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Sport Bikes For Sale February 12, 2011 posted by

W$$ Aspirations? 2009 Factory Triumph 675

W$$ Aspirations?  2009 Factory Triumph 675

Here is the cure, if you have the itch to test the waters of WSS racing.  I’m assuming that would apply to almost no RSBFS readers (we can dream though) but I’m sure there might be a race bike collector or two that might be interested.  This little 675 isn’t cheap though.  The starting bid is $150,000 and the BIN price is $200,000.  Yikes, is that what it costs to run mid pack in WSS ?  Now time for me to get on my soap box.  I don’t know if that price is reasonable for a WSS race bike or not.  What I do know is that for a bike of that price you have to advertise the darn thing correctly. 

There is this from the auction:


What?  This isn’t the Holy Grail.  This isn’t even a championship winning bike.  It is a very nice race bike that I’m sure a lot of people would love to own. For that asking price show us some darn pictures of what she’s got.  I was expecting some serious race bike porn when I came across this auction!  In the sellers defense there is a lot of text info on what has been done to the bike.  It’s a  lengthy text so you’ll have to check out the auction for all the details. 

Ian is here to hook you up though.  I found some BE1 Racing test footage from 08.  Not exactly the same bike but should be pretty close.

And here is a link to a Flickr account with a bunch of photos of the team and bike.

Now wrapped up in this whole auction is something about a charity event and the bike being donated for the event.  My weary brain can’t quite figure out what exactly is up.  If you can figure it out feel free to post in the comments.  .


Ducati February 12, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati 998 B Boz edition for sale!

2002 2002 Ducati 998

Location: Ellington,CT
Mileage: 4292
Price: $7,414.00 current bid with no reserve!

Yes sir-ee Bob! No reserve on the coolest LE Ducati ever made. How about that for your Saturday morning alert from your buds at Okay, so maybe it’s not the coolest LE from Bologna for some, but for me it ROCKS!

It would have been nice if Ducati could have made it a little closer to the L&M factory racer, but as it sits it’s a cool looking machine. We’ve beat the facts on these too death on, but for those that aren’t familiar with the Bostroms some of the highlights include:

– Ohilns front and rear
– B Boz signature on the tank
– More carbon fiber than Phil’s shop in China
– Kewl Evel Knievelesque graphics


Just for the fun of it I’ve included my favorite shot of Ben while giving his NCR Ducati the proverbial “Hell”. I think Ben did his best work while riding for the NCR team. I’ve also considered having a custom suit made to look like this one….

WIN or FAIL?? Either way, you can and get in on the action.



Ducati February 11, 2011 posted by

Black Gold: 1980 Ducati Supersport 900SS Bevel Drive

For Sale: 1980 Ducati 900 SuperSport Bevel Drive

This is a classic motorcycle in a very classic color scheme. Evolving from the 750SS bevel drive racers of the early 1970’s, this 900cc beauty was the last of its kind before the entire Ducati line-up moved over to belt-driven camshafts.

A clear cover shows the inner workings of the bevel drive, as motion is turned 90 degrees to drive the camshaft in the head.

From the seller:
1980 900SS Bevel Drive. This bike has 5653 original miles and is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. I purchased this bike from a collector who had 180 motorcycles ( this is important related to keys ), in 2005. He lived in Norther NJ and had owned the bike since 1990 or approx 15 years. In that 15 years he had never run it but it sat in his home as one of his favorite bikes ( he had 12 bikes in his house ). He had purchased the bike in its current condition and was told by the collector he purchased it from that the bike had never been restored and that he was the original owner of the bike. So coming from two extremely wealthy individual collectors (who have 300+ bikes between them) I have no reason to doubt any of the information given to me. There are a few little scratches and a few small spots of rust/corrosion that you would expect from a bike of this age the inside of the fuel tank is perfect and looks brand new. The motor is almost completely dry and i have included a photo of my shop floor where this bike has sat for 4 months and as you can see there is not a drop of oil on the floor and no there was nothing under the bike catching oil, i have included photos of the engine. I only dusted off the bike for the photos, no cleaning at all.

I had sold the bike to a friend who owned a Ducati Dealership in CT where the bike sat for 2 years until he needed to sell it, so I purchased it back from him for more than I had sold it for. I never rode or started the bike prior to selling it, and he never rode it or started it either so basically it had been stored and not run since 1990.

Upon repurchasing the bike I put fuel in it, changed the oil, put new spark plug in it, checked the carbs and it started on the 4th kick. This bike starts easily on the 2nd or 3rd kick every time and idles like a purring kitten. Now to the keys.

