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Sport Bikes For Sale June 22, 2011 posted by

Big Brother Up for Auction- ’89 Yamaha FZR 1000

Location: Long Grove, Illinois
Mileage: 28,071
Price: Auction, BIN $6,000

Well, it seems the big brother in the FZR lineup has shown up for auction. Here’s the ’89 Yamaha FZR 1000. Looks a lot like the FZR 600 (Deltabox frame, great paint/graphics) posted just days ago on RSBFS, but when you twist the throttle (five-valve-per-cylinder triple digit horsepower), I suspect the similarities end there. So you get all the good looks and more power. Not a bad deal.

Here’s some more pics-

Here’s the information from the seller-

This FZR 1000 is absolutely perfect for an 1989.  It has never been raced or downed.  I bought this bike for my collection from a collector who sold  it to me, he put less than 100 miles on it.  The bike won bike on the Decade in 1989.  The plastic is in excellent condition and the tires are new.  I just had the bike fully serviced for 725.00.  I owned a  one new in 1989 and was sorry I sold it.  So I searched for over 2 years  until  I found this bike out of upstate New York.  The bike is completely stock except for the tinted shield and a upgraded airbox.  It drives as nice as my first one did when I bought it new.  It is a very rare, usually the older sport bikes are destroyed by now.  This bike will do nothing but increase in value as the years go on. It has never been downed or dropped.  The bike has always been adult ridden and not raced.  I am selling it, because I have decided to buy something else and dont have the room for all these bikes.  The miles are original and I have every service record along with the original purchase contract.  I only have 1 key and I am missing the owners manuel, but have a service text book that goes with it.  I reserve the right to end the auction early, because I have it for sale locally.  I will only take a cashiers check or cash and the bike is available to view if you are in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  Please no low ball offers Im not selling this bike because I have to.  The last one to sell on ebay had 6000 more miles and was completely modified and it had been dropped. It sold for 5,375.00.  I will meet the shippers at my house to load the bike if thats what you prefer.  The bike will not be released without the funds clearing. I have a clear title in hand.  If you have any questions please email of call before you bid.

This appears to be a very clean, well maintained example for a bike this age with minimal modification. The BIN price does seem a little high compared to some previous listings so you will have to decide how much this particular bike speaks to you. The seller says it’s for sale locally, so quick action may be required.

If you feel the need for ’89 speed, check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 21, 2011 posted by

Beautiful Survivor: 1985 Suzuki GS1150 ES

For Sale: 1985 Suzuki GS1150 ES

I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t this era of motorcycle really belong over on CSBFS? And truth be told, it does. However this bike is so exceptionally clean, so original, so NEW that I thought it deserved top billing right here on RSBFS. Send me your comments if you disagree, but make sure you check out all the pictures first. You would have been hard pressed to find a used 1150 ES in this condition back in 1986, much less 25 years later.

The 1150 is not your average motor scooter. Back in ’84, Suzuki bored out the GS1100 mill, upped the compression, played with cam timing, and launched the 1150E. Motorcycle magazines of the day promptly ripped off quarter mile times in the 10 second range, and proclaimed it the fastest bike of the year. With nearly 120 hp on tap, the 1150E was stout – to say the least. The ES model added the sport touring fairing, providing the rider with some protection considering the velocities the bike was capable of producing. This gorgeous example of the breed shows less than 4,000 miles on the odometer.

From the seller:
Up for bid is a MINT condition (other than a spot on the right side of the faring. You can see it in the picture)1985 Suzuki GS1150ES. It has 3598 original miles. It is completely stock and all original. It runs perfect. New tires (do to age not abuse).

With a double-downtube steel frame, GP-inspired 16-inch front wheel, anti-dive fork, and a Full Floater single shock rear complete with box aluminum swingarm, the rest of the 1150 was up to the power put out by the motor. The handling was reported to be stable, but with a gross weight of well over 500 lbs, directional changes were slower than that of contemporary “pure” sportbikes such the company’s own GSX-R.

