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Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2011 posted by

1994 Yamaha YZF-750R

For Sale: 1994 Yamaha YZF750R $3,200

Hey, remember the ’90s? If you don’t, then this bike will bring you right back to the days of sport bikes not only being judged by their speed and handling, but their outrageous color schemes as well. If you secretly miss the days of brick-sized cell phones, Pulp Fiction, and Ace Of Base ruling the airwaves (okay maybe not that one), then this could be the bike for you!

The YZF750R arrived in early 1993 and was based on the OW01, however it shared no common parts with its famous older brother. Though not as rare and collectable (yet), the YZF750R proved itself to be a highly competent and user friendly bike on the street. Present on this model are a six-speed gear box, dual 320mm discs up front with six-piston calipers, and Yamaha’s EXUP system allowing the bike to pull hard through the entire rev range.

The bike for sale here is a clean, one-owner example that has been enjoyed to its potential but seems to be well cared for. A few modifications are added to the bike including, but not limited to, a Vance and Hines slip on, braided brake lines, and EBC Pro-Lite rotors. The seller also states that the bike had one “low speed lay down” resulting in some fairing scratches. Though not perfect, the bike appears to be relatively unmolested and properly maintained.

Detailed ad from the seller:

“Here is my 1994 YZF750R that I bought new. Thats right…I’m the only owner and I planned to keep this bike forever. I haven’t riden anything I’ve liked more. I just dont find the time to ride it anymore. I’ve kept it running well and replaced items when needed. Everything works as it should. I have made a few upgrades over the years to enhance performance and track capability. I did a track day at Road America a few years ago and was getting compliments on how fast it was and how well it lapped the track. Back in my racing days I did a few weekends at BIR with it while my primary bike was being rebuilt. I find myself being drawn back to the dirt. Its not perfect and has had one slow speed lay down so the fairing has some scratches, but overall in very good shape.

16,500 miles-Less than 1000 miles per year
Vance and Hines SS2R slip on. (always keep the EXUP to maintain your midrange)
Factory jet kit
Speed Screen windscreen
Steel Braded brake lines
Frame and clip on crash savers
Barnett clutch springs
Dropped one tooth on counter shaft
EBC Pro-Lite rotors (the stock rotors tended to warp from the strong 6 piston calipers)
Stock OE Yamaha pads still in the package (the Yamaha pads gave the best feel and stopping power)

A few other items of interest:
MSRP of $10,500 back in 1994.
Inverted forks
6 piston calipers
26,000 mile valve adjustment intervals
Genesis 5 valve head
1995 bike of the year for SportRider
1994 bike of the year for Cycle World
Only real contender against the Ducati 916 in those years

I will hate to see it go.

I have extras that can go with the bike if I get the asking price….swingarm stand, Yamaha shop manual, spare plastics/parts, etc.


If you’re a fan of bright-colored graphics, yellow wheels, and a clean example of what mid-nineties sport bikes were all about, then this bike should be right up your alley. This YZF750R will draw compliments from those who are fans as well, but is not so outrageously priced and pristine that one has to be afraid of enjoying what this bike was built to do; go fast. Still interested? Check out the for sale ad for this modern classic.


Ducati May 31, 2011 posted by

Rare and Italian-Part Two:1998 Ducati 916SPS #354

Location: Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Miles: 10,600
Price: $9,350

Here’s a rare and interesting Ducati. Rare because of the limited production (#354) and interesting because of numerical designation of the bike. It’s called a 916 but what lurks underneath the fairing is a 996. Outside of that little anomaly, what you get is one beautiful Italian 90 degree L-twin homologated race bike with lots of tasty carbon fiber and fully adjustable suspension and a stellar race pedigree.

This one is not without some modification however. From the seller:

1998 916SPS – one of 1058 made worldwide and one of 100 imported into the USA. It is number 0354 and sold new for $21,250.00. It runs excellent, corners like it is on rails and the engines pulls strong through the entire RPM range. It has never been dropped, although there is the normal road wear on the fairings. I have meticulously taken care of this bike. The bike has about 10,600 miles, I did the maintenance on it. I flushed and replaced clutch, front and rear brake fluid and the radiator. I also checked the valve clearances, they are to specs. The current belts where replace just prior to my purchase in 2009. The tires are Pirelli Diablo with 400 miles on them. The oil has also just been changed.

