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Classic Sport Bikes For Sale July 31, 2010 posted by

Past or Present? 1973 MV AGUSTA 350 Ipotesi And 2005 F4 Ago

Past or Present?  1973 MV AGUSTA 350 Ipotesi And 2005 F4 Ago


Motorcycles have sure come a long way in the past 30 years or so, haven’t they?  These two beauties represent MV Agusta’s past and present and are currently on Ebay and up for the taking. 

First up is this absolutely mint 350 Ipotesi.  If my Google translation is correct that means “hypothesis”.  Maybe not the most catchy name I’ve heard but I can let it slide.  Who cares about a name when you have a bike with that classic cafe racer and GP inspired looks. I did come across an Italian Wikipedia page (I know, not the most reliable source) and it claims Ipotesi production ran from 1974 to 1977.  So, I guess there is the possibility this is actually a 1974.  The page goes on to say the Ipotesi was built to bridge the gap between MV Agusta’s race bikes and their street bikes.  Basically the same marketing we see today with current motorcycles.  This model may be one of the last bikes Count Agusta was involved in producing, as he died in 19971.  His death apparently delayed the release of the bike for over a year.  Soon after MV Augusta began a slow decline with the doors eventually closing in the late 70’s.

Enough with the depressing stuff  because this bike is beauty.  I’m not really into the retro scene but this bike definitely has a certain flare to it.  I wonder what it sounds like with the open carbs.  Is there some nice intake noise to go along with the exhaust note?  I freely admit those tires scare me though.  Thank goodness technology has moved forward in that area.

From the auction:




The auction is up and running and there appears to be some interest with several bids placed already.  A reserve is set and I honestly wouldn’t have a guess on it’s value.  All I know is that it appears to be an absolutely clean example of 70’s era sport bike technology. 

Reliving the 70’s not your thing?  Well how about a F4 Ago?   Only 300 were produced and this is number #269 of the bunch.  According to MV Agusta’s website the Ago sold out back in 2005.  Of course the Ago is a tribute to long time MV Agusta rider Giacomo Agostini.  Of course it caries the tribute paint scheme.  To go along with that MV Agusta added some carbon fiber, some titanium treatments and some more subtle details to the bike to make it stand apart.  A corsa exhaust and erpom chip give the engine a little extra juice to top things off.

A little about the bike from the auction: 

I am the 3rd owner of bike #269 of 300 build worldwide and purchased it about a year ago, from a member of the www.mvagusta.netwebsite. The bike is in pristine condition with 7,353 miles and comes with all the stuff originally shipped with it including, stock and RG3 exhaust (currently on bike), MV overalls and certificate of authenticity, signed by Giacomo Agostini (Ago). The bike also has installed: MV Corsa carbon fiber wire harness cover, heal guards and rear fender and and plate holder, plus has a HID light kit installed from emoto and a clear bra on upper fairing and mirrors. This bike was featured in Cycle World Nov 2008 issue (copy comes with the bike) with Ago and Phil Read (ex-MV racer) at which time he had Ago sign both stock heal guards, which also come with the bike. It also comes with two covers (one new) and a set of spare mirrors that the prior owner bought. Bike is located in the San Francisco bay, can be viewed by appointment, but not ridden. Bike is available for local sale, thus auction may end early.



This one has been lurking around on Ebay for a few weeks now.  I’ve followed it and I thought it had sold at one point but it must have never met that pesky reserve.  I’m guessing high teens low 20’s for the reserve.  If you are in the mood for a little modern retro

If you need more of an Ago fix check out this Youtube clip of Agostini in action.  It has some pretty nice footage of him in action.


Ducati July 30, 2010 posted by

1998 Ducati 900SS FE # 236 of 300 On Ebay

1998 Ducati 900SS FE # 236 of 300 On Ebay

From the auction:

 This is a great example of the end of an era motorcycle. They stopped making the 900SS after this final edition run of 300. The bike is numbered 236 of 300 as shown by the authentication plaque on the triple clamp. This has been carefully maintained the valve adjustment has been done , new cam belts, new plugs and battery fresh oil and fluids. It is also equipped with a Corbin seat.There are some minor scratches on the exhaust cans and tail section, There is a chip out of the paint on the right side as can be seen in the pictures. Winning bidder must arrange shipping. E mail with any questions.


