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Sport Bikes For Sale December 31, 2010 posted by

RGV For The UK, It’s Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

RGV For The UK, It’s Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

Does anyone get referance in the headline?  One more hint, this is one VICOUS RGV.  Just my lame attempt at trying to make a UK connection.  Enough of me screwing around.  This 23 isn’t in the U.S., it isn’t stock and the paint isn’t original.  Turned off?  I sure as heck hope not, this 23 is niiiiiice.  In my opinion it has been very tastefully upgraded.  If your interest is peaked you might have to make a quick friend in the UK as the seller isn’t open to overseas bids.  Stop frowning and enjoy the pictures!

First off,  the bike has been derestricted properly with a Sugaya R2 CDI (considered the best non-racing CDI for the 23) and Sugaya pipes (again considered the best among most 23 owners).  It sounds like he has also set up the air box to “V” model specs.  Not a complicated procedure but the “V” model has some different hose routing into the air box.


That’s not a stock Suzuki shock hiding in there.  Check out the list below for all the goodies he has added to the bike:


 Here for sale is my  RGV 250 SP VJ23.     1996

 If your looking here then you should know the spec of these bikes.

Lucky Strike paintwork. Dry clutch, Close ratio gearbox, kais re-valve and re-sprung forks

Sugaya race pipes, Sugaya R2 derestricted ecu box, derestricted airbox, pipercross air filter,

WP steering damper, special clock bracket, Braided brake lines, GSXR 6 pot calipers,

Brembo master cylinder with folding lever, folding clutch lever, Nitron track rear shock  ( cost £500 plus and done hardly any miles ),

Small indicators, harris fuel tank cap, Rear wavey brake disc,  £500 spent on Ti fasteners,

Dunlop Alpha 10 tyres ( done 80 miles ) The bike has 1015 km on the clock, Mot,d, taxed and V5 in my name.

The bike was imported approx. 3 years ago by fastline and has had 1 previous owner before myself.

The bike is in immaculate condition. It is running a daytime mot at present. (as headlight is not present with Lucky strike fairing/ but standard bodywork comes with std fairing and headlight )

Here is a list of spares I am including in the sale.

Full bodykit in original colours ( minus front mudguard )  excellent condition.

Standard unrestricted exhausts with both std end cans and swarbrick carbon cans. excellent cond

Rear foot peg hangers , rear pillion seat , std indicators , std rear shock , std front master cylinder and clutch lever , Head light/clock bracket and headlight unit, White mirrors .

Std sapc control box and std carb jets.

The bike is as you can see excellent condition. It has been run on fully synthetic 2 stroke oil.

The bike is very very light and very powerfull and is immaculate.

Viewing can be arranged. No scammers. Strictly no timewaters.

£300 Deposit to be paid within 2 hours of auction end via paypal, ( sorry but, I don’t want to be messed around ) Balance on collection. ( cash ) within 5 days.

Any questions please ask. No overseas bids. No overseas postage. less than 10 feedback please contact first or I will remove bid.

Bike is advertised elsewhere and may be removed from auction.

 Just to add that the lucky strike paintwork is on genuine suzuki panels and not pattern/ fibreglass panels.

Tasteful carbon cans.  The stock ones weigh a ton.  The stock pipes and mufflers are more suitable as boat anchors.  Those pipes will cost a good $1800 dollars to have made nowadays.  Yes, Sugaya will still make pipes on a special order basis and no they don’t produce CDI’s anymore.


 A little extra stopping power courtesy of a GSX-R.  Like almost all Japanese home market bikes the 23 forks are softly sprung stock.

This thing is barely broken in with 1016KM’s on it.  I can’t see a single draw back with this bike other than it is out of reach for most of us here in the USA.  Starting bid converted is roughly $9,300.   While I do not know the seller personally I do know he is a long time member of the RGV forum on .  I’ve been a member for years and can honestly say it is one of the most helpful forums out there and is filled with a good group of guys with a wealth of knowledge on everything related to RGV’s.  .

The man who made the Lucky Strike RGV250  famous in Japan, Noriyasu Numata.  He won the All Japan Championship in 96 and piloted the RGV250 in the GP’s for two years in Rizla colors.  He is seen here with a the 1994 works RGv250.  He  died a few years ago testing tires in Japan.


Honda December 30, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans for sale

1992 Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans

Location: San Antonio, TX
Mileage 4,650
Price: $7,000.00

First and foremost, this is a steal! I found it over on while checking out specs for NSR’s. It’s an older post that was updated 12.21.10 by the owner saying that he hadn’t bumped it to the top in over a year, but the bike was still available and the price is now $7,000.00.

