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Sport Bikes For Sale March 31, 2011 posted by

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with California title!

For Sale: 1987 Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with CA title

Predecessor to the RGV series of two-stroke v-twins, the original Suzuki quarter-liter "racebike with lights" was a parallel twin known as the RG. Introduced in 1983 and manufactured through 1987, the RG250 was very advanced for its day. The Gamma series was one of the first - if not THE first - mass produced sportbike with an aluminum frame. This RG model also sported a single shock "Full Floater" rear suspention, slippery aero bodywork, modern 4-piston brake calipers and an anti-dive fork.

This particular bike appears to be a MK III machine, including a power-boosting Automatic Exhaust Control (AEC) system. Unlike Yamaha's YPVS system which altered the height of the exhast port, Suzuki's AEC utilized a butterfly valve in the head to alter the capacity of the exhaust - thereby widening the powerband and increasing total power to approximately 50 bhp. Bolted into a sharp-handling chassis and weighing in at approximately 285 lbs, the Gamma offered racetrack performance.

From the seller:
1987 Suzuki RG 250. Looks good, strong runner. Has Avon Super Venom Tires near new tread depth. Has been run up Palomar Mountain, a worthy 7 mile steep climb from 2,200 to 5,500 feet altitude, with 230 Lb rider.

Milage shown on speedo is in Kilometers, converted to Mph in info area. Original paint except for upper fairing and front fender. Red Suzuki decal has some scratches but reproduction ones may be available on the net. Reg Expired 2007, but is on PNO , so no penalties.

Larger pictures can be e-mailed, direct if closer look for blemishes is desired. Bike always stored indoors , and run every couple of months to keep healthy. Have very large bike collection being thinned down to make more space.

This particular seller is a well known collector. His stable is said to include more than 300 bikes, and thus the "thinning the herd" comment is probably true. We don't see a lot of RG250 Gammas run through RSBFS, which speaks to their relative rarity. Considering this one has a valid California title (nearly impossible to obtain and a definitive price booster for CA buyers) and appears to be in reasonable condition, I would estimate that it will fetch fair market money.

So what is "fair market money" for one of these? Generally, a RG250 will run from $2,500 - $5,500 depending upon condition and model. The Walter Wolf editions tend to bring just a bit more - but not always; auctions can be fickle beasts. The reserve is apparently set just below $4k, which is about what this bike will likely sell for.

For all the pictures, details and more, . Tell 'em RSBFS sent you!


Honda March 30, 2011 posted by

Never Say Never: Honda NSR250SP Terra Racing (MC18 RK6)

Never Say Never:  Honda NSR250SP  Terra Racing (MC18 RK6)

I really never expected to see one of  these for sale.  As the title says though, "Never say never!".  The above brochure is what many a young Japanese male lusted after in the late 80's:  a Honda NSR250SP Terra Racing replica.  The race replica craze was in full swing and most of the Japanese manufactures were glad to oblige.

Prospec baby!  I always get a kick out of the English bits mingled in with the Japanese.

And here is the bike in question.  It has made its' way from Japan to the UK and is .  No bidding on this one, if you like the price it is yours.  That price in US dollars is roughly $8,600.  Steep but you might have the only one in the country.

I found a great blog entry ( that gives a great explainer on what makes the  Terra Racing replicas special:

The R6K models were the first true SP's. They sported the similar gold Magtek magnesium wheels as before, but now with the benchmark 150/60 series tyre, first seen on the R5K. This new SP also had adjustable suspension front and rear; spring preload and rebound dampening on the front, and spring preload, rebound, and compression dampening on the rear, and an all new dry clutch based on the RS250 race bikes. Released to compete with Yamaha's new TZR250 Reverse Cylinder, Suzuki's first RGV250, and Kawasaki's KR1, it was (and still is) an extremely competent road and race bike capable of in excess of 70hp in full race trim! All R6K SP's were only produced in white and silver Terra Racing colours.


This might be the best picture:  it looks pretty darn clean and better yet, corrosion hasn't begun.  If you've owned a bike from Japan where that salty air has gotten the better of it you know why I pointed out the lack of corrosion.  By the way, it only has 8,000 miles on it and it looks completely stock.  Pissed you don't live in the UK yet?

 Now that will finish off a nice Honda collection.

It's from a little earlier (1987) but will still take you back. All Japan Series action:


Note: The great brochure images in this post are generously made available by Jamie's NSR Homepage. Thank you Jamie!

