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Reader Rides For Sale February 22, 2011 posted by

2007 Yamaha R6 with Factory Fiat fairing kit

2007 Yamaha R6 with Factory Fiat fairing kit

Location: Visalia, CA
Mileage: 1,700
Price: $3,550 current bid with reserve in place.

I know what you’re thinking- “Doug’s lost his mind placing a run of mill R6 on!” Ahhh, but there is a catch to this one.

How does a $3,500 Yamaha limited edition and numbered Moto GP Fiat fairing kit grab you? That’s right, only 220 were made and not for the faint of heart or light of wallet. Sure, you can buy the knock offs and fidget with misaligned holes and orange peel finish for less, but there’s no bragging rights from China.

near perfect condition has power commander with two brothers slip on, zero gravity windshield, digitron gear indicator, fender eliminator kit, and most important yamaha oem fiat kit numbered 106 of 220. 3500 dollars for this kit with tank thru the yamaha dealer. open to offers

-Power Commander
-Gear Indicator
-Two Bro Slip-On
-ZG Windscreen

Looks like it has the usual “must have” upgrades and it’s ready to rock-n-roll.

If you’re looking to stand out in a rather mundane “they all look the same” 600cc market this might be your ticket. Hell, maybe you’re just a Rossi or Lorenzo fan- either way this is one cool looking R6.

I hear Larry is a pretty good guy…. maybe, he’ll trade me for my 04 750…. I guess I’ll jump over to the auction get his phone number.

Good luck with the sale bro!



click here

Moto Guzzi February 21, 2011 posted by

Guzzi Exotica: 2006 Moto Guzzi MGS01 CORSA

Guzzi Exotica:  2006 Moto Guzzi MGS01 CORSA

If it looks this good standing still, it must be a sight to see and hear in motion.  Can anything really be bad with word “Corsa” in the title?  This is as exotic as they get straight from the Moto Guzzi factory to date.  Trying to find accurate info on the MGS-1 is confusing to say the least so Guzzi enthusiasts please correct me in the comments if need be.  It looks like the bike debuted in 2004.  I keep seeing production numbers of 50 bikes.  I do not know if that is a yearly total or an overall total.   I can’t even determine if any of the bikes were “officially” imported to North America.  It also looked like Moto Guzzi had plans for a street version that never materialized.

It might date from 2004 but it doesn’t look dated to me.   Slap some light and turn signals on it and I bet you’d sell a few.  I read several reviews of the bike and for the most part there was nothing but positive comments about it.  This review on MCNEWS.COM was one of the more interesting ones, plus it has some good pictures for those of us that loose interest quickly.  It  covers what technical enhancements were made to the bike that made it drool worthy.

Just a bit from the auction:


From the side it looks like such a wide bike but from this photo it looks pretty darn thin.

This particular MGS01 has an accent, it is located in New Zealand.  I’m sure that might scare off a few bidders but I’d assume a  Guzzi collector would jump at the chance to own one of these rare bikes.  The bidding is starting at $25,000.  It looks like they sold for close to $50,000 originally.  .  If that starting price sounds high, it is actually quite a drop from the starting bid price on the same a bike from a year ago.  Check out the post Jay did on the bike last year:  unless of course there are two MGS01’s in Christchurch with number four plastered on them.

They sound as good as they look.


Ducati February 20, 2011 posted by

Yet another 2010 Ducati 1198S Corse Edition (#75) for sale!

2010 Ducati 1198S Corse Edition – #75 – with 2100 miles for sale.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Does the word “rare” and “limited” mean anything anymore?  I though I found a gem with the first 1198s Corse Edition, and I thought it was pure luck that I found another one on ebay, but a 3rd 1198s Corse Edition all within a span of 2 weeks?!  You got to be kidding me:

For sale a limited edition 2010 Ducati 1198S, this one is number 75. Bike has 2100 miles. This special edition comes with Aluminum tank, traction control, carbon fiber front fender, forged wheels, Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Termignoni exhaust, rear stand, and special paint job. New Michelin Pilot Pure tires with only 10 miles. This bike is adult riden and maintained. Store in a heated and cooled shop. Bike is shown with aftermarket windscreen but I have the stock one with number plate and exhaust (never used) that go with the bike. The rear stand was also part of the Corse Edition. This bike is in show room condition.

The asking price of $19,500 is high compared to the ones posted earlier.  As someone commented before, the new 2011 1198SP – with a host of upgraded features and specs – retails for (only) $21,995.  If I were in the market for a 1198s Corse Edition, I’d be looking at around $15,000 or so.  But then again, I’m known for being a cheapskate.