When I bought the bike the owner had 2 drawers in his kitchen. One full of keys and one full of titles. After giving me the title to the bike ( the bike is still on his NJ title, I never had it titled ) he then went to the other drawer to get keys. He handed me a set, I loaded the bike into the truck and off I went. The keys are not the correct keys. They do fit the ignition but do not turn the tumbler. He owned 8 other Bevel drives and assured me he had given me the correct keys, well I really did not care too much so I never pushed the issue. Since the bike had a small crack in the dashboard ( which is still available for about $300) i figured i would just wire in a toggle switch for the ignition and if i ever wanted to fix the cracked dash I would then get a key cut for the tumbler.

This bike comes with 40MM Delorto Racing carbs, Gear Gazer Bevel Gear Cover ( I might still have the original), Conti pipes and believe it or not the ORIGINAL Ducati owners manual for the bike. The only stock parts missing from the bike that I know of are the blinkers. They were very large and stuck out far due to DOT regulations so most owners removed them for aesthetic reasons. They are still available and are not that expensive to replace.

The bike was imported by Berliner Motor Corp in 1980 and was manufactured 8/79 as a 1980 model. The Frame number is 089156 which you should be able to make out in the photo of the Headstock. Engine number is 08689 DM860.

These bikes are quickly gaining value among collectors and are just not around for sale very often. I have been watching the bikes on eBay and will price this bike fairly. The Auction start price will be the minimum I will accept for the bike, this is a no reserve auction so bid if you want to buy it and bid high if you don’t want to lose it. This is a VERY clean bike.

This is the oldest Ducati I own ( I have 14 Ducati’s ) and I am not going to ride it so it needs to move on to a new home where it will be ridden ( hopefully ) and appreciated, that is the only reason it is for sale.

Fork seals are not leaking and dust caps are not cracked, tires are not cracked and have good tread and hold air. Known Flaws are small crack on dash next to tach ( 1.5 inch ), some tiny “bubbles in the chrome at the horizontal head pipe, surface rust on cast iron brake rotors, small bits of rust corrosion on some fasteners and misc parts. This bike is a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. If you want any specific parts photographed and emailed please contact me with requests at I have photographed the bike to the best of my ability showing as many different parts of the bike that I can so you can get a feel of the overall condition. This bike is 31 years old and has extremely minor flaws considering its age. I am not trying to hide anything and have disclosed everything I possibly know about the bike.

The real Ducati collectors seem to prefer the 70’s bevel SS bikes over the later models, the 750cc over the 900cc, spoked wheels versus cast mags, and green instead of gold. Still, there is no doubt that this is a stunning motorcycle in terrific condition. Other 900SS bikes posted on RSBFS (like this one) have sold in the lower $20k range. This beauty is available now, with the open bid set at $20,500. If it sells for that, it would be a good deal – but it is likely to climb a little higher. The seller has set the BIN price at $24k, which may be a tad high, but right in line with the condition of the bike.

To see more pictures (and there are lots) or to bid on this beauty, click on the link and . Tell ’em RSBFS sent ya!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 11, 2011 posted by

North of the border: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

At first glance, this bike appears to be a very clean early 80’s Suzuki Katana, similar to what we saw in the US. Upon closer inspection, however, some things are very different. 750cc? U.S. Katanas of this body style were only 1000cc. And what is going on with that front headlight??

This, avid RSBFS readers, is a rare (non-existent in the US) 750 Katana with a pop-up headlight. As you can see in the picture above, the headlight retracts into the fairing, giving this Katana an eerie, hawk-like appearance. Other key details in this picture include the fact that the motorcycle is allowed in the house – a key to preserving a bike of this vintage during winter weather!

From the seller:
Rare Canadian version 1986 GSX750S pop up headlight, K & N Dyno carb kit, Iridium plugs with dual Accel super coils and 9mm Accel wires, Emco cone filters, Supertrapp 4:1 stainless steel header, new hydraulic clutch seal and Kevlar plates.Bike comes with stock exhaust and owners manual.Bike is in Vancouver,Canada and I can help getting it to a shippers dock or deliver it to Blaine, Washington for a small fee.Shipping is not included.Bike is sold as is.Please email if you have any questions or need pictures.This model was only available in Japan,Europe,Australia and Canada.Really stands out of the crowd.You can check online to see specs of this model Suzuki.A lot of the mechanical parts are comparable to the regular 86 suzuki gs750 and the GSXR models. This bike is 25 years old has signs of regular use.It has never been layed down.It comes with a clear title.

For all the people that asked about shipping to the United States.You have to check with U.S Customs about duty.They will give you all the information.Also for those that inquired about shipping companies.I have had friends that used U-Ship and they have had good luck.I can bring the bike across the border to Blaine,Washington for a small fee, but the paper work must be in order to do so.