Moto Guzzi March 30, 2011 posted by

More Italian Hardware: 2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Coppa Italia

More Italian Hardware:  2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Coppa Italia

The Bimota's have slowed down but the limited Moto Guzzi's keep coming.  There were under 50 V11 Coppa Italia's imported here and this will be second one we've posted in just a couple of months.  Like the last one, this one looks like a keeper.

Here's the story on her:

This special motorcycle is a limited edition, of which only 47 were imported into the U.S.  Very collectible and desirable motorcycle, with all the special performance and appearance features that a fine Itialian motorcycle should have.  The bike is sporty yet comfortable.  Light but solid.  Shaft drive, of course.  Comes complete with Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, adjustable steering damper, carbon fiber front fender and starter cover, passenger seat cowl cover, factory race exhaust and ECU, further tuned and dynoed (chart provided)  by Redline Motorsports with added Power Commander.  Roper Sloppage Sheet. The seat was upgraded for comfort by custom seat builder

Rich Maund. No damage or cosmetic flaws.  No known mechanical defects. Owner's Manual, all service records, and complete service manual on CD are included.  Fully serviced most recently  at 4300 miles.



There really isn't anything to pick on even if I tried.  This is the type of bike you just have to pull the trigger on if you've been waiting for one.  RSBFS has listed two but who knows when the next one will come up for sale.


What would you pay for it?  The last one sold for $8,100 and was very similar in miles and condition.  As of this writing the auction had just started and I'm sure it wasn't even close to the reserve price.  $8,100 seems very reasonable for a unique bike with a some nice curb appeal.

Anyone else looking forward to the Moto Guzzi's in the pipeline?  Might be an interesting year or so Guzzists.  Lets just hope those prototypes were more than just eye candy.  .


Aprilia March 29, 2011 posted by

1995 Aprilia RS250- who needs valves?

1995 Aprilia RS250 For Sale with a title!

Location: Chicago, IL
Mileage: 12,342
Price: $4,500.00 with reserve in place

Spring time in Chicago is before us and this could be the first one of the spring rush? Well, if you're in the market lets hope so..

Looking good in the neighborhood eh? My buddy Larry and I think you'll need between $7-8,000 to put this one in your garage. By looking at the bidding I'd say this one will reach that and sell. It looks great and has decent mileage for the age.

There's no mention of history for the bike, but a phone call to the owner (he supplies his number), a few pictures and maybe a request for a video should squash any concerns.

The RS I had sported the same set of Arrow pipes as this one and I loved the sound. A little loud for city riding, but superb for some 'on the pipe' back roads riding.

This is NOT A CONVERTED CUP BIKE. It is a UK import with a 17 digit VIN and it is titled in Illinois. All the street equipment is present and operational. No bodging, sawing or converting performed.
New Michelin Pilot Power tires (perhaps 40 miles). When I got the bike the calipers were sticking so I replaced the calipers, disks and added stainless brake lines (all brand new). It has spools fitted on the swing arm for ease of service. Battery tender pigtail is installed.
Bike has Arrows exhaust fitted with AF1 air filter and the appropriate jetting. It runs great and handles fantastically. For a 250cc, it is crazy quick.
Paint is in great shape and people find it hard to believe that it is a 15 year old bike but it has been ridden very little and is stored in a heated garage and never sees rain.

17 digit VIN should make things a lot less stressful when heading to the DMV. Looks like this one is ready to go with new tires, brakes and braided lines as well.

I personally think these early model RS250's still look modern and as I've recently learned there's nothing like a 2 stroker. The smell of spent 2t mixed with high octane fuel is mesmerizing....well, as long as you're not riding behind it 🙂

If are looking to break into the quarter size market and valves don't appeal to you



Reader Rides For Sale March 28, 2011 posted by

1999 Suzuki TL1000R For Sale in Ottawa

Here's our second TL100R for sale this month. It's a reader ride from Ottawa, Canada and it looks and sounds like a really fine example.

1999 Suzuki TL100R For Sale on Kijiji

Price: $5300 CAD
Miles: ~11k miles

quote from the seller's listing:

Looking for a showroom condition TL-R? Here's your bike.

For those not familiar with the model, here is a little history: The TL1000R was designed to compete in the World and American Superbike Championships, although it achieved only one race win before Suzuki pulled the plug on the TL racing program, in favor of the lighter GSX-R 750 as its Superbike entry. The TL-R took aim at Ducati 916 both in the Superbike Championship and in consumer sales. The TL-R has special components including forged pistons, stronger connecting rods, and a much stiffer frame than its older TL1000S sister. The engine tweaks given to the TL-R made it known for its very good top-end horsepower, (as compared to most V-twins that make better bottom end power).

