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Replica 2008 Suzuki GSX-R250

So, it has been brought to our attention that this isn't a 2008 GSx-R, or even a Suzuki.  It is actually a UM V2s.  I should have confirmed the model first, turns out that there hasn't been a GSX-R250 since 1991.  This is a replica GSX-R if the seller knows it or not.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention Dave.

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina is a very rare (For the US) 2008 Suzuki GSX-R250.  This GSX-R is assumed to be titled and registered as it has covered 2,700 miles and the dealer makes no mention of title issues.  Recently on eBay there was a dealer selling brand new Honda CBR125R models, combined with this, makes me curious how dealers are getting these in.  If you'd like a very rare, and new, 250cc bike; See the eBay ad here.



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1985 Suzuki RG125 Gamma

Located in Mendham, New Jersey is a 1985 Suzuki RG125 with 2,060Km or 1,280Mi. This is the first year for the RG125 and shows some slight damage due to shipping (Crack in faring by blinker, crack in instrument cluster, and missing mirror glass).  These RG125s only weigh in at 209lbs.  Unfortunately, this bike isn't titled or registered. This is a no reserve auction with the bike currently (6/30) at $102.61. If you'd like a RG125 still on original tires, See the eBay ad here.

EDIT:  This bike sold for $1,675 on 07/06/09 with 31 bids.



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1985 Yamaha RZ350

Located in Capitola, California is a Kenny Roberts replica 1985 Yamaha RZ350.  The RD/RZ350 line isn't that hard to locate, nor is the Kenny Roberts edition, but what makes this example special is it's claimed to be completely original and caries only 6,900 miles.  Seller claims stock air box, pipes, emissions equipment, both keys and a clean title.  The asking price of $5,500 reflects the condition.  If you're looking for a special, original, RD/RZ make sure to check out this example.  See the Craigslist ad here.



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(1980) Kreidler Van Veen

Available in Tokyo, Japan is a Kreidler Van Veen, believed to be a 1980 model.  The earlier Kreidler 50cc racers are very sexy and although this one has a later body style, it is still quite cool looking.  The 50cc class used to be a major GP class because of it's affordability and racing based on racer skill over power.  Kreidler was a major part of the 50cc gp class from the beginning until their importer Van Veen, took over carrying the marque until 1982.  I would expect this bike to be quite easy to import as a track only bike and the seller claims to have a container coming from Japan to Long Beach in the near future.  This Kreidler should be welcomed with open arms to any vintage motorcycle event.  See a website of the 50cc GP history here.  See the eBay ad for this gorgeous bike here.

EDIT: This bike failed to sell on 07/05/09 with a starting bid of $12,000.



Ducati June 29, 2009 posted by

1997 Ducati 900 SS/SP with less than 1k miles!

Andrew emailed me to alert me that his super low miles 97 Ducati 900SS/SP was now listed on Maryland Craigslist for $5400:

1997 Ducati 900SS/SP For Sale with 900 miles1997 Ducati 900SS/SP For Sale with 900 miles1997 Ducati 900SS/SP For Sale with 900 miles

quote from his Craigslist posting:

1997 Red Ducati 900 SS SP
874 miles
Carbon Fiber package
immaculate condition.
Upgraded Termignioni exhaust, re-jet for performance, performance air filter box (K&N filter), Michelin Rubber less than 2 yrs old with under 50 miles practically brand new
stainless steel brake/clutch lines.
All manuals and original tools
Less than 4 tanks of gas have gone through this bike, with fluids changed regularly even when not in use.
Unbelievably fast.

I don't know about you guys, but if I walked into the dealer today and saw this brand new bike in the showroom for $5400, I would buy it! This is a bargain, especially since the cheapest model you can buy today will probably set you back nearly $9k!

Good luck with the sale Andrew!


If you have a bike you'd like to list on our blog, email me!

Honda June 28, 2009 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250R For Sale in Seattle MC28 MC21

Update: This bike is mislabeled in the ad as an MC28, but is actually an MC21. Thanks for the heads up in the comments Mick!

I know the blog has been going 2-stroke mad, but with so many exmaples coming out for sale can you blame us?! Check out the latest in this 1994 Honda NSR250R For Sale in Seattle for $5500:

1994 Honda NSR250R For Sale in Seattle1994 Honda NSR250R For Sale in Seattle1994 Honda NSR250R For Sale in Seattle

quote from seller's listing:

Rare Honda NSR 250r sport bike, Watercooled, twin cylinder, two cycle, Aluminum frame , very light and powerful. the best handling bike I've ever ridden, nice original unmodified condition, Fresh motor, runs great, Grey market bike, washington title , road legal

According to this NSR250 historical site, the MC28 has the following updates:

On November 11, 1993 the all new MC28 model NSR went on sale in Japan as a 1994 model. It was completely different than previous models and changed peoples thinking about two stroke technology. The new Proarm NSR's as they became known in Japan were the ultimate 250 bike for the street. They had PGM IV technology which allowed more accurate1994 NSR 250 R - 57K for more control of the carbs, smooth operation and perfect driving manners unlike past two stroke bikes. The all new Memory card replaced the standard key and made de-restricting the bikes very difficult. The 1994 lineup saw three types of NSR's for sale once again. There was the standard 250R type model in fighting red and Ross white. They were sold with a regular wet type clutch and non adjustable suspension. They were priced at 680,000 Yen.

A very significant bike, with a title, and in the PNW! I may have to consider selling my 93 Ducati 750SS if these super rare and available bikes keep popping up!



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