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Sport Bikes For Sale September 30, 2011 posted by

Blue and White Beauty- ’91 Suzuki GSX-R 750

Location: Canoga Park, California

Mileage: 10,515

Price: Auction, $5,000 BIN

I will never get over how good looking this bike is. The blue and white fairing, the old school GSX-R frame. It really does’t get much better than this in the GSX-R world and I would put this up against any other bike out there. Maybe not as stylized as the Italian counterparts, but this GSX-R reminds me of a classic American muscle car. It looks bad ass, doesn’t hide it’s intentions and has no pretense of refinement. I love it.

This bike looks to have gone through a few owners, but has had recent maintenance. From the seller-

 1991 Suzuki GSXR 750

**Great Shape & Very Clean Condition**

99% Stock

10,515 miles (mileage will go up as I still ride, but not more than 200 miles)

The bike is very strong, smooth & shifts through every gear without any problems.  ALL lights, turn signals & horn are in working order.  It is a great looking 20 year old bike and I get a lot of compliments wherever I go.  Everything is original with the exception of turn signals, license plate bracket, rear spools & DID gold chain.  The rims were polished by previous owner.  There are some minor scratches which are shown in the pictures.  Front brakes are good & brand new rear brakes.  Tires are in great shape and will last for another few thousand miles.  I made every effort to show the condition of the bike with the pictures I’ve taken, though no warranty expressed or implied and is Sold As IS.  I’m sure you will agree that this is a great & clean looking bike.  She is always stored indoors.  I have a clean California title in hand.  Registration is good till November 2011.  I have a 100% positive feedback so please bid with confidence.  I just recently sold my 1989 FZR 600 & 1990 Suzuki Katana and I’m selling her to downsize.  A new bike cover, Bully lock & Onguard lock will go to the winning bidder.  The rear stand IS NOT included. 

Here is a little history of this bike:  First owner, who was in the military, sold bike after putting 900 miles on it.  The second owner traded the bike to his brother, an auto mechanic, for a truck.  It stayed stored in his garage & was not ridden for the last 10 years before I bought it with 9,976 miles.  The speedometer needle broke, which was common for these early models.  This was confirmed to me by two mechanics at Suzuki of Van Nuys & Tarzana Motorsports.  Suzuki used to sell speedo needles separately due to this.  I purchased a brand new OEM speedometer as you can see in the pictures.  The old speedo will go with the sale.  Below are recent maintenance & items I purchased.  I have the receipts & will include them with the sale.

See link below for more pictures:  

March 2011 ($791.15)

·        Carb Overhaul

·        Oil & Filter Change (Castrol ACT EVO Xtra Oil 10w40)

·        New Air Filter

·        Parts Unlimited Heavy Duty Battery

·        Replaced All Intake Manifolds & Intake O Rings

·        New NGK Spark Plugs

·        Derust Fuel Tank

August 2011 ($1,316 Parts/Labor) Driven ONLY 469 Miles Since This Service

·        Replace Fork Seals, Dust Seals & Fork Oil

·        New PSR License Plate Bracket 

·        New Front & Rear Arrow LED Turn Signals w/Separate Relays For Each LED ($340 for labor – Did not have working signals when I purchased bike)

·        New Black Driven Rear Spools

·        New DID Gold Chain

·        New OEM Speedometer w/New Bulb ($220)

·        New Bulb For High Beam

·        New Rear EBC Brake Pads

Bidders with zero or negative feedback please contact me prior to bidding. Otherwise, I reserve the right to cancel your bid.  Winning bidder must contact me within 24 hours of the auction close and the purchase transaction completed within 4 days. I reserve the right to re-list or sell the vehicle in the event of a non-paying bidder and negative feedback will be given.  Please do not bid if you don’t intend to pay.  I also reserve the right to end auction early as bike is being sold locally.

I will take PayPal, Cash or Cashier’s Check (CC will have to clear bank before bike is released…7 to 10 business days).  Buyer is responsible for shipping or local pick up.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Thank you!

Not a lot of pics in the auction (but many in the photo bucket link above)-

Again, this bike seems to have only gone through a few owners, been stored inside, and has relatively low mileage. There have also been some modifications, but not many, and there does seem to be a lot of recent maintenance. Good to know if the bike has sat for quite a while, as the seller describes. There are some dings and scratches that are highlighted in the pics on photo bucket. Some people might find the bike has a few too many cosmetic issues, but they don’t seem too bad to me.

So, seller is asking $5,000 BIN. Seems like it may be a bit high with the condition but not crazy. Certainly anything under that mark makes it pretty attractive. And I can’t get over the paint. Just beautiful.

