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Ducati May 5, 2011 posted by

Guest Post: 1992 Ducati 907ie

I used to own a 1992 907ie, and really miss it. I have a standing search on eBay for this model, and this is one of the best I have seen in 2011. The listing is supplied by the original owner, and the bike has under 1,100 miles. He states he puts about 100 miles per year on it. Tires and battery are less than two years old.

Ducati 907ie For Sale

Unlike most Ducatis of the time, this is a square-tube framed bike. The frame is quite ugly, but the body work makes up for it. The motor is the familiar L-twin with belt-driven cams and the desmodromic action. The unit on the 907 is two-valves per cylinder, and it is fuel-injected and liquid cooled.

I can tell you from experience these things are super sweet to ride. They have about 75 HP at the rear wheel, and rev to about 9,000 RPM before hitting the limiter. Even though they’re 20 years old, the suspension is very sporty, providing plenty of ground clearance (though I would never take one to a track). It is a bit heavy at about 500+ pounds, but you don’t much notice it, and the brakes are excellent. The stock seat gets tiresome after 150 miles, but Corbin still markets a replacement.

The pictures are really only adequate. The owner has good feedback on eBay, so I trust that the bike is in excellent condition. The description says box stock except for tires and battery. I can see, however, that this bike has the European-option tail light on it, which is a highly-desirable feature that combines stop light and turn signals in to one cohesive unit. The stock pipes on this are really ugly, but Ferracci might still have a set laying around. Note a swap of slip-ons will require a new chip for the EFI.

The stock gearing on all older Ducatis is too high. The simplest fix is to drop one tooth from the front sprocket, which should allow the existing chain to be used without modification. A better solution is to add two teeth to the rear sprocket, but that would require a new chain.

This model bike needs valve adjustments every 6,000 miles, and belt changes every 12,000 miles. A typical Ducati owner accepts those costs as the price of admission. If I were to buy this bike, I would get the belts changed immediately, add two teeth to the rear sprocket, find some decent slip-ons and chip, then happily put perhaps 1,000 miles per year on it.

Two problems with this bike are fairly common. There is a clock in the dash that usually dies. Also, the regulator is prone to failure, but recent Ducati regulators can be swapped in. The mirrors rarely survive a tip-over, and they are very difficult to find. But the bike has 17″ wheels and can be fitted with current technology sport bike tires. The K&N oil filter is still common among some current Ducatis and Aprilias.

This model is the first Ducati I ever laid eyes on back in the late 80’s, and I was amazed back then by the sound. It was a privilege to own one for several years. I now have an ST-3, which is a better bike in most ways than the 907ie, but definitely not as handsome.

Only 2,300 total of the Paso (750) and 907’s were ever built; I don’t know the import numbers for 1992. The current bid is just over $2,500 with a reserve not yet met. At the end of 2010 I saw a ’92 907 on eBay go for about $7,500. That bike was also a one-owner, mostly stock, with less than 2,000 miles on it. So, a BIN of $5,000 is one heck of a bargain. If I were not in the midst of starting a new company, I would snap this one up at the BIN.

This was a guest post from Philip. As you can tell, his email to me was so complete that I asked if we could turn it into a guest post. Thanks for the heads up and the detailed analysis Philip! -dc

Ducati May 4, 2011 posted by

1993 Ducati Superlight #827 of 1000

Update 5.4.2011: This bike is back a year and a half later, but now on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Looks as if it will be a Ducati kind of week for me as I have several to post for your viewing pleasure.

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight located on the Raleigh- 🙂 Durham 🙂 Craigslist. This one, unlike the other one I posted, has been enjoyed and has several tasteful upgrades. Termi’s, Corbin Saddle, and some engine work are a few of the highlighted upgrades. Owner says it has 17,000 miles and was part of his dads collection at one time or another.

It’s a small picture, but you can to contact the seller for a larger, more detailed one if you’re interested.

With an asking price of $9,500 this one seems to be more in line with 900 Superlight posts of the past.

Bike stats:

Rare 900SL “Superlight” only 300 1993 brought into the USA this is #827 of 1000 manufactured in 1993. , This was part of my Dads bike collection in So Cal. This bike has never been raced or laid-down. Looks good as new. 17K miles. More Photo’s upon request

$9,500.00 OBO
Termignoni exhaust(sounds killer)
Lidless air box mod
Original Marvic-Akront mag/alloy 2 piece wheels.
Pro-Italia billet rear sets (up 1″ and back 1″
All original carbon fiber perfect (fenders, gauge cover, pipes)
11.2:1 JE/Pro-Italia pistons
Keihin 39mm FCR race carbs
Pro-Italia brake/clutch lines
Ohlins fully adjustable Rear shock
Ohlins steering damper
DiD ERVX gold chain/AFAM alloy 37 tooth rear sprocket
Corbin seat
Adjustable forks
Ducati Kamna alloy exhaust rings
Brembno brakes
SS Brake and clutch lines

Also included:
Full stock exhaust
Stock Mirrors
Stock Rear turn signals
Stock pistons
Stock rearsets
Stock 39 tooth rear sprocket
Stock gearing
Stock carbs
Stock airbox lid
Original Ducati tool kit and Owners Manual

Consider all of the up-grades Ducati put on the SL’s to make them special and then the ones this owner added and it sounds like a great bike. With 17k on the clock it’s definitely not a garage queen and would make a great weekend warrior.