To answer the question about what is a pop up? This was a nick name given to these bikes because the front head light pops up like those from a 80’s corvette or the 80’s firebird’s and trans am’s

These earlier Katanas definitely had a style all their own. And this particular bike is even more unique, given that none were imported into the States. If you like to roll your own way, and would prefer to never see someone else on the same bike at a gathering or ride, this just might be your opportunity. Besides, this model is already housebroken!

To check out all of the details on this wonderful, gray-market bike, click the link and . Good Luck with the bidding and importing!


Quick Spot February 10, 2011 posted by

2004 Suzuki GSX-600F Katana With Less Than 200 Miles

This seven year old Katana has seen less than 200 miles!

Bike:  2004 Suzuki GSX-600F Katana

Miles:  <200mi

Price:  $5,000 USD

Location:  Vancouver, Washington

Now, this isn’t a very collectible bike (To mainstream collectors…) but it has been hardly used in the last seven years.  The seller states that this bike has been in storage for years, features some after-market parts such as a Yoshimura exhaust system, and that offers will be considered.  The last bit of that sentence is the most important, the asking price of $5,000 makes this Katana the most likely candidate for the “Most expensive 2004 Katana in the U.S.” competition.  KBB retail (For what it’s worth) for this bike is $3,015.  Granted, KBB doesn’t really apply to the majority–any–of the bike featured on this site, including this one, but a $2k premium is all the money for a bike with less than 200 miles.  This bike probably isn’t the only forgotten Katana with low miles, so keep that in mind if you’re interested.  The bike does have some after-market parts and stickers–for some reason–which doesn’t inflate the value at all, but if your significant other wants a bike and you know that they probably won’t ride it anyway, this bike might be perfect for you if you can get it for a good price.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Bimota February 10, 2011 posted by

Italian Dream: 1994 Bimota Bimota db2

For Sale: 1994 Bimota Bimota db2

The offspring of two Italian Supermodels, the DB2 (Ducati – Bimota, 2nd model in the series) offered the power of the torquey Ducati 900SS, in a compact and beautiful handcrafted frame. Whereas the earlier DB1 was a stunning styling excercise, its 750cc mill and tiny size left something to be desired on the performance side. Enter the DB2, which gave up some of the syle of the DB1, but unleashed greater performance on the rare few who could afford such a machine.

Before the Ducati 916 made high, under-seat exhaust pipes fashionable, Bimota was already there. This bike sports aftermarket carbon canisters.

From the seller:
One of 35 tricolore Bimota db-2 in existence, all imported in 1994, and pictured on p.189 of Sarti’s Bimota 25 Years of Excellence. Powered by a 904cc air-cooled Ducati engine, weighs a mere 375 pounds. Some details can be seen at and and .

Dripping with carbon (salvaged from the prior db-2, which I dumped): cambelt covers, sprocket cover, vented clutch cover; also has: carbon pipes, CRG’s Hindsight billet bar-end mirrors, billet oil filler cap & Euro switch (both also scrounged from the old bike), little flush Lockhart turn signals (fake carbon), evoluzione cyclesports’ regulator (with charger); Yoyodyne clutch slave; 916 SPS brake & clutch levers (and remotes), ss brake & clutch lines, Euro fairing w/parking light. Most (if not all) original parts will be included.

Except for Dynojet kit & opened airbox, Termi carbon pipes, it is stock as a stone. (Except for a shortened sidestand (by previous owner) and tiny length of clear plastic tubing to cover the shift lever, to prevent scarring shoes (when I’m dumb enough to ride wearing shoes instead of boots). Lovely bike, goes where you look, stops on a dime and gives you 7 cents change, feel like a toy compared to my older Ducati Darmah.

This is the second one I’ve owned. I totalled the first, which I rode home over 350 miles without needing a chiropractor, and put 3,000 miles on it in less that 7 months, even collected a speeding ticket in a Wisconsin February. I liked it so much I bought this one after a longish search. I am the second owner, the first being the selling dealer who repainted it after tipping it over in a parking lot (hence the shortened sidestand, so it leans over a bit more when parked). I didn’t like the job, so I had it re-done, with some gold flecks in the green.

It comes with similar quarter (after-market, Italian, no print-through on the ‘glass) fairing, yet unpainted.

Why is it for sale? I am 70, and have aged out of bikes with this riding position (similar to a 748/916 Ducati’s). I’m keeping my elderly Ducati, which I can ride in greater comfort.

If you think you have seen this bike before, you are correct. RSBFS has chronicled a few DB2s in the past year, and this particular bike was listed on Craigslist last year. Back then, it had an asking price of $12k. Now the bike is available on eBay with the current bid in the $2,000 range with reserve not yet met. There is also a BIN on the bike for $11k, which is fair money for the machine, but no bargain.

To join the auction fray, check out the pictures or just drool, click on the link and . Good Luck!