I obviously like these bikes. If you do too, make the jump!


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale September 30, 2011 posted by weekly recap!

In case you missed what was happening on the sister site to RSBFS this week, here is a look at what’s been showing up on recently! If you’re a fan of classic Italian sport bikes then be sure to check out the sweet Ducati Vento and the pair of MV Agusta’s up for grabs! Also, don’t forget to drop by and check the scene there. And if you still aren’t satisfied, have a look at the RSBFS Facebook Page to check out even more killer bikes that didn’t make it onto the main site. Enjoy!

1984 Ducati Vento 350 up for auction on CSBFS

1977 MV Agusta Sucuderia 750S America and 125S America

1936 Velocette KSS MKII


Honda September 28, 2011 posted by

Two Aussie Imports: 1994 Honda RC45 (RVF750R) And 1989 Yamaha OWO1 (FZR750R)

Two Aussie Imports: 1994 Honda RC45 (RVF750R) And 1989 Yamaha OWO1 (FZR750R)

I always enjoy reading my email when it starts with, “G’day”.   I hadn’t heard from my Aussie connection Chris in a while but he has checked in with a RC45 and an OWO1 down under.  They are both imported bikes from Japan and not registered to hit the roads at this time.  We haven’t had much exotica for the Aussies lately so enjoy.


The RC is definitely the sharper bike of the two.  It has 7,142 miles on the clocks and is stock except for the big Yoshimura muffler.

RC45’s always look so chunky to me from the side.  Not so much from the top.  I’ve never had the pleasure.  Do they feel like a big bike when riding?

The paint work looks to be in pretty good shape.  I did notice the speedo is a MPH unit.  Not sure how that jives with being an import from Japan.

From the auction:

We bought this bike into Australia from Japan under competition import approval,

however we know of another imported RC45 owner that intends to get his bike

registered through the low volume registration rules at a cost of about $2,500.00


I’d love to know more about this process from any of our Australian readers.  What sort of hoops are you guys jumping through to get your imports registered?  $2,500?  I thought our bone head politician’s  were bad.

If you want to be the one to plate it place a bid here.



I think the old FZR has seen a much harder life than the RC.  It isn’t a basket case by any means but it isn’t collector quality either.  It has been repainted  ( I always wonder why) and is missing some street equipment.  Apparently it does have a set of nice aftermarket Keihin carbs though.

Looks like an aftermarket exhaust there.   Might be a keeper if it is a full system.

For the right price is would make a sweet daily rider or a winter project to restore to original condition.  I guess a summer project in Australia.  Is it just me or is it squatting a bit too much in the rear?

You can inquire here on the OWO1.


Honda September 27, 2011 posted by

NSR Chameleon: 1992 HONDA NSR 250 SE MC21

NSR Chameleon:  1992 HONDA NSR 250 SE MC21 For Sale

Gardner and Doohan wannabe’s,  start your engines.  Just as Lucky Strike paint catches a Suzuki  mans eye,   nice Rothmans paint work does the trick for NSR men.  I don’t blame anyone for painting their bike in Rothmans colors, they look damn good and bring back memories of Honda GP dominance (unfortunately).

This one is a chameleon though,  it didn’t leave the factory looking like a pack of Rothmans cigarettes.  By the way, the seller is upfront about this and not trying to pull one over on you.

It sure looks good in pictures but paint always has to be seen in person.  The seller states the bike is stock and has our favorite piece of governmental paperwork  here at RSBFS.   That would be a nice CA title for anyone riding the short bus.

I now it is minor but the front turn signals are not stock items.  It looks like it is missing some back padding for the seat and the rear seat itself.

This one has me a little perplexed.  The Ebay listing, lists the mileage at 12,000 miles.  34,781 KM’s converts to  21,611 miles though.  You might want to ask about that.

Why do I have the urge to smoke?

I guess this is as good as time as any to talk about resprays.  What I’m about to say is a general statement and does not pertain to this actual bike.  Always be a little cautious when looking at a bike that has been resprayed.  Every now and then it is done to hide the true condition of the bike.  Be sure to look past the shiny exterior and compare the paint to the nuts, bolts, frame, hoses etc.  Make sure they are all in the same general condition.

The reason I said that doesn’t apply to this bike is I’m not noticing any of the usual corrosion of a poorly maintained/stored bike.