The auction is ongoing and the bike has a starting bid of $6,500.  Jump on over here.


Bimota July 29, 2010 posted by

Bimotas YB4 and YB6, and a Ducati 851 For Sale Outside Seattle

From the “Seattle Homologation Superbike Collection“, these three examples are now listed on eBay:

1988 Bimota YB6 For Sale Perfect Condition

This is a great bike and in wonderful “rider” condition.

That means this bike has been ridden. It is not a museum queen that has been parked.

It has a few miles under the belt but is in pretty good condition for its age.

The bike carries a set of Keihin Flat-Slide race carbs on it so it has the “race rattle” of the flat slides to go along with a STRONG running 1000cc Yamaha engine.

All operator manuals, service manuals and factory tool kit are also included.

If you are looking at this auction and are a serious collector -then you already know how rare these old Bimotas are here in the USA.

If you are looking for an original Bad Boy Bimota with a large capacity 1000cc Yamaha in-line 4 engine that can actually be ridden down the road on a daily commute or regular trips up and down the street for Bike Night, this is the bike for you.

1992 Ducati 851 For Sale Very Low Miles

Beautiful Condition and under 1,900 miles

Factory original everything. Gi.Co.Moto pipes are the only modification (stock pipes are included).

All operator manuals, service manuals and factory tool kit are also included.

This bike is immaculate and the photos speak for themselves.

If you are looking for a factory original and unmodified Ducati 851 in showroom condition -this is your machine.

Contact me for more info or photos.

1988 Bimota YB4E.I. For Sale

Beautiful Condition and under 2,000 miles

Factory Original.

All operator manuals, service manuals and factory tool kit are also included.

If you are looking at this auction and are a serious collector -then you already know how rare it is to see a YB4 here in the United States.

This bike is very rare and in immaculate shape.

If you are looking for an original and unmodified Bimota YB4 E. I. in showroom condition -this is the bike for your collection.

We wish the seller the best with these and hope they find new homes via eBay!


Honda July 29, 2010 posted by

1986 Honda NS400R – Titled!

1986 Honda NS400R 3 cylinder 2 stroker

Make: Honda
Model: NS400R
Mileage: 15,000
Price: $2,550 did not sell asking price was 5,500

In the world of 2 strokes you have your milestone bikes, your cool bike, your fast bikes, your 4 cylinder 500’s, your 2 cylinder 250’s, BUT how about a 3 cylinder road going and titled NS400R?

RSBFS reader and all around good guy Terry has his NS400R up for grabs and it looks to be pretty darn nice. I can say that I have first hand experience in buying a bike from Terry as he sold his wonderful 7R to me this past May (Thanks bro!)

Here’s the NS400R:

Honda NS400R for sale

This is a nice ns400r rothmans. this bike just had a high end re-paint by one of the best shops in Arizona back to stock Rothmans colors. It is a japanese model with 25k kilometers or 15k miles. Runs great, no problems at all. It has a CLEAR New Mexico title. It is not perfect, i am sure it has been dropped at low speed some time in it’s life, but there is no damage from that at this point. It has a new rear tire, chain and sprockets. The front sprocket is one down from stock as it was way overgeared when I got it. The exhaust cans are not stock , I think they are JHL from Japan. The overall chassis could use some touching up of paint to make it show quality, like the fork lowers etc. The front fender has the little fairings that were on the japanese models as well, but I left them off because it looks cooler without them. They are newly painted as well. I left off the mirrors, but I have those too. Feel free to contact me with any questions or offers, I am starting at 5500.00 . I will need to get at least that for it.

And there you have it in the sellers own words. Believe me when I tell you that Terry knows motorcycles very well and is telling you what his NS400R is all about. If you have any questions about it you can jump over to the auction and he has his phone # listed there. I didn’t list here because I didn’t want him to receive 100,000 prank phone calls this month.

Just in case you’ve never heard a 3 cylinder 2 stroke- turn up the volume and hit the play button.



Kawasaki July 28, 2010 posted by

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 with only 1,461 miles!

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 Homologation Special

*Updated pictures 7.29.10*

Model: ZX 7R K1
Location: Laredo, TX
Mileage: 1,461
Price: 5,500.00

Yup, this one is for real and looks to be in real nice shape. The only down side to it is…well there are a few downsides.