If you’re interested in making an offer for this particular 1198S Corse Edition, click here to jump Omaha CL listing.


Ducati February 19, 2011 posted by

Today We Have 500 Facebook Fans! Check Out What You May Be Missing…

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for helping us pass 500 ‘likes’ today! If you’re not checking us out there, you’re missing out on dozens of bikes that we post there. In addition to our regular posts, we also put solid used bikes and projects on our Facebook page that don’t make it to the website.

Here are some recent entries from this month:

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Thanks again for everyone’s support!


Cafe Racer February 19, 2011 posted by

1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans

For Sale: 1976 Moto Guzzi Lemans 850

Given the positive responses to a few of the recent Guzzis posted here on RSBFS, I made an extra effort to another one. Never let it be said that we don’t respond to our readership! It would appear that my efforts have paid off with this beauty, a 1976 850 LeMans. Sure, it is reaching thirty-something status in life, but it is still a looker.

This example, powered by the ubiquitous air-cooled, two-valve Moto Guzzi 850cc v-twin, shows only minor alterations from stock. As the seller notes, this may be one of the earliest LeMans models imported into the country!

From the seller:
This is my Guzzi Lemans, which I have enjoyed for about 10 years. This is a very early Lemans, VIN# VE70505. I have not confirmed this but the bike may be the fifth Lemans imported into the USA.

Updates I have made along the way

All three calibers are updated Brembo’s with single 10mm bleader
Beautiful Delrin intake manifolds

Powder coated wheels, fork legs and rear caliper bracket
Progressive fork springs

Stainless brake lines
Freshened brake cylinders

Electronic ignition

I am the second owner the bike was purchased Portland Cycles Yamaha: Portland, Maine. The fairing and side covers still have original blue paint. Original carb bellmouths. I mostly ran K&N’s which come with the bike.

There are scratches on the front fender, a crack in the rear fender, and a small dent in the tank…please see pictures.

I want to adress a question before it comes up, the wheel color. This is my second Lemans, all Lemans’s I have seen have had silverish wheel color. To my surprise this bike had a cream color wheel, with the outer rim polished. I color matched the wheel and omitted the polished rim. Again I feel that this Lemans is not typical of later versions.

This is really a great looking bike, with a unique stance and presence all its own. Collectors seem to be snapping up these old relics, and pricing has certainly been on the rise. These old M-G machines might just be the blue chip investments of the sport bike world, and the resurgence of the cafe racer movement certainly does not hurt!

If you are ready to join the lumbering world of the big v-twin, or simply enjoy an experience that is decidedly different, then this might be the bike for you. Bidding is now in the $7500 range, with a reserve still in place. There are more pics and more info available – just click the link and


Ducati February 18, 2011 posted by

2005 Ducati 749R SuperBike for sale

2005 Ducati 749R

Location: San Francisco California
Mileage: 12,271
Price: $10,800 with no reserve in sight

Red-n-ready is what I see. What about you? I don’t think the 05 sported the carbon bodywork, but fear not my friends because that’s not where the ‘Go’ is. Ohlins and Brembo handle the braking up front while the little V-Twin that can, with 121 ponies handles the back end business.

I think I see a Ducati on the horizon for me and I know some of you guys will laugh, but it will be a 748 or 749. As a matter of fact while I’m specking it out I’ll order it up in matte black with a full set of Termi’s please.

The seller’s broker has done a tremendous job photographing the bike. There is also a lot of information listed on the auction, but you’ll have to make the jump to see it all. It was simply too broken up for me to import.



Track Bikes For Sale February 17, 2011 posted by

Collection Completer? Restored 1980 Yamaha TZ125G

Collection completer?  Restored 1980 Yamaha TZ125G

Did I say these were rare when I posted the 94 TZ125 the other day?  Well they are, I just look like a fool for finding two in a row.  They are separated by enough years that they are totally different kinds of bikes.  While the 94 was perfect for the track and this one might be nice enough to finish off a Yamaha collection.

Water cooled engine’s were pretty high tech back in 1980.  I’m always impressed with spotless two stroke engines.  They are fun but they aren’t the cleanest things.

