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Sport Bikes For Sale June 18, 2011 posted by

’93 Yamaha FZR 600- Original and Low Miles

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Mileage: 4,985
Price: Auction, BIN $3,400

Here we have a clean, non-modified 1993 Yamaha FZR 600. And it’s only racked up 4,985 miles to date. Many may say that a ’93 FZR 600 is not be that rare of a bike. But one with low mileage and this clean does not come along every day. And just look at the paint. I love the colors and the graphics on this bike.

On to the spec sheet: Deltabox frame, 6-speed transmission, roughly 91bhp out of the DOHC 16 valve in-line four. Much of this is probably already known to most of you, but I wanted to include some info as not much is detailed by the seller. I also had the opportunity to ride of these back in the day and I can say it was a blast. Certainly times have changed and horsepower along with handling prowess has been cranked up over the years. But this bike was outstanding at the time (and this version is the last before Yamaha introduced the YZF 600R in ’95).

More photos-

Here’s the information posted by the seller:

1994 Yamaha FZR only 4,900 Miles – Mint Condition 

2 Owner bike – both owners were over 40 year old.

Regular maintenance schedule followed by both owners.

No performance upgrades, completely stock.

Recently upgraded tires and fluids changed.

Hate to sell the Yamaha, but I need a smaller bike that my son and I can ride.

You won’t be disappointed

The only thing I noticed that doesn’t appear stock is the blue windscreen. Otherwise this looks to be a clean low-mileage bike. Something that has become difficult to find these days. To me, the 90’s was a golden era for sportbikes, and this would be a great example. And I think the BIN price is very reasonable for this kind of bike. If you agree, check out the auction!


Laverda June 18, 2011 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S – Yes another one!

Only recently there was a Laverda 750S on Craigslist and now we find another on eBay. These Laverda’s are a parallel twin and the bikes were finished with many high quality components: Paioli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels, all the right pieces. These bikes have a very good reputation for their handing and the strength of the engine but I guess parallel twins hark back the good old Brit bike days and so they were never that popular. However these bikes had a much stronger engine.

The owner has some nice things to share from the listing:

This Italian thoroughbred is a little too fast for this old man! I am a big fan of classic Laverdas- I have several, so I could not resist buying this last year. I chose this particular one because of the very low mileage. I have put few miles on it- it stands at 5609 Km now which translates to 3478 miles. The bike runs well; it is actually very quick. You had better be paying attention when it crosses 4000RPM. The clutch works well with no slip and it shifts up and down through the gears nicely. The sound is amazing. I have never heard any thing quite like it- raucous and exciting but not too loud. The handling is exceptional with very quick steering and great stability. Until you get used to it you will be oversteering and correcting. An ideal bike for Deal’s Gap. It is a tribute to the great frame designer Nico Bakker. It comes standard with top-shelf components: Brembo brakes, lightweight Marchesini wheels, Paioli fork and shock, and fuel injection/ECU lifted from Ducati.
There are a few scratches on the fairing from a garage tip over. The left side cover is not really fastened down in the photo because the new over-size Odyssey battery has pushed a few wires and connectors out enough to interfere. An easy fix. The tires are barely worn but should be replaced due to age and cracking. The left fork seal is leaking and should be replaced. The oil was just changed (Mobil 1 20/50) and the oil filter replaced with Alto Performance’s free-flow oil filter and cover. Alto has raced these bikes extensively in the UK and they have found that this mod is a real crankshaft saver. The cooling system was just flushed and filled with new Honda coolant. Parts availability is good- Wolfgang in Canada has a good stock of parts.

In short, this is a strong-running, excellent handling bike that needs a younger owner/pilot than me. I am feeling a tinge of regret at selling this lively steed, but I need the room for an old, slow project bike- perfect for me!

So hop on over and see the ebay auction.

I always think these little beauties go for less than they are worth very often for less than $6k. For such a quality bike with high quality components they are certainly worth it and don’t forget the great handling. Hmmm, perhaps I should pop up to Knoxville!!


Honda June 17, 2011 posted by

1996 Honda NSR 250 MC28 Highly Modified!

1996 Honda NSR 250 MC28 For Sale

Location: Medford, OR
Mileage: 1,000
Price: $9,000 with reserve in place!

At first sight you might think this to be a regular MC28 done up in Tyga bodywork and Repsol colors. However, if you look a little deeper you can see that it’s anything but a pretty package.



