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Bimota May 8, 2011 posted by

Collector alert part 2 – 2000 Bimota DB4 i.e. with zero miles*

Zero miles* 2000 Bimota DB4 i.e. for sale!

*the odometer does read 21 miles, but given the condition of the bike and the status of the seller (one SERIOUS collector!), I would say this one is as good as new – i.e. ZERO miles!*

Ah, another brand new Bimota that eBay seller “joejo20” is selling for his dad.  Just one question for Joejo20: “Is your dad adopting?”

Up for auction is a 2000 Bimota DB4 (fuel injected). This is a Brand New Zero Mile motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. Technically it has 21 miles on the odometer but that is how it came from the factory.
The condition of the bike is fantastic and is like new. It does come with the original tool kit and literature. It also has a free and clear title in the sellers name.
Please take a look at the large pictures to get a better idea of condition and email me if you have any questions.
** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures **

Those with a sharp eye (which means most of our readers) will notice that this DB4 is  a.) not splashed in tricolore b.) a biposto  c.) with neither a shotgun exhaust nor a Motocorse titanium – all of which signifies this as the “iniezione elettronica” fuel injected version. Also note the Euro only projector headlights as well.

While DB4s are relatively rare, the DB4 i.e. is much rarer still – only 9 were imported into the US and we have only come across it once here on RSBFS.

Like most of joejo20’s bikes, this one is a real collector piece with basically no miles and with everything the way it came straight from the factory. For true collectors out there, this one could be had for $16,900.  If this fine specimen is calling out to you,


Ducati May 8, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati Bayliss 998 Race Replica For Sale

2002 Ducati Bayliss 998 Race Replica #376 of 400 for sale!

Location: Louisville, KY
Mileage: 45
Price: $16,000.00

Saturday I was kicking it around at my local Ducati dealership. No, not looking to upgrade the Suzuki, but was looking to pull a quick favor and get my front tire re-balanced so I could ride. While my Q2 was getting balanced I’m chatting it up with Chuck, the local Desmosedici guru, and he’s talking about a few projects that they have going in the shop. One of which is a totally pissed 848 that’s all jacked up with custom made this and custom made that. In total awe of this machine, I ask what they are doing with it and his reply was “Well, we’re getting ready to dyno it in a little bit- you should stick around and hear it.” Obviously, being the bike whore that I am, I decided to cruise around and wait for it to roll up on the dyno.

As I stroll up stairs I’m met by what is without a doubt my favorite Ducati body style- the 998 and it’s a Bayliss Replica! But wait, there’s more….. It only has 45 mile!

-disclaimer- these were shot with my cell phone so don’t blast me.

I posted one of these back in November of last year and I go on and on about clean it is and how it’s my second favorite right behind the Bostrom and that still hold true. But, this one is special in another way because it’s never been titled and is still on the MSO.

The 45 miles on the odometer was put there in 2002 and is the mileage from the dealership to the owners home. I can vouch for the condition and when I say it’s perfect I can say it without a doubt. This one sits in 100% original condition and will make a great addition to any collection.

123hp, Ohlins and Carbon bodywork are just a few of the highlights that make this 998 stand out from the run of the mill 998’s. It’s tough for me to imagine that a motorcycle of this caliber has done nothing except sit for 9 years, but such is the case and who am I to judge what others do with their bikes? I just blog about them…

If you’re interested in getting more information on this one you can contact Tony at 502.568.2666. When you call and speak to him make sure you tell him I sent you so I can have a favor in the waiting 🙂

Oh, and as for that pissed off 848- here’s a little video I shot of it.

I would have taken one of it revving, but I couldn’t cover my ears and record at the same time…. This thing was LOUD!



Classic Sport Bikes For Sale May 8, 2011 posted by

What’s New at

Here are the latest bikes posted over at our sister site,, where we feature 25+ year old sporting motorcycles. Got an interesting classic for sale? Email me!



Bimota May 7, 2011 posted by

Funny Front End? 1995 Bimota Tesi 1Dsr

For Sale: 1995 Bimota Tesi 1Dsr

Nobody has consistently astounded the motorcycle world quite like Bimota. The small boutique builder based in Rimini, Italy continues to impress with a flair for artful style and technical innovation. This is as true today as it was back in 1991, when the first Tesi 1D was introduced to the world. Today’s bike, a stunning 1995 Tesi 1D-SR model, looks as radical today as it did back then.

