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2 Owner Ducati 900SS Superlight #857

Ducati Superlight for sale

We’ve seen a fair number of 900SS/SL’s this year and in fact we’ve seen this particular bike as recently as November of last year. At the time of that writing it was showing a $10,900 buy-it-now. This time around it has met reserve at $9100 with a little over a day to go. The seller has updated the listing a couple times with additional details and states that this in fact a 1992 model and the wheels came with the bike, making it a MK1 version which has proven more desirable.


Ducati Superlight for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is a very nicely-maintained 1993 Ducati 900 Superlight, #857. It is a very desirable “MK 1” first series Superlight, with the composite Marvic wheels. It has very low miles (5153) and is in very nice original condition. It has a full Fast by Ferraci exhaust and runs smoothly and flawlessly. The paint is only flawed by minor cracking around the seat mounting screws.

A Corbin seat is installed, as are after-market carbon timing belt covers, chain guard, sprocket cover and dash/instrument cover. Original seat, belt covers and sprocket cover come with the bike, as does the original exhaust. This bike came stock with a carbon front fender and rear hugger, which are in excellent condition.

MK 1 Superlights are rare, especially in this condition, with such low mileage.




  • 92′ Superlights did, indeed, come with modular Marvic wheels. They were, however, color matched yellow on the inner spokes to the bike’s yellow paint scheme.

  • I’ve never seen a Superlight with Marvic mag wheels painted yellow from the factory. I checked Google images, and out of hundreds of images, not a single one was painted yellow. All were zinc chromate coated, like the one for sale here.

  • odd to replace tires and wheels but leave the original chain (at least it looks original)

  • I admit- I could be wrong, but the four or five I have come across all had yellow, inner spokes, and bare aluminum rims. Perhaps I’ve seen a local trend, rather than a factory standard? Either way- this bike is gorgeous, and is deserving of a good home!

    • I have a Superlight that I have owned for 19 years. No yellow rims…I believe that these rims were used also on the 888 SP4S

  • Chris K- your statement is flat out incorrect.

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