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Ducati posted by

Featured Listing: 2001 Parking Space Odyssey – NEW 2001 Ducati MH900e


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 2.13.2019: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to Iconic Motorbikes for the buy and to our seller. -dc

Following a very eventful motorcycle auction weekend in Las Vegas we find this immensely collectible Ducati MH900e with zero miles and never-been titled MSO status. The internet darling of 1999, the Terblance-designed homage to the original Mike Hailwood edition has always been considered to be rolling artwork. Today’s example shows just how much this bike resonated with the collecting community. Born at the turn of the century in numbers limited to just 2000, the MHe “evoluzione” was a radical design that remains unique to this day.

2001 Ducati MH900e with zero miles for sale on eBay

The underpinnings of the MHe are more pedestrian than the rest of the bike. Powered by a standard dual spark L-twin familiar to any SuperSport, Monster or Sport Classic rider, the MHe offers adequate performance along with that booming, traditional Ducati sound. But it is the details that make this pile of parts stand out. The frame is a straight-section trellis that have defined Ducati for decades – but it is linked to a single-sided swing arm of artistic proportions. The intricate layout of that piece of kit alone make the bike stand out. But combine the throwback cafe fairing and round headlight with that Buck Rogers tail section complete with high shotgun style pipes and a hybrid style emerges.

From the seller:
I purchased two of these MH900e’s in 2002, I rode one for years and this one has been various living rooms as art for the past 17 years. This Ducati #20 came from the original internet purchaser in Ontario. It is still on the original MSO from Ducati (never titled) I had the bike un-crated and prepped for display at the now defunct Santa Rosa Ducati dealer. I still have the original crate sides with #20 on each side, If wanted I am happy to dig them out of my warehouse for you. This bike is as delivered, NO flaws, nicks, scuff, etc. Has not been exposed to sun, dampness, extreme heat etc. A pampered Wine country life since 2002…… All the extras are present, never worn XL T-shirt, Plaque, Stand, manuals, tool roll, optional Ducati cover, plus period launch Magazines. No disappointments, second only to one in a crate 🙂 lowest # (20) I have seen for a while. Inspections welcome, this bike is located in Sonoma, Ca.

Before you scoff and make some claims that the seller rode this with the odometer disconnected or similar, note that this intelligent individual purchased TWO bikes: one to show and one to go. That is either investment savvy or total Bologna commitment. Either way it provides for a brand new, never registered, zero mile example available to an entirely new crowd some 18 years after production has ceased. And given that the seller has all of the Ducati specialty items included with each bike this is really like purchasing a new MHe.

The fly in this “as new as a bike in a box” ointment is how much these bikes have risen in value over the years. The most recent MHe we posted was a mid-$20k ask, and the Las Vegas motorcycle auctions completed just last weekend showed even stronger pricing. Of all the Ducati Limited Edition models, the MHe may well be the most bankable. At the $35,000 Buy It Now, this may be the most expensive MHe we have seen yet – and proof of the continued earning potential of the model. Check it out here. The new status essentially means it has sat for 18 years, but my assumption is that the next caretaker already has a coveted indoor habitat identified. Review the pics and the details, and make the man an offer. It’s not every day we find a brand new Ducati MH900e on our pages. Good Luck!!



  • If the seller is married and was able to pull off parking that bike in his house, then he’s my new hero!

  • These things are ugly and over valued.
    To which one may reply that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the market sets the price.
    But really they are ugly, and were assembled with all sorts of cheap bits from other Ducatis, a cooking engine and really not much go. So they are a toy thing people put in a little glass case which is a very sad fate for a motorcycle.
    Buy a Monster 900 with the same punchy motor and ride the damn thing-its what they were intended for-unless we accept that Ducati are now simply purveyors of overpriced “collectibles” – Bah Humbug.
    And as for the free t shirt…….words fail me.

  • I have 2 bikes in my house and my wife is absolutely fine with it! No I don’t ride the bikes (the wife on the other hand…). And I don’t feel one bit bad about not riding them as I have more used/ratty versions of the same bikes that I do ride, and the ones in the house are nice and original and old so I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to be able to look at them every day walking by and think “Damn that’s pretty, I love just looking at it.” If you don’t want to own a bike you don’t ride, that’s fine, but don’t force your approach to bikes on the rest of us. Live and let live man, it’s what let’s us motorbike types coexist with others who would just as soon rid society of us.

    I’m not a big Ducati guy but ive always liked these. It’s not for me, but I’m glad they exist. For actually riding, I agree the Monster is the way to go all day long.

  • Locky, Absolutely. Limited editions, S, R , Sennas, etc. It’s what luxury brands are doing everywhere to keep themselves afloat. I used to work as a photographer and there was one model of Leica camera which was superseded when there where major engineering improvements. Now check out the limited editions which rich collectors, not photographers, buy and stick in a glass case or for capital speculation. I can’t keep up with the special editions announced monthly. It’s marketing. MV Agusta too. The Lewis Hamilton, Castiglione, Senna? pffftt!!!.

  • Hmmm, I was about to jump on the Locky bandwagon and completely agree with his sentiments because they reflect my own current attitude and financial situation (I own 2 bikes, both Riders, and cant afford display bikes) but then Billy chimes in and makes a perfectly good argument justifying display bikes in the house…hell, I’d love to have both my scruffy Riders sitting inside where I can walk by them every day in the winter and just smile and think of the upcoming riding season. I better get busy with my beloved wife!

  • That bike looks UNBELIEVABLE in my living room and I ride the shit out of my Panigale V4.
    There’s a lot of people that don’t like motorcyclists. Now we’re going to start hating on each other?!
    Well, there are Harley riders, but I digress.
    If you buy the bike, you can do whatever you want with it and it’s no concern of mine.
    Live and let live!

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