1. The price is too low!
2. It’s missing the “Hoover” hoses
3. It has those silly LP 1992 flush mount turn signals. Yes, I had them on my bike at one point.
4. Did I mention the price is too low?

Have a look:

ZX7R for sale

For those of you that may not know me or how much I loathe the Kawasaki Homologation Super Bikes these really do it for me. I had mine out Sunday and turned about 120 miles on it through the back roads of Indiana. Yes, it is a little quirky and can be temperamental with the flatslide carbs. And don’t forget how much of a pain it can be driving in traffic with the super tall first gear. But, putting all of that specialness aside; when you ride one of these it takes you back to the good old 90’s and how raw the bikes actually were. Oh, make no mistake because in 1992 this was cutting edge technology and K1’s would set you back about twice as much as a run of the mill ZX-7. That cutting edge technology consisted of FCR carbs, aluminum gas tank, a flimsy, thin fiberglass tail section, a close ratio six speed transmission and a slipper clutch. That’s right, a slipper clutch which isn’t widely known about the 7R’s. Everyone seems to know about the tank and tail section, but these were The Real Deal Holyfield!

The K1’s are a little down (cough) on power when compared to today’s bikes, but they are still a ton of fun to flog around. You can view all of the ZX-7R specs here.

Here’s a picture of mine sitting next to one of today’s Super Bikes.

I know it looks a little outdated next to a $40,000 1098R, but for what you can pick this one up for you can still have a cool $36,000 in the bank.

Did I mention these are collectible and sought after by many RSBFS followers? If you look closely at the pictures you’ll see exactly where the reserve is. I can tell you that it is under priced and in my unprofessional opinion- it is well under priced! If you were to offer me, my buddy Joe or any other ZX7R guy that price for our bikes…. well, let’s just say you would get a very robust laugh in your face.




Bimota July 27, 2010 posted by

Xmas In July: Brand Spankin New Bimota SB8RS

Bimota SB8RS – Brand new!

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Price: $10,600 with reserve in place
Mileage: 1

From the auction:

You probably just scrolled down to look at this hand built masterpiece before reading my listing. As I still do every time I take the cover off,  just lost for words to describe this beauty. You may have even called your buddies to look at it. I know this sounds arrogant but it really is the bike that gets the most attention of all the bikes in the collection and it has some stiff competition in here.

What else can I say.  I think the seller has pretty much summed it up right there.  Like some of  the two strokes, I think we’ve had a steady stream of Bimota’s up for sale this spring and summer.  I don’t know if we’ve had one with 1 mile on it and a limited edition to top it off  (not that any Bimota is mass produced).  From what info I can gather the RS was pretty much a cosmetic upgrade with carbon bodywork and various other visual upgrades.  It looks like the owner topped it off with an aftermarket exhaust system.  If you are a Bimota expert and know about some engine upgrades on the RS please post a comment below as there is very little info on this model.

Enough words, pictures please:

And more from the auction:

This bike has thousands of dollars in exotic aftermarket parts that were installed years ago when it arrived and have just started the bike having been fueled for the first time. The sound of the full titanium Moto Corse exhaust has long been wanting to make it’s music after years of waiting to hear it run. Needless to say, the sound is something you must experience yourself. Other trick items installed are gold Volta Moto rear sets, Moto Corse titanium kickstand, Moto Corse windscreen, Marchesini wheels and GP style rear caliper & rotor. The SB8RS is powered by a reliable Suzuki power plant tweaked by the Bimota specialists to perform at a higher level than the “run of the mill” TL1000 with a light weight chassis built around it. The new owner of this SB8RS will be titled the first owner which will prove as an even more attractive investment. You are welcome to see the bike prior to bidding however the bike is brand new and aside from the added enhancements it is just as new as the day it left the factory.

I don’t know if I could have owned that thing and never fired it up or taken a quick spin on it.  The seller truly has some patience.  The bidding has been going on for a couple of days now.  As of this posting the reserve had not been reached (just over $10,000) but the auction does have a couple of days left.  Maybe you can convince the Mrs. you’ve been a good boy and deserve a little Xmas in July.  .


Sport Bikes For Sale July 27, 2010 posted by

Project RG500 In Seattle For $6500

Project RG500 In Seattle For $6500

UPDATE:  This bike is now listed on Ebay and can be seen here.

The hell with projects around the house.  This is the sort of project any of us can appreciate.  The basics are all there:  a RG500, some updated suspension components and a title (back taxes though, hmmm little worriesome).   The seller is asking $6500 and sounds firm.

