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Exclusive October 31, 2010 posted by

Rare SportBikes For Sale Hits 1000 Posts!!

Feuerwerk / firework

This announcement marks 1000 posts on the Rare SportBikes For Sale website! I am so proud of what of what this site has become and am so very thankful! Since making this our home in May of 2008, we have been visited by nearly 700,000 worldwide visitors viewing over 1.3 MILLION pages!

Going back in time, here’s the first machine listed on this site, a tasty Honda CBR400RR for a mere $3300:

We’ve come a long way since then, and there are many people to thank:

First and foremost, our fans! Without you, there would be no RSBFS and we are grateful that so many of you value what we do here. In appreciation, I’m offering our shirts on sale this week for $18 shipped! In fact, if you send in a photo of your bike sporting a RSBFS sticker that I can include on the site, I’ll make the deal ever sweeter at $16 shipped! Click the graphic in the upper right hand corner of the website to order (special price reflected on payment screen), or email me your picture for the extra special price.

Doug – I met Doug through the website when I insisted he become a contributor on the site — he was submitting so many great bikes that I couldn’t keep up with all the postings! He has since become the Operations Manager of the website and keeps the day to day running of website a well oiled machine. This website would not be what is today without his involvement, enthusiasm, and expertise. Thanks for being a relentless worker and a great friend!

Alex – When I first found myself running into trouble maintaining the website while juggling a full-time job, a consulting side business, and a few websites, Alex quickly volunteered to help out. This really was a critical turn for the website because it could’ve easily been an abandoned project with other priorities in the mix. Thank you Alex!

Ian – When the site really started taking off late last year, we knew we’d need more help. Ian was one of the first to apply and has been a wonderful addition ever since. He is so consistent that we often depend on him to keep the schedule balanced. His knowledge of two strokes and other grey bikes has been a great help to our team. Thank you Ian!

Phil – Another contributor that started as an RSBFS faithful reader, he joined our team in September 09 when I was once again overwhelmed by his plentiful and quality finds. In addition to running his own business in Hong Kong, and the birth of his daughter, he still finds time to lend his expertise, especially on all things Bimota. Thanks for staying with us during a very busy time with your family Phil!

Jay – Responding to our earlier call for help this year, having Jay join our team was really a wonderful surprise. Jay brings years of industry experience and first hand knowledge to our site having owned his own dealership and been responsible for the importation of many rare bikes into this country. He has also helped us get a taste of top tier, privateer racing with his involvement with the Veloce Racing team. Thanks for adding your talent, experience, and affiliations to our site Jay!

I’d like to thank past contributors Steve and Gerry for their work on our sites. Your posts are a great part of our history and we welcome any additions you’d like to make in the future!

To Mike and Brian, welcome aboard! You’ve both had a great first week and I can’t wait to see your next posts.

Of course I’d like to thank our advertisers, SpeedyMoto and Tyga USA. We are flattered that you’d think of us to promote your products and look forward to our partnership in the future.

We hope you’re all having as much fun as we are with the website and look forward to a bright future moving ahead!


Dan Crouch

Yamaha October 31, 2010 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 in California

For sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 2-stroke

Located in La Puente, California, this clean 1985 RZ350 provides you another opportunity to grab that elusive 2-stroke that you might have missed in the showroom back in the 80’s. Although these bikes are not as rare as some of the hand-built Italian hardware we occasionally see on RSBFS, finding a good example of a survivor is difficult. Let’s look at the bike:

From the seller:
Up for auction is a used Yamaha RZ350. The motorcycle is in very good condition overall and has low miles for its age. It is all stock except for the exhaust, they’re Allspeed and they appear to have been ceramic coated. This motorcycle has a clear title and includes all service records from original owner. The bike has sat for approximately 3 years and has not been started, so I would assume the carbs are going to need to be cleaned and the fluids changed, plus it needs a new battery. I have a new battery I will throw in but I don’t have the acid for it. This RZ350 ran great before it sat, it does have a very slow oil leak on the left lower side of the engine(had the leak when it was purchased). If you would like more pics please ask.

The mileage is listed at 7,647, which is not a lot for a bike this age. The bike is not completely original – it has aftermarket expansion chambers – but the modifications are period correct and definitely enhance performance. The exhaust is ceramic coated to boot!

