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2007 Bimota Delirio

Here’s another guest post from Marty. Enjoy! -dc

Bimota’s seem to pop up on RSBFS on a fairly regular basis, ranging from the SB6 to the occasional DB1 or DBY. But this Bimota is a model I personally had never heard about and so I decided to do a bit of digging.

Bimota states that in 2007 the Delirio was the most practical and lowest priced Bimota. (if you can call $30,000 a low price). At first glance it seems like a bit of a mismatch between price and product. The bike is powered by a 90 horsepower air-cooled Ducati V-Twin engine, has a trellis frame a la Monster and the classic Laverda 650 series, and conventional forks and shock. So on the surface the price tag of 15k USD looks pretty outrageous, especially when you can get a Ducati Monster for $10,500. But prices are right in line with KBB values, and you are getting a bike which the seller lists as one of only 250 in the US, having only 600 original miles.

2007 Bimota Delirio For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

2007 BIMOTA DB6 DELIRIO. RARE MODEL, ONE OF ONLY 250 IN U.S. Grey/red, 1000 cc ducati desmo v-twin. 600 Original miles. Rarely used, perfect condition. Good tires, New battery, all maintenance up to date and completed by Local Ducati dealer. Very distinct sound from aftermarket ZARD carbon fibre exhaust cans. Brakes by BREMBO. Front 30mm forks from Marzocci. Rear suspension by Extremetech engineering. This bike is for the conisseur of fine italian bikes. You will be the only one riding a BIMOTA at your local bike rally or show.

This bike draws crowds and attention and will keep the owner busy answering questions and making new friends. More distinct than a DUCATI MONSTER or STREETFIGHTER. This bike is handmade in Rimini, Italy by ONE CRAFTSMAN in a workshop-not a production line type factory. Bimota only produce 500-1000 bikes per year. The angular shape of all the components make these bikes some of the most beautiful pieces of art on the road.

Anyone who can shed more light on these, maybe post to the comment section?



  • Is this quote the reason some people buy these bikes?

    “This bike draws crowds and attention and will keep the owner busy answering questions and making new friends.”

    How about I buy a monster instead and with the 5 grand I save I’ll buy everyone at the rally a drink. That way I’ll make even more friends and not have to answer any questions.

  • It’s a beautiful bike. It probably isnt worth the $30k new price to most people but prices are good when you buy used. It’s easy to drop $8-10k on a monster buying cf and billet accessories and the bike still wont be as unique or good looking as the DB6. Other than buying a zard exhaust, bar end mirrors, and clutch cover there really isnt anything else to upgrade

  • Those forks are USD, not conventional. When you see this bike in person, you will know that the pics don’t do it justice and it is a work of art. I’ve seen these and sat on them and they are much nicer than a Monster… no comparison. They are very light and have been told are a very nimble bike.


  • @Joel: You’re correct. I was lucky enough to take one for a short (15 minute) ride, and can confirm your observations. This is a very short, solid, and stiff chassis- zero flex or shake in bumpy corners on the throttle. That’s what struck me immediately. It’s a real handler, and makes a Monster seem heavy and clumsy in comparison. One big downside- take a look at that seat size. You are locked in there with zero room to move back and forth, it’s a very tight fit with no adjustment.

  • Couple of observations:
    1. 250 bikes in US does not equal ‘rare’ in the Bimota world. They only made 25 (total!) of some versions of the Tesi, 454 DB3 Mantras, 264 DB4s etc etc
    2. There is a DB6R version with upgraded wheels, suspension that might be more desirable.
    3. This bike has the 1000cc Ducati ‘Dualspark’ motor from the Hyper and Sports Classic. In 2009 (I think) they switched to the 1100cc version.
    4. Try before you buy – as other posters said succinctly. I really wanted to like this bike, but I’m 6ft4 tall and looked like a ‘clown on a bike’ (er well more than usual …) You really need to be built like an Italian and 5ft10 MAX to fit on this.

  • After owning 3 Ducati air-cooled 2V bikes I was able to find a 2007 DB6 for a price close to this. Mine had been upgraded with Zards, Rizoma mirrors, grips and lever guards, Brembo RCS masters and a few other things. Sure, the Monster is a nice bike (I had one) but the DB6 weighs in (with Zards) around 360 pounds and that difference is astounding combined with the chassis that is like no Ducati. Bimota also uses a Walbro F.I. that is mapped very nicely and squeezes a few more ponies out of the 1000ds.

    Petal discs, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, carbon fiber and jewel-like billet everywhere–it is rolling artwork. You could not add enough upgrades to get a Monster this nice for the price. A poster above says make sure it fits you and I agree, it is not for every body but I am 6′, 200 and it fits like a glove.

    The drivetrain is Ducati so if you can wrench a 2V everything is familiar–belts, valve adjustments, routine maintenance is easy.

    Downside–speed of getting parts is like a snail being chased by a glacier.

    Upside–Just ride one or inspect it up close and you will know. And you will never see another one at a bike night.

    It was my dream bike but until I found a used (1300 miles) one at a great price I never thought I would be able to own one. And mine is piling up miles and smiles.

  • “How about I buy a monster instead and with the 5 grand I save I’ll buy everyone at the rally a drink. That way I’ll make even more friends and not have to answer any questions.”

    maybe because monsters are a dime a dozen and not very interesting, while this bike is awesome?

    i would never want a monster in my garage, and while i wouldn’t buy this bike, “to make new friends,” i’d be stoked to have it in the stable. not comparable.

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