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Ducati May 26, 2011 posted by

1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich For Sale

It is always nice to see a rare Italian bike and this 750 F1 is a perfect example. The F1 came about from being the road going version of the TT1 race bike, albeit a few years later. This particular version was created to celebrate the by Grau, de Juan and Reyes in the 24 hour race at Montjuich Park. This bike had hotter cams, bigger Dell’Orto’s and a freer 2 into 1 Verlicchi exhaust. This is one of 200 produced.

This looks like a nice example:

quote from seller’s listing:

If you are reading this you probably know what this bike is. This is a Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich. The
first of 3 limited editions that Ducati made of the F1. The Montjuich is the rarest of the 3 with the most
upgrades over the stock F1. It has approx. 1600 kilometers (will post actual later) and has been dry
stored for at least 10 years. I purchased the bike on E-bay on 09/27/07 for $27,000.00 . This bike was
once owned by Guy Webster and was the actual bike pictured in The Standard Book Of Ducati by Ian
Falloon. The man I bought it from was acknowledged in this book by Falloon.

I have never had the pleasure of hearing this bike run, that will be my biggest regret of letting it go!
There is a scratch on the front fender, I tried to show it in a picture. There is also some spiderwebs on
the right side below the seat. I also noticed some pitting starting on the exhaust and the handle bars.
This is exactly how the bike was when I purchased it. It is #153 as you can see on the tank badge.
The rest of the bike is in great condition. If you have any questions please let me know and I would
also be happy to get more pictures for anyone interested. This is a very special bike and it is also a
large investment, I don’t want any surprises to anyone so please ask questions!

Also, I purchased the bike with only a bill of sale. I do not have the title. Thanks and good luck!

OK, actual miles is 1545 Kilometer approx. 960 miles. Sorry for the confusion I did not have actual
miles when I posted the listing. Also have only 1 key. I tried to post more pictures but was not able. If
you would like to see any pictures of the exhaust or handlebars please let me know. Thanks

Clearly there has to be a concern on the state on the engine as it has not turned over for some time but even so this is a very rare bike. It is original in all aspect and has been cared for in the way it has been stored. Also it has a history with famous owners which will only add to the value and of course gauging the value is tough given the rarity. Already however bidding is brisk with 5 days still to go and so it seems that the seller will certainly get back what he paid for the bike in 2007even though the economy has been tough since then.

– AS

{Note: Andrew is our latest contributor on RSBFS. Please give him a warm welcome and leave a comment! -dc}

Sport Bikes For Sale May 25, 2011 posted by

1994 Yamaha TZ250 Kenny Roberts Racing

1994 Yamaha TZ250 King Kenny Roberts stable

Location: Santa Ana, California
Mileage: It’s a racer 🙂
Price: $10,000 will do it

Que the AC/DC and crank up Back in Black because is back baby! We’re as amp’d about it as anyone and the IT guy better be apologizing to everyone- and quick! I personally think we should give him a good old southern ass kik’n for holding us down so long. Who wants to help?

Have your Angus cranked up yet? Mines on 11, but I can still hear and smell the cotton candy fumes of hi-octane and synthetic 2T burning from a full on GP bike. Yep, that’s right my friends- the closet 99% of us will ever get to being a true GP racer boy is to buy an ex GP racer and now is your chance!

SCHWING! Pretty spiffy eh? Read on for the 411

1994 Yamaha TZ250 located in California. This bike belongs to Kenny Roberts and was raced by Jimmy Filice in the 1996 European 250cc Championships. Bike has Ohlins Forks and Brembo Brakes. The cylinders and pipes are Bud Aksland. This bike is in very good condition and fast. Sold with no spares, comes with what you see in the pictures.

Hmmm, comes with what you see in the pictures eh? Maybe KR will throw in a track lesson for the lucky buyer 🙂

I poked around on some of the two stroke forums and the main question seems to be “wonder what’s in the motor?” I’m curious as well and would like to see the Dyno sheet for this machine.

Track day machine? Office art? Conversation piece? What would you do with a gem like this? Hit me back and tell us what you’d do with a full on GP machine.



Buell May 19, 2011 posted by

Bullish on Buell: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin

For Sale: 1989 Buell RR1200 Battletwin 1 / 34 NOS never titled

Erik Buell started his engineering career at Harley Davidson, but left H-D to pursue an opportunity to market Buell Motor Company 750cc two stroke racebikes to privateer teams competing in the AMA Formula 1 series. The racebike stint was short lived, as the AMA discontinued the series in favor of Superbike less than a season later.

