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1998 Bimota Vdue 500 Evoluzione with Less Than 600 Miles! [Updated w/ eBay Link]

Here is another incredible Bimota Vdue for sale here in the states. Located in Vermont, this one is one of the later Evoluzione models fitted with carbs and racing pipes — and making for a much more reliable and ridable package. And check out these gorgeous pictures:

Update 2:This bike has been sold.

quote from the seller:

According to the production history available from Bimota – this Evoluzione was built by Bimota prior to the bankruptcy and the transfer of assets in 2000. The serial number as well as the 1998 tires, and date of title support this. According to Bimota’s production history, the number of carburetor Evoluziones built for street prior to 2000 is only 21, with 26 additional built only for racing (without road VIN#s.). Later, 120 additional Evoluziones would be manufactured in 2003/2004.

The owner has setup a great website with more pictures and loads of details on this bike and the history of the Evoluzione model. I also did a little poking around and found an old Performance Bikes article on the Evoluzione. Here is an excerpt:

[…]the Evoluzione. It’s alleged when the direct injection bike flopped and Bimota ran out of Suzuki powered SB8Rs to placate disgruntled customers, somebody important said “bugger it” and started putting carbs and race-pipes on the Stradas and asked customer to ‘promise’ not to ride them on the road.

Priced at $19k, this is fantastic opportunity to own AND ride one of the more significant sportbikes ever produced — that simply aren’t available very often. We’re amazingly fortunate to feature two Vdue’s in the same month!

Thanks Jon for the heads up about your bike and to all the readers who have been submitting this bike as well. Good luck all!


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  • Wow – one beautiful and unique (500cc 2-stroke) bike – an excellent example of Italian craftsmanship this is a work of art plus street legal to boot – sweet! Although the early models had mechanical issues, it sounds like the owner sorted through most of them. Rare, exotic, sexy and fast – what more could you ask for? (Well, maybe an extra $19K would be helpful).

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