The opening bid is quite reasonable for one a RZ350, and there is no reserve on this auction. This is your chance to grab one of these great bikes –


Sport Bikes For Sale October 30, 2010 posted by

1999 Yamaha R7 OW02

1999 Yamaha YZF750 OW02 R7

Miles: 3,264

Price: $22,000 (BIN)

Update 11.3.10: Sold!

This 1999 Yamaha YZF750 R7 is another beauty from Jeff’s outstanding collection. What could possibly be better than a limited edition Yamaha OW01? You guessed it, a Yamaha OW02! This race homologation model was limited to a production run of 500 units in 1999, making this quite rare indeed. The condition of this particular example is pristine. The R7 was produced to qualify the bike for World Superbike racing, and thus was not titled for street use from the dealer. Despite that fact, this version carries a Washington state title.

At a quick glance, this bike could be mistaken for either one of its siblings, the R6 or R1, but that would be a huge mistake as this is outfitted with race technology not afforded to the other “R”s. Some of these goodies include titanium valves & connecting rods, Ohlins suspension front & rear and a “back torque limiter” clutch, an early version of the slipper clutch. The seller tells the story:

1999 Yamaha YZF750 0w02 R7

750cc Homologation Special

All original and in excellent condition with only 3,264 miles.

This bike is titled, regestered and LICENSED for road use in Washington State.

No issues getting this machine licensed for the street -as it has already been done-!!

The bike has the YEC-Kit fuel pump, fuel regulator and wiring mod to engage the secondary fuel injectors and raise the horsepower

from the restricted state of tune used to pass import regulations (along with the addition of the Kit silencer and Kit airbox).

It is shown with YEC Kit exhaust canister but I also have the original Yamaha exhaust muffler as the original has been wrapped up

and boxed for safe keeping along with the original regulator, fuel pump and airbox.

For those true enthusiasts and collectors out there, you”ll already know the history and how rare the 0W02 is here in the United States.

Most became race bikes -so the number of original condition machines that were never raced remains VERY low.

Check out my other upcoming auctions -as I’ll have a number of other additional homologation specials coming up soon that will include:

Honda RC-30, Yamaha YZF750 0w01, Bimota 500cc V-due two-stroke, Yamaha R7-1, Ducati 888 among other SBK machines.

Regarding price, the $22,000 seems to be right in line with market value based on past comparable sales, as seen here and here. See the full listing including heavy tech specs and more photos .



BMW October 30, 2010 posted by

2009 BMW HP2 Sport

For Sale: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Pity the BMW clientele: Up until 2008 BMW boxers were merely seen as gentlemanly transport. Sure, the bikes made long-distance touring easy, but performance was never on par with other Japanese or Italian hardware.

Enter the DOHC, carbon fiber clad, no excuses, 130 horses, image-changing HP2 Sport:

The HP2 Sport model, made in limited numbers and offered for sale at over $25k MSRP, is the holy grail of the boxer world. Which brings us to our seller’s bike:

This example is a 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with low miles on the odometer.

Note the digital dash, providing MotoGP-like functionality and style.

BMW really went all out in an attempt to make this boxer current and competitive against both the Japanese and the Italians. Check out this great single-sided swingarm:

From the seller:
Like New, Never laid down

Never Raced

Clear Title

Low Miles

Sharp looking

Rare Model

Carbon Fiber accessories make it light weight


130 HP


0-60 in 3.1 Seconds

There is no indication if this particular bike is optioned with the desirable ABS system, and scouring the pictures did not result in anything obvious. This model does come standard with a factory quick shifter, forged aluminum wheels, carbon fiber bodywork and Brembo radial-mount brakes. In all, it is a BMW tour-de-force


Sport Bikes For Sale October 29, 2010 posted by

1988 Yamaha FZR 400

Editor note: Please welcome our second new Contributor, Brian, with his post on this great looking FZR 400. You can read more about all the contributors on this site on our about page. Welcome aboard Brian and have a great weekend everyone! -dc

An 1988 Yamaha FZR 400 post not by Doug, this may be a first. This example has 18,000 miles, I know you may be asking yourself “what’s so special about a 1988 FZR 400?” Allow me to answer what is so special about this bike – it’s an FZR 400!!! Widely hailed as the best handling sportbike of its time, this bike rightfully has a cult following (see more information on the FZR 400 here). Some would actually argue that this is the best handling bike even well beyond its contemporaries.