The bike is mostly stock. The upgrades are: a AFAM quick change carrier (I am running 15 X 38 sprockets), a power commander, a 1098 clutch (weights 2 lbs less than the stock SPS clutch), tapered head bearings and carbon fiber air runners. I had the MS Production carbon fiber clear coated; fender, v-cowl, air box sides, chain guard, license plate holder and the exhaust heat shield. That really improved the looks of the bike. The battery mount has been upgraded to fit a maintenance free battery. I also updated regulator by running 12 gauge wires (to match the size from the regulator) from the stator to the new weather proof regulator connectors. free battery. I also updated regulator by running 12 gauge wires (to match the size from the regulator) from the stator to the new weather proof regulator connectors.

More photos:

Although not many of these will come available everyday, this one does appear to be at a reasonable price considering what it is and what it cost new. Modifications on bikes like these tend to be frowned upon unless they are common to the bike and generally considered an upgrade. These mods appear to fit the bill but you will have to make your own call on what you think in this case.

Make the jump to the listing!


Honda May 30, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda NSR 250R PGMIII For Sale

1991 Honda NSR 250R PGMIII For Sale

Location: Georgetown, IN
Mileage: 9,500
Price: $5250 B.I.N.

This one sports all OEM plastics and they are in decent shape. I’ll call them a 6.5/7 out of 10 with no major cracking, but the tabs on the lower belly pan are broken off and the upper has a small piece missing where mirror mounts.

100% stock other than Tyga canisters. She sports a new top end, ultrasonically cleaned carbs and will start on the first or second kick. Runs strong and is an absolute blast to ride.

I do not have this one titled so it will be sold with a BOS only.

Please review all the pictures and ask any questions.

Here is a short video of a cold start and it idling.



Bimota May 30, 2011 posted by

Rare and Italian! 1982 Bimota SB3

Location: New York, NY

Mileage: 10,466

Price: $25,000

Here is something you don’t see everyday…unless you check in at RSBFS. Yet another rare Bimota for sale. I believe it has been said that bikes come up in bunches, so here we go.

At the heart of this classic is a Suzuki in-line four 987 cc engine from the GS1000, cranking out 87 hp. At 450 lbs it’s not the lightest or fastest bike around but it certainly looks good. After some reading up on the SB3, it’s production range ran from 1979-82 and produced only 402 examples of this model. This is #390. For being a 1983 bike, the dual front disc brakes, trellis frame and individual intakes for the carbs look pretty sweet.

From the seller:

“Up for auction is a very rare 1982 Bimota SB3. This motorcycle has been in a private collection since new. The bike is almost 30 years old and in beautiful condition, as it should for remaining in a climate controlled environment for its entire life. This is an exclusive and exotic motorcycle. Its craftsmanship and design will grace any collection. The motorcycle was purchased by Malcolm Forbes new, and was sold from the Forbes collection. It has been maintained meticulously, even being taken back to Italy for a complete renovation at the Bimota factory. Only serious buyers please. I reserve the right to end the auction early since the Bimota is offered for sale locally.”

At the time of writing this, there has only been one bid placed for $10,200, with a BIN price of $25,000. Okay, so maybe buying a bike at this price isn’t for everyone. But with only 402 SB3s produced over roughly a three year period, that these probably won’t come up for sale too often. Mileage on this particular bike isn’t in the range of “super low”, but if this bike has been taken back to Italy to be serviced by Bimota and as meticulously maintained as described, then it should be relatively trouble free. There appears to be a small crack in part of the faring, and anyone serious about dropping the kind of coin this bike is listed for should be aware of it. This would make a fantastic addition to any serious collection of classic and/or Italian sport bikes.

Photo goodness

See the eBay auction .