The details:

For sale is my 1992 NSR250 MC21 2 stroke. This bike is all original and super clean, with a fresh top end. Bike runs perfect and needs nothing but a new good home. Fully street legal, all working lights horn etc. and CURRENTLY registered in CA. The bodywork is original but has been repainted in the SP Rothmans scheme, this is NOT an SP edition bike, it is however still a very rare bike especially this clean and this original and registered with proper paperwork. Title is in hand and bike is ready to go. The reserve on this bike is super low so it is listed to sell. I know what it is worth but with the economy market value has changed. I am open to serious offers so dont hesitate to contact me.  Bikes this clean and rare are very hard to come by so take advantage while it is here. This is the only time I will be listing this bike.


So, what’s the price to live out your Rothmans fantasies?  The seller has BIN of $6,500 to go along with the auction.  I’m guessing in this soft market that BIN price is optimistic.  The only bikes  I’ve seen selling for top dollar currently are the true collectibles.  That means low mile, original bikes of the rarest versions.  Considering the year, mileage, model and market I’m thinking  $4,500-$5,200.  What do you think Honda boys?  The seller claims the reserve is set quite low.  To find out how low, place a bid here.


Kawasaki September 26, 2011 posted by

Remember FUSA? 98 Kawasaki ZX850RR Muzzy Raptor

Remember FUSA?  98 Kawasaki ZX850RR Muzzy Raptor

“Run what ya brung” pretty much sums up what Formula USA ( FUSA) was all about back in the 90’s.  At any given race you might see a heavily modded GSXR1100 racing against a TZ250.  For a year or two there was even Rich Oliver riding a Roberts YZR500 (I think there was some pissing and moaning after these arrived).  The Raptor was Rob Muzzy’s answer to the dominant Valvoline Suzuki’s of the time.  Basically, give Muzzy a ZX7 and let him have his way with it.

By the way,  can someone please bring a series like this back?  I’ve had my fill of NASCAR on two wheels.  I like the exotic.

50 is the widely stated production number of the Raptors.  50 also happened to be  the number required to be FUSA legal.  The seller states Rob Muzzy claims the actual production number is around 35.  Rare, unique and semi-American made all in one.

This particular Raptor has a very cool mix of Muzzy, Kawasaki kit and high end aftermarket parts:

The motor is the highest spec  873cc ,GEAR DRIVEN CAM, Ti Carillo rods, lighten crank,world superbike head,undercut tranny. 41mm Kehien Flatslides breath through a ram air sealed carbon fiber airbox. It’s making around 175 rwhp.  I did not dyno it but its a torque monster.  The motor sounds almost like a turbo because of the gear driven cam whine. Very sic!

The suspension is full GP spec 48mm Ohlins forks, Special factory Ohlins rear shock, custom suspension linkage and a adjustable triple clamp looks like it could support a bridge!  Massive pinch bolts.  The swing arm and fork are equipped with quick change Ti axles. A KES quickshifter controls the full throttle shift and the guages are all KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) factory superbike pieces.

The brakes are set up with sublime AP 6piston front calipers, clamping 330 mm (they might be 320mm) Brembo Full floating cast rotors, actuated by a Brembo radial master cylinder.  The rear brake is a tiny AP unit clamping a ultra light full floating KHI rotor.

Wheels are a beautiful set of magnesium Marchasini’s, 17 x3.75 front, 16.5x 6.5 rear. I just refinished them and the are perfect. A new set sprockets and a gold DID chain complete the drive line. These a pretty fresh set of Dunlop Ntech’s on the bike right now.

Body work is a collection of one off carbon and fiberglass.  The tank is a one off Carbon Fiber piece of beauty.  The fairings are Jap spec 8hr Suzuka replicas.  There is a headlight custom faired in next to the number plate. The tail/subframe is all KHI SPEC. The battery box is relocated  in a custom Muzzy box along with a billet aluminum oil tank.

Who wouldn’t want that engine with the gear driven cams?  Exotic!

This is where the Raptor was meant to be but it was also sold as a street bike.  This one definitely saw it’s share of track time:

This bike is one of the three prototypes that Muzzy built for contesting the unlimited racing series Formula USA.  The history is as follows.  Doug Chandler raced this bike twice in FUSA for the Muzzy Team.  He won the first time out at Daytona and came in third at Pocono.  The bike then was passed on to Steve Grigg who went on to crush everyone in WERA unlimited series.  Grigg held the track record at Summit Point and Road Atlanta on this bike.  So this is no ccobbed up street bike but a real GP racer. 

Who is going to snap this one up?  A Kawasaki collector or someone who wants to keep it on the track?  With a starting bid  of $20,000 I’m going to lean collector.  There are just too many options out there today for that price for the track.  Is it worth $20,000 or higher?  I have to honestly say, “I don’t know”.  It sure has some trick parts and you can’t argue it isn’t rare.  If you sleep in Kawasaki pajamas I know you want this bike.