This bike screams late 80’s sportbike through and through – dual round headlights, deltabox frame and a good ole analog gauges with the tach front and center as it should be. However, do not confuse this bike with its bloated bigger brothers of the day, this was truly a scalpel amongst butcher knives. The owner says it’s stock, I assume he means save for the dark ZG windscreen. Before you point out the flaws, let me offer the cracked fairing, rusted bolts and general wear and tear consistent with a 23 year old motorcycle. Honestly, who cares about that stuff? This bike is meant to carve twisties and leave an ear to ear grin on your face. The dedicated riding position and mid fifties HP rating serve to remind the owner of the bike’s singular purpose.

From the seller:

18000 MILES




You can see FZR 400 selling prices here, and the BIN of $2,500 seems totally reasonable to me, but I am a little biased. See more photos and information in the . Good luck bidding!


Honda October 29, 2010 posted by

The roll on King: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

For sale: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo with 16,000 miles

By 1983, three of the Big Four Japanese manufacturers had Turbo bikes in the showroom. Only Kawasaki was missing from the party, and wouldn’t show up until the following year. For Honda, though, 1983 was a big year. The previous Turbo, 1982’s CX500T, was not well recieved and they made a significant effort to change that with a major re-design: the 1983 CX650 Turbo.

From the seller:
Here is a rare Honda CX650 TURBO,in very nice shape. Not perfect,some nicks and scrapes. Never down at speed,onlt stand still tip over. Paint is in pretty good shape,tail section shows some aging[see pic]. Engine and drive train are very strong and tight. Was going to keep this,but decided to sell my collection of Turbo bikes{2 500 turbos,650 Seca Turbo}.Here is a chance to own a great sport touring bike and a classic at the same time.

As a one-year bike, these 650 Turbos are pretty rare. Sources at the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association place the number of imported units for 1983 at a mere 1,015. Interest in these bikes is strong due to performance; while the 1/4-mile times were average (11.95 @ 112.4 mph according to Motorcyclist magazine), the roll-on performance was nothing short of phenomenal. Even today this motorcycle can hold its own on the open road against much more modern (and larger) machinery.

This auction is going on now, and the current price is well in line with the going rate.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 29, 2010 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350

1985 Yamaha RZ350

2-stroke mania continues here at RSBFS. Here is a rare RZ350 in red/white for your enjoyment. This example has seen some use, but looks to be in good condition for its age.

There is very little information regarding this gem in the ad, although the seller lists it as a California bike with 8,959 miles. The auction has the bike mistakenly labeled as an RC350 rather than an RZ350, so that might keep some people from finding it. But not us!

Offered in the US for only a short period of time, this is the second (and last) year of the RZ350. Earlier (1984) paint schemes had the yellow/black with Kenny Roberts’ signature, and the red/white without a signature. In 1985, Yamaha added Kenny’s sig to the red/white paint scheme as well.

This bike sports a set of Spec II expansion chambers. As the OEM exhaust system contained a complex (and heavy) set of catalytic converters to help the bike pass EPA emissions, aftermarket systems helped to shed 15+ lbs and offered substantial performance improvements.

Although not quite as fast as the 550 four strokes of the day, the little RZ built up a strong cult following and continues to be an affordable collectable that is fun to ride. Check out this one here!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 29, 2010 posted by

1993 Yamaha GTS 1000

1993 Yamaha GTS 1000

It’s open for debate: What defines a sport bike? Given, this GTS1000 steps a little over the line into sport-touring country, but you cannot deny that it is unique and rare. It also looks incredibly clean and well cared for.

From the seller:
Very rare find in this Excellent condition. This GTS has New Dunlop Q2’s front and rear, Corbin seat and best of all Full Ohlins Suspension! All service work is fresh with Repsol synthetics. This bike is as close to mint as gets.

With the James Parker developed front swing arm suspension, handling was purported to be excellent – especially under braking. Which brings us back to the question: What defines a sport bike? Well this one was good enough for Brian Catterson (then, Editor for American Roadracing, now Editor of Motorcyclist) to turn into a successful race bike.

Additional information on the GTS 1000 can be found courtesy of Motorcyclist magazine. You can also .


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