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1995 Aprilia RS250

Located in Trenton, Michigan is a supposedly official Aprilia import 1995 Aprilia RS250.  The seller claims that this was brought into the U.S. by Aprilia and isn’t a converted cup bike–very neat if true.  Showing only 2476 miles (Original MPH speedometer?) this bike looks very clean from the small but numerous pictures.  The opening bid is $8,500, which I expect to be market correct– once the history and condition have been verified. If you’re looking for a plated RS250 with some slight modifications, this one is worth investigating.  See and bid on the eBay ad here




  • This model was never imported by Aprilia officially or un-officially. It was not sold as a cup bike either. The cup did no exist in 1995, 96 or 97 when this body style was offered. So it is a nice find if it is clean. Especially in this Regianni color which was a special/limited edition as was the Chesterfield the following year. If you got the $$ buy it!
    I have sold one recently for $9000.00 and sold severla in the last 3 years for close to the same.

    • Thanks for the feedback Ozzie! Always great to have some perspective from actual owners to help us out!

      Have a great 4th,


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