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2000 Aprilia RS250 Street Titled & Registered In Illinois

This is a fantastic RS250 available in the Midwest!  Located in Chicago, Illinois is a 2000 Aprilia RS250 with 3,646 original miles.  The description is sparse but it does have all the important information:  Titled & registered, original street bike, and low miles.  This bike is originally from Germany and looks fantastic in the photos.  This bike also looks to be fitted with aftermarket expansion chambers and silencers.  The asking price is at the higher end–but I believe to be close to market correct especially moving into spring–at $9,750.  Doug posted a fist gen. with similar mileage that was in California for $8,300.  These RS250s are fantastic machines and I wouldn’t expect to see them depreciate due to lack of market demand.  These second generation machines (’98+) feature a 72bhp, two-stroke, V-Twin capable of pushing the bike to 130mph.  When released, the RS250 was tied with the Ducati 916 for the most ground clearance of a production machine and, at 309lbs, this bike can flick side-to-side as fast as the rider dares.  These have fully adjustable front & rear suspension, a dash that reminds you when services are due, rev light, clock, lap timer with storage for forty laps and a max. & avg. speed calculator.  The RS250 is full-size and will fit anyone accustomed to pretty much anything that ends in RR.  If I’ve sold you, which I hope I have, see this bike on Craigslist here.



  • She’s definitely a little pricier than some of the others we’ve posted, but it looks to be in fantastic condition and the exhaust looks expensive!


  • These bikes use Suzuki VJ22 motors. They probably make 58 hp at the rear wheel. Never did they make 72. The exhausts look like Jolly Motos. Those are nice.

  • Hi Joel. Yes, hp numbers quoted are at the crank. Bikes usually loose anywhere from 10-15% in transition to the rear wheel so 58hp makes sense.

    • Hey Guys, I can confirm that these bikes with stock pipes make about 56-58hp rear wheel, with pipes (Arrow or Jolly Moto) we have seen 60-65hp rear wheel. When we raced Aprilia Cup series you couldn’t make over 65hp so every event all the bikes were dyno’d. This looks like a great example, I have a titled ’98 with 3000 miles all stock and refused $14k back in 2004 from a guy in SF, in 2007 I refused a nice RC30 plus cash for the bike. In 1998 I sold about 10+ of these bikes new for $10k all day long with no title, I hate to be bias but these bikes will only gain in value over the years. Good clean examples are still real rare, the economy now limits all those buyers that had some good desposible income but the prices for low mileage clean ones will come back, my .02 worth.
      Just a side note I developed the 316cc kit for these bikes and they made 75hp rear wheel, won a few Championships in club racing with this kit.

  • […] I told you it was clean.  It looks like it has a 17 digit VIN and might very well be the same RS we posted back in 2010. […]

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