The only down side to this bike is that it doesn’t have a title, but from what I understand isn’t impossible with a little elbow grease and leg work.

Don’t let this one get away if you’re in the market- Oh, I forgot to mention that it does have the Magtek wheels, brand new OEM fairings and a new OEM crank(?- I’m sure that was cheap) Woot Woot!



Sport Bikes For Sale December 30, 2010 posted by

Original Tires? 1986 Yamaha FZ600 W/5889 Miles

Original Tires?  1986 Yamaha FZ600 W/5889 Miles

Hey, I’d be first in line for a classic low mile bike but I’m not sure I’d want the original tires from 1986!  Is it amazing or crazy that the bike still has them on?  Those 5889 miles on the clocks break down to just 235 miles a year.  I’ve seen a few low mile classics this year and it continues to amaze me when I see an average sport bike like the little FZ with such little use. 

I do see a few scrapes on the fairing and exhaust but overall it sure doesn’t look its’ age.  I’m not holding out on any auction info, there wasn’t much there except the fact that it is a stock, clean bike with original tires.

How many of you were in high school in 86 and thought, “If I only had that rad FZ, I’d have the girls all over me”?

Just slightly different than what you see when you shop for a 600 in 2011.  I don’t know how much demand there is for an 86 FZ600 but there has to be someone out there that wants to relieve their youth.  Just do it on a fresh set of rubber.  .


Bimota December 29, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8 R

2000 Bimota SB8 R

Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Mileage: 3,017
Price: $11,500.00

Another beautiful Bimota SB8R is up for grabs and just like the others this one is in great shape. And like all SB8 R’s it’s loaded with enough carbon fiber to make Phil’s Karbon Moto Headquarters look small time.

As usual, Bimota engineers worked their magic and borrowed an already great motor and shoe horned it into a state of the art carbon and aluminum beam frame.

Next to the Mantra the SB8 R is usually the most controversial Bimota design, but for me it ranks right below the Santa Monica as the best looking. I like the round upper fairing and the huge carbon air ducts that are routed into the tank- It just screams exotica to me.

From the seller:

For sale is my beloved 2000 Bimota SB8r. It is totally stock and has 3017 miles on the clock. I have owned 27 bimotas over the years and this by far is my favorite bike. It is very useable and is a daily rider unlike some of the other models. I need not give details of the model as if you are reading this listing you know the model well. It has been pampered by a 50 year old owner/collector. The photos depict it without the factory mirrors. I have them as brand new in the packaging if you desire. I also have a new never used aftermarket exhaust system that I will include in the sale to the winning bidder. It was a custom system made in the UK but I never installed it. I will also include the factory rear stand and red silk cover for the winning bidder. Not sure what else to say about this fabulous machine other than it looks brand new and doesn’t have a flaw or blem anywhere.

Phil, our resident Bimota freak, has exhausted the details on the SB8 R over the past few months so if you’re interested in the fine print you can view it here

You can make the jump to the auction and pick this one up in time for a New Years Day ride by .

Cheers and good luck with the sale!


Aprilia December 28, 2010 posted by

2004 Aprilia RS250 Cup bike w/ title for sale

2004 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike for sale

Location: Georgetown, IN
Mileage: 124- yes, that’s correct
Price: $4,750.00

Update 12.29.2010: SOLD!

Yes, this is my Ape RS250 and I it is time for it to find a new home.


The good stuff

-2004 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike- this is the last year of production
-Has a clear Texas Blue Title
-Ohlins rear shock – bling, bling
-Ohlins steering dampner
-Full Arrow Exhaust
-DID 520 Gold Chain
-only 124 miles 🙂

It is extremely clean and I can’t stress this enough. There isn’t any oil anywhere and other than the bodywork damage it’s what you’d expect to see from a bike with only 124 miles on the clock. My original intent was to take it to the track in 2011, but another bike has caught my eye.

The not so good stuff

-Was low sided at a slow speed
-Needs a tail section- about $150.00 from STG
-Needs a left rear set as it was damaged in the low side slide
-Has been sitting so may need tuned
-Few other scratches from the low side

Please email me with any questions or reasonable offers and I’ll respond promptly.

The following picture is how looked prior to the low side.

Here it is without the tail section in its current state.