There is a decent thread on the Raptor on the Kawasaki forum if you’d like more info and pictures.  There is actually some photos of this particular bike there as well.

You can check out the auction here.


Sport Bikes For Sale September 24, 2011 posted by

Low Mile, Canadian, and Titled ’83 Yamaha RZ350

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Mileage: 1,558

Price: Auction, $5,700 BIN

RZ 350’s that came to the states were emblazoned with Kenny Roberts signature on the headlight fairing honoring the great American Grand Prix rider. However, the bike existed elsewhere in the world before it was introduced in the U.S. in 1984. This is one of those bikes. Of course this model still has the features you would look for in any two stroke – light and powerful.

Here’s some brief detail from the seller-

1983 YAMAHA RZ350

2552 Kilometers (1585 Miles)

Canadian bike


All original. Runs and rides great

Tires perfect, seat perfect.

No dents, scratches or scrapes

Maybe one of the nicest examples remaining.

Clean ARIZONA title

This motorcycle is sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty. I recommend having the motorcycle inspected before purchase.

All sales final. No returns

Payment to be made via direct bank to bank wire transfer or cash in hand. No other forms of payment accepted.

Payment must be made within 3 business days of auction end.

Shipping of the motorcycle after payment received is up to the buyer, but I will assist with pick-up once buyer has a carrier.

This motorcycle is for sale locally, therefore this auction may be ended at anytime due to local sale, as long as reserve has not been met.

And some more photos-

So I have to say that this bike looks Kah-leen. Certainly the low mileage has a lot do with that. Seller states it’s all original and runs great. It certainly looks really good and seems to have been stored well over the years. It’s titled, which is a bonus. The BIN price is right in there, especially for a low mileage, clean example like this.

I really don’t have much more to say. If you’ve been searching for one of these, I think this one would need a serious look. Fun or collector, it should fit the bill. Decide for yourself and make the jump!


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale September 23, 2011 posted by and Weekly Recap!

Can’t get enough of RSBFS? Have you spent countless hours surfing this site continually telling yourself “ok, I will just look at one more page”. I know I have! Well you’re in luck if you like checking out cool sport bikes for countless hours at a time. ClassicSportBikesForSale is just one click away. Check out some of the bikes that have made it up this week on the sister
site to RSBFS. Enjoy!

Two 1974 Laverda 750 SF’s ForSaleon uo for auction

1972 Suzuki T250 II Hustler Scrambler on CSBFS

Clean and Classic: 1968 BSA Spitfire

IF you’re into Cafe Bikes, be sure to check out and clear your schedule!


Ducati September 23, 2011 posted by

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Edition For Sale
Mileage: 975 miles
Price: $39,000

Our latest featured listing is this beautiful Ducati 1098R Bayliss limited edition for sale in Falls Church, Virginia.

For those that don’t know, the Bayliss edition celebrates the 3rd and final World Superbike championship by Troy Bayliss. Motorcyclist wrote, “Bayliss locked up his third championship during ’08’s penultimate round at Magny-Cours, France-his 50th SBK win in 150 starts. To celebrate his final race appearance (and what turned out to be his 51st victory) in Portimao, Portugal, Ducati commissioned famed graphic designer Aldo Drudi to create a unique look for his bike. Drudi designed a scheme that combined elements of the red-and-white Ducati-Xerox team branding with dark-blue details from the Australian flag. It was the perfect tribute, and the best-looking bike on the grid.”

Of course all the other 1098R trimmings are present and these came with the upgraded exhaust that is said to boost power to 180hp in a 364lb (dry weight) package!

Quote from the seller:

This is #26 of 500 made (only 150 were exported to North America). The mileage is only 975 miles and the first servicing was performed by Raffaelle Conti (Coleman PowerSports, CR2 Racing, STR Racing Italy). The Ohlins Recall from 2010 was satisfied with a completely new front suspension.

The bike is fitted with Ducati Performance parts only (Termignoni pipe/cans, ECU, carbon rear hugger, folding control levers, neoprene racing seat, racing windscreen and aluminum coolant hoses) and includes all original parts (OEM muffler cans, exhaust manifold/pipes, coolant hoses). The tires are original and have very minimal wear. The bike has never been raced, wrecked or toppled.

Also included is the unused Bayliss bike cover, the original included rear stand, all manuals/keys/master keys, parts list and the Bayliss Limited Edition Plaque authenticating it’s unique #26 of 500.

Coleman PowerSports is displaying the bike on their showroom floor now. Serious Inquiries should be directed to:
Bernard Wilson

Good luck with the sale Christian!


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