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Ducati November 30, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati Superbike 888 Corsa

For Sale: 1993 Ducati Superbike 888 Corsa

Dec 1, 2011 update: The seller has uploaded many new pictures of this bike. Jump over the to the auction to check them out!

Here is a very interesting and rare Ducati model with very little supporting information: A 1993 Ducati 888 Corsa (Corse) edition. The Corse edition bikes were shipped from the factory intenting to be racers - no lights, limited electronics (just fuel injection and what was needed to run the motor), special bodywork and components. This program originally started with the 851, which in the later years was really a 888cc motor with 851 badging. By 1993, the 926cc motor was introduced, although the 888 badging remained.

From the seller:
Ducati 888 corsa 926cc vin nr888S*002189 build as a factory racer for the 93 world super bike series I believe there were only 32 been build.The bike is in good running condition and have all the original parts on the bike

There is no race history listed here, so the actual timeline of the bike (where it was originally sold, who rode it, which races, etc) is really in question. But that is the amazing thing about old racebikes - they are a mystery waiting to be discovered. For example: How did this one end up in South Africa?

The seller claims to have all the original parts on the bike - which is exceedingly rare for a "vintage" racer. These are often upgraded and modified from year to year, and generally become frankenbikes as bits are added, removed or changed.

I would love for some of the RSBFS Ducati tifosi to chime in here if they know more. There is a dearth of information on the bike and the opening ask is only $4k with reserve in place. What do you guys think, and what is it worth? For more info, click here and check out the auction. Let us know your thoughts!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 30, 2011 posted by

Harris Gem: Harris Kawasaki Z900 F1

Harris Gem: Harris Kawasaki Z900 F1

Well, it is another day here at the plush RSBFS offices and another day I'm searching the net for info on a bike I've never heard of before. We've listed a few Harris Magnums but the F1 appears to be quite a rare beast.

Here is a brief explainer from

The Harris F1 frame kit is a pretty loose name for Harris framed bikes that were used for F1 racing, most built before the magnum road kits. Most F1 kits can be recognized straight away thanks to the extra suspension linkage on top of the swing arm that compresses the shock from the top as well as the rocker linkage at the bottom.


I saw one bit of info that said the Magnum was a response to riders getting F1 kits licensed for the road.

The story on this beauty:

A rare opportunity to buy a genuine Harris Kawasaki Endurance racer from the seventies.

Although at first it may look like a Magnum, this is one of the dozen or so endurance/F1 bikes that were built by the Harris brothers in the mid/late seventies. This pre-dates the Magnum series, of which they went on to produce thousands of chassis kits in various forms. The early endurance chassis is easily recognised by the sliding adjuster block on the rear wheel, allowing quick removal of the whole assembly. This is a very rare survivor that has by some miracle escaped unmolested over the last thirty-odd years.

The Kawasaki Z900 engine has recently been re-built and refreshed by Graham Salter at Diptune and unused since being fitted. It is in 1200cc form and in a sensible state of tune. The head is ported and uses larger valves which are now shim under bucket, bigger cams, semi close gearbox and welded crank. It is fed by a bank of 34mm Amal carbs.

It has its original Dymag 18" wheels which have the bolt together hubs. Front discs are 280mm stainless steel, forks are 38mm Marzocchi held by cast aluminium Harris yokes. Twin front calipers are Brembo, rear caliper is period lockheed. Both front and rear master cylinders are period lockheed items. The alloy endurance tank has its original shaws aero filler. Fairing and seat are both Harris endurance items with the headlight cowl fitted to the front.

I restored the bike to use at the many classic track events that are emerging both here and round europe, but a change in circumstances now means it is for sale.

The total restoration has recently been finished so the bike is in excellent condition all round.

Anyone out there know enough about these to know the year they were produced? Since it is a kit you will see wide differences in all the other components from bike to bike. Check out this beast with a full works Suzuki engine prepared by Pops Yoshimura.

Slick as owl Sh*t! Another phrase I've stolen from our RSBFS readers. I think it is quite appropriate though. You will see the traction control device there on the right clip on. Things sure used to be simple.


So, what does it cost to be the guy with the coolest bike at the track? The seller is asking roughly the equivalent of $24,000 (the bike is located in the U.K.). He is open to offers though if that is a little much for a stocking stuffer.