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2011 posted by

1989 Suzuki RGV250 SP

I think this is a rare find, a new never started RGV250 from 1989.  These 250 2 strokes are nigh on race bikes for the road and to find one is such an untouched state is remarkable.  Personally I have always wanted to lay my hands on a KR1-S but a tidy little RGV would always do.

A few words from the seller:

New 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Kevin Schwantz Pepsi Edition. This bike is NEW never started or had gas in it. Mirrors have never been mounted, and will come with the bike. The optional Suzuki rear stand in the pictures will also come with the bike. Bike has all the manuals, tool kit and extra sticker kit. I don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY! Check out my other auctions for more race parts and bikes or check us out on the web. Payment must be received no later than 7 days of auction close. Payment must be a bank transfer or cash only. Bike is sold as is so ask questions before you bid.

The asking price of $15,000 certainly is higher than you would expect for an RGV250 but for one is this condition it is difficult to know.  The bike also has Kevin Schwantz’s signature which adds a certain something.  Personally I would not mind having this little beauty in my garage.  A bit of research shows that this bike has been on and off for sale for some time which makes you wonder if the seller is not overly keen to sell rather wants to hold out for the price.

For those who wonder what a 2 stroke like this sounds like, this YouTube clip should give you some idea.


Bimota May 27, 2011 posted by

Vintage Bimota: 1984 Bimota KB3

For Sale: 1984 Bimota KB3

After all of the comments on the Buell BattleTwin I last posted, I figured this time around I’d better find something equally rare and significant, but significantly more beautiful. Mission accomplished! Feast your eyes, RSBFS reader, on this gorgeous Bimota KB3.

Like the KB2 we posted here on RSBFS last month, the KB3 features a chrome-molly perimiter trellis frame wrapped around a stock Kawasaki powerplant. In the case of the KB3, power is delivered by a 1000cc engine, as opposed to the GPz 550 mill in the KB2. While overall size is up a bit, so is the power.

And unlike the Buell referenced earlier, this Bimota is draped – in typical Italian style – with drop-dead gorgeous bodywork meant to be both aerodynamic AND stylish. I doubt anyone would question whether or not they succeeded in those goals.

From the seller:
This 1984 1000cc Bimota KB3 has very low mileage and is in start-up, ready-to-ride condition. The bike, a rare example, is one of only 112 produced. Introduced in 83, the KZ 1000 J model engine is surrounded within a beautiful frame that is both strong and light. Many of its design features and materials are copied on today’s current sport bikes.

This KB3 has been maintained carefully on a regular basis. The details are stunning and the paint work and metal finish are exceptional.
See it running and being ridden recently this past week on a youtube posting.

The gas tank been properly rust proofed. The fuel valve is new. A new battery was installed prior to posting. The controls show very little wear from use.

What good is a picture of a beautiful Bimota if there is no sound? Here is a short video offered by the seller.

Keep in mind that these early Bimotas were kit bikes; Bimota supplied the frame, forks and fairing, and the buyer supplied a donor motorcycle from which was taken the electrics, switchgear, engine and trans. And while just over 100 of these kits were produced by Bimota, every bike is different depending upon the whims of the owners who put them together. This makes this a rare bike, and a one of a kind motorcycle all at the same time!

This auction is going on now, and bidding has been moderate. The current bid is just over $12,000, with the reserve still in place. The KB3 is a very desireable, and ultimately collectable bike. Engine parts are very easy to find – thanks to the Kawasaki KZ heritage – making this a collector that can be ridden without total fear of damage.

The current price is WAY under the book value for this bike, and I would expect this to hit an easy $20k before the reserve comes off. For more info, more pictures and to get in on the bidding, . Good luck, and tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!


Ducati May 27, 2011 posted by

1984 Ducati TT1 for sale in Michigan!

To classify a motorcycle’s importance in history requires different things for different people. For Ducatisti seeking a comprehensive collection of Ducati’s most important machines, the collection would be incomplete without the TT1. Successful in its own right here in the states with several race wins, Ducati’s 1984 TT1 is noted as the bike that spawned the company’s all-conquering superbikes.