This well-preserved rocket ship from the 1980s is available now on eBay. The auction opening ask is $4k. At the time of this writing, there were no takers on that number. Given, there are many machines from this era that are available for less – but a bike can only be completely stock and original once, and this is one such machine. As such, the opening ask is a relative bargain.

Kudos to the owner who kept this bike in this fabulous condition, and congratulations to the next lucky owner. If you want to check out the details or even get in on the action, . You won’t find many bikes in this condition, so enjoy!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 20, 2011 posted by

“Chicken Chaser Special”: 1990 Suzuki RG80 Gamma

Chicken Chaser Special:  1990 Suzuki RG80

From the second I saw one of our Facebook followers say that any sport bike under 600cc’s was what he considered a “chicken chaser”, I couldn’t wait to use the term.  I don’t know what it means exactly but I find something kind of endearing about it.    This little UK based RG80 Gamma is way under 600cc’s and is just a gem of said chaser.

You are forgiven if you didn’t know this little bike existed.  I’ve been a fan of Suzuki motorcycles my entire life, especially RG’s and RGV’s and I’d never heard of these until a few months ago.  I met a RSBFS reader (hey Sean!) at the Gamma Gathering who was about to rebuild one.  Info is scarce,  so as usual I love comments with more info or stuff I got wrong.  It appears these were German and French market bikes produced from 1985 to 1996 (also saw 1991 as an end date) to comply with learner laws there.  The engine is borrowed from the Suzuki TS80 which is a budget minded dual sport.

That is showroom clean!  Horsepower you ask?  How about around 10hp at 9500 rpm.  I wonder how easy it would be to slip a nicely tuned RM80 engine there?  Either way the thing must way next to nothing and probably zips around quite nicely. 


Here are the specifics from the seller:



Everything looks better in Suzuki racing blue.

A fine addition to any collection of Suzuki’s.  The seller is asking the equivalent of roughly $2,600 (OBO).  Some probably scoff at a price that high for an 80cc bike but when you consider how rare the bike actually is, the condition and if your collection has a hole in it,  then the price makes more sense.  Check it out here.

This just proves if it has two wheels and an engine, it can be modified. I’m not sure if there really was an SP version or if this is a homegrown SP.


Kawasaki June 20, 2011 posted by

One-Owner ’92 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

Location: Joplin, Missouri
Mileage: 15,995
Price: Auction, current bid $4,400

{this auction ended before I could post it. If interested, maybe the seller still has it available. -dc}

We have seen a few ZX-7R ‘s come through RSBFS lately and they are one fantastic bike. Offered at the same time but one step below was the standard ZX-7. Although I would argue that this bike is still anything but standard, just based on looks alone.

Some more photos:

Some information from the seller (much more listed in the auction):

I bought this 1992 ZX7 August 20, 1991. I pre-ordered it and that was the day it came in and I took delivery. You read that correctly, this is a single owner bike. Always garaged and obsessively maintained. I just changed the spark plugs and oil, which has about 1 mile of use. Initially I used KawaChem factory oil, but in recent years I have been using Castrol Acteva motorcycle synthetic oil, which is what is in it now. Most service was done by the dealership, including all the factory checks of valve clearance etc. I changed the oil every 1000 miles, but changed twice before 1200 miles. At about 900 miles, I had the camshafts from the ZX7R installed in place of the factory cams.

