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2002 Ducati 998 with 896 Miles

Collectors often speak about “book end” models as being the most desirable.  The first being the original, purest and the one that started the generation.  The last being the end of the era and offering the most refined package of the generation.  We all know that the Ducati 916 is going through resurgence of popularity.  These bikes are regarded as epically beautiful and a real icon of the day.  Over the years the 916 gave way to the 996 and then to the more powerful 998.  While the engines were enlarged and the tech improved over the years, the one constant was the amazing design and looks.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Up for auction 2002 DUCATI 998 Runs and Drives great with no known issues Only 896 Original miles No Warning Lights “ON” Carfax One Owner Accident Free Please see all the pictures for cosmetic condition and options Please read all terms and conditions before placing your bid

The listing is definitely lacking in detail, and the pictures leave something to be desired, but the sub $16k asking price and mileage under 900 means some things can be forgiven.   Please do not light the pitch forks if this listing is sold before you finish reading.  This will surely be snapped up quickly by an investor looking to capitalize on the recent wave of enthusiasm for this generation superbike.

Taking a look pictures and the eagle eyed can spot the original tool kit, unmodified rear plate bracket and OEM exhaust and factory turn signals.  These little details mean a lot for a collector.  Many bikes were dressed up or modified in period so it is nice to see an untouched example.


  • Car dealers should stick to selling cars.

  • Ouch thats like a new liter bike price. lol

  • Original license plate holder, but suspiciously missing the license plate light..

    • Great spot!

      I think those are still available from Ducati for a couple of bucks, so not a huge deal

  • I wish dealers would stop using “one owner” as a selling point. All of those benefits are gone as the true history become highly opaque not to mention they are are now the second owner. Price isn’t so bad but since it’s a dealer, many people have to pay sales tax in addition to all the maintenance. You could be close to $20k for a fully sorted last gen 916.

    • Even at $20K all in, is tat so bad for a fully sorted sub 1k mile 998?

  • And owning one of these is like taking on a second full time job. I’ve had 2 of them, they always need something and you can’t put ethanol laced fuel in them or they self destruct. By modern standards all this bike is is pretty, other wise it’s a huge PITA. These got really cheap for a reason, why they’re expensive again is a mystery to me.

  • Wouldn’t a collector much prefer an S or an R model? This is a standard monoposto 998. Looks nice, though the photos aren’t very well taken or great resolution.

    • In a perfect world, yeah I am sure a collector would rather an R. BUT the price point would be completely different all other things being even.

  • Jim, agree to disagree. I bought a used 95 916 with 20K+ miles 15 years ago and, other than replacing the voltage regulator, never had a problem. Just the normal maintenance. It had the Ferracci intake, chip, and exhaust and ran like a freight train for five years on premium ethanol fuel. I sold it and regretted it so much I bought another 95 916 which I still own..

    • Count me into the camp of Ducati being rather easy to own and live with.
      Service costs are no where near what some claim, and from my experience dont randomly fail.
      Are they an appliance that you just own and never look after? Nope. Do they cost more then a Japanese bike to run? I guess.

      But it is SOOO worth it if you are willing to put just a little effort in.

  • Sounds like they are more concerned about legal binders than the actual authenticity of the machine??
    Buyer beware.


  • Just remember the timing belts need to be done no matter how much you think original condition and milage counts. I personally think that price is outta control. Mileage is great. But its still a standard 998. But that’s just me. I own 5 Ducatis now so I consider myself a fan :-).. 2 -748s ,1-749r, 1-996r and 1-851 and didn’t pay anywhere near that number. And a couple were ender that 1000 ml mark. Like the others said. Car dealers know cars. And should stick with what their good at. So good luck and just remember those timing belts are crucial. Plan on about 5 K to repair if one lets loose !

    • Lots talk about the belt service, but in reality it is $200 in parts direct from Ducati (half if you dont need the logo on the box) and maybe 2 hours in labor.
      Easy and inexpensive service. Nothing to fear.

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