This bike is almost entirely stock and is in exceptional condition. The only modifications are the Jardine slip-on exhaust cans and a Zero Gravity double-bubble tinted windscreen. I have the original exhaust cans in mint shape as well as the stock windshield. I also have the pillion seat for the bike.

The bike wears no scrapes, chips, sandblasting and could pass for new. It runs perfectly and will be sold safetied. New Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires were installed front and rear less than 1000kms ago and the oil was changed before winter storage. The bike is turn-key and go. A rear swingarm stand and bike cover will be supplied to the new owner.

And here's a video included of his bike. I love the bark of this thing with the Jardine pipes!

Good luck with the sale David!


Reader Rides For Sale March 27, 2011 posted by

1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L For Sale in Phoenix

The last time Mike contacted us, he was listing his GSX-R 1100 that looked flat gorgeous. This time, he's got another survivor for us in the shape of 1990 GSX-R 750. While this one has covered nearly 21k miles, you can tell it's been well taken care of in that time.

quote from seller's listing:

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale. We picked this bike up off of a friend who was going over seas and needed some quick cash, so I will list as much information about it as possible. It had come from California as he had owned it for the last few years and was taken care of. We also checked the Vin with our local Suzuki rep and it cam up that it is a 49 state model. We have only had the bike for the last month, and I have put about 1k on it in a few trips up North. Runs well and really needs nothing. I will list below what the previous owner stated he had gotten done before he left and what we can visually confirm. The bike is actually really stunning as you do not see too many Suzuki's in this color combo.

Low Mileage for the year, and well taken care of. Bike has 20,956 miles, and has newer tires with less than 500mi on them. Tires are Pirelli Diablos with a 180 rear. Forks seals were recently done, and carburetors run good for our altitude here. So no cleaning is needed. Bike is being ridden every few days. Chain and sprockets were done within the last 4000mi. Front brake rotors were upgraded to the drilled ones from later years, and we do have the originals. Frame and Swing-arm look to have been polished at one point and has some real luster to it! Looks good. Bike does have a Vance&Hines SS2r slip-on, but as far as we know all the internal carburetor parts are still stock. Rear turn signals have been relocated to under the tail section but have not been drilled into the plastic! Plug in's for the front turn signals are still in the front but we do not have anything hooked up as we do not like drilling into factory plastic. We did get the passenger equipment with the bike, but it is not installed. Bike is factory Red/White/Black and has some real good shine to it. Bike does not have the rear seat as we did not get that, and it does have a Suzuki cowl on it. Bike does have a few nicks here and their, and I will post pics to show what I can find. The only real thing is that the left mirror housing is discolored and a little bit of the mirror at the bottom is discolored. I also noticed that some paint has lifted and was touched up right were the tank vent is. I will post a pick and we did not do the touch up! Fender has a few marks at the very front shown in pic. I just want to point out what I have noticed, as we have not done anything to the bike ourselves.

and had this to say about the final year of this body style:

The GSX-R750L was possibly the best of the oil-cooled models. Big changes included inverted forks and, importantly, a return to the long-stroke motor (the short-stroke wasn't so good in race-trim but was OK for the road). Other modifications included a 4-1 exhaust, steering damper, 38 mm carbs (up 2 mm on the standard K yet 2 mm smaller than the RK), smaller valves, new conrods, lighter pistons, large capacity oil pump, larger curved oil cooler and the rear rim became the 'standard' 17" x 5.5" item. Power was up to 115 hp at 11,000 rpm while weight was down to 193 kg.

Drawing on the invaluable experiences gained racing, the 1990 model received many of the features of the race version GSX-R750R at an affordable price. The same long-stroke engine (70 x 48.7mm) of the 'Double R' became standard, with new pistons to match the new combustion chamber design in the cylinder head and strengthened connecting rods. New 38mm Slingshot carburetor, Curved-core Radial Flow oil cooler and stainless steel 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust per set were adopted. Both 41mm inverted tube front fork and remote reservoir rear shock became fully adjustable. Rear wheel rim was widened and equipped with Michelin radial tyres.

The bike sounds like a really honest example. While not totally stock, most modifications are period correct anyway. And with a buy-it-now of only $3500, I'd say this is a damn good price for a modern-classic rider that's ready to go.

Good luck with the sale Mike!



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