Aprilia May 4, 2011 posted by

Eye Candy Alert: 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE

Eye Candy Alert: 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE

Just some eye candy here to help get you through the middle of your work week.  According to the dealer, less than 50 of Aprilia’s top of the line RSV4’s will be brought in this year. 

You know if there are less than 50 that means its going to be pricey.  The BIN is $24,995.  Expensive but oh so tempting with all the new techno goodies.


I’m liking the sharp angles.

Now admit it, that crappy day at work doesn’t seem so bad now does it? 

Here are the highlights of the SE:

  • APRC fitted as standard
  • Fuel system with variable length intake ducts
  • Advanced exhaust butterfly valve management
  • 3-point adjustable chassis
  • Öhlins fully adjustable front fork
  • Öhlins fully adjustable shock absorber
  • Öhlins adjustable steering damper
  • Wheel rims in forged aluminium
  • Carbon parts
  • Special Tricolour livery

You can find all the info on SE here on Aprilia’s website.

Here is some slick marketing to help extract the cash from your pocket:


I don’t think Max has a bunch of warning stickers on his tank.

Given the choice:  an Aprilia RSV4 SE or a Ducati 1198 SP?  I think I have to vote for the Aprilia.



If the photos above weren’t enough:


Bimota May 4, 2011 posted by

She’s Easy On the Eyes: 2000 Bimota SB8R-S

She’s Easy On the Eyes:  2000 Bimota SB8R-S

Update 5.2.2011: . -dc

You know you are getting jaded when you have a really sweet looking Bimota to post and you forget to post it.  In my humble opinion this is the best looking SB8R we’ve listed (these may be the same two bikes)  and all for one simple reason:  those wheels.  I’m  astounded how much those wheels dress up the SB8R.  Yes, it is an exquisite exercise in engineering but I always thought the SB8R was a bit frumpy looking.  Me likey this one though.  If my bank account had a few more zeros I’d be game for this one.

Why post a couple of boring close ups?  To show how dog gone clean this thing really is.  That is show room clean right there my friends.  Yes, that is a ti exhaust. 

Do Bimota’s have a healthy smattering of carbon fiber?  Do bears crap in the woods?

The info on her:

I am selling my 2000 Bimota SB8R-S (Special).  Very Very RARE.  Only 150 world wide.  It has only 3203 highway miles (all the miles were put on last July when I went to a bike show in San Francisco – Reno).  This was the first and last time I have ridden the bike.  I bought this bike BRAND new last year with 0 miles and an open MSO.  I registered the bike last year so I could ride up to Laguna Seca last July.  Since then, I have decided not to ride the bike anymore as I got too nervous about damaging any parts.  The bike is as clean as a new bike and looks fantastic.  You wont be disappointed.  There is over 10K in modified parts when bought from Bimota USA.  It was their last bike left from their inventory when they closed their doors.

– Suzuki TL1000 engine (996 cc Vtwin) fuel injected 
– Full carbon fiber nose piece, side fairings, and complete sub frame seat section
– Carbon fiber frame and rear hugger
– Gold anodized aluminum chain sprocket
– Gold adjustable racing foot controls from billet aluminum
– Gold colored Paioli front forks 
– Gold colored rotor hat with cross drilled rotors
– European headlight system with HID lights.  This was only offered in Europe
– Ohlins steering stabilizer

Aftermarket parts that were put on by Bimota USA as a special order. 

– Motocorse full titanium exhaust – $5600 (only produced 10 of these units) They are no longer available
– Marchesini 5 spoke rims – $5200 (only produced for this bike as an addition)
– Clear LED taillight 
– Power Commander PCIII custom built map – $600 (This unit has corrected the fueling problem that was common on the bike)

I can guarantee that you will not find another bike this new.  It is very clean with no scratches or dirt.  Never dropped, crashed, or raced.  It is 100% immaculate.  I have found some SB8R for sale in the UK at $17,000 but not the “Special” version.  

I have everything that came with this bike.  Manuals, Certificates, Extra keys, brochure, and leather key cover.  This is truly a collectible and will be worth twice as much in no time

 She’s got a healthy set of………..scoops up front.  Since I was late in posting this one the benefit is knowing the auction is for real.  The reserve is off as the bidding has risen to $14,000 as of this writing.  Definitely more than the “common” SB8’s have been going for but this one does have some drool worthy extras and it is an “S” version.  Heck I was sold on the exhaust and the wheels alone.