The original Tesi 1D was powered by a Ducati 851 engine – a watershed powerplant from Ducati, with desmoquattro four valve heads, fuel injection and liquid cooling. The Tesi 1D-SR was powered by a 904cc evolution of that motor; the bigger bore creating even more motive power and torque. Am I the only one that sees a little Ducati Paso in that bodywork?

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1995 Bimota Tesi 1D SR. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. My dad is the second owner. The bike has 115 miles on the odometer. This was a special order through the Bimota distributor and only 2 were ordered this way. It has the latest chasis but the older body style. The condition of the bike is fantastic and it does come with a free and clear title.

With hub center steering, digital instrumentation, top-shelf Brembo stoppers, fantastic enclosed bodywork, trick composite three-spoke wheels, proven Ducati v-twin power, and the exclusivity of a limited production work of art, the Bimota Tesi 1D-SR is a true collector target.

This particular bike has travelled only 115 miles in its pampered lifetime. The seller claims this is a custom order direct from Bimota, one of only two models with this frame/engine bodywork combination. I don’t know how to verify this (perhaps some of you RSBFS Bimota experts can chime in here), but the VIN number supplied ends in a very, very low 002.

This bike comes from the same unbelievable collection that brought us the KB2, DB1, DB4, as well as assorted rare and desireable Ducatis (green frame 750ss, 750 Sport, 900ss). Most have been very low mile bikes, some no miles at all. This one has travelled enough that you know it works, but not so much for it to incur damage and wear.

As for pricing, these bikes are rare enough to make an estimate difficult at best. It is immaculate, desireable, exclusive and titled. The auction is currently in the $10k range, with reserve not met. This one will definitely eclipse the $20k mark before it is done, but it remains to be seen how high the reserve is set. To check out more pictures of this amazing motorcycle, click the link and . Good Luck!


Honda May 7, 2011 posted by

Reader Round Up Vol. 2

Welcome to our second installation of reader rides for sale! First up is yes, another Yamaha FZR400 in very nice condition. This one is for sale in Canada for $4000 CAD:


Here’s a 2007 Honda CBR125R for sale in San Diego that the owner has had no luck in getting through the California DMV. Maybe your state has more lax regulations on sub 250cc machines as this would make for a super unique beginner bike for someone at only $1450!


And here’s a reader ride from the UK, a


I’m considering making this a weekly feature. If you have a bike for sale that we should consider, check out your options and email me!


Gilera May 6, 2011 posted by

More UK Teasers: 1989 Kawasaki KR-1R And 1993 Gilera GFR125 SP

More UK Teasers:  1989 Kawasaki KR-1R And 1993 Gilera GFR125 SP


I know it is a tease for those of us in the U.S., but I couldn’t resist posting these two beauties.  I bet you could count the number of these bikes in the U.S. on one hand.  So sit back, dream and enjoy the pictures.

First up is an ubber rare KR-1R.  Yep, not an “S” but  an  “R”.  I couldn’t verify the number but the seller claims less than 200 were produced.  If you’ve followed some of our posts on the KR-1 you know that even though it is possibly the most dated 250 stroker, it is also has possibly the strongest engine out of the bunch.

You know if it came from Japan in the late 80’s to the early 90’s and said “Sports Production” on it you got some extra goodies.  Kawasaki gave you larger carbs and a close raito gearbox with the “R”.  The rest of the specs are shared with the KR-1S.

Just a generic picture but sure demonstrates someone has taken good care of the bike.  It only has 6300 miles on it.

The business end.  Any other two stroke owners had someone pull up next to them and yell at them that something is wrong with their bike because it is smoking? 

This would sure go nicely in someones two stroke or Kawi collection.  The asking price is close to $15,000 in our depressed dollars. 


Maybe I’m off on my numbers, while trying to find some info on the GFR I came across a post by an owner here in the States that claimed 100 of these bikes were imported here.  I’m pretty sure I saw one at the Barber Museum, 99 to go.  A reply from someone in the UK claimed they are rare even there.

Claimed horespower is 31hp.  Riders claim a little more pep than an Aprilia RS125 of similar age.

This is what the teenagers that purchased the GFR were dreaming about: this was Gilera’s 250GP bike in the early 90’s.  Ridden by the like of Jean Phillipe Ruggia and Carlos Lavado.