What you want to know:

You are looking at one used 1980 Yamaha TZ125G road race bike. Water-cooled, 125cc single cylinder two stroke engine with Mikuni 38mm carb, that is very similar to the YZ125 engine. S/N on frame and engine match: 3V3-000411. This bike was raced in the northeast for 3 years and then stored as the owner moved up to bigger bikes. The bike was restored in 1999. The engine was rebuilt and the bike was painted with a pearlescent paint, new racing compound tires were installed. The bike was started once in 1999 when I bought it. It has been displayed since then and is in excellent condition with one chip of paint missing from the tail section (one of those silly wooden plaques that we race around for fell off a shelf!). It would round out any serious Yamaha TZ collection and comes with a nice list of spares if you want to go vintage racing. As with all racing bikes that are not street legal, there is no title just a bill of sale. Sold as is, no refunds or returns.

TZ125G new racing spares list

  • Spare parts catalog
  • Crankcase gasket  x2 (537-15451)
  • Cylinder base gasket x3 (1WE1135100)
  • Throttle cable (3V32631100)
  • Carb intake manifold (joint) (3281355501)
  • Carb manifold clamps x2 (9046049058)
  • Piston bearing (small end) (93310216L2)
  • Clutch spring screw (9014905147)
  • Left hand clutch lever (150839120038)
  • Piston 97  (5F6-11631-00-97)
  • Piston 96.5 (240-11631-00-96.5
  • Washer, rear master cyl. (90201-10118)
  • Rear sprocket & disc lock washer x2 (3V3-25412)
  • Front disc lock washer (404-25412)
  • Front sprocket lock washer (90215-16127)
  • Water pump gasket x2 (3V3-12428)
  • Bleeder plug gasket x3 (90430-06070)
  • Oil drain plug gasket (90430-12038)
  • Clutch push rod oil seal (93104-05065)
  • Clutch basket o-ring (93210-15151)
  • Small o-ring cyl. Head (93210-62323)
  • C-clip piston/wrist pin (93450-17025)


TZ125G used racing spares list

  • Counter sprockets (front 13, 14, 15 teeth)
  • Rear sprockets 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 teeth
  • 10 clutch fiber plates (5 well used, 5 almost new) (3V31632100)
  • 4 steel clutch plates (1371632570)
  • 5 used pistons with piston rings
  • CDI ignition box Hitachi (3V38554010)
  • Clutch lever (150839120038)
  • Brake levers x2 (3418392200)
  • Con-rod (3R21165101)
  • Cylinder in excellent used condition (3V3113110000)
  • Clutch housing cover (3V3154160000)
  • Water pump impeller shaft (3V31245000)
  • Water pump housing cover (repaired) (3V31242200)
  • Left side crank half x2 (1W11141201)
  • Right side crank half x2 (1W1114220100)

If you like em skinny this is the bike for you. 

I would imagine some of this is getting hard to come by. 

 Put down the pizza, lay off the beer, run a few laps and you might fit on it.  Then again, maybe not.  If you’d like to dabble in some vintage racing or just want a piece of Yamaha racing history sitting in your garage .


Cafe Racer February 17, 2011 posted by

Back in Black: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR

For Sale: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR

Behold, in all its glory, the bike that didn’t save The Motor Company. Although originally designed by Willie G to cash in on the cafe racer craze, the XLCR did not appeal to the core Harley Davidson crowd, and failed to sell. Fortunately, H-D was able to reverse their downward fortunes, and better yet, a few of these rare bikes still survive.

From the seller:
This is for VARY RARE Harley Davidson XLCR Cafe Racer [PERFECT SURVIVOR] a vary low production model. This XLCR has all the options that were avaiable for that year and they are OIL COOLER / BRA plus TWEAK BAR. This bike is so origanal it still has the origanla GOOD YEAR A/T EAGLE TIRES [just standing next to this bike is like going back in time]. This XLCR has the origanal miles of 7728 miles on it [not even brook in yet]. This is a 3rd owner bike one of the best in sellers collection. Every nut, bolt and componant original to this bike. Also the original trifold brochure from the dealer plus two XLCR News Letter booklets and the original owners manual not shown here. For the collector out there this is a once in a life time find, don’t miss out

From the comments regarding the last XLCH posted here on RSBFS, we can conclude that nobody really ever thought of this as a performance bike, but most readers wouldn’t mind one (leaking) in their garage today. Such is the wonder of time; Willie G had the right idea, but the wrong audience.

Today, an XLCH in clean, original condition is worth a fair amount of money – the last one posted on RSBFS was bid up to $21,300! In this particular case, the auction for this bike is up to $11,700 with spiritied bidding. H-D didn’t make many of these glorious machines, and even fewer survived in this kind of condition. If you are one of those who missed out on the original opportunity, here is your chance on the rebound. The reserve is off and this bike is going home with someone. , and tell them RSBFS sent you!


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