TYGA PERFORMANCE 300CC kit (Heads, pistons, rings, barrels, etc.)
Factory Oil-Injected
Custom KEIHIN carbs
NEW PGM (speedo non-functioning with current application)
Dyno-Tuned by Tony @ local dealer
Free-flowing aftermarket air filter in modified air box
Aftermarket reeds and block
HONDA Triple-core radiator
JOLLY-MOTO exhaust
NEW throttle cables


NEW clutch and springs
NEW shift forks (Left, Right, and Center)
NEW Sprockets
NEW o-ring type chain

Also comes with additional clutch plates and springs, AND a parts transmission, that’s 95% complete!


ZXR250 Inverted forks
PRO-ARM Advanced rear suspension system by HONDA/ELF FRANCE
NEW BREMBO Adjustable rear shock
Custom brake lines
ISR Brake and clutch levers and mounts
VORTEX Racing Handlebars (clip-ons)
MICHELIN POWER RACE soft tires, front 110/70ZR17, approx. 75%, rear 150/60ZR17 approx. 50%. Owner recommends replacing tires soon.


TYGA Performance body work (Over $2500 in custom body and paint work)
Tinted wind screen
Custom LED Tail lights
BATTLE Custom rear sets
ALSO INCLUDES: Extra Upper AND lower body work with headlights and turn signal assemblies, extra mirrors, some other extras as well

For me all of the upgrades and looky loo’s don’t do much for me except make me raise an eyebrow…. or two. Obviously, there has been a ton of cash put into this machine, but for what reason? With only having 1000 miles one has to assume that this is an ex-racer/track bike that has been rebuilt. Now before you go throwing stuff at me I understand that some of you guys like to modify and chase horsepower on these little 2 strokes. The 300cc kit from Tyga and Jolly Moto exhausts costs more than I’m asking for my entire MC21 so don’t be discouraged by the starting bid of this machine. Personally, I prefer stock over the fiddled with, but to each there own.

I have several questions that come to mind when looking over this ‘SP28’. The seller states that there were only 1000 Repsol SP’s built in 1996 and that is true, but is this one of those? I seriously doubt it, but can’t say for sure. If it is one of those it would be worth far, far more than the current starting bid in 100% stock trim. If this is one and has been modified to this extent I’d say shame on the seller for modifying it.

Our friends over at love to share their knowledge and discuss NSR’s until the cows come home so if you’re new to them I suggest you start there. If this machine is of interest you can get a history lesson here.

One of my counter parts stuck this one on our Facebook page before I could find the time to tax it with my thoughts. The general consensus over there is the same as my conclusion in that at $9,000 bucks the seller likes it more than anyone else. And believe me when I say that I wish the market for NSR’s were that strong because I would have sold both of mine a long, long time ago.

Click here to ask the seller some questions.



MV Agusta June 17, 2011 posted by

2005 MV AGUSTA F4 1000S + full Mamba kit!

For Sale: 2005 MV AGUSTA F4 1000S with full Mamba kit

When you think about it, the modern incarnation of MV Agusta produces some pretty sweet – and pretty expensive – motorcycles. Back in 2005, the base model F4 1000S retailed for $21,795. At that price some degree of exclusivity was automatically in the cards, but the S was not nearly as exclusive (or expensive) as the Ago, Tamburini or Senna models. What’s an MV owner to do to stay current and unique?

To address this issue, MV Agusta released a series of Mamba kits, which allowed owners to dress up their pedestrian rides and convert them into carbon fiber wonders…. for a price. There are multiple levels of Mamba kits: A Standard kit, with no limited numbers, a Base kit, limited to 300 units and containing more bits than the standard kit, and finally the range topping Full kit, limited to 300 units and offering a complete “stem to stern” upgrade of the bike. The top level kit retailed for nearly $13k – which was placed on top of the cost of the bike!

From the seller:

at the crankshaft) 122 Kw (166 HP) at 11750 – Lim. 12700 r.p.m.