Buell then turned to streebikes. He obtained a large quantity of XR1000 motors via his contacts at H-D, and he used these to create the RR1000. Between 1987 and 1988, Buell delivered 50 bikes to customers, placing the Buell Motor Company on the map. When his supply of XR1000 motors ran out, Buell adopted the new H-D 1200cc Evolution engine, upgrading the bike and making the necessary changes to package the new powerplant. Through the 1989 model year, Buell created an esitmated 65 RR1200 bikes; this is one such machine.

Notice how these early Buells contain many of the iconic features seen on later bikes. The Uniplanar engine mounts – to allow the engine to be used as a stressed member while still isolating the vibration of the big twin – continues to be a patented feature on modern Buells. This bike also shows the under-the-engine suspension and exhaust – both necessary compromises to package the big twin.

From the seller:
The history of this RARE motorcycle is part of Harley-Davidson’s success in Canada. Legendary enthusiast, racer and man behind the largest importer of Harley’s in the world(Trev Deeley) brought this machine into Vancouver as one of only three ever to be imported into Canada. I am sure that Trev did all he could do to promote Buell, simply becauce of Buell’s brillance and innovation as a motorcycle racer. Stories of this RR1200 in the window of Deeley’s east Broadway motorcycle shop are consistant…”so many traffic rear-enders distracted by the Buell in the window”…the machine was removed from it’s display. From the spot light to the warehouse; that’s where the RR1200 sat for some time. One of Trev’s racing pals eventually purchased the RR1200 and moved it into his private collection.

Never registered. 152 miles of demo. Sales brochure and original price tag included. Serviced and ready to show or vintage track.

Very rare, very low miles, and never registered – to be honest I’m not even sure where to begin concerning pricing on this one. Thankfully, there are many bidders out there who are currently showing the way. While the auction opened below $1k, bidding has been very brisk; at the time of this writing the price has risen to over $14,000 and the reserve is still in place.

This bike is a very unique piece of motorcycle history. With its aerodynamic wrap-around fairing, color scheme straight out of the 1970s, thundering performance and interesting back story, the next owner will be very lucky indeed. To check out the pictures and details or to watch the sprited bidding, . Good luck!


Honda May 18, 2011 posted by

.45 Caliber Fun: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

For Sale: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

Collectable Bimotas are neat, and zippy little two strokes and 400cc microbikes look like fun, but in the collector world very little compares to the true and rare homologation bikes. You see, in the wide world of motorcycling, homologation bikes serve a very real purpose – they make the legality of a stock-based roadracer a possibility. Since racing rules are often written around a “stock streetbike” as the foundation, manufacturers offer a limited number of racebike-based street bikes to satisfy that rule. This keeps their bikes legal at the racetrack, and offers a rare opportunity for the unwashed masses to actually put hands on one.

There is much debate in the collector world regarding the desireability of the RC45 versus its older brother, the RC30. While the RC30 does look more the part and is more distinctive than the average Honda sportbike, the RC45 is a more modern, more potent and more limited (in numbers) weapon. At the end of the day, though, they both bring pretty similar money at auction.

Check out the seller’s specs on this one:

This is my RVF750R 1994 RC-45. I purchased this bike in 1995 from a collector with only 112 miles on it. The bike currently has 519 original miles. Water has NEVER touched this bike, neither rain or wash. The bike has always been stored in a room with low humidity and A/C.


In 1996 I purchased from HRC the following racing kits:
Electrical Racing kit, Engine Racing Kit

Currently on the bike ALL HRC PARTS:
Full HRC motor built by HRC in Torrance, CA over 160 horsepower. 10 miles on motor.
Endurance 6 gallon aluminum tank with quick fill
Ram air tubes and full air box with velocity stacks
Fuel regulator, injectors, modified throttle bodies
Works single pipe exhaust set
Rear sets both sides with carbon heat shield
Works upper and lower radiators
Bike also has the complete front end off Eric Bostroms 1998 RC-45 Erion Racing bike including works 46 mm Superbike forks magnesium Brembo Calipers, Brembo rotors, radial brake and clutch masters, remote front brake adjuster
Marchesini 17″ front wheel
Billet triple trees

You’ve got to admit – that spec sheet sounds very impressive. An HRC motor? A works front end off of Eric Bostrom’s bike? Electrical and Engine racing kits? Works radiators? Trick quick-fill tank? It’s almost a travesty that this bike has only 519 miles on it; just hearing it scream its way to redline might be more than the average mortal can stand!

