KM’s or miles on her. The seller states 26,000 miles. As far as I know these were domestic market bikes only so I’d ask about the odometer being in miles. A lot of 400cc bikes were grey market imports to the UK so it is possible it may have started out with a mph speedo/odometer.

Here is what the Japanese buyers drooled over back in 1988:

The accessories you could get at the time:

The seller has a BIN price of $3,995 to go along with the auction on this beauty. 400’s don’t have the lust factor of 250 two strokes but that seems a like a reasonable price for a titled, clean, stock and rare little bike. I might be a little biased since 400’s are my current passion.

If you are tempted, click here.


Ducati December 29, 2011 posted by

R is for Resolution: 2002 Ducati 748R

Unfortunately this was sold just as Mike was putting the finishing touches on the post. Congratulations to the new owner! -dc

From the land of sunny Florida comes this striking 2002 Ducati 748R. Only in Florida (and some of the Western states) can you get a shot of your Ducati in such fine fashion during the Christmas season – without snow or rain, that is. And how about that color? Are Ducs really like Ferraris where they have to be red, or do you like ’em with the occasional splash of color? Personally, I think the Tamburini designed 916/748 would look great in ANY color, as this is one of the all time classics when it comes to style.

The 748 was first introduced to the world in 1994. Essentially identical to the 916 – save for a shorter stroke motor and less top-shelf suspension bits – the 748 competed against 600cc Japanese fours in major roadracing competition. Initially, there were several different variants of the 748 – including the base, the SP, and the SPS. While most records show the base bike being a biposto and the remainder of the higher performance models being only of the single seat variety, rumors indicate that any seating configuration bike could be ordered in your desired state of tune. Thus, not all biposto bikes are 100% base models, and vice verse.

In 1998 Ducati introduced the 748L model, which was an exclusive color for Neiman Marcus. Shortly thereafter, the entire lineup was renamed, with the base being the 748E (available in mono or bi-posto formats), the 748S which was in a higher state of tune, and the R model you see here, which was intended for homologation racing.

This 748R offers a limited edition number on the top of the triple clamps to identify it as special. The other visibile changes include Ohlins suspension front and rear, and an oil cooler poking out from the bottom vent of the chin. The rest of the “special” parts were unseen but very racetrack worthy. Connecting rods and valves where made out of Titanium, allowing for lighter weight and a quicker revving motor. The valve angle was made more extreme to help flow air, and the fuel injection system was changed completely from a throttle body setup to an overhead shower arrangement. This last detail altered the design of the airbox; the R model has a split airbox arrangement specific to the type. Finally, the clutch was replaced by a slipper-type as befitting the bike’s racetrack status.

From the seller:

R model bikes are pretty rare macines. These first generation bikes do not have quite the pull of the later 999/1098 R machines, however, meaning that your dream of Ducati greatness might be closer than you think. This is a very clean, very original bike (nobody cut away the rear tailsection, there are no LED turnsignals, etc), that is rare enough to be numbered. We don’t see many of these, so you might want to pay attention.

This bike has a few more miles than others we have seen, but it is by no means excessive. The seller is asking $7,500 for this bike, which is pretty square on for the model, year and condition. To check out all the pics (and there are quite a few), or just to dream of motorcycles and sunny Florida, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck with that New Year’s track day resolution!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 28, 2011 posted by

Squeaky Clean Aussie RG: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Squeaky Clean Aussie RG: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Rockingham beach, Perth, Australia

Do you need any other motivation to book a flight to Perth Australia? Remember it is Summer there.

Heck, the seller already has it trailered ready for a trip to the airport or dock. Maybe one of our readers can pull of this fantasy and I can live vicariously through you.

Still not buying into my idea? Here is some more motivation.

It has some KM’s (25,000) but damn, it sure is clean. I’m always impressed when I see a clean stroker since they tend to collect filth.

The seller says she is 100% original and has a fresh top end. He adds, she looks and runs like new. The square four sounded healthy in the video. The black/red/white is one of the rarer color schemes.

Hmmmm, the current high bid is 15,000 AUD and the reserve has yet to be met. I honestly don’t think it would fetch that kind of price here in the States. We’ve had a few listed in this price range lately and I don’t believe they sold at that price. On the other hand, the price on an all original Gamma is not going to go down as the years go by.

A boring but impressive shot. That is either brand new switch gear or this thing hasn’t seen much sun light. Here is the auction.


Bimota December 27, 2011 posted by

Midweek Art: 2000 Bimota SB8R W/1500 Miles

Midweek Art: 2000 Bimota SB8R W/1500 Miles

Update 12.27.11: Posted in November and not meeting reserve, this SB8R is back on eBay with a buy-it-now of $12k. -dc

Some people go to an art gallery to see art, others huddle over to see a little art. Bimota’s never disappoint in that department. Here is a little pick me up to get you over that midweek hump; a super clean, low mile SB8R that needs a new home.

This is why we buy them. I typed “we” in an attempt to convince myself that someday I will own one.

The info on this one is straight forward:


If the headlight was good enough for Suzuki it was good enough for Bimota. You won’t mistake that front end for a TL1000R though.

Frankly, SB8R’s are the Honda Civic’s of RSBFS. Common as can be. We’ve consistently have them listed here. They’ve listed for as high as $17,000 and as low as $8,500. Most low mile examples have had asking prices in the $10,500 to $11,500 range. As of this writing, this bikes was around $8,500 and the reserve had not been met. Bid accordingly.

As usual, unmolested. I do know though, we have one RSBFS follower that rides the heck out of his Bimota so I can’t say all Bimota owners just stare at their bikes.

Put your rear end in the seat.


Sport Bikes For Sale December 26, 2011 posted by

Suzuki GSX-R 750R For Sale in France

Several readers have alerted us over the holidays of this rare find, a GSX-R 750R! These bikes were released only to the Japanese market as race ready machines and limited to 500* units.

Double R standard upgrades include (via The newly redesigned engine reverted to the original long stroke (70 x 48.7mm) configuration. Crankcase, crankshaft connecting rods and clutch were among the critical areas receiving more attention necessary for the race duty. The ‘Double R’ also received new 40mm Slingshot carburetor and 4-into-1 exhaust pipe as well as close ratio gearbox, rear swing arm with sub frame, new aerodynamic fiber with large air intake duct, solo seating with race number box and 19 liter aluminium fuel tank as standard equipment. The dry weight measured, 187kg/412lbs (saving 17lbs from the standard bike).

Suzuki GSX-R 750R for sale on eBay in France

Seller’s description is lacking, but a proper pre-purchase inspection is required with a piece like this anyway:

GSX-R 750 R, 1990

1000 models produced.

No cost involved.


French registration.

Record pictures on request.

*Conflicting sources suggest 500 or 1000 units were produced, but in either case they don’t come up for sale very often. According to my research, these were only produced in 1989 but maybe this one is registered as a 1990. Here are some brochure shots that Ian shared in a GSX-R 750R post back in 2010:

This bike has a $17k buy-it-now option and is listed with 30k miles! The mileage has to be a misprint right? That’s a lot of history on a very rare and desirable bike. Guess if you’re a serious buyer you’ll be heading to Paris to see it up close anyway!

Thanks to all the reader who emailed us!


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