The little Gilera packs a few surprises.  Can’t say I was expecting a single sided swing arm.

Hmmm, what do we have here?  Is one for a reserve?

I wonder what parts are like to track down.  Gilera is owned by Piaggio but  I couldn’t find much (meaning any) info on the status of the company itself.  The mileage is low, less than 10,000, the price is high, almost $5,000.  I like it though, its’ lines are modern and it really doesn’t look its’ age. 


Moto Guzzi May 6, 2011 posted by

1990 Moto Guzzi LeMans V

For Sale: 1990 Moto Guzzi LeMans V

These Guzzis have such classic lines and timeless style that I was torn between posting this beauty here on Rare Sport Bikes For Sale, or on our sister site, Classic Sport Bikes For Sale. For while this bike is new enough to belong here, it just looks like a classic in the making.

This bike has everything you expect from a unique and rare motorcycle: Great big cylinders pumping out loads of torque, a cockpit with a purpose – including a center-mounted tach, and peerless Italian styling and cachet.

OK – enough teasing. Here is a great shot of the whole bike. These Guzzi twins are real riders, and it is rare to see one without double digit mileage. After all, don’t we believe sport bikes are made to be ridden? This one has done just that, with the clock sitting just shy of 40k. The best part? This is a one owner, clean and cared for machine.

From the seller:
For Sale – My 1990 Moto Guzzi LeMans V. I am the original owner. Adult owned & ridden since new. Always garaged. Always serviced properly and completely. 39,XXX miles. Bub performance exhaust system, complete and unmolested original exhaust system comes with bike. Aftermarket clip-on handlebars, originals included. K&N air filters, Corbin seat, fresh Avon tires, cylinder head guards. Owner’s manual, original sales brochure included as are various extras and spares. Everything works – needs nothing but it’s next owner. Easily one of the cleanest, best maintained LeManses anywhere.

With all of the original parts included, this looks to be a pretty good package deal. The one-owner concept really appeals to me as you are much more likely to find a honest example when compared against a bike that has been passed down through many hands. So a clean, one owner bike with tasteful and useful mods plus the OEM parts is the upside.

The downside here is that this auction opens with an ask of $5995. Mileage aside, the more recent vintage Guzzis have simply not held their price like the earlier V7 or Mk I, II or III models. That is unfortunate, as the Mk V is a great machine. So, stuck between new and classic, here is a bike that is easily worth that to the current owner, but may be a bit high for the rest of the collector world. To check out this bike, all the details and lots more pics, . Be sure and tell us what you think!


Aprilia May 5, 2011 posted by

Brand New 1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield on Craigslist

We’ve been fortunate to see a number of MK1 Aprilia RS250‘s listed for sale in the U.S., but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a 0 km example for sale, with plates, in California!! This won’t last long so here is the link:

quote from the seller’s listing:

1996 Aprilia RS250 Max Biaggi Race replica with zero km . Yes, it’s brand new . Needs to be broken in before riding hard. A reliable two-stroke race bike from the Pro Italia Ducati dealer and it’s currently registered with CA title which makes this a plus. 80 plus hp on superlight body. The price is firm on this bike because it will be hard to find another.

While the price is one of the highest we’ve seen at $9500, good luck finding another brand new one. Maybe if they sell the one at the Barber museum!

This is correctly stated as a 96, which you can tell from the lime green pin-striping instead of the yellow on the 95’s. The early MK1 RS250’s can be distinguished by their slightly more angular bodywork, analog gauges, 3″ wide front wheel, and oil and water reservoirs in the rear. It does appear to have Arrow pipes, which are fine but I hope the stockers are included as well.

From what I’ve read, 80hp stock is very optimistic — maybe if measured at the crank. The AF1 forum has a great RS250 section and one of the pinned topics is how to get 70hp at the wheel.

Of course what makes this one extra special to RS250 enthusiasts is that it bears the Chesterfield livery, which imitates the bike that Max Biaggi rode in his early days of 250GP racing. I recently acquired a 95 myself and it will serve as the RSBFS project bike. You can read a bit about it on my personal blog.

Considering my purchase price and what it will cost to bring my bike back to the condition that this example shows, I might be better off financially just to buy this new-old stock bike!


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