Here is the rest of the Bimota porn.


Kawasaki May 4, 2011 posted by

Framed: Harris Magnum 2 Kawasaki KZ

Framed:  Harris Magnum 2 Kawasaki KZ

What a unique bike!  As a fan of RG500’s I was aware of Harris framed RG’s and the fact that they ran Suzuki’s WSB effort in the mid 90’s.  Once again though,  I’m learning there is much more to be learned.  Harris made (and still makes) a lot more than frames for RG’s.  Here is a link to the frame kits  they currently offer.

Since I was kickin it on a Schwinn in 1973 here is a nice history of the Magnum line of bikes  from

The Harris Magnum was Harris’s reaction to owners of the F1 frame kits and the endurance kits putting them on the road. The Magnum 1 was basically the endurance kit with bodywork and lights and called a magnum.

the Magnum 2 was the same bike with bodywork designed by “Target” who also designed the Suzuki Katana. Later mk2 kits had proper subframes with the battery box mounted in the frame instead of in the fiberglass seat.

The Magnum 3 was Harris’s first attempt at a real road bike. Many thought it a little understated in the styling department and they sold less than 50 worldwide.

In answer to this the Magnum 4 was produced with styling borrowed from the successfull Mk2 and suspension borrowed from the superior handling Mk3.

Last in line was the Mk5, but by the time the Mk5 was produced the Japs had such fine handling machines that their was really no reason apart from styling to produce such a kit. Harris have not produced a frame kit for some time.

If you were curious they still make Magnum frames but only for some Suzuki engines.  So if you are a Kawi guy then it’s time to bid.

Read on for the details:

Up for bid is a very,very rare original Harris Magnum 2, This bike was manufactures in 1973, but was built using Z1 and KZ parts. Engine vin# is Z1E 122487. This is a true street legal endurance race bike. While I have owned this bike I inspected the cams changed the oil and filter. I also installed a new Dyna ignition including 3.0 ohm Dyna coils. unique items on this bike includes a single shock rear suspension, I believe a rear Fox shock, morris magnesium rims, harris rear sets, full set of undamged harris fiberglass fairings, 36mm mikuni carbs, new Avon super venum tires, lockhart oil cooler, manual cam chain adjuster, A very rare twin plug head, this might be a “pappy yoshimura” head?, after market race cylinder-bore size unknown, clip-ons, street legal, kerker header, The miles on speedo are unknown. I’m sure there are items not listed above, and some I might have forgot and others I just don’t know about. Here is a chance to own something you will probably never see again. Ride to bike night,park it in your living room and drink a beer while sitting on it, our vintage race.


Now that is a seller with some smarts. He  gives you options: ride it or have a beer sitting on it in your living room.  In all honesty it looks like it would be a fun project to restore to its’ former glory.

What do you guys think is a reasonable price?  I frankly have no clue.  I would think it would sell easily if the seller hasn’t set the reserve unreasonably high.  It is rare, no doubt about that but how much will you pay for that rarity.  Time will tell. .


Honda May 3, 2011 posted by

Smokin’ 250: 1989 Honda NSR 250R

For Sale: 1989 Honda NSR 250R MC18

You might think the RSBFS staff a strange bunch; if it’s not 400cc rockets like this one or this one, it is two-stroke smokers like today’s bike, a 1989 Honda NSR250R MC18. Now, we have seen quite a few MC18s on these pages, and you can do your homework here. And while later generation bikes are certainly more technologically advanced, many believe that a well-sorted ’18 is the bike to have. Let the flames begin!

The seller was good enough to share some broadside shots of the bike, including the obvious rash on both sides of this little gem. The damage is unfortunate, as I really like the red/black/silver color scheme, and actually prefer it to some of the race-replica livery (let the flames continue!).

From the seller:
Up for grabs ultra rare all original 89 Honda NSR black / red color combo “mc18”. 26000 kilometers or 16000 miles , Fresh oem top end installed less than 400 miles ago. oil injected so no messing around with premix.Bike runs mint and starts on first kick no matter how cold or hot it is. brand new Michelin tires, brand new brakes. the only thing it needs is fairings repainted to look new again. previous owner scratched up right fairing and slightly left fairing “look at photos”. other than that it is mint. if you are local you are more than welcome to come over have a look and test it. Title clear and clean in hand so the bike is totally street legal

This bike is not exactly low miles (odo shows just under 27,000 km) or cherry, but the seller does state that the bike is titled in NJ despite the fact that the pics show no plates. There is much that is unknown here, and as always we will recommend that you contact the seller for more pictures and more information. For additional information on NSRs, you can also check out this link.