From the ad:

INSTANT EQUITY if you’ve got cash right now!
Few bikes will increase in value as time goes by… this is one of them. I will be kicking myself in five years when I see what they’re selling for, but I want to move back to the Islands and I’ll need to sell a toy to make it happen. Please bear in mind I’m not NEEDING to sell this and it will take $6500 to make the move, so there is no room for negotiation or talk of trades. If you know what this bike is, then you alrady know what the asking price usually is. At the price I’m asking, you will double your money if you can finish this project or make a 30% profit just by finding the right buyer and passing it along. Take advantage of my lack of motivation and fulfill this bike’s full potential.

The expensive / hard part is already done:

-The frame has a clear (back tax owed) Hawaii title. It’s unmodified so the bike can be restored to original. Ezpezie on ebay has NOS.
-The motor has less than 1500 miles on a full Rick Lance build with Tommy Crawford pipes. Legendary, scary fast(112 RWHP), no expense spared.
-The front end is brand new race takeoff 2004 GSX-R 1000. Light years ahead of original!
-The rear suspension has Fox shock, underbraced swing arm and custom widened/offset rear wheel. Very well sorted; once again by Rick Lance.
-Batt box and oil tank relocate, brand new pod filters, GP shift, new tires… The list goes on and on.

What remains to be done is:

-Mount and paint RGV250 race glass and Ducati 748 tail
-Modify seat for tail section
-Replace eBay wobbler front wheel (’09 GSX-R will match look of Katana rear wheel and will fit ’04 rotors with 5mm spacers and longer bolts for calipers)
-Misc. details like a fancy digital dash, better looking reasets, aftermarket non-leaking fuel check valves, aftermarket shim fix for clutch drag when cold.

The bike is ridden around the block monthly when Washington weather permits and is a dream while moving and draws a crowd when sitting still.

Check it out on Craigslist Seattle.


Sport Bikes For Sale July 26, 2010 posted by

Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Obviously a GSXR750 is not a rare model but a 1994 model in this condition is quite rare.  I would make the argument that finding a GSXR of this age, in this condition is more rare than  75% of the bikes we post on here.  GSXR’s live a much harder life than any Bimota, Ducati limited edition or lusted after grey market two stroke.  This bike might even be a bit more rare because it wasn’t a particularly popular model year.  The old cradle frame had reached the end of it’s lifespan and engine technology was marching on.  Over the years the 750 had gained a lot of weight and lost touch with it’s roots of light weight minimalism.  To top everything off Suzuki must have fired their better designers and the old GSXR got a pretty unattractive paint scheme.   It wasn’t any better at the  track.  These were pre-Mladin days here in the US and Suzuki was barely involved in WSB. 

Here is some info from the auctin:

You have an opportunity to own and ride a virtually brand new, legendary 1994 GSX-R 750 that has been in a private collection since new. This awesome classic Suzuki has never been abused in any way; just lovingly stored and maintained. The motorcycle runs, looks and rides like it did the day it was brought home from the dealership. The condition is nothing short of spectacular; this is a museum quality time-capsule Gixxer. Get the best of both worlds – the beautiful classic styling of the bike that started it all with 118 lively horsepower, excellent handling, light weight and six-speed transmission (this bike was way ahead of its time), all of which make this bike perform like a modern sportbike at a fraction of the cost!  The reserve is set very low…… with confidence and good luck!

It’s a bit cliche but I think you really could  eat off of this one:

Now what is it worth?  Well used but clean examples I’ve seen have been offered from roughly $2,500 to $3,500.  How much should the condition of this bike add to its’ value?  $1500?  $1700?  The reserve for the bike has not been met but a hint can be seen at the bottom of the auction.   They are requiring a $3000 deposit within 48 hours of the auctions close.  Hmmmm, if they want that large of a deposit are they placing something like a $6000 reserve on this thing?  I’m just guessing here on the reserve of course but that bike might sit for a bit if that is the case.  You can  on one of the cleanest GSXR’s you will ever see.

One interesting fact about the bike is that it spawned possibly the rarest of all GSXR’s:  the GSXR740W SP.  I don’t believe any came to the US officially and I think they only produced around 150 of them.  I’ve never seen one for sale anywhere.  It was an homogation special all the way.


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