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1993 Yamaha TZ250 RS

This TZ250RS is perfect for the Yamaha aficionado or, any two stroke nut who thinks NSR’s are too plentiful!

Make: Yamaha
Model: TZ250 RS
Mileage: 3,700
Price: $9,000 Plus Tax

This is another bike from Ozzie’s mouth-watering collection, and doesn’t disappoint even when compared to it’s gorgeous stablemates!  These 250RS’ are the homologation bikes for the production run TZR250R’s and feature, most importantly, a 6-speed transmission with dry-clutch, adjustable 39mm USD forks with an adjustable shock out back, two brake rotors up front with four-piston calipers, a dry weight of 126kg and a power out put of 45hp.  This bike is the epitome of homologation specials; could you imagine a lightweight Ninja 250 with a dry clutch?  No, because it’s economically unfeasible and there is no way the big-four would do it now!  This bike looks to be in showroom new condition while being finished in the, somewhat, traditional Yamaha red & white color scheme with the yellow number plates.  If you like your ring-ding’s with some rocks in a coffee can, this bike is for you!

1993 RS (dry clutch) and really in even cleaner condition than my KR replica. Has 6000KM (3700miles)

Best of luck with the sale Ozzie!


Note: this listing is quite old, but these bikes are available right now:

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