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1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight #680 For Sale by Nick Anglada

1993 Ducati Superlight For Sale

While many know Nick for his amazing customs, he is also a Ducati specialist. This early Superlight still has all the goodies and also has some nice upgrades that any Supersport enthusiast would appreciate. This example has less than 12k miles and looks stunning to this SS owner.


1993 Ducati Superlight for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I am offering this collector’s classic in amazing condition including the original owner’s manual and original tool kit. This bike has been extensively gone through mechanically but not restored cosmetically. This bike is #680 of 953 built between 1992 and 1993. One of only two hundred ever imported into the US. These are real numbers not something someone buddy told them over a few beers. Research Ducati Superlight registry online and this will confirm the number as will reading Ian Fallon’s book on the Ducati supersports. This model was only available in yellow in the US and only for one year. The only year superlights were ever available with a white frame, Marvic-Akront magnesium hub with aluminum hoop wheels and lightweight clutch cover. Later years (only available abroad) were only available in the gold frame. They were also downgraded to have the heavier brembo cast aluminum wheels and did not have full floating brembo cast iron rotors. Enough with the history lesson on the Superlight now on to the specifics of this bike.

This bike I purchased recently and have acquired another since then. Cosmetically is have done nothing more than to wash the bike, that’s it! Mechanically I have done the following as the bike sat for over three years from the previous owner.

1. Dissambled the engine to repaint and check neccesary maintenance items an check for deffects,
2. Clutch slave cylinder was rebuilt due to a leak that caused the paint to peel on the engine cover and left side engine case
3. New cam timing belts were installed
4. New later issue Ducati cylinder heavy duty head studs were installed due to the fact that before 1995 the studs were made of satinless and prone to breaking
5. All gaskets ,seals and filters were replaced including base gaskets
6. Valves were adjusted properly and shimmed to manufacturer’s specs
7. All bearings were checked for wear
8. Oil pump was replaced for no other eason than it is 20 years old and why take a chance??

What’s NOT original on the bike??

As I am not the first owner I can only provide you with what I have done or what you see in the pictures.

1. Smoke rear brake lense, I have a stock one That was not available to be at the time these pictures were taken
2. Windscreen was replaced by the previous owner , stock ones are still availabe from Ducati for a cool $163
3. Original Bar end weights were replaced with aftermarket bits from the previous owner
4. Original air fileter was replaced with a BMC unit
5. Crank case breather box was removed and replaced with a K&N breather. I have the originals in a box with the correct breather hoses and clamps
6. Ferracci decals on the side panels were applied by the previous owner because the bike had a ferracci exhaust which he kept to apply to another Ducati
7.Clutch and brake lines were replaced with aftermarket steel braided units by the previous owner
8. Tank breather check valve hose was replaced with a yellow unit, I also have the originals in a box and bagged so they do not dry rot
9. There is a very nice support that one of the previous owners built for the rear seat section so it would not crack. And it worked!
10. Obviously the tires are not original but I highly recommend that the new owner replaces them as they are over 5 years old

I have taken extensive picture of any of the work I have performed and I am more than willing to share those with any interested parties. I also have documentation of the previous purchase from the former owner including the following.

1. Sales order from the dealer
2. Auto Tarder ad showing teh sale price when he bought it in 2001 previous to that it was owner by the dealer who sold it as a personal bike
3. Paper tag issued at that sale
4. Original owner’s manual in good condition
5. Original tool kit

All the work was performed by me. A short history of who I am can be found on the internet by searching my ebay screen name. I have built countless custom bikes, my work has been featured in over 100 magazine articles internationally, televison as well as having guest wirtten tech articles for motorcycle magzines in the past 16 years .





  • $13,000? Ouch!! It may be yellow, but it’s not made of gold…

  • Agreed. That would be an all time world record price for a Superlight- in other words, completely out of touch with current fair market values.

  • You must be kidding,compared to the 98-sps w/3k mi & sold for 12k..dream on,

  • even though I am a member of the “I can afford it..after all I don’t need both kidneys, do I?” club, price seems a bit high

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