This auction is going on now, and there has been some early action; the current bid is at $2,650 with reserve still in place, and the BIN is set at $5,500. That latter number is quite a bit high for an MC18 in this condition, but if the reserve is set at a rational level then we could have a good one going yet. For more information and pictures, . Tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!

And if you are interested in something a little newer, be sure and check out our featured listing: a gorgeous MC28!


MV Agusta May 3, 2011 posted by

The Stuff of Legends: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna

For Sale: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition

Miles: 1,800

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Price: $16,500

Take one Claudio Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta and close personal friend of Ayrton Senna (regarded by many as the finest Formula 1 driver of the modern era), add noted designer Massimo Tamburini to the mix (you might remember him as the guy that created the Ducati 916), stir in a Ferrari designed in-line four cylinder engine, wrap it up in carbon fiber bodywork and perch the whole package on stunning composite alloy wheels. This, my friends, is the numbered and rare MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition.

Today’s bike is a featured listing on RSBFS: MV Agusta Senna #175 of 300!

With only two owners and 1,800 miles (how do you people do that??), this nearly new motorcycle is ready to go to a new home. And when it does, the lucky buyer will be getting an amazing motorcycle in spotless condition – at a great price!

From the seller:
2002 Senna, one of the most beautiful MV Agusta’s ever, in my opinion.
Excellent condition, only 1800 miles.
I am the second owner, bought it about three years ago from MotoForza in Oceanside, CA, and put about 100 miles on it, if that. Bought as a more of a collector’s piece, but would start and run it regularly to keep the fluids moving.

Has the racing Arrow exhaust fitted, and comes complete with
rear stand, MV Agusta Factory indoor cover, stock exhaust, user manual, etc.

It is in beautiful condition, I apologize the pics are not great and do not do the bike justice. But anyone looking at this ad has seen one before and it looks as good as any you have seen. Reluctantly selling because of another bike purchase, and can’t keep everything!

Plus if you are in CA, you can transfer the license plate to you which reads “F4 MV”….that alone is worth $16,500. Just kidding.

Please send me PM or email to if interested. Will ship or help deliver in California within reason

When the Senna Edition was released in 2002, it retailed for $24,995. All 300 bikes were sold with the proceeds going directly to the Instituto Ayrton Senna – a charity benefitting Brazillian children – set up after the racer’s death. Sharp looks with performance and handling to match, the MV F4 continues to be a desirable motorcycle. These limited edition models only enhance the value of the bike.

According to the seller, this bike comes with a cover, a manual, personalized CA plates, a rear stand and the stock exhaust cans. With low miles, lots of additional pieces, absolutely sanitary condition and a fair price, this one should not last long. If you are interested, email the seller at the address above. But you’d better do it quick; I don’t see this deal hanging around very long!


[AffomaticEbay]MV Agusta F4[/AffomaticEbay]

Ducati May 2, 2011 posted by

Old-skool, air-cooled love affair – 1998 Ducati 900SS FE (#42) in LA

1998 Ducati 900SS FE (#42) for sale in LA with 23,855 miles.

Always wanted to date an Italian supermodel but couldn’t deal with high maintenance and the diva attitude?  How about something slightly less sexy (to some maybe even more so), a lot easier to live with but still lots of fun to go out with? If the Ducati Superbikes are Italian divas, then the air-cooled Supersports would be the sweet girl next door:

If you are looking for a classic Ducati, This is it!
1998 Supersport 900 F.E. The F.E. stands for Final Edition. It was the last special production run of the 900SS. A limited edition of only 800 bikes were made with only 300 sold in North America. A brass plate on the triple clamp has the edition # of 042 on it. It will only go up in value not down.

It is in excellent condition with 23,855 mi. New battery, brakes, all fluids replaced, re-built carbs and a recent valve adjustment, new chain and sprockets. Extras include rear axle stand, original mufflers and Ducati tank bag included.

I am the second owner, the original owner also lives in Los Angeles. The bike was bought from Beverly Hills Ducati.  All service records are available.

As I have said many times before, the 2-valve air-cooled Ducati engine might be technologically down on the their water-cooled 4-valve brethens, but require less maintenance, pretty much bullet-proof reliability (aside from a few reports of broken engine studs on the early 90s Supersports), and still offer bags of character and old-skool charm.

The FE is basically a Superlight but with all the earlier problems sorted out and all the refinements over its 8 year model history, so its got the handling that Ducatis are famous for but without all minor issues or hiccups that Ducatis are infamous for. Limited to 800 units worldwide and only 300 in the US, the FE is truly a limited edition (heck, there are even more Desmosedicis than there are 900SS FEs!) and should holds its value in the future.

So if you are smart enough to go for the girl next door instead of fantasizing a date with a supermodel diva, And good luck!

For those who might be interested, here’s my own 900SS FE (#299) for sale in NY.

good luck!


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