But wait – there’s more! In addition to the impressive kit already installed ON the bike, the seller has also included many spares and original OEM parts to go WITH the bike! This deal is starting to sound better and better!

From the seller:
New HRC parts in HRC boxes:
Stock gas tank conversion kit
17″ x 3.75″ Mag front wheel
17″ x 6.25″ Mag rear wheel
Remote oil cooler set
Sprint stator
Clutch set ( I have 2)
Many optional HRC Trans gears
Update swing arm and linkage
Upper radiator
Foam gauge holder and HRC gauges
Aluminum gage holder and front stay
HRC dual muffler set complete
Complete HRC electrical harness including PGIFI controller, HRC battery and battery holder, race ECU and holder box, tach and water temp gauge

Also included with the bike is all stock parts that are bubble wrapped, tagged and bagged:
Stock rear stand
All books and tools including all HRC books and shop manuals
All motor take offs included

So what can you do with all this stuff? What will it sound like? How will it all work? Well, I found this great video of the late Joey Dunlop (February 25, 1952 – July 2, 2000), Order of the British Empire and general RC45 expert. Here he is lapping the Ulster GP circuit during a practice session:

RC45s are solid $25k bikes. Outfitted racebikes with history easily cover the $30k plus range. This bike is somewhat between a collectable, unmodified streetbike and a racebike, as it is modified but has no history. It does, however, come with very desirable mods, many spare pieces, and a clean FL title. This auction is live right now, with the current bid just over $20k. Bidding has been very heavy.

For your chance on the rarest of the rare, . Good luck, and tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!


Honda May 13, 2011 posted by

1989 Honda VFR750R RC30 For Sale-

1989 Honda VFR750R RC30 For Sale

Location: Glen Mills, PA
Mileage: 2,857
Price: $16,990.00 with reserve in place

There’s been some rumblings over on the Facebook page that we are partial to small cc rare sport bikes, but I have to disagree. Okay, so Ian and I have a little lean towards 2 strokes, but the other guys… well, I think they just like bikes and who’s to argue about the latest forward from a viewer? Not me bro!

I know I recently traded in my homologation Superbike for a NSR, but that doesn’t change where my heart truly lies so with out any more idle chatter from me-

I’m guessing this one is probably a Canadian model that has been well preserved.

It still excites me that RC’s demand so much respect in the market place. They come up for sale more often than their younger brother, the RC45, and in general are more sought after. From what I’ve been told it’s the pearly white paint on the hand laid fiberglass that draws collectors to it. Sort of like me to a cold beer- I’m naturally drawn to it and can’t help myself once I get it in my sight 🙂

These low mileage ones are starting to get as rare as hens teeth so if you have an extra $20k (ish) burning a hole in your pocket I suggest you jump over and get in on the action.

You can to see more pics and to place your bid. Good Luck!



Bimota May 10, 2011 posted by

Smoke gets in my eyes – 1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione

1998 Bimota V-Due Evoluzione with 201 miles in Florida!

I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up around them 2-stroke smoking machines, so I don’t get all misty eyed like some of my fellow RSBFS contributors whenever a Suzuki RGV, Honda NSR250, or Aprilia RS250 comes up for sale.  I do, however, being a bit of a Bimota fan, the V-Due gets my attention every time:


Please check pictures, as you can see this 1998 Bimota V-DueEvoluzione is in good – very good condition. This bike has been in a collection for many years and still needs to have the electronics sorted still – as it is completely original and has not been modified except for the stainless collector pipes. This bike is being sold AS IS with a Bill of Sale only and I do not know what country it was imported from.

Since the bike has been sitting so long, the battery is dead and the carbs will need to be cleaned. Also, as you can see the bottom of the fairings are damaged from gas leaking on them. To my knowledge, the bottom of these fairings may still be available in carbon?

The front fairing on the white number plate has a small scratch, but the rest of the bike is close to perfect (except for the lower fairing).

If you are familiar with Bimotas V-Due project and lineage, then you are also probably familiar with the need for the electronics to be sorted out on the bike for it to run at its full potential.

This is a late model V-Due and does not have fuel injection. The fuel injection was removed and replaced with carburetors at the factory to help fix some of it’s running problems (didn’t really work that well), but does make it easier to tune the bike. Also the later model V-Dues have a digital tach, and a different paint scheme.

