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1997 Bimota SB6R

Doug 5


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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(Queue the commissioned sales person)
Good morning- Can I interest you in some Carbon Fiber? Or, better yet- What’s it gonna take to put you on this sexy AF Italian Big Bore today?

1997 Bimota SB6R FOR SALE #12 of 600

What’s not to like?
-All original
-2400 very low miles
-1100cc’s of Suzuki power
-156 horses
-74 lbft of torque
-Original 24 year old tires
-Have I mentioned the obscene amount of carbon eye candy?

From the seller

This SB6R is not currently running. It could be made road worthy by performing the following service
New tires (Michelin Pilots ($500 installed)
Carburetor cleaning ($500)
Brake and Clutch Fluid flush ($150)
Coolant Flush ($100)
New Air Filter ($125)
New NGK Plug service ($150)
New Battery ($198)

I like how the seller has this one listed. They’re offering it for the purist out there “as is” for $12,500 or they’re offering it in “road ready” condition, with the above mentioned updates performed, for $14,500. I’m thinking if you went with the higher priced option, slapped on some Heli bars (are those still a thing?) and a tank bag, coupled with the 5.8 gallon fuel tank you’d have a pretty good day tripping machine. Not to mention, you’d get chatted up at every stop along your route because it’s so freaking sexy.

As with most 24ish year old motorcycles they’ve been bumped and might have a few character marks and #12 is no exception. However, the seller has your back on this one and is offering his support if you wanted to make it blemish free before taking delivery.

The seller states

2 small cosmetic defects (see pictures). I have the red paint and the proper decal for the repair. I also have experience painting Bimotas.  (Check out the gallery photos for the other small blemish.)

And there you have it! You can order it as is or in pristine, road worthy condition. I think the SB6R has aged well and deserves to be ridden! What do you think? Ride it or keep it all original?

Many years ago my buddy Terry once told me “Would you save your girlfriend for the next person to use?” Obviously, my answer was “HELL NO!” and his simple reply was “Then ride the damn thing!”

The seller offers a lot more information about his machine and has his number listed for ease of communication so, make sure you make the jump in you’re interested Check it out here.


  1. martin g martin g

    man I can remember back in the early days of RSBFS when these were always popping up on ebay and people were saying they werent really rare

  2. Ray Ray

    I own one of these. Really a very interesting ride. The frame design results in the a very low center of gravity which makes these uniquely agile stable handling bikes.

    The seller is sloppy. These are oil cooled bikes so there is no coolant to flush…..

  3. William William

    I have an SB6R and there is absolutely a radiator and coolant to flush.

  4. Michael Michael

    I suspect there may not be so much maintenance needed. Sounds just routine time based items. I doubt the spark plugs need replacing at that mileage.

    Big question for me is about cleaning the carbs. I know the frame design makes engine work challenging. I think that if the bike sat with ethanol gas in it, the carbs are full of crap. Are the carbs especially difficult to pulloff with that frame design?

  5. William William

    The rear body has to come off of the bike to get the carbs off. It takes about an hour and a half the first time you do it because you are taking your time not to damage any of the beautiful carbon, but you VERY quickly learn how to do the same job in about 20 mins.

    Once the body is off the carbs are right there and come off easily.
    Parts are standard Suzuki to rebuild.

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