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1996 Kawasaki ZX-11 Ninja For Sale on eBay!

1996 Kawasaki ZX-11 For Sale on eBay!

I know Kawasaki made too many of these to be considered “Rare” and I also know it doesn’t have a fancy smancy “1 of 250” number plate affixed to the triple clamp. But, but, but . . . this one only has a scant 3,475 miles on the clock, is an antique 25 years old and is extremely clean so, in my view, this one sort of kinda fits the bill.

From the seller

Very nice ZX11, unrestored, original paint in near perfect condition with low miles and everything works as it should. A couple small blemishes, one chip on the fender from a strap that rubbed on it and a light scratch on tank

The ZX-11 was the King of Speed for several years with a top speed of 176 mph. It would also turn the 1/4 mile in just under 10.5 seconds, making it the drag bike of choice long before The Busa was around. Actually, the Honda Black Bird eclipsed the Big Ninja in the late 90’s, but that was short lived. #Busa


More from the seller
This bike has been stored its whole life in a climate controlled building. Paint shines like new, no dents, no cracks in plastic. Its ready to ride.

If I were to pick this one up, I’d pass on the top end capabilities and focus on some all day country road sport touring with the misses. The large, comfy seat and upright riding position would lend itself perfectly to my old man arthritic shoulders and rickety ass back.

But, first things first- if you’re interested in this Big Beautiful Ninja you’ll need to place an order for some new shoes because these might be a lil’ slippery.

Can I get a clean up in isle #11 please?

Check out this Big Ninja here!



Damn, you know you’re old when the once mighty ZX-11 is 25 years old! 🙁


  • all kawasaki’s are supposed to be green except for the zx11/zzr…god this is an epic bike and a worthy successor to the legendary zx10 first gen (first bike I ever did 100+ on in 4th gear!)

    someone is going to get a hell of a bike

  • I agree! While under-suspended and under-braked even when introduced, you won’t care if you aren’t trying to ride it like a race-rep. Sooo smooth and deceptively quick. Sweet spot seems to be around 100 mph; cruise there in comfort till the blue lights flash. The BIN is a bit eye-watering, but in the midst of the ‘everything bubble’…who knows?

  • Gentleman’s Express. Old Kawi guy checking in to say ‘this is cool’.

  • I was looking for a ZZR1200 around 10 years ago; then going for about 1/3 of the BIN. Ended up with an ’05 ZRX, and subsequently installed ZZR cams, carbs and ignition module. Still riding it.

  • one last note – the color in these pics looks redder than it actually is. As I recall the official color was called “candleberry wine red” but its more of a 50/50 red and purple mix, do a duckduckgo search for pics. Hope it goes to a good home

  • An absolute icon in the motorcycleworld. I’m surprised these haven’t become collectible. ( maybe because more survived because they were bought by slightly more mature owners?) This one seems pricey.

  • Relisted with previous high bid of $8,800 and now with buy-it-now of $8,800. eBay indicates best offer accepted. -dc

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