Nothing extra here, just a bare bones racing machine. From the sellers description it sounds like that engine should have some legs. Check out the auction here.


Honda November 29, 2011 posted by

Turbo Time! 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

For Sale: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo on eBay

Welcome to the future: The Turbo era! It is hard to believe that this beauty is 28 years old - it still looks futuristic, and the roll-on performance must be experienced to be believed. This survivor has just over 18,000 miles on the odometer, and still shows very well.

The heart of the CX650 Turbo is a traverse 80 degree v-twin last seen in the CX Customs and Silver Wing series of bikes. Internals have been heavily fortified to manage the nearly 17 psi of boost, along with larger valves and a slightly lower compression ratio. With computerized fuel injection (which included the ignition control unit), the CX650 Turbo was civilized for daily riding, but a beast on the boost.

These CX650 Turbos are rare. Less than 1,800 were built worldwide, and just over 1,000 made it into the US. Original pricing put them thousands of dollars over the cost of a brand new literbike. Because of the expense, most people did not jump on the turbo bandwagon, leaving Honda (and others) with a poor seller. Fast forward 25+ years and that poor seller now becomes a collectable model!

From the seller:
1983 Honda CX650 Turbo
Very rare and desirable motorcycle, Honda only imported 1015 back in 1983, far less exist today and far less in this condition.

18,700 miles
Current tags and emissions, clear title.

Bike is ready to ride and enjoy or add to your collection. All the known issues with the CX turbo bikes have been serviced (stator, water pump seal and cam chain). I have receipts for all the service work completed.

Recent service includes:
new stator
new cam chain
new water pump, countershaft, shift shaft seals
front and rear brakes and calipers rebuilt with new brake pads
front forks serviced with new seals and fresh fork oil
air filter serviced
new front and rear Metzeler tires
new spark plugs, oil and filters
new rear drive differential oil
new radiator coolant
suspension has been serviced and fresh grease installed

Bike is complete with enameled key, Honda shop manual and original owners manual and tool kit. Decals are bright and clear, paint is glossy and still looks great! There is one slight scratch on the front fender (see photo) and the trip odometer knob is missing (very common on the CX500/650 turbo bikes, see photo), clock on dashboard does not work. This is a beautiful motorcycle that is ready for a new home.

If you have never had the opportunity to ride a Turbo CX650 you are missing a real treat, these bikes sound amazing and the highway speed roll on acceleration is amazing. I am going to miss this bike from my collection, I hope it finds a good new home with an owner that can enjoy the bike as much as I have.

These Honda Turbos are pretty bulletproof - after all, it IS a Honda... The only weak link in the CX650 Turbo's armor is a weak stator which tends to burn out early, leaving the bike to run on battery power only, and eventually resulting in a no start situation. Fortunately, this one has already been replaced! Other than that, these bikes are good for miles and miles of sport touring fun.

Now the hard part: This seller is asking a BIN of $9,500 for this '83 CX650T. The bike does look to be in great condition, and prices have gone up on these recently. However the asking price represents a few thousand over the going rate... Turbo owners the world over are secretly hoping that the seller gets the asking price to help push up values, but I see this one sitting on the shelf for a little bit longer at this price. The seller is open to offers however, so you might still want to check it out here. Enjoy!


BMW November 29, 2011 posted by

Bavarian Beauty- 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Mileage: 3,806

Price: Auction, $17,700 BIN

Do you like meticulously well built motorcycles made out of high quality materials? How about something with a horizontally opposed four valve per cylinder twin? High-end adjustable Ohlins suspensions parts? How about a strikingly good looking bike you don't see everyday? If you answered yes to those questions, then I give you the BMW HP2 Sport. Fastest bike on earth? Nope. Not even the fastest BMW makes. But uniquely cool and special for sure.

Take a look at some pics and then we'll get into some more specs-

This BMW is going to give you a 1200cc boxer twin that cranks out an impressive 130 hp. It's also going to include weight saving carbon fiber and some beautiful aluminum parts that scream high-end build quality (just look at that triple clamp, oh and forged aluminum foot pegs). The HP2 Sport is an expensive bike new, but is also heralded as one of the best built sportbikes out there.