The V Due was a bike very significant in that 1.) it was Bimota’s first and only (and ill-fated) attempt to develop an engine in-house  2.) it was supposed to be with cutting direct injection technology (on a 2-stroke!)  3.) styling was and still is absolutely drop dead gorgeous  4.) it broke Bimota.

Since a few V Dues have been listed before on RSBFS and we have written quite extensively about it, I’m going to be lazy and ask everyone to click here to read about them in our previous posts.

The one for sale here is the Evoluzione version – which means it is the later carb-ed models after the initial fuel injected production batch were plagued with running problems, so much so that a recall had to be issued.  The good thing is that carbs are much easier to tune than Italian fuel injection systems.

The bad thing is, as the seller states:”…still needs to have the electronics sorted still.” which could mean anything on a 1998 Bimota.  The good news, however, is that there is a good following of V-Dues and there are websites (and passionate enthusiasts) dedicated to it, so I guess if the will is there, any V Due can be made to run properly.

The auction currently sits at $10,000 with 7 days to go – a good indication of just how desirable these bikes are. Did I mention that there are only – surprise, surprise – 500 (probably more like 300 by now) of these out there?  If you’re feeling lucky,


Sport Bikes For Sale May 9, 2011 posted by

Going to Sears Point for the AMA West Coast MotoJam? Let’s Meet Up!

The AMA road racing series stops by Sears Point (Infineon) this weekend and is going! My buddy Paul is prepping my 93 Ducati 750SS for the road trip down from Oregon as we speak and I owe him a huge shout out for getting things together in the final hours.

Check out the blatant and awesome marketing of the RSBFS shirt: fixing up the Ducati 750SS

New tires, chain, brakes, carb rebuild, belts, rollers, and more to get the 750SS ready for the 1200 mile round trip to Sears Point and back.

And all back together and ready for the big trip. Thank you Paul, you rock!

Naturally Paul is a smart man and his bike has been ready to go since last November. Makes me wonder why I don’t have a VFR in the garage!

This trip holds special significance for me as we used to make this trip down from Oregon to Sears Point all the time when we were in college.

We used to camp inside the track before it was civilized and would wake up to the street sweeper followed by the 250 2 stroke warmup. What a way to wake up, but it was always a really fun spot to enjoy the races. We were fortunate to catch SBK at Miller and MotoGP at Indy last year (with some awesome hookups I might add!), but it’s long overdue that we revive our tradition to ride down to Sears Point!

Get 10% Off When You Mention Rare SportBikes For Sale!

We’ll be on hand to help SpeedyMoto with live updates from the track and photography of the riders they support. We’re proud to be able to work with one of our favorite sponsors in this capacity and look forward to this cool opportunity!

Check out Jason DiSalvo onboard the 848 Evo at a recent outing at Miller Motorsports Park:

I was thinking that if any of you guys are going that weekend, it would be fun to meet up. Shoot me an email with your number and I’ll send a text on Saturday when we get back to the track. Also I’m offering a special on our shirts for anyone who comes out – $10! S, L, XL sizes still available. Make sure to email me ahead as we’ll only be carrying what we need.

Follow along on the RSBFS or SpeedyMoto Facebook pages. No race spoilers, promise!


Honda May 9, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda NSR 125 For Sale!

1991 Honda NSR 125

Location: Pittsfield, MA
Mileage: 382km or 236 miles
Price: $1,500 starting bid with reserve

Here we have a rare little machine with super low mileage. Weighing in at a scant 266#’s, sporting a 6 speed transmission and cranking out a stellar 30hp at the crank this one should prove to be a perfect city bike or pit bike.

The best I can tell this bike is supposed to have a full fairing, but in many of the online pictures and video’s there are many without fairings. In all of the publication photos these are shown with fairings which is why I assume they were sold with and not without. If any of our viewers can set me straight please do so.

One of the coolest things about this little NSR? It’s electric start! Woo Hoo! Most of our beloved 2 strokes are kick start only and isn’t really a problem, but in this day and age without a push button, people can only look and scratch their collective heads.

I had the pleasure of inspecting a NSR 125 up close and personal a few months back and I came away pretty impressed. I’d like to hear this one start and run from a dead cold start before plunking my hard earned cash down. The reason being, as any seasoned 2 stroker will tell you, is that crank seals become a little dodgy with time and not being ran. If a low mileage stroker is hard to start it usually means the crank bearings need replaced. But, if you’re able to inspect this and she cranks, idles and runs fine I’d say it’d be a great little rare bike to own because there can’t be too many in the states.

Here’s a fun little video of some crazy teens having a good time at the NSR’s expense.



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