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1993 Honda CBR900RR in Highly Desirable Red, White, and Blue

Gary in Utah is back with another stunner in this 93 900RR with just over 10k miles. His ad states it's a reverse import as it is a U.S. spec bike that was imported to Japan and now back in Utah. As with most of the bikes he has sold from his collection, this one shows very well.

1993 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

Back in 1993, the 750cc class was king of the sales chart and Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki all battled it out on the streets and in dealerships to have the best 750cc bike. Meanwhile Honda seemed content to play more in the sport touring segment with its excellent VFR750. But what almost no one outside Honda knew was that Honda was developing a bike that would scramble all the segments and eventually cause most manufacturers to exit the 750cc segment. That bike was the the Honda CBR900RR/"Fireblade".

Formally launched in late in 1992 and appearing in dealerships in 1993, the new 900cc Honda was simply astonishing; sized like a 750cc, powered like a 1000cc, and only a few pounds heavier than a 600cc. (Note: the CBR900RR was 75 pounds lighter than the Yamaha FZR1000, 114 pounds lighter than the Suzuki GSX-R1100 and an astonishing 144 pounds lighter than the Kawasaki ZX-11).

from the seller:

Up for auction is a gorgeous 1993 Honda CBR900RR with only 16,962 kilometers (10,540 miles). Bike is almost in mint condition except for a few scratches in the red decal on the left side gas tank and a few handling marks, However, this CBR is ultra clean. No dents in the tank, no cracks in the plastic, no scratches in the muffler, no scratches on the engine covers, no rips in the seats and no rust. Bike has been very well cared for. I imported this bike last year from Japan. It is a reverse import. (U.S. spec bike that was imported to Japan). All fairings are 100% OEM factory Honda. The white color in the lower fairings have been professionally re-sprayed. The lower and mid fairings along with the fuel tank have been professionally re-cleared to bring out the glossy color and bring back the new appearance. Bike has new OEM mirrors and new OEM turn signals to give the bike that new showroom look. (Original mirrors and turn signals come with the sale). Also installed, new OEM grips and bar ends. Also included with the sale is a Vance & Hines SS2R slip on muffler. The bike looks like a million bucks and is correct right down to every nut and bolt. Bike runs like new. Just serviced with new fluids, new fuel filter, new battery and new Bridgestone Battlax tires. Comes with Utah state title.


  • Will be interesting to see what this one goes for. The values of the 93/94 round headlight 900RRs has been going up rapidly. This seller has had some nice bikes featured here.

    One nit, and please correct me if I’m not seeing this correctly. As I read it the bike was born a USA model, imported to Japan, then imported back to the USA. The bike’s speedometer is in MPH as would be the case for a USA bike. As stated the bikes shows 16,962 on the odometer. But the owner claims that distance is KMs not miles. Not sure how with a USA MPH speedo that number equates to KMs. Yes I know it shows both as a speedo. But USA speedos have odometers that read distance in miles not KMs. Only straight KMH speedos read distance in KMs. Assuming this is the original gauge cluster and wasn’t changed out in Japan (if that’s the case a different question on mileage). Again just trying to understand. Flame away if I’m missing something.

    Either way the mileage isn’t terrible and a nice bike I’d be happy to own.

    • This occured to me as well. Perhaps the seller will be able to provide some supporting documentation.

      That said, from what we can tell form the ad, it’s still a 25 year old bike in very good condition.


  • Thanks Dan.

    This bike technically sold 3 months ago on eBay in what looks like a less finished/restored condition when it still had the Vance and Hines pipe installed. The odometer shows two miles less than it has now. So clearly some time and energy was spent to remedy some of the obvious wear and blemishes shown in that sale.


    • Thanks for the follow up Joe, appreciate that link.


  • Not surprised to see discrepancies with this seller.

  • Strange, the seller in both auctions (the one that ended March 3 for $7900 and the current auction) is the same. The March auction lists the bike as sold. I’d be a bit careful with this one….
    Chuck S.

  • So first is “sells” as an un-restored bike with some minor issues. Then the second time round it is up for sale as a “perfect well kept bike”.

    Dishonest seller.


  • I want to bid on the Mickey Mouse paintings.

  • I got chastised in the past pointing out some of the sellers discrepancy’s.