MVSP F4-1000 MAMBA Full Option Kit
Part Number SP 03 – Limited Edition of 300 Mamba Kits worldwide

The Full Option Kit includes:
Carbon Fiber front mudguard, Red/Clear painted
Titanium treated Red-tint windscreen
Carbon Fiber front fairing, Black/Clear painted
Black painted plastic right and left mirrors
Carbon Fiber right air duct
Carbon Fiber left air duct
Carbon Fiber right wire harness cover
Carbon Fiber left wire harness cover
Carbon Fiber ignition switch cover
Black painted plastic airbox
Carbon Fiber right side airbox panel
Carbon Fiber left side airbox panel
Black painted metal fuel tank
Red painted plastic right side fuel tank panel
Red painted plastic left side fuel tank panel
Carbon Fiber right side fairing panel, Black/Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber left side fairing panel, Black/Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber lower fairing, Clear-coated
Black “Alcantara” seat
Black “Alcantara” back pad
Carbon Fiber single seat tail fairing, Red/Clear painted
Carbon Fiber plate support
Carbon Fiber upper chain guard
Carbon Fiber lower chain guard
Carbon Fiber exhaust guard
Carbon Fiber right footrest guard
Carbon Fiber left footrest guard
Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum front wheel rim
Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum rear wheel rim

As you can see, the Full Mamba kit is really quite extensive! And there is no doubt that the Mamba kit adds a unique look to what is normally the classic sliver/red MV Agusta. I think it looks sharp, and adds a menacing look to an already superbly designed motorcycle. It is also shockingly expensive as a package. The good news for collectors is that sticker shock on used bikes is not really a worry.

This auction is on right now, and there has been a good number of interested bidders. The current bid was up to $9,000 (with reserve still in place) at the time of writing this piece, and the BIN is set for a very reasonable $12,999. The seller appears to be motivated, and the sharks can smell blood in the water. To get a glimpse of this ultra rare MV before it heads off to a new home, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 17, 2011 posted by

Customer Works Bike? 1984 Suzuki RG500 MK11 (I Think!)

Customer Works Bike? 1984 Suzuki RG500 MK11 (I Think!)

I joke a lot here about being jealous about not owning some of the exotic bikes we list on RSBFS.  This is the sort of bike I’m truly sorry I don’t own.  Who the heck wouldn’t want to own a piece of racing history from when GP racing technology was evolving full throttle.  This particular bike is quite interesting as it comes from a time when Suzuki had “officially” pulled out of grand prix racing and had turned the reins over to companies like Padgetts, Harris and Heron.  When I first saw a picture of this bike the frame threw me off.  It looked way to spindly for 1984.  Before Suzuki pulled out, the frames on its’ XR series of race bikes were getting noticeably more stout.  So what gives?  I warmed up my fingers to search the WWW for answers.

After the glaciers melted and Columbus supposedly found America, Suzuki started to produce customer race bikes, the MK series.  It started with the MK1 in 1976.  Once you get to 1982 it gets a little confusing.  The RGB500 appears.  As far as I can tell this is just a continuation of the MK series.  So, if you still follow me,  in 1982 you have the RGB1 or MK7.  Feel free to comment if you can clarify this.  There is some debate but it appears the last “complete from the factory” MK was the MK9 (or RGB3) in 1984.  After 84 Suzuki supplied engines but left the rest up to companies like Padgetts.  And so here we are, a Harris framed 1994 RG500 MK11 from Padgetts.


Here is MK11 from Padgetts back in the day.  What is fascinating when you start researching these old RG’s is the number of different frames you will see on them.  They were trying all kinds of stuff.  It sounds like these bikes had reed valve engines with power valves which was strictly factory spec stuff. Nice!!!!

 An example of the varied framed RG’s of the day.  This was an experimental carbon fiber frame  on the Heron Suzuki.

Here is a little about the bike for sale from the seller:

George Beale restored the machine, which was acquired by Kevin Wilson; who ran it at the Isle of Man Jurby circuit and then brought it over to Canada.  It was then purchased by the current owner who ran it at a track day at Mosport in Ontario, Canada about 8 years ago and then decommissioned it (fogged and drained).

The machine is one of three built by Padgets in ’86 through Suzuki under contract as a factory MK11 with a MK 9 power valve engine. One was built for George Farlow, one for Trevor Nation, and one for Darren Dixon.  Original cases #: rgb500-10150, rebuilt cases #: rgb500-10501 and Harris frame # HPMK.102. The bike includes the factory manual, parts catalogue and a stack of documentation.

Be sure to check out the sellers Flickr account more a lot more photos of this beauty.

Oddly enough while researching this bike I found there are quiet a few MK’s and RGB’s for sale.  None were in the US or cheap if you were curious.  This one is pretty close being in Canada.  The auction is up and running.  Starting bid is $15,000 and I’d imagine it will take a little while to find the reserve.  Take a look.


