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1993 Ducati 888 SPO with 712 Miles available in British Columbia

Here is a blast from RSBFS founder Dan Crouch’s past.   Last seen in July of 2008 on the Dan Crouch Blog (a predecessor of RSBFS) this is a 1993 Ducati 888 SPO with just 713 miles since new.  The last of the 851/888 line up before the introduction of the legendary 916 platform, the 888 remains iconic to Superbike fans everywhere.

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1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale on eBay

Here in the States, (road legal) 888s were sold in ’93 & ’94 with the ’93 US model known as the 888SPO. Like a 996, 888s were built with racing in mind  and so a prospective buyer would need to look for obvious stuff like head and base gasket leaks.  Also, like  any other Ducati, a prospective bike would have to have updated & fresh belts tossed in and of course, the same goes for valve adjustments, etc.

spo 3

This particular bike has some non-standard graphics but the bike looks exceptionally clean and the seller includes over 100 photos which can be accessed here.



  • I really like this bike but I wish he’d remove all the stickers! Do people actually think all that advertisement improves the bike’s looks?

  • Lovely!

  • There appears to be a few things here that look out of place. The body work being the obvious one. It’s not just the stickers, the belly pan should be red, the gold “Superbike” decals are missing etc.

    Also, I don’t recall the clutch and brake reservoirs being mounted centrally in the triple clamp on this year model.

    Why are the non standard handgrips lock wired on a 700 mile bike?

  • From the seller…… see additional photos at


    you’ve obviously never seen the 2001 996 plastered with shell / playstation / infostrada / afam / chapion / mts / brembo / magneti marelli / michelin / ducati performance livery then…

    @Duck Fan
    Should answer your worries. Everything is legitimate even the black belly pan, reservoir positions etc.
    I’m the 2nd owner, first owner bought new in 1993 but unfortunately he passed away due to heart disease in 2009 before I bought the bike in 2010..
    I tracked down his brother in 2011 and he said his brother never raced or tracked his bikes due to his medical condition. He was into Italian cars and motorbikes and just liked to modify his vehicles to look like racers. He also had a 200 mile 2001 996S which he had also modified. Having seen his work, I understand why he did what he did and appreciate the efforts he took.

    As for lock wired grips, for 20+ years I’ve always wired my grips on after one came off on a track day – scary moments.best not repeated so safety first.


    • Thanks Phil for your reply. Appreciate you going to the effort to respond.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bike that I’d love to have, just doing the homework.

      What would you sell it for….;-)

  • @Duck Fan

    no problem, just want everything to be perfectly clear to bidders. Hopefully additional photos helped clarify the parts that aren’t original.
    Price isn’t for me to decide, its up to the market to determine price 🙂

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