  • And I got chastized for pointing out how ridiculous that Mickey Mouse art is. Apparently this seller is untouchable.

  • The Mickey Mouse backdrop adds a premium.

    More snake oil from this guy. Go figure.

  • I have one of these 93s, with more miles but just as nice or nicer. Still a lot of time left in the auction and up to almost $8500. Go baby go!

  • To help clear up some of the above questions. I’m the one that bought the bike 3 months ago. I’ve bought a few bikes from Gary so we stay in touch. I had 3 bike restorations in front of this one and having a heck of a time with my two painters (still am in fact) so Gary offered to restore it with his team as he owns a Dealership and has a great painter, giving me first option when done. Fact is, in order to get an Rc30 I really wanted I I bought someone’s entire collection of Honda’s so really don’t need anymore Honda’s at this point :). She came out beautiful Gary, just wish my painters were half as productive or even responsive! My ZX7R full body and frame touch up has been gone for 4 months and I’m not even sure he started it…bodywork wasn’t even that bad and the frame just had some scratches on top from the tank coming off and on over the years….I just knew it was going to bug me so I stripped it 100% down. Oh well…hopefully it’s worth the wait. Thanks again Gary for the brand new OEM old stock tank and exhaust for my ZX7R. It’s sitting right here waiting for the rest of the bike! Haha

    Anyway. For what it’s worth, I can vouch for this particular bike. There’s no funny stuff here and I still have pics when it was in my warehouse for anyone w concerns.

  • Hmm… Interesting group discussion/vibe happening here. It’s not a “trust issue” for me – this bike is probably in fine (enough) order – I just won’t buy it from a “flipper” posing as a “collector”. Give the rest of us a break; find something else to flip… please.

  • So the bike was sold as “needs restoration” the first time, then sold as “almost perfect low mileage original needs nothing” the second time.

    Well, which “true” statement is the real “truth”?

    Unless I am totally misreading the 2 descriptions.

  • Seeing that your posts are typically slanderous, I’ll assume you are just an angry soul. Gary has been wonderful to me since we first met and that’s part of the reason I’ve bought some of my dream bikes from him. One of my favorite things about motorbikes is the people that share the passion but calling me a liar…not cool at all.

  • My opinion doesn’t change – the amazing “improving history over time 900RR” is being presented in a less than honest and forthright manner. It took the community to note the same bike was being flipped – did I miss where the second listing said restored to current condition?

    While we are on the subject of listings, one might even say putting 2 bikes on eBay in the same auction and saying the winner gets to have 1 for the price is in violation of spirit eBay’s selling policy but I don’t believe anyone ran to eBay crying about it – the dubious nature of such auctions was merely discussed here.

    If y’all don’t want y’alls sales discussed, then don’t have them listed on a site that has a discussion forum – pay for one of those premium listings that prevents the community from discussing the legitimacy of the claims made in the listing.

  • I did report that to ebay once when it was the cbr400 or zxr 400 and it stopped for awhile. it’s not allowed per ebay rules.

  • Love to see a community come together and expose a “less than upfront” seller. Good info to consider for future buys!

  • I also have a ‘93 r/w/b & am watching this with interest to see the price it sells for. Just walked out to the shop to check the mileage on mine: 9392.2 miles. I’ve owned it since 1995. I like to say it’s the nicest one not in Tadao Baba’s garage. Still love the looks of it.

  • The knuckle marks all over the inside of the radiator shows what a immaculate restoration this is too. How about take the radiator off the mounts before trying to mount the exhaust.

  • I remember when this sight was for the working man and common folk. Now it’s turning into Barrett Jackson with this seller in particular.

  • Not necessarily specific to this bike, but in general, Bottom Line-Buyer Beware. As bikes continue to pull higher prices, more people are going to be taking advantage of buyers that are not experienced enough to catch dishonest details. It is unfortunate, but unavoidable. You gotta know your shit when buying these higher priced bikes or you are going to get a bike that is not as original as you may think. I personally like bikes that have some patina which helps to verify their originality. If the paint looks like new on a bike with over 10k miles, it probably is new. Just my opinion. Peace.

  • The comments have run their course at this point. Thanks for your observations and opinions.


  • eBay shows sold at $8,800.



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