Cafe Racer February 10, 2011 posted by

1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

For Sale: 1978 Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans

Funny how times change. When this bike was released in 1978, it was considered a heavyweight, large displacement, fast sportbike; a race replica. Fast forward some 30+ years, and what we have here is an interesting vestige of European thinking. In fact, this bike has been around long enough to where the Cafe Racer craze has come back to being cool!

The great thing about the Cafe Racer craze making a comeback is that this bike IS very cool. With the distinctive Guzzi v-twin look, decent power from 850cc, a decidedly sporty riding position and great paint, this bike really looks the business. It is no wonder that the value of these bikes are rising at auctions everywhere.

From the seller:
For sale is my 78′ 850 Lemans. I bought it off the 2nd owner in Glendale California. He owned it since 81 and purchased it from the original owner, also in Glendale. It was purchased at Pro Italia in Glendale and serviced there for 31 years. I’ve owned it since November of 09 and had it serviced by my friends at Moto Guzzi Classics in Long Beach. I have to get rid of a couple of my toys to buy an Alfa Romeo. I did the following on 10.9.09 with 32,101 miles; – Changed engine oil and filter
– Changed gear box oil
– Rear drive service including oil
– New plugs and valve adjustment
– New brake pads
– New fork seals, dampers and fork oil
– New Conti Go tires

I also changed the oil on 8.3.10 at 34,005 miles and added a new Odyssey dry cell battery. This bike runs and brakes like it should – Sean at MG Classics said I found a strong runner. This bike has no mechanical issues that I am aware of. Cosmetically, it looks great as you can see by the photos but; please do not bid on this bike if you are expecting a show bike/concours bike. This bike looks amazing from 10ft, excellent from 5ft but upon very close inspection, it shows scratches and wear on the frame. It also has some but not all fasteners (now 33 years old) that show light rust or corrosion. The header pipe clamps have light rust too. The four areas of the bike that could be cleaned up a bit; 1. Front fender has light surface scratches (a bone headed move on my part, losing my grip on a wooden box from above and it grazed the fender), please see photo. 2. Some light paint missing from battery acid leak (right side of frame when the frame tubes form a “Y”near swing arm pivot). 3. Horn button missing (but horn works). 4. Scratches on exhaust on left under side pipe near center stand (from my boot buckle). The red paint still looks incredible, especially the tank, side panels, fenders. The fairing looks good but some of the day glo orange has sun fading. Original seat included and in amazing shape. Replacement Stucchi seat looks and feels even better. 3 out of 4 turn signals and manuals included. Marzzochi shocks original manual actually shows how to rebuild them – cool. To my knowledge, this bike hasn’t been restored. It really looks amazing.

While the seller clearly states that this is not a new bike, the pictures speak for themselves. This is undoubtedly a clean and well-cared for example of a rare species. Similar LeMans models that have recently been posted on RSBFS all sold north of the $8k mark. This bike is currently in the $5k range (with reserve not met), but should certainly go up above previous bikes. Should this bike fail to ignite a bidding war, you might find yourself with a well-priced, well-loved LeMans. The only way to find out is to click the link and . Good Luck!


Ducati February 9, 2011 posted by

Get ready for summer – 1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212

1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212 with 5820 miles!

i bought this Ducati from a ducati nut in cambridge, MA in 2003.  I have kept the bike in my heated garage and it is in unbelievable original unmolested condition.  It has fancy carbon ferraci exhausts(the originals are included also).  Also included is a new right side fairing that i never put on(the bike fell over and put a scratch in the fairing…you can hardly see the scratch so i never put the spare on…the prev owner literally bought a new fairing from the dealer since he wanted his bike perfect)

It’s been a long, hard winter and I bet most of you are looking forward to riding again in some warm weather.  Well, what better way to kick start the new riding season with one of these older, classier Ducatis?  Sure, it’s a bit down on power @ 84 hp from the air-cooled 2V engine, but the way it delivers the power makes it a real fun ride – none of that silly traction control or power modes required!  You can crank it over and crack open the throttle without having to worry too much about it throwing you off.  And the 900SS FE’s are only made in limited numbers as well (this one being #212 of 300), so that makes them just a bit more special as well.

And maybe it’s just me, but I find the older Ducs more pleasing to look at.  The Tamburini designed 916 was iconic; Terblanche’s 999/749, while controversial, is starting to grow on me (the 2004 749R previously listed on RSBFS helped); but the 1098/1198, even though an excellent performing bike, seems to lack some of that unique Ducati-ism of old – if I saw it in my mirrors, I could’ve easily mistaken it for an R1 or CBR or ZXR or some GSXRCBZX thingee. And don’t even get me started on the Diavel monstrosity…

So, if you’re an old fogie like me looking to re-capture some of that Ducati charm of old, . Just for reference, here are the 900SS FEs that we have listed in the past, and here’s my own 900SS FE (#299) up for sale.


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