Kawasaki made a low volume R model in 1992 that had same frame and engine, but solo seating, different gears, different carbs, and different cams. The Mikuni carbs on the R model were finicky, the gearing was too high (dragstrip launch by Motorcyclist magazine required 13,000 RPM to prevent bogging), and the solo seat impractical. A good start for racers, but not for anyone planning to ride the street. However, the cams made a significant bump in horsepower, so I installed them to have the best of both worlds. The power is much better at about 8500 on up, the Keihin carbs reliable, and with the better gearing and passenger seat, this bike is practical and will torque around town at low RPMs with a passenger. The bike has 15,994 miles on it, and low stress miles. No stunting use. Never even got a ticket on it. Much of the mileage is from road trips to Brainerd, MN or Elkart Lake, WI as a spectator at AMA races. I did get caught in rain probably 3 times while riding, but avoided rain like the plague. Back road sport riding of course, but other than that, trolling in town. Incidentally, a proven success due to its eye-catching design and color scheme. Even now, in my opinion, it doesn’t really look dated, and will catch the eye of those who know this bike and those who don’t.

Along with the information about the history and maintenance of the bike, the seller details in the auction some extra goodies that are cool to go along with this bike and is also clearly a Doug Chandler fan (the poster is apparently gonna cost you if you have to have it).

Finding a well maintained one-owner in a ’92 bike of any kind is probably going to be difficult. And although this is not the “R” version, I think it will still have collectors value and would be a good way to have a great looking example of one of Kawasaki’s best looking and most iconic bikes. If that works for you, make the jump!


Aprilia June 19, 2011 posted by

Colin Edwards Replica Aprilia RSV Mille R 2003

Now here we do have a nice rare bike with 461 produced worldwide.  In 2003, Aprilia produced an RSV Mille R Edwards Replica with a livery inspired by the Aprilia RS3 Cube MotoGP motorcycle riden by Colin Edwards, as with the Haga replica from 2002, the motorcycle came with a circuit kit, which included Akrapovic exhausts, a more pressurised airbox, an Eprom injection unit and 57 mm (instead of 51 mm) throttle bodies.  The Mille also featured a type of slipper clutch, which worked by using a vacuum on a closed throttle from the inlet manifold to give the effect of slipper clutch, but only on a closed throttle, whereas most modern examples use a ramp mechanism in the clutch basket.

Up for Auction: an Aprilia Rare Colin Edwards Replica, one of 461 made world wide – street legal track bike – race kit on each machine – Rotax engine, 57-mm throttle bodies, Eprom injection unit, with racing chip – engine management, six speed close ratio transmission, carbon fiber larger air box and snorkel, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, slipper clutch, 16 tooth sprocket, four piston Brembo double floating disk brakes, Olins suspension front and rear, olins steering damper, Heli bars, OZ Blue forged aluminum Anodized wheels on Pirelli’s…rides like a dream – top speed 180MPH.

I bought the bike from a friend who spilled it with 62 miles on it, scratched it up, complained to the insurance company that parts were hard to get and they gave him most of his money back. I had some panels repainted, made sure it was all straight and rode it! It is a wonderful machine but I can only ride one motorcycle, I hate to let it go but…….. I have a low reserve on this bike, that originally sold for over $19,000.
Please ask all questions before bidding, email through ebay, the winner of the auction is responsible for picking the bike up or for shipping to anywhere. A deposit on your Master Card or Visa of $1,000.00 at the end of the auction – the rest in three days. Bidders are welcome to come and view the bike in person, I tried to take as many pictures are allowed to show off the bike and also to show some of the minor scratches.

The eBay Listing can be found here.

RSV Mille R’s are very nice bike sand this example is rather special with a low mileage.  It has got a few bumps and bruises but on a bike such as this it should not be an issue.  Price wise these are a bit of a bargain particularly when compared to other Italian bikes, this would seem to have a value somewhere in the $7k-$9k range based upon other examples being sold.  Happy bidding.


Sport Bikes For Sale June 19, 2011 posted by

2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary LE #260 of 500 For Sale!

2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary LE #260 of 500

Location: Chandler, AZ
Mileage: 19,500
Price: $9,250 with reserve

I can definitely see myself rock’n one of these at some point before I get old and arthritis sets in. Everyone that I’ve talked, who owns one, says they absolutely love it and it’s a rocket ship when allowed to breathe.