Here's what the seller has to say-

I am not happy about parting with my baby but things come up:(. This bike is as close to perfect as you will find period!, and especially as far as most HP2S's I have seen and heard about at my local dealer. It has been maintained meticulously and if need be the service mgr at GOAZ Motorcycles would tell you how nice it is. The tires were installed front and rear less than 500 miles ago, and were replaced to factory spec. It has been garage kept in sunny Arizona and has never seen rain. or the TRACK! It was recently detailed by European Detail here in Scottsdale, the official detailer for Barrett Jackson Auctions. The bike also has a full 3M clear vinyl shield to protect the carbon fiber and paint from chips and rubbing from leathers, other than what I have said the bike is stock! I can assist with transport and financing if you need help. Please feel free to call me - Kris- or if you live local and would like to see it we can arrange that. Thanks and Good Luck! Your buying an unbelievable machine and a piece of art and history!

This looks to be a clean, well cared for machine. Mileage is very low for BMW so no worries there. Don't really know if there is much more to add on this bike. Again, they run around $25K new, so you could save yourself some significant cash on a used model like this.

If one of these pops up at my local dealership at a good price, I'm going to have a difficult financial decision to make. If you crave one of these too, then take action and place your bid!


Bimota November 28, 2011 posted by

Another Italian Supermodel: 2009 Bimota DB7

For Sale: 2009 Bimota DB7 (#25)

Ian previously refered to the DB7 as (D)a (B)omb in an earlier post, and I couldn't agree more. This particular model really exemplifies the Rimini firm's expertise in melding engineering with artwork. While Bimota is often compared as the motorcycling equivalent of Lamborghini, I think a comparison to Colin Chapman's Lotus brand is more accurate: smaller, lighter, faster, more expensive. RSBFS readers have seen this particular bike before, written up by Doug last year.

Hey look Ma - it's housebroken! Can I keep it? Perhaps this is why so many wonders from Rimini fail to accumulate any sort of real mileage. As worthy sculptures suitable for indoor use, their appeal is in the look as much as the performance. This particular model has only 507 miles on the clocks - and what beautiful clocks they are! Bimota clearly spared no expense in creating this amazing bike, and every nook and cranny of it drips with gorgeous appointments and top-level gear.

From the seller:
Up for sale is an ultra rare, and highly desirable one-owner Bimota DB7. The bike is in immaculate, as new condition, with no-stories whatsoever. Bike has been continouously maintained on battery tender, started every two weeks and run to normal operating temperature.

Details as follows:

2009 Bimota DB7 #25 (ZESD711S99R000025)
507 total miles (upon delivery)
All books/records/receipts/keys included
Evoluzione clutch master cylinder in Annodized Silver (28.5 degrees- perfect!)
Evoluzione titanium throttle control
Evoluzione fender eliminator kit
Original Bimota dust cover
Original Bimota rear stand

Original MSRP $39,995.00

The DB7 is powered by a Ducati 1098, liquid cooled, fuel injected, Desmoquattro v-twin. What the Rimini boys do with the rest of the bike is nearly as amazing as the engine: Aluminum, chrome-moly, carbon fiber and titanium all meet up to hold Ohlins and Brembo componentry in a package that screams exclusivity.

The seller included some great info regarding Bimota and the DB7, which I've included here:

From the seller:
If you are reading this, you will probably already be familiar with the extraordinary and exotic superbikes produced by Bimota. For those who aren't, here is some information about Bimota and the Bimota DB7:

Bimota is the sort of archetypal family-owned Italian company that puts out exclusive hand-built luxury machines. Think Lamborghini and Maserati in the car world and you’ll have an idea. Bimota has been around since the late ’70s when design guru Massimo Tamburini (Ducati 916 & MV Agusta F4) was one of the founders. The “Ta” in BimoTA represents Tamburini’s contributions. Tamburini himself now heads the Cagiva Research Centre where unbelievably beautiful MV Agusta designs are created. Tamburini did turn up in Rimini to congratulate Bimota and student Sergio Robbiano with the DB5 in 2005, but that’s the last anyone at Bimota has seen of him since then.

In 2007, the company headed by President Comini who owns 17% of Bimota, employed the services of Dan Van Epps. Van Epps has a past as Ducati North America’s CEO and later Ducati’s Global Marketing Director. Van Epps compares Bimota to Ducati in 1993 and have big future plans for the company.