RG historians I’m deferring to you now.  After finishing up this post I was going over the sellers photos on Flickr and found one with the bike and a info sheet.  The info sheet says the bike is 1985 MK12.  I know it is not earth shattering news but I’m sure for the money this bike would sell for someone would like to know exactly what it is.  It also looks like a rotary valve engine as well,  instead of the reed valve I’d mentioned earlier.


BMW June 16, 2011 posted by

German Express: 1992 BMW K1

For Sale: 1992 BMW K1

When it was first released back in 1988, the BMW K1 was something of a sensation. Based on BMW’s recently introduced longitudinal four cylinder “K” configuration engine, the K1 featured new motorcycle technology such as ABS brakes along with stunning bodywork developed from hours and hours in the wind tunnel. Intended to be a teutonic tour de force, BMW relied on aerodynamics to produce an autobahn missle dispite the European cap of 100 horsepower (Erik Buell did essentially the same thing with his Battletwin bike, as seen here). Since BMW Marketing was also in a funk – replacing the boxer engine with a four cylinder left BMW without a clear plan, strategy or image – the K1’s aesthetics were magnified by garish paint schemes, graphics and wild colors.

As the 1980s turned into the 1990s, BMW realized that the George Jetson look of the K1 was not selling. Thus, in the final years of production, the paint schemes were subdued slightly. And while the bikes did receive some updates throughout the model run, there continued to be many concerns with vibration (the engine was solidly mounted), heat radiating from within the confined space, and panels cracking. The last issue plagues most K1s; to save weight on an already large and heavy bike, the panels were engineered to be as thin and lightweight as possible. As such, they are prone to cracking at stress points. Even with the lighter bodywork, a K1 still tips the scales at over 500 pounds – before you add fuel or rider. High speed distance is the strenght; acceleration, low speed handling and turning radius work against it.

From the seller:
This particular bike was owned by a casual collector who always wanted a K1 and finally bought one several years ago. Showing 20,367 miles, he has replaced the fuel pump and had it regularly serviced by the local BMW dealer in Medford. He gave us the service records he has paid for and the records from the previous owner. The bike comes with the factory soft luggage and stock colored front wind screen. The bike has been ridden and is not a trailer queen, but it is stunning to view today as it was twenty years ago. There is a crack on the upper right fairing where the mounting screw attaches the two panels, the tank has three scratches that have been brush touched and the front of the lower fairing has rock chips from the front tire as can be seen in the images. The bike is not new, but it is original as you can see by the decals and finish. It runs excellent and rides great. These bikes are rare and collectable today yet can be ridden and serviced.

BMW moved a reported total of 6,921 of these wild machines between 1988 and 1993. As far as rare and collectable bikes go, that is a huge number. To BMW (or any other mass-market player), that was not even enough to cover design and product costs. The K1 faded from sight and only occasionally crop up on the open market. When they do, they are generally well loved and have some pretty respectible mileage on them. That should tell you the important bit: these are great machines to ride – in the right circumstances and if you can accept their limitations.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is only $2,650. The reserve has not yet been met, and the volume of bidding has been above average. Some research on the ‘net indicates that low mileage, excellent examples should trade for $7,000 – $10,500. This one, with high mileage (for a collector) and paintwork issues will struggle to meet that. Depending on where the reserve is set, this could be a collection-filling bargain in the making!

To find out more information, read more of the details, and review more photos, . Good Luck!


Honda June 16, 2011 posted by

Holy Grail Alert Part II: ’89 Honda RC30! (aka VFR750R)

Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Miles: 6,629
Price: $12,000 starting with reserve in place.

If you managed to pry your eyes away from the photo above to read this, it is greatly appreciated… go ahead and take one more look. Up for grabs here is one of the most (if not the) iconic sportbikes of all time. With a race-bred 750cc V4, hand laid fiberglass body work, and unmistakable red, white, and blue graphics, what’s not to love?

This particular bike comes to us from Canada and is being sold by the same seller as the awesome ’86 GSX-R750LE posted recently. It looks to be all stock and in exceptional condition. The seller does state that the bike did receive a minor scratch on the rear cowl while moving the bike from storage. You can check out more photos of this and the bike here. The seller does state that the bike has been in storage, so I would be interested to know when the last time it was started up and what kind of running condition it is currently in.

From the seller:

“I’m listing this 1989 Honda RC30 for a very good friend who’s not very computer savvy.  I’ve personally seen the machines and took the listing photos last summer.