While the TT1’s Pantah origins leave something to be desired, it was the pinnacle of that motor’s development, and this example is one of the cleanest around. To see one of these come up for sale to the public is rare, but to have one with racing history is even more special.

In 2007, renowned Ducati collector Louis Saif of New York had this to say about Ducati’s TT1, “TT1s never come up for sale, but if you consider that a TT2–one of 60 or more built–recently sold for $36,000, which I thought was a surprisingly good deal, a re-stored TT1 could go from $60,000 and up.”

So here we have it, a beautifully restored TT1, from the collection of none other than Louis Saif, with racing history. At the time of this writing, less than nine days remain on the auction, and after 13 bids, the price topped the $20,000 mark. The reserve is still intact, but with so much interest this early, I believe we’ll see the final price climb considerably higher.

From the seller:

Up for auction is a 1984 Ducati TT1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This one was raced by Jimmy Adamo and completely restored to TT1 specifications by Lou Saif !!
The condition is fantastic. When it came into the collection it was serviced and running. It has been in storage mode since in a heated building with the fuel drained, and oil in the cylinders and exhaust. The engine cases are new and genuine TT1 on this bike but it does come with the original sand cast engine cases. It has a genuine new TT1 pipe. It has NCR Heads, Mag Forks, Magnesium slides in the carbs, Correct electrical, Correct frame, Original TT1 handlebars. The inside of the motor is even correct for TT1. This bike was restored beautifully and very correctly.

** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures and extra pictures **

In recent months, we’ve seen some very rare Ducatis in excellent condition come up for sale, including a 1996 955SP – one of Fast by Ferraci’s homologation bikes for the 1996 AMA season, a 1996 916 WSBK racer, and the #34 Supermono from 1994. Although the 955SP sold for a relative bargain compared to the values or the other two, the TT1 illustrated here should bring a substantial amount of money, proving that if you’re going to invest in something, put the money into something you love. This immaculately restored TT1 will always have an important place in Ducati’s racing history, as well as in the heart of its next owner. If that’s you, .


{note: This is John’s first post as another new contributor on RSBFS. Please show him a warm welcome and say hi! -dc}

Kawasaki May 26, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R For Sale with 9,697 miles in SoCal

Location: Murrieta, CA
Mileage: 9,697
Price: $6,500

Up for grabs here, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest looking Kawi’s of all time. As we all know by now, the K1 ZX-7R came factory equipped with features such as an aluminum gas tank, close-ratio 6-speed gear box, and flatside carbs. Not to mention, all the homologated goodness you could ever want on a bike.

The seller states this has been in storage for a “number” of years and the “usual” scratches for a bike this age. Prospective buyers take note of this and make sure to get some detailed photos and descriptions of the bikes current condition. Seller noted in conversation that the bike is not running very well at the moment but is having a mechanic go through it. Important information before making a long trip to score this classic.

The exhaust is a Yoshimura slip-on, confirmed by the seller. The seller even states that a factory service manual and implies the phone number to contact Rob Muzzy is included… our skepticism remains on the ladder. Price also seems a bit high for its mileage, so keep that in mind when making an offer.

From the seller:

Who says you can’t go back? This is a rare find and the real deal with the aluminum gas tank, original paint, solo seat, close ratio 6 speed and flatside carbs. This model was the platform for the AMA Superbike Championship (which it won) and was a true racebike for the street. This bike was in storage for a number of years and is all there to ride to bike night or to make it perfect. It has some of the usual scratchs for a 20 year old bike but is in great condition considering it’s age. Ride it anywhere and not see another one. A true classic and if you have ever wanted one of these like I did, don’t pass this one up. A factory service manual and Muzzys phone # will also be included with the purchase. This was the bike that at the hands of Scott Russell and Doug Chandler took on the RC30’s and GSXRR”S… 9,697 miles.

Make the jump here!


{Note: This is Rem’s first post as a new contributor on RSBFS. Please drop a comment a say hi! -dc}

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