They look the part and I can only assume act the part with all of the upgrades that they came from the factory with. Ohlins, Brembo along side Marchesini top the distinguished list and add plenty of bling to the racer replica paint scheme.

This one is well used with 19,500 miles, but looks to be well taken care of alongside all of the fun that was had.

We can only assume that in 20 or so years these will be highly sought after bikes by those that snubbed them 5 short years ago. Perhaps these are the modern day RC30 and will appreciate beyond any ones wildest dreams. Only time will tell, but if you want to experience it on the cheap may I suggest picking one up now to avoid the long lines 20 years from now.

From the seller:

> This bike is numbered #260 out of only 500 shipped to the United States
> Bike has been meticulously maintained, with Motul oil changes every 3,000 miles
> Bike is largely stock with only minimal modifications made since its purchase in 2005
> Bike has been garaged and covered
> Includes rear stand and all stock parts
> Includes original owner’s manual and “riding tips” brochure
> Slight scuff marks on upper right fairing (barely visible)
> Full Ti-Force titanium exhaust system


for more info on this machine.



Honda June 18, 2011 posted by

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R with only 13 miles to be auctioned Saturday, July 25th

1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R For Sale to the highest bidder

Location: Norwood, MA
Mileage: 13
Price: How much you got?

Not to be out done by my Greenhorns I had to throw this one up on the main site as well as our FB page. I normally don’t write up CL ads on the main site due to the lack of quality photos and crap descriptions, but this one is deserving of the spotlight.

1990 Honda RC30 showing only 13 miles will be sold for the highest offer on Saturday June 25 at 125 Lenox St, Norwood MA

Only 13 miles and the seller is saving himself a few bucks in fees by holding the auction himself. I can’t say I really blame them, but RC30’s on CL never cease to amaze me.

A couple of things that I am curious about is why in the world would you store a 13 mile bike uncovered in a dusty ass garage? This make me think this one may have a few bumps and bruises which will be a shame with only having 13 miles. Is it still sitting on the original hoops? Carbs drained?

As most of you’ve already noticed there are a few other collectables in the photo as well… hmmm…

If any of you guys make contact with the seller and want to share any info let me know so I can update this post.

See the other (dusty) photos here



Honda June 18, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda CBR600 F2 with low miles For Sale

1991 Honda CBR600 F2 For Sale with a splash of Pink Lemonade…

Location: South Vienna, Ohio
Mileage: 8,600
Price: $3,850.00 B.I.N.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again… The 90’s graphics were Hawt! Okay, so maybe no one has ever said that, but it’s the truth! It was only a few years ago we were seeing manly men wearing those pretty pink shirts that said “Real men wear Pink”. I’ll go ahead and remove any doubts that you may have. I NEVER OWNED ONE OR WORE ONE, but I can’t speak for Big Boss Man Dan 😉

Now I did own a 1997 F3 and must say it was an all around nice ride. Good power with a sporty riding position that wasn’t as harsh as the Homologation bikes of the day. The worst thing I remember about the bike was how hard it was to get into the trunk. It was a total PITA because you had to remove the whole side panel with those silly ‘I’m gonna break at any second’ plastic adapters that you had to push into the rubber grommet. UGH! You can’t tell me that almighty Honda is couldn’t engineer something mo’ better?

Back to the Pretty in Pink 91 F2… In 91 I was sporting a tank called a 1988 ZX750R and I lusted after the girl next….er …. the F2’s because they sported the hawt new flashy graphics and I had a thing for white 17″ rims. Days, months, years and decades later I still like these. I know there was a gazillion of them produced and that renders them anything but rare so why post it on The pink windscreen had me at ‘Hello’

From the seller:

Regular Maintenance kept on this bike!
This is a clean bike that runs great!! Multi-colored bike with Dark pink, blue, black & white. Features that Vance & Hines exhaust. 100% Garage kept!

for a splash of Pink



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