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1994 Yamaha TZR250 SPR 3XV For Sale!

1995 Yamaha TZR250 SPR 3XV For Sale on eBay!

The TZR250 SPR was the culmination of all things before it. The SPR’s have braced black frames, triple 32mm power valves (to skirt the regulations of the day) that consisted of both guillotine and cotton reel designs. The beauty of this design was even though Yamaha downsized the the valves from 36mm to 32mm they were still able to keep the horsepower at 40. That’s not a lot of HP by today’s 4 strokes power output, but it was plenty for Yamaha to eventually win the Suzuka 4 hour endurance race with the SPR.

Here’s what the eBay listing has to say.

Absolutely fantastic example of the last of the 2stroke 250cc Yamaha super sport bikes! Incredibly rare bike that was never sold in the US market during production. Powered by the proven single-axis crank 90-degree V-twin engine that adopted “Triple YPVS” for finely tuned exhaust control, a new type of carburetor (during the 90’s) and a cassette-type wide-ratio transmission. This bike has been on display in a high-end collection for about a year and a half and is ready for a new owner. The bike has recently been started and run for the first time since it was imported

Here are some key features of this bike:

-Fantastic visual condition for a bike that is nearly 30 years old
-Starts easily, and runs great
-Clean PA title! Very rare for this bike to have a US title.
-Fuel tank is spotless
-All lights and horn work properly
-New battery
-Temp gauge or sensor may need to be addressed as the needle did not move during my test ride.
-Only 9513 KM = 5911 Miles
-Tons of tread left on the Rosso II tires
-Minor scuffs on each fairing, small paint repair on edge of front fender and one paint blemish on frame near swingarm pivot

I don’t disagree with the sellers evaluation and description of their machine. I would like to point out that all of my research, friends and GoDuckYou translator tells me SPR’s weren’t produced until 1995. Not that it matters, because it really is a non-issue since SPR’s were never brought stateside. I am very pleased to see it’s titled and ready to roll, but should you pull the trigger on this one I recommend you tread lightly! Parts for these are scarce to non-existent.

I also wanted to mention that I think it’s worth every penny of the asking price because these are rare as rocking horse poop and this example is finer than frogs hair.

Check out Pure2StrokeSpirit.net for all things TZR



Check out this Ultra Rare TZR here!


  • Just finished restoring mine a few months ago. Not for the non experienced with jdm bikes. I love mine that’s fully unrestricted. Very close to being a tz250. This is the last year model the 95 spr and even though it was sold in street fashion.

    Most of them ended up on the track. It has to be my favorite 250 smoker I own.

  • I didnt get into sportbikes until after the two stroke era was pretty much over (my first drool object was the CBR F2 and the MV Agusta 750). Now I am older and a bit more into collecting and wrenching and I trying to decide if I should scratch the two stroke itch. Obviously I would want something not too fragile but at the same time a bit rare. Can anyone advise what they think a good option would be to look at? Perhaps an Aprila RS250? Or should I just run away…

    • Hey Eric-
      Great questions! I’ve personally owned NSR250’s and RS250’s. If you’re going to test the waters I’d stick with the Aprilia, but only because they were actually imported to the states and parts are available. Tyga and a few others still have pretty good support for NSR’s, but I know for fact TZR parts are on a different level of difficult compared to the others. I’m sure others will chime in on this, but my recommendation for a “new to the 2 stroke world” would be
      1. Aprilia RS
      2. Honda NSR
      3. Suzuki RGV
      4. Yamaha TZR
      Steve at Speedwerks is a good guy and probably has enough parts in his parts bin to build you a pretty good smoker. Good luck and keep us in the loop if you get one!

  • You got that order backwards the rgv should be second not the nsr. On difficulty getting parts I own both a nsr250 and rgv. And the rgv because of the rs250 using the same engine helps a lot. Along with them also being sold in the uk. But that applies to only the earlier ones. Not the last year rgv that was a one year bike which was totally different.

    Suzuki has discontinued some key parts for it recently. Like pistons and crankshafts. And there’s no aftermarket support. Unlike the earlier ones.

    The nsr is going to be more difficult to get parts for it. Even with tyga support. It’s still pretty good but not as good as the rgv rs250.

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