The DB7 looks like no other Superbike, with team colours of red, white and black applied to the carbon fiber body shaped by the pen and hands of designer Enrico Borghesan, the Bimota family DNA is clear to see. This Superbike dares true motorcyclists to get close and indulge in its details. The beauty and drama of the DB7 at a distance is surpassed only by its detail. From billet machined sub-frames, footrests and control levers to the structural carbon fiber tail section and titanium silencer, no compromise was ever considered nor made. The details are simply spectacular.

Bimota is the only factory in the world allowed to place Ducati’s gem of a 1099cc V-Twin engine in its own chassis. Just to give you an idea of just how exclusive this motorcycle is, Bimota only built 300 DB7s per year.

Ex-Ducati man Dan Van Epps preaches proudly that each DB7 is built by hand by two Bimota technicians. Those two technicians follow that very bike all the way to actually also building the shipping crate! That’s just how exclusive and exotic the Bimota DB7 1098 is.

from Motorcyclist: "The seventh Ducati-powered, all-Italian DB7 is the best yet-and one of the sexiest motorcycles ever. Rivals include money-no-object Italian exotics such as the Benelli Tornado Tre, Ducati 1098R, Mondial Piega and MV Agusta F4 R 312. Still, unless you're going racing, the DB7 has an appeal that is subtly different to the 1098R's, and arguably just as strong."

from CycleWorld: "An exclusive artisan operation are Bimota — where two technicians build one DB7 per day—has an ace up its sleeve, however, because concerns over competitive pricing are chucked out the window. Generous use of carbon-fiber, machined aluminum and titanium is possible when hand-building bikes that cost almost four times what a Japanese literbike goes for....which rounds out Bimota's model range of Supersport (DB5), Sport Naked (DB6) and Sport Special (Tesi 3D) with a no-holds-barred Superbike."

from MCN: "This is a motorcycle manufactured to the highest standard, so it goes without saying that quality is exemplary. The finish is to die for and the attention to detail stunning. None of the cycle parts are going to let you down and neither should the tried and tested Ducati 1098 engine."

DB7s are not inexpensive motorcycles. While most Bimotas sell at a premium, the DB7 is the most modern, top of the Rimini performance range. MSRP pricing would put you in a midsized, German luxury car from the spinning propeller brand - if cars were your thing, that is. Any way you look at it, $40k is rarified air for motorcycles - Ducati "R" models, the D16-RR, some MV Agustas and perhaps a few "boutique" low volume brands might reach this high.

This seller is also parting with a 2004 Ducati 749R as written up by Rem - maybe if you've been a really good boy Santa can do a double-bike deal for Christmas. Santa was never quite that flush with me, but then there is always hope...

This auction is on right now, with a BIN number of $23,250. This is pretty standard money for a used DB7, and it is clear that this is a well-loved and cared for, low mileage example. For your chance to add this to the wish list, or just to check out the numerous pictures, click on the link and check out the auction. Good luck!


Ducati November 28, 2011 posted by

Fast by Ferracci – 1998 Ducati 916 Corsa

There certainly are not too many of these about.  A 1998 916R which apparently is a Corsa factory bike.  Now that would be tough to believe except this is a FBF bike but for those who know about Eraldo Ferracci and his relationship with Ducati, there would be little doubt that this beauty came from the Corsa part of the factory.  While designated a 916 the engine is actually a 996cc unit which eventually was in all the bikes and they became the 996.  The seller has very little to say about the bike however a look through the pictures and you can see loads of carbon fibre, Ohlins, Brembo monoclocs etc.  I love the picture of the shower injectors, these were designed to supply the engine with fuel in the upper rev ranges in order that it could make the high end power it needed to.  The 916 Corsa was never road legal unlike latter R designated bikes. This bikes had 60mm throttle bodies and made 151bhp at 11,000 rpm straight from the factory, while weighing 155kg (342 lbs) dry.  As for rare, according to Ian Falloon, only 18 of these bikes were made in 1998.  It really is a part of Ducati history.

The seller only has a little to say:

Fast By Ferracci '98
Factory Ducati Corsa 916R
Wide Adjustable triple tree. Shower injectors.
Thumb brake
PI Research LTD Data Acquisition sys. / Marchesini / Ohlin’s / Brembo
Magnesium, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

The auction can be found here on eBay.

You can see the bike running here and if I am not mistaken the grey haired gentleman is Eraldo himself:

At $28k this is not cheap but compare that to 999R prices.  Ok so this is not road legal but even so what a bike for the money.



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