Aprilia December 28, 2010 posted by

1996 Aprilia RS250 w/ Cali title for sale

1996 Aprilia RS250

Location: Rancho Cordova, CA
Mileage: speedo says 27,217
Price: $9,000.00

As I was shopping ‘the bay’ this morning for a few bits I ran across this Cali titled RS250. Not a bad looking bike, has a title, has a newly rebuilt motor along with a few other bits and pieces.

I’m not really down with the asking price, but ‘to each their own’ I guess. Personally, I hope the seller gets every penny of the $9000.00 because that means you’ll be seeing my RS on here in a New York minute for $8,000.00.

Just last week I messaged Steve from the AF1 forum and asked him what he thought my bike was worth considering all that it has and the super low miles. His response was between $3,000 and $3,500. But, as we all know, including the seller of this bike, OUR bikes are always worth more. Don’t get me wrong, this bike has a lot going for it, but also has a lot going against it like high/unknown mileage, Suzuki forks and the signs of several crashes- none of which have been disclosed in the listing.

Have a look:

Recent maintenance includes:
Engine disassembled and cleaned and resealed with new gaskets.
New pistons and wrist pins
Power valves cleaned.
New power valve pulleys and springs.
New 520 chain
New front and rear sprockets
New shift rod
New Woodcraft rear sets
New Brembo RCS 19 brake master and reservoir
New Ignition coils, wires and plugs
New Air filter
New Battery

Front forks, triple tree, wheel and brakes are from 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000.
New ohlins springs for 165lb rider and new fork seals.
Due to the forks, the speedometer is no longer operational.

I will include high quality front and rear pitbull stands and factory repair manual which is super rare.
Registration is up to date.
These bikes are becoming more rare each day, especially street legal ones as most are for the track.

Still interested?

I am digging the foam grips and the Brembo Master….



Sport Bikes For Sale December 27, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in classic blue and white with only 1,650 miles!

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Mileage: 1,650
Price: $6,500.00 B.I.N. current bid at $3,050.00

Now that the hustle and bustle of of the holidays is half over I thought I’d take a break and give homage to a classic Suzuki with super duper low mileage.

We don’t find these very often and I suspect 99.9% of them have been well used by now, but every now and then one will pop up on the radar.

Have a look here or

Pretty nice eh? It’s hard to believe that I’ve resorted to calling this a classic, but I have to come to terms with it at some point. Of course, I’m speaking about my age more so than the year of the bike, but this blog isn’t the place for my tears of pain…

Oil cooled GSX-R’s were king of the street, but other than 1989 that showroom success wasn’t transferred to the AMA tracks until 1999 when Matt Mladin took his first of 7 AMA crowns. Nonetheless, I still have a soft spot for 90’s GSX-R’s and still think their baby blue stripes look stylish.

I wasn’t real sure on this one so I enlisted a well known viewer for his opinion who just happens to have a few of these lying around in his toy shed. After a quick phone conversation, while we were both viewing the auction, his valuation was pretty much spot on with mine. Bikes in this shape with super low miles are somewhat hard to price due to the fact that they have entered the collectible arena. The seller has a $6,500.00 B.I.N., but I would have to guess that the actual reserve is in the $5,000 – $6,000 range. But, keep in mind if you don’t like the B.I.N. price on this one you can always wait for the next 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 with super low mileage to come along… Get my point? If not, there is a strong reason why this one is gracing the pages of and it isn’t because they only made 20 of these in 1991.





Norton December 26, 2010 posted by

1990 Norton JPS F1

Update: 12.26.2010

1991 Norton John Player Special F1

Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Mileage: 1,360
Price: $45,000.00

One of only a handful (less than 5) said to be in the states, and 1 of 70 in the world is this beautiful Norton JPS F1 (F55). This is a stunning example of an already classic British motorcycle. Not many sport production motorcycles can command attention and respect like the Norton F1’s do, but when a company as special as Norton, builds a motorcycle of this caliber, people take notice.

This F1 is equipped with a 588cc, twin-rotor Wankel engine that produces 90hp and is said to be both smooth and powerful. Norton only produced the F1 in JPS racing colors and black and gold were the colors of choice.

From the seller:

This F1 Norton rotary machine is one of about 70 that were made in the early 1990s in Great Britain, very few of which are known to be in the US. It is a street-legal racing machine known for its high power-to-weight ratio.

The motorcycle is in very good condition with 1,360 miles. For additional pictures and information, visit

Bike is located in the Hudson Valley.

Serious inquiries only, and please include “F1 Norton” in the subject and your phone number in the body of your email.

Please email us with inquiries on behalf of the seller.


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