“Out of the box” the machine was claimed to generate 112bhp with full road equipment, however this could be increased to 135bhp when prepared for competition use with the aid of the HRC race kit. The investment made in the models development was vindicated in its first season when Fred Merkel secured the Superbike World Championship in 1988, repeating the success in 1989. The new model instantly became one of the most sought after road bikes, receiving praise from all those who tested it, although its high price and limited availability ensured that those lucky enough to acquire one joined an exclusive club envied by others, today the RC30 remains as desirable as it was twenty years ago.

RC30 #21 spent most of its 10,669km commuting between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario, Canada  and was truly pampered by the original owner.  While the machine was being moved from storage the rear cowl received some minor scratches (shown in the high resolution Flickr photoset HERE).  Otherwise, this machine is in exceptional condition and even includes the leather bound owner’s manual.

If you have zero feedback, please contact me before submitting a bid. Any questions, feel free to email me (I’ll gladly give you my phone number if you need to chat).

Good luck with your bid!”

If you are lucky enough to have seen a pristine example of an RC30 in person as I have, you know how truly stunning they are. Starting bid on this beauty is $12,000 with the reserve still in place. I would expect you would be able to score this bike for around $20k. I don’t think any serious collection of sportbikes can be complete without an RC30. But I do think that a collection that contained only an RC30 sounds like pure bliss to me. Place your bid for this piece of history here!


Ducati June 15, 2011 posted by

2004 Ducati Superbike 999RS

This is an extremely rare machine.  I know we have been listing a few Ducati’s of late but this is an RS.  WHat is that you may ask, well this is the World Superbike version of the 999R that was available to privateer teams from the Corse department.  While a 999R is rare this is even rarer and was designed only for racing.  These bikes were built by the Corse racing department rather than the main factory and as such the bike contains a large number of bits and pieces built from serious metals like Magnesium.

As the seller lays out there are many special pieces:

This superbike is in great cosmetic and running condition. There’s only minor signs of wear and tear from racing such as light scratches and nicks on the body; however, it has never been crashed or layed down. Adult raced only, always garaged kept, and meticulously and professionally maintained. It’s loaded with top of the line parts as listed below making the bike unique, fast and lightweight. I have clear title in hand and for a quick sale. Although I have provided many pictures of the bike below, you are welcome to come inspect it ONLYbefore the end of auction, you can also send a third party to do the inspection for you.

You can pick it up or have it shipped at your expense. However, all shipping arrangements and expenses are the reponsibility of the buyer.

Regarding payment, I will only accept bank wire transfer or cashier’s check. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you and happy bidding.


  • Max Power 168HP / 82.9 Torque
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Frame
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Rear Sub Frame
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Rear Swing Arm
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Radiators (Oil & Water)
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Transmission
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Magneti Marelli Fully Programable ECU
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Bottom Yoke
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Rear Wheek Shaft
  • Ducati Corse Termignoni Titanium 63.5 mm. Full Exhaust System
  • Ducati Corse Steering Head / Base / Pin & Stop Plate
  • Ducati Corse Carbon Fiber Complete BodyWork
  • Ducati Corse Carbon Seat Mold
  • Ducati Corse 999RS Rear Hugger
  • Ducati Corse Carbon Fiber Tank with Magnesium Cap
  • Ducati Corse Silicone Hoses
  • 16.5″ Marchesini Forged Magnesium Wheels
  • Evoluzione Slipper Clutch
  • Ohlins FGR 800 Superbike Front Fork
  • Falcon Digitek Race Dash MT940/BI
  • NCR Titanium Rear Sets
  • Titanium Dzus Fasteners
  • Monoblock Brembo Front and Rear Calipers with Floating Rotors / Front: 320 mm.
  • Magnesium Engine Cover
  • Carbon Clutch and Belt Cover
  • Brembo Brace / Clutch Racing Pumps (Folding)
  • Titanium Height Adjuster
  • Titanium Pinch Bolts
  • KLS Quick Shifter
  • Euro Racing Quick Throtle
  • Light Tech Remote Brake Adjuster
  • Carbon Fiber Air box with Air Ducts
  • Yoyodyne Slave Cylinder
  • Stainless Braided Lines

eBay Listing

This gallery gives you an idea of how many nice fitting are on this bike.  You can see this is an RS frame by the removable sections over the engine, a real thing of beauty:

Now putting a price on something like this is really tough. The bike does not have the sophisticated engine management that the world superbikes do but even so this is something really special.  At $15000 it has not yet met the reserve so keep an eye.  Go and have a look at the listing